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107- Popular local Weatherman Fritz Coleman retires
107- Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine founder and pop icon dies at 91

107- Branson In The News of Late
107- Virgin Boss on decriminalizing drugs
107- ieber Books Space Flight with Virgin Galactic
107- Branson Collaborates with Charitybuzz

(the AFTRA-SAG Merger) •
A Web Users Guild.com Report
101 Charlie Rose to Join the Early Show in 2012
• 107 Google.com Selects Larry Page As New CEO:
107 Charles (Chuck) W. Fries - Godfather of The TV Movie
• 107
The Berlin Wall - Road To "Starmaker" and SantaTales."
• 107 -
Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
107 - VRA To Release New WebPlay vContent
107 - Santa Claus -- Troy Cory Sings Munich Christmas
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107 - MarybethPeters US Copyright Register

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107ig - Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
107iig - Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday -
107iig - Happy 90th Birthday Bill Adrian - Born: May 2nd 1919
107iiig - 50th Year"the War of the Worlds"
107iiig - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.
107ivg - What is Web Magic & and How does it operate?

107g- Google KnowledgeRush
107ig - Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
107ig - Did Anastasia Exist? | 107iiig - Marybeth Peters |
107g- Google KnowledgeRush
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• 107 Google.com Selects Larry Page As New CEO:
• 107 The Berlin Wall - Road To "Starmaker" and SantaTales."
• 107 - Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
107 - MarybethPeters US Copyright Register
107 - VRA To Release New WebPlay vContent
107 - Santa Claus -- Troy Cory Sings Munich Christmas
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107ig - Did Anastasia Exist?

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107ig - Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
107ig - Did Anastasia Exist?
107iig - Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday -
107iig - Happy 90th Birthday Bill Adrian - Born: May 2nd 1919
107iiig - 50th Year"the War of the Worlds"
107iiig - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.
107ivg - What is Web Magic & and How does it operate?
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• 107 - Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
107 - MarybethPeters US Copyright Register
107 - VRA To Release New WebPlay vContent
107 - Santa Claus -- Troy Cory Sings Munich Christmas
<107 - MarybethPetersPeople.jpg

107- Branson In The News of Late
107-Virgin Boss on decriminalizing drugs
107- Bieber Books Space Flight with Virgin Galactic
107- Branson Collaborates with Charitybuzz


FritzColeman200w.jpg107- Popular local Weatherman Fritz Coleman calls it quits after 39 years delivering weather reports - By Josie Cory
•••• NBC4 said good-bye to beloved weatherman Fritz Coleman who has delivered weather forecasts at NBC4 for almost 40 years and delivered his final weather report on Friday, June 26 during the 5 pm and 11 pm news. His news anchor team Colleen Williams, Chuck Henry and sports anchor Fred Roggin offered their words of sincere thanks with Williams bearly holding back her tears.
•••• After a year of planning his retirement, Coleman decided to spend more time with his family, appreciate his good health, and dedicate more time to his comedy and working with charities. 
•••• Coleman, who works on the side as a stand-up comic, is known for mixing humor with his forecasts. Coleman joined NBC4 in 1982, and has been part of one of the longest running news anchor teams in Los Angeles, working alongside co-anchors Colleen Williams and Chuck Henry and sports anchor Fred Roggin.
•••• "This career has been a gift," Coleman said in a statement. "To work in the greatest news operation in Southern California has been the greatest experience of my life. I have also had the opportunity of raising my children, while working with a wonderful team. I have made lifelong friends at NBC4 and in the community it serves. I'm so very thankful."
••••Coleman has received numerous awards and honors for community service, including an honorary doctorate from Woodbury University in Burbank for his extensive public service in the community. He has received awards from groups such as Shelter Partnership and theTroyFritzMarine150w.jpg California Hospital Medical Center. He was named a "Treasure of Los Angeles' by the city of L.A. and he received a congressional "Humanitarian of the Year Award" for his fundraising efforts on behalf of the American Red Cross from the U.S. House of Representatives, among other honors.
•••• Coleman is the Honorary Mayor of Toluca Lake and known to light the Christmas Tree during 'Toluca Lake's Annual Holiday Open House' ceremony at Ramsey-Shilling with with 4th District council and actor Joe Montegna often in attendance.
FritzJosStCharl150w.jpg•••• For many years he is featured as celebrity guest auctioneer at the St. Charles Borromeo annual parish festival.
•••• Coleman appreciated for his work as a stand-up comic, appearing frequently at The Improv in Hollywood and The Ice House in Pasadena. His one-man show "Defying Gravity at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood and subsequently at the Gary Marshall Theatre in Toluca Lake proved a hit among local residents. He also made several appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and other NBC shows.
Click for More tviStory 107-s90- Weatherman Fritz Coleman retires after 39 years at NBC4



December 2016 -TVI December Issue
LA's' beloved NBC4 weatherman, Fritz Coleman is bringing his one-man stage-show back to the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood for three performances only -
Sunday December, 13, 20 and 27 at 2 pm.
••••He was named "Best Weatherman" in nearly every major paper in Southern California, including the Orange County Register, the San Bernardino Sun, and four times in the Los Angeles Daily News.
••• Fitz puts on his holiday hat to share the funniest show with his hilarious insight into our BOOMER generation!
••••The show resonates with people, and Fritz has observed, "Every generation has a similar feeling as they look back, hence the term 'good old days.' But these days we're living through global threats and national politics, and people are thinking 'what the heck's going on.' So I find that my show seems to crackle with people now because it harkens back to a time when life seemed more cut and dry, less complicated, and a little easier to cope with. So I provide a little nostalgia and fun."
••••Coleman said, "I have no delusions about what my comedy is. I'm not Lenny Bruce or George Carlin. I'm not trying to push the first amendment envelope. I'm not trying to educate people politically. I don't do political jokes. Honestly, my whole wish is to give people a show where they say 'That just felt good. Thank you, it was cathartic.' The highest compliment for me is hearing that I've taken you out of your present cares, made you laugh and feel better. If that happens, I've done my job."••
Don't miss Fritz' hilarious insight into our BOOMER generation!
•••"...Surprising, incisive and powerful." - Daily Variety
••• "The easy?going, folksy charm that has made Coleman an LA?area television news favorite for a quarter of a century also follows him to the stage. On the Fritz, simply moves the former standup comic-°©?turned newsman from one stage venue to another." - Stage Scene LA
••• "His skills go beyond finding everyday humor in various topics. His relaxed style and gift for language add depth, as though he's having a one-?one conversation," - Daily Breeze
••• "An authentic and terrific performance." - TVIMagazine.com

El Portal Theatre is a historic landmark in the San Fernando Valley located in North Hollywood in the heart of the NoHo Arts District just minutes from Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney, ABC, CBS-Radford and NBC Burbank. The theatre, originally built as a vaudeville house in 1926, sits across Lankershim Blvd from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Art Institute of California-Hollywood.
For tickets and information call 818-508-4200, or go to www.elportaltheatre.com

107- Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine founder and pop icon dies at 91
••• Hefner, whose Playboy men's magazine popularized the term "centerfold," glamorized a bachelor lifestyle and helped spur the sexual revolution of the 1960s.
•••• Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 with $600 of his own money and built the magazine into a multimillion-dollar entertainment empire that at its 1970s peak included a string of Playboy Clubs whose cocktail waitresses wore bunny ears and cottontails.
•••••His pioneering magazine, may have helped the buttoned-up America of the 1950s and early 1960s loosen up a little about sex.
••••Hefner was born April 9, 1926, in Chicago to Glenn Hefner, an accountant, and Grace Hefner, a teacher. Both parents were conservative Protestants from Nebraska.
•••"My folks were raised pure prohibitionist," Hefner told Troy Cory in 1970 in Pasadena. "They were very good people, with high moral standards -- but very repressed. There was no hugging and kissing in my home."
••••In 1944, after graduating from high school, Hefner joined the U.S. Army as a writer for a military newspaper. After World War II, he became a promotional copywriter at Esquire magazine, where he began toying with the idea of publishing a men's magazine.
••••"Esquire was always for older guys, said Hefner, but ... it was very much devoted to male bonding and outdoor adventure." "And I wanted to read a magazine that was a little more sophisticated and was focused really on the romantic connection between the sexes from a male point of view."
••••After raising $10,000 from investors, Hefner published the debut issue of Playboy in December, 1953.
••••The premiere issue had no date, in case it sold poorly and there wasn't a second issue. On its cover was actress Marilyn Monroe, who also appeared in a nude centerfold -- a photograph that had been originally used for a pin-up calendar.
Click for More tviStory 107-s90- Hugh Hefner Died

107- Branson In The News of Late
Virgin Boss on decriminalizing drugs. Would it be a vote loser? He says, No!
Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, has called on politicians to "be braver" on drugs policy, saying they are wrong to believe decriminalization would be a vote-loser. His to do video address at the opening of the International Harm Reduction Conference (IHRC) in Vilnius, Lithuania.
•••• • Speaking on the eve of a major international drugs conference, Branson said that, if politicians acted on what they really believed rather than following a Daily Mail agenda, they could reduce a "ballooning" prison population exacerbated by excessive numbers of convictions for low-level drugs offenses.
•••• • Branson, said recent comments from Latin American leaders that the "war on drugs" had failed marked a "sea change" among politicians in that region and should spur those in the UK and elsewhere into action. He is to give a video address at the opening of the International Harm Reduction Conference (IHRC) in Vilnius, Lithuania.
•••• • Stepping up his outspoken campaign since becoming a member of the Global Commission on Drugs more than two years ago, Branson said: "People are languishing in prisons and lives are wasted. When I speak to politicians individually, I've found no one who disagrees. I would say that, if a party really took on the decriminalization issue and went for it, they would not lose votes. There is an economic case for investment in harm reduction. It has been proven in other countries that treating drug addiction as a health issue, not criminalizing it, benefits society as a whole."
•••• • Branson's remarks come just days before a UK charity and national centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law, is to publish a report detailing the disproportionate impact of policing policies on black and ethnic minority communities. Initial findings from the report, seen by the Observer, show that in 2009-10 nearly 550,000 people in England and Wales were stopped and searched by police for drugs, but just 7% of them were arrested. It also reveals that black people are six times more likely to be stopped and searched for a drugs offense than white people.
•••• • With signs of drugs policy reform gaining momentum, Branson was a co-signatory to an open letter from a coalition of scientists, celebrities and politicians calling for the government to overhaul drugs legislation. Branson and other signatories said the government's approach to drugs policy "does little to address the root causes of addiction and pointlessly criminalizes people." The group called for an independent review of the effectiveness of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.
•••• However, many drugs experts, including a number attending the International Harm Reduction Conference, argue that, amid the recent high-profile calls for drugs liberalization and reform to criminal justice, it is essential that the broader implications of current drugs policies on public health should also be a top priority. Executive director of the International Drug Policy Consortium, Ann Fordham pointed out, that where drugs policies are most draconian public health risks are greatest.
•••• • Fordham emphasized that governments could not afford to be complacent. In the UK, where harm-reduction strategies such as needle exchanges have helped to reduce rates of HIV infection among injecting drug users to 1%, the continued "criminalization" of people for personal use undermined the successes, she said.
•••• "The fact is that, if we look at the people most affected by a punitive approach to drugs, it is the most marginalized and the poor; it is people from ethnic minority groups. They are the ones who end up going to prison."
Click For More tviStory 107s90- Branson on Decriminalizing Drugs

107- Bieber Books Space Flight with Virgin Galactic
Justin Bieber is the latest to sign up to go into space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic mission. Bieber has paid $250,000 to be part of Branson's space-project, which will see flights to the edge of the earth's atmosphere where the civvie passengers get to experience weightlessness.
•••• Bieber has legions of fans around the world and it would be not incorrect to say that as much as he is adored by his fans, there are just as many people around the world who do not take a liking to the19-year old Canadian and who would be quite interested in the idea of giving him a one way ticket. Pun intended!
Click For More tviStory 107s90- Bieber Books on Virgin Galactic

107- Branson and his philanthropy - Collaboration with Charitybuzz
Check out a day in the life of Richard Branson. Now, business like-minded humanitarians can get a taste of the nightlife alongside the trendsetting entrepreneur -- all in support of charity.
•••• The UK's fourth richest person is auctioning off a night of partying at a surprise location through Charitybuzz, which will benefit DoSomething.org.
•••Branson's collaboration with Charitybuzz and DoSomething marks a continuation of his ongoing philanthropic involvement with nonprofits, which is the motivating force behind his business dealings, he says. In May, Branson told the Montreal Gazette that, "money in itself is not that interesting." What is interesting about money, he told the news outlet, is how it allows people to "make a difference in the world."
•••• Early this year, the business tycoon joined the Giving Pledge, through which he will donate half of his $4.6 billion fortune to charity. His offer to party with the highest bidder is not surprising given his previous eccentric methods of philanthropy, such as his recent stint dressing up as an air hostess on AirAsia. The effort helped raise money for an Australian foundation for hospitalized children, the Associated Press reported.
•••Branson joins several other celebrities in support of Charitybuzz's efforts, including President Clinton, Michael Jordan, Seth MacFarlane, Eddie Vedder, Paul McCartney, and Ozzy Osbourne. Charitybuzz has recently carried out notable philanthropic campaigns, including an auction to get coffee with Apple CEO, Tim Cook.
•••• In April, Cook partnered up with Charitybuzz to raise money for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights in an auction where participants bid over an opportunity to grab coffee with him. Last month, Cook's efforts raised $610,000.
•••• Bidding for the Branson auction closes June 11.
• Click for - a Day in the Life of Richard Branson
• Click For More tviStory 107-s90- Branson's Stint with Charitybuzz

(the AFTRA-SAG Merger)
A Web Users Guild.com Report http://webusersguild.com/

/_aftrasaglogos200w.jpg• WILL THE HOLLYWOOD FILM-TV STUDIO Industry be able to handle the new monetary demands just created by the merger of SAG-AFTRA? AFTRA was created in 1935, and SAG -- 1933.
Creating Hollywood's largest entertainment union was easy this time around. Members of both unions voted overwhelmingly to combine into a single bargaining unit.
Before March 30, 2012, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) was a stand alone labor union representing over 105,000 film and television principals and background performers worldwide.
AFTRA has about 70,000 members who are actors as well as singers, dancers, disc jockeys, sports announcers, comedians and broadcast journalists, among others. About 40,000 people hold membership in both labor groups.
The historic vote comes nearly two years after union leaders began discussions to merge in a bid to gain more leverage in contract negotiations with studios and to end a long history of jurisdictional disputes and feuding over negotiating strategy.
• The new SAG-AFTRA Union
..will total more than 150,000 members.
National officers, including the president and secretary-treasurer, would be elected directly by members. However, some other positions, such as an executive vice president, would be elected by delegates at a convention held every two years -- a concession to AFTRA's tradition of using conventions and delegates. SAG elects its officers directly by a vote of members.
Members including television, radio, cable, sound recordings, music videos, commercials, audio books, non-broadcast industrials, interactive games, internet, and other digital media&emdash;have been moving forward together with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Here are some of the events and milestones that helped define AFTRA:
• 1933
SAG was established in 1933, when several of that day's top movie stars -- all walked off the set.
• 1935
Congress passes the National Labor Relations Act.
• 1937
AFTRA, wasn't AFTRA it was AFRA, without the T because we didn't have television yet…just radio artists and it was established in 1937. Since that day, there was an absolute internal "class war" with Radio performers versus Movie Stars.
And as we got into the inception, of the golden age of TV, the T got added. At the time, way back in the day, it made sense that SAG organized the work in Primetime television being shot on film because that is what movies were shot on.
Not only that, the organization includes most of the Commercials also shot on film in a separate negotiation and contract. It made sense that AFTRA organized all of the Television (mostly sit-coms like All in the Family) that were "taped" in front of a live audience and shot on Video-TAPE.
• 1937
Independent efforts by radio performers in Los Angeles to create a Radio Actors Guild and in New York to form a Radio Equity are combined to establish the American Federation of Radio Artists.
On August 16, 1937, the Four A's&emdash;the Associated Actors and Artistes of America&emdash;grant a charter to the new union, with 400 members in two Locals. Chicago, the center for "soap opera" production, quickly follows New York and Los Angeles with performers forming their own Local. By December, AFRA has more than 2,000 members covering almost 90% of all radio artists in key broadcast cities.
• 1938
With the support of radio stars Eddie Cantor, Edgar Bergen, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, and others, AFRA members negotiate the first collectively bargained agreement on a national scale with NBC and CBS. After four days and nights of negotiation, the Basic Network Sustaining Agreement is signed on July 12, 1938, and establishes a wage increase of 125%, and union security for radio talent.
The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) was a performers' union that represented a wide variety of talent, including actors in radio and television, radio and television announcers and newspersons, singers and recording artists (both royalty artists and background singers), promo and voice-over announcers and other performers in commercials, stunt persons and specialty acts - as the organisation itself publicly states, "AFTRA's membership includes an array of talent."
With the information presently available, the union can lay claim to 65,182 members throughout the United States (with a figure of 131 000 quoted in early 2012). On March 30, 2012, it was announced that the members of AFTRA and of SAG had voted to merge and that the name of the new organization is SAG-AFTRA.
The two largest locals are in Los Angeles and New York City, with the federation as a whole having 804 employees and total assets worth $30,403,661.00.
AFTRA works in the interests of its members.
Primarily, in the areas of contract negotiation and enforcement, advocacy (including lobbying, legislation and public policy issues) and member benefits such as employer-paid health plans.
AFTRA is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the International Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Actors. AFTRA also shares jurisdiction of radio, television, Internet and other new media with its sister union SAG, whilst the latter is the body solely responsible for motion picture performances.
The current National Executive Director of AFTRA is Kim Roberts Hedgpeth and the current National President is Roberta Reardon. • CLICK FOR MORE AFTRA HISTORY: http://www.aftra.org/A40DF1C0D35C41E7A8753D193C4E418F.htm
More TVI Story @ s90-107 Brief/#SAG-AFTRAmerger

/CharlieRosePoWcov108w.jpg101 Charlie Rose to Join the Early Show in 2012 - but will not to give up his eponymous PBS interview show.
•••• CBS News chairman, Jeff Fager announced another revamping of the network's morning strategy.
•••• Effective Jan. 9, the PBS interviewer Charlie Rose will join anchor Erica Hill for the 7 a.m. "The Early Show," the network's long-suffering morning news broadcast.
•••• Rose has had a long-running relationship with CBS News. In 1999, he joined 60 Minutes II as a correspondent and still does occasional pieces for 60 Minutes.
•••• "It's been tough in the morning at CBS,"Mr. Fager acknowledged. "A lot of times we replaced people without really re-thinking from the ground up" about the structure of the broadcast. The past, he said, doesn't matter. "We have an opportunity to start fresh." CLICK FOR MORE CHARLIE ROSE STORY • More Story @ s90Brief/#107-Charlie Rose



73larrypagepow0505x46w.jpg• 102 • 107 Google.com Selects Co-Founder, Larry Page As New CEO: • Bloomberg - Jan 20, 2011 || Brian Womack || Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Darren Chervitz, research director at Jacob Asset Management, talks about Google Inc.'s decision to name co-founder Larry Page chief executive officer, replacing Eric Schmidt. / • Google co-founder Page takes over, targets Facebook / Reuters • Google Changes CEOs As Fourth-Quarter Profit Rises 29% Wall Street Journal Los Angeles Times / Fortune / • ABC News • Financial Times,CLICK FOR MORE LARRY PAGE / • CLICK FOR MORE 107-s90.

107 Charles (Chuck) W. Fries - About January-2011 Cover Feature.
••Godfather of The Television Movie - Charles (Chuck) W. Fries, Senior Executive and vContent Producer.
Chuck is a longtime film and television producer and serves as CEO and Executive Producer of Chuck Fries Productions. His autobiography, Chuck Fries -- Godfather of the Television Movie -- A History of Television, traces Fries' rise in the entertainment industry and details his role in its evolution.
••• A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Fries graduated from Ohio State University and moved to Hollywood in 1952 to launch his career in entertainment. His first opportunity came when he joined Ziv Television, where he reported to California Studios (now Raleigh Studios). Ziv produced pioneer syndicated shows such as "The Cisco Kid," "Highway Patrol," and "Sea Hunt," among others.
••• In 1960, he was appointed vice president in charge of production for Screen Gems, the Columbia Pictures' television arm and was involved in the production of series such as "Father Knows Best," "Naked City," "Route 66," "Bewitched" and and many other standout comedies of the 60s. Fries later became vice president of feature film production for Columbia Pictures and worked on films such as "Castle Keep," "The Horseman" and "Five Easy Pieces." In all, Fries has participated in the production of more than 5,000 series episodes, 275 hours of television movies or mini-series, and more than 50 theatrical films.
•••••• Fries received an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from the Ohio State University. He was named one of fifty outstanding Cincinnatians on the 200th anniversary of the City along with luminaries such as Ted Turner, Dr. Albert Sabin and Neil Armstrong. And he was also one of the top 50 students of Elder High School, where he gave the commencement address on the 50th anniversary of the school. Additionally, Fries was awarded the Frederic W. Ziv Award, established by the pioneering syndicator, for his outstanding accomplishments in television by the University of Cincinnati Electronic Media Division of the University's Conservatory.
• YouTube -
Godfather of The Television Movie (Chuck Fries) Part 1
Chuck W. Fries, Godfather of The Television Movie
*YouTube: CLICK FOR Chuck Fries) - Part 1
*YouTube: CLICK FOR Chuck Fries) - Part 2

• 107 The Berlin Wall - Road To "Starmaker" and SantaTales."
In 1968, before Troy Cory teamed up with famous German Orchestra leader, Ambros Seelos in 1970, Troy had already co-starred with Wendell Corey, Rolf Eden, and Barbara Valentine in the Berlin AFI, John Harris, movie production, "Starmaker."
The end of the 1970s found Troy Cory playing Santa Claus in the German/American production film "Merry Christmas: Just in the Nick of Time," starring Priscilla Cory, as "Little Miss Santa," and featuring the late German singer, Manuela.
CLICK FOR MORE - tvinews+107+ • / / http://www.smart90.com/107-s90/
107 More About - "Christmas Around The World" •
More About - "Christmas Around The World" •
/// 107 PEOPLE - 2010-09
• 107 People: Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
••• Throughout his career, Ted Turner has received recognition for his entrepreneurial acumen, sharp business skills, leadership qualities, and his unprecedented philanthropy. Whether in billboard advertisement, cable television, sailing, environmental initiatives or philanthropy, Turner's vision, determination, generosity and forthrightness have consistently given the world reason to take notice.
••• Turner is Chairman of the United Nations Foundation, Co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Chairman of the Turner Foundation. He is the founder of numerous cable networks including CNN, TNT and Cartoon Network, and a partner in the Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain. Turner is also Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc., which manages his business interests, land holdings and investments, including the oversight of two million acres in 12 states and in Argentina, and more than 50,000 bison head. CLICK FOR MORE Ted Turner - PEOPLE /producedbyPGA-Logo108w.jpg

107- OSCAR® ACADEMY / ABOUT THE ACADEMY • CLICK ToGo Direct to oscar.go.com/
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world's preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema. In addition to the annual Academy Awards &endash; in which the members vote to select the nominees and winners &endash; the Academy presents a diverse year-round slate of public programs, exhibitions and events; provides financial support to a wide range of other movie-related organizations and endeavors; acts as a neutral advocate in the advancement of motion picture technology; and, through its Margaret Herrick Library and Academy Film Archive, collects, preserves, restores and provides access to movies and items related to their history. Through these and other activities the Academy serves students, historians, the entertainment industry and people everywhere who love movies.CLICK FOR MORE ACADEMY www.oscars.org / www.facebook.com/TheAcademy www.youtube.com/Oscars

. CLICK FOR TVInews 2010 Oscar Report
Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live by the ABC Television Network beginning at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 200 countries worldwide. CLICK FOR TVInews 2010 Oscar Report
107- VRA To Release New WebPlay vContent
/imagescdcory/cd2338Harbin1-Best108w.jpgå••• Universal City, CA -- March 2010 / Video Record Albums of America, (VRA TelePlay) announces the release of more than 100 new CD and DVD volumes of vContent, and software for WebPlay sales, that include the license for RadioPlay.
••• Each CD and DVD features musical stylings, and seamlessly software to play the Troy Cory Show, including Troy's vMusic Stage Concerts performed in the U.S., China, England, Germany - EU -- since 1968. His TV-shows went into syndication in 1972.
•• Mark Sovol, spokesman for VRA, stated that "included in the WebPlay package . . . is the Show's original "historical" concert footage, "that helped inch in" the open the door policy of China in the 80s. The acceptance of both the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© system, and music compositions utilizing a U.S. Service Mark -- is a product of the Shows.
••• VRA, founded in 1972, by the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, predicted the "then new" up and coming lazar disk phenomenon, (DVDs) -- that would revolutionize the distribution of the vContent business. By 1992, NBS WiTEL®™© had three major digital studios, and VRA TelePlay distribution points pumping out vContent for BBC RadioPlay, Cinema Prize, A&M, and Warner Bros. recording artists. Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart, Mel Carter, Jackson Browne, Randy Meisner, Tom Petty, Jeffery Osborne, and TCS-Ambros Seelos, . . are just a few of the Vocalist that created their popular MTVs at Troy's Vine Street Video Center - Hollywood.
••• By 2000, VRA predicted the growth of tviNews online, computer software, the SmartPhone and seamless applications for both the Wireless Telephone®™©, and OnLine streaming vContent business. CLICK FOR MORE Smart90 tviNews Magazine issue - 2000.
• "PriceWaterhouse Coopers"
••• As for financial growth facts, it was the "2007 - PriceWaterhouse Coopers Report," that ascertained VRA's 1992 predictions. The financial report was just the thing needed to justify our Troy Cory Show - VRA project," said Soval.
••• The new NBS WiTEL®™© Service-Marked VRA products were not only designed to fit right into the 100-year-old global standard guidelines, established by the Berne Convention, and its biggest supporter, "the then new" Federal ®™© Rules of 1905, but into today's world of the FCC, and NBS WiTEL®™© SmartPhone, (Apple's iPhone, and Google's Android).
• The Variety Report - June, 2007, By London Editor Adam Dawtrey**
••• Reprint: "Content, (Audio/Video/Film) distribution and technology companies, need to aggressively seek out new relationships to accommodate the shift toward convergence, " said Jim O'Shaugnessy, global chairman of PWC's entertainment media practice. "Companies will need to test new business models to address increased fragmentation and intellectual property in a digital era."
••• PWC's Global entertainment and Media Outlook 2007-11 predicts that Brazil, Russia, India and China will account for 24% of global growth in that period.
••• The U.S. will remain the single largest market for entertainment and media, but is growing at the slowest rate -- just 53% a year to reach $754 billion in 2010.
••• Europe, the Mideast and Africa, the second-largest market, will grow only slightly more quickly, at 5.5% a year to reach $617 billion. the fastest-growing region will be Asia Pacific, ramping up at 9.6% a year to reach $470 billion by 2011.
••• Filmed entertainment was predicted to rise globally by 4.9% a year to $103 billion. TV network revenue will grow by 5.8% a year to $228 billion, but TV distribution will power ahead by 9.3% a year to $251 billion.
••• Troy Cory- Stubblefield, CEO of the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© Organization, (WiTEL®™©) said, "Not only did our 1992, and 2000 NBS WiTEL®™© growth predictions become a financial reality, but our NBS WiTEL®™© Service Marks, and the effects of the assigment of coded wireless phone numbers to each mobile phone sold, became a money factory for NBS." "Our efforts helped create the new "land-line" rulings from the FCC in favor of the so-called wireless mobile industry." ( iPhones, Cellphones, Google Androids, and other in the wireless mobile industry, etc.).
••• Telco intermediary, Mark Anderson, of PSI said, "it is quite clear that NBS WiTEL®™© was, and still is being maintained by the same ethics practiced in 1902 by Nathan B. Stubblefield, the grandfather of Troy Cory, and founder of MSU. CLICK FOR NBS Tele-phone delgreen108w
••• "The proposed NBS WiTEL®™© license agreement by and between NBS WiTEL®™© and existing Telecoms, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint . . . will help account for almost 72% of the total growth in NBS WiTEL®™© phone numbers assigned the new vContent experiences the entertainment and media industry will produce during the next five years."
••• "The digitalization of NBS's WiTEL®™© analog vContent, was an experience for VRA," continued Anderson. By the June, 2009, the analog to digital TV broadcasting conversion dead-line "to convert or else . . . was set in motion by the FCC" . . . VRA was ready.
••• "We were not only ready with our digitized WiTEL®™© "streaming video" effect, and elements," said Troy Cory, "we were ready with the same 'Content' vEffects profit growth . . . predicted by the "PriceWaterhouse Coopers" organization. ("the global entertainment and media industry will grow 6.4% each year to reach $2 trillion by 2011."). CLICK FOR MORE "PWC"
* Service Marks Notes: © 2008-2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers. All rights reserved.
••• "PricewaterhouseCoopers" and "PwC" refer to the network of member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL).
••• •• Adam Dawtrey joined Daily Variety in 1991 as European news editor, based in London, and became European editor of Variety and Daily Variety in 1993. He has worked previously for the Hollywood Reporter, and the Financial Times newsletters Screen Finance and New Media Markets.


/Imagespeople/TroyBerlinWall108w.jpg 107.09 The Berlin Wall - Road To Europe, and "Star Maker" and SantaTales."
In 1968, before Troy Cory teamed up with famous German Orchestra leader, Ambros Seelos in 1970, Troy had already co-starred with Wendle Cory, Rolf Eden, and Barabra Valentine in the Berlin AFI, John Harris, movie production, "Starmaker."
It was in 1970, that Troy, Ambros Seelos, music arranger, composer and songwriter, Sylvester Levay, (Lysy, Levy - "Fly, Robin, Fly," ), and lyricist and translator, Jossi Sigl produced the origianal recording sessions and the Cory/Seelos concert performances in Germany, Innsbruck, Austria, and Basel, Switzerland. CLICK FOR MORE People STORYCLICK FOR MORE The Star Maker, Wendle Corey - Troy Cory STORY IMDb • • CLICK FOR MORE Rolf Eden STORYMORE Vine Street.

107 SantaTroyCoryCastle108w.jpg• • The String section on the Munich Sound recordings was provided by "The Munich Philharmonics"; piano and arrangements by Sylvester Levay. Sevral years later it was Levay who garnered a Grammy Award for "Fly, Robin, Fly," and wrote the music scores for the film "Howard the Duck" and the Vienna musical "Elisabeth."

Troy Cory collaborated with Cinema Prize Records and Agil Musik and co-wrote the song material with the Seelos/Levay/Michalke/Sigl/ team, in producing the album, entitled, "Today's Puzzle."
The end of the 1970s found Troy Cory playing Santa Claus in the German/American production film "Merry Christmas: Just in the Nick of Time," starring Priscilla Cory, as "Little Miss Santa," and featuring the late German singer, Manuela. Produced by VRA TelePlay Pictures, Bohemia Film and Gábor Wagner, of ARD, the story was filmed in and around the city of Munich, Nymphenburg and Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany and in Oberndorf, Austria, the small village and church where the Christmas carol "Silent Night" was performed for the first time on December 25, 1818.

<107s- 107-MarybethPetersPeople
Marybeth Peters became the United States Register of Copyrights on August 7, 1994.
From 1983 to 1994 she held the position of policy planning adviser to the register. She has also served as acting general counsel of the Copyright Office and as chief of both the Examining and Information and Reference divisions. Peters is a frequent speaker on copyright issues; she is the author of The General Guide to the Copyright Act of 1976. She delivered the 2004 Brace Memorial Lecture (at New York University School of Law) and the 1996 Horace S. Manages Lecture at Columbia University School of Law. She serves on the Intellectual Property Advisory Committees of several law schools. CLICK FOR MORE STORY - Marybeth Peters


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107if - Did Anastasia Exist?
107iif - Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday -
107iif - Happy 90th Birthday Bill Adrian - Born: May 2nd 1919
107iiif - 50th Year"the War of the Worlds"
107iiif - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.
107ivf - What is Web Magic & and How does it operate?

107g- Google KnowledgeRush

107ig - Did Anastasia Exist?
107is - Did Anastasia, The Russian Princess Really Exist?


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107is - Did Anastasia, The Russian Princess Really Exist?

107iig - Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday
107iis Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday - Street Signs and Hollywood & Vine Marks 100th Birthday for Hollywood Legend - Bob Hope.
•••••Kissinger sent roses. Sarah Kellerhals of Nashville, Ind., sent a hand-knitted cap, complete with a pompom. A 75-year-old from Lincoln, Neb., made his own card featuring a photo of himself -- with his refrigerator. • 107iis - CLICK FOR MORY 107iis - Bob Hope Sqare 100th Birthday

%2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesFlashgifs/forbesbillies2009.gif107is - Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
••• No. 1: Microsoft's founder Bill Gates lost $18 billion. His net worth dived to $40 billion from $58 billion a year earlier. Despite decline he reclaimed the title of worlds' richest man, because two other billionaires lost more, on paper, than Gates did.
••• No. 2: Warren Buffett, last year's No. 1, saw his fortune decline $25 billion as shares of Berkshire Hathaway fell nearly 50% in 12 months, but he still managed to slip just one spot to No. 2. His net worth plunged to $37 billion from $62 billion.
••• No. 3: Carlos Slim Helú - Mexican business magnate and telecom titan also lost $25 billion and dropped one spot to No. 3, with a wealth of $35 billion down from $60 billion.
No. 4: Lawrence Ellison, U.S. software giant Oracle Corp., $22.5 billion
No. 5: Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish retailer IKEA, $22 billion
No. 6: Karl Albrecht, German supermarket giant Aldi, $21 billion
No. 7: Mukesh Ambani, Indian petrochemicals, $19.5 billion.
No. 9: Theo Albrecht, German supermarket giant Aldi and the Monrovia-based Trader Joe's chain in the U.S., $18.8 billion
No. 10: Amancio Ortega, Spanish retailing $18.3 billion.

• In 2009 -- There were just 793 people rich enough to make Forbes list.
••• The richest people in the world have endured a financial disaster over the past years and gotten poorer, just like the rest of us. The meltdown of global financial markets slashed the ranks of the world's billionaires by 30% in 2008, Forbes magazine reports in its annual list of the planet's richest people. "The world has become a wealth wasteland," Forbes states in the billionaire report on its website. " This year the world's billionaires have an average net worth of $3 billion, down 23% in 12 months.
••• The biggest loser in the world this year, by dollars, was last year's biggest gainer. India's Anil Ambani lost $32 billion--76% of his fortune--as shares of his Reliance Communications, Reliance Power and Reliance Capital all collapsed.
••• Ambani is one of 24 Indian billionaires, all but one of whom are poorer than a year ago. Another 29 Indians lost their billionaire status entirely as India's stock market tumbled 44% in the past year and the Indian rupee depreciated 18% against the dollar. It is no longer the top spot in Asia for billionaires, ceding that title to China, which has 28.
••• Overall, the number of the world's billionaires fell to 793 from 1,125 a year ago. Their collective net worth: $2.4 million, a drop of $2 trillion. 107is - CLICK FOR MORE tviNews Forbes STORY.
••• However, there's good news, of sorts, for the U.S.: "Americans account for 44% of the money and 45% of the list's slots," according to Forbes. 107is - CLICK FOR MORE FORBES DIRECT | After Gates, Buffet, Slim, etc., here's how the list of the 10 richest people rounds out (name, source of wealth and 2008 net worth):

2006/Images/000000photoAdrianbill.gif107iis - CLICK FOR MORE Happy 90th Birthday Bill Adrian - STORY -. Wm Adrian Teen Modeling Agency • Since - 1946 / Pasadena, California, U.S.A • Models Shown: Emmy Cho. Along with his agency, he also runs a modeling school. He represents girls from 11 to 22. Bill has been the casting the Troy Cory Show since -- 1969.
Wm Adrian Teen Modeling Training Methods

Tweeter: Mr. ADRIAN: You've seen girls hundreds of times on ads that were my models, but you never knew it because we didn't get credit. - PHOENIX: You've been in business since 1946, right? Mr. ADRIAN: Unfortunately, yes. (Soundbite of laughter) - PHOENIX: Why unfortunately? -Mr. ADRIAN: Well, I'm the oldest agent in the business, and I don't know why I've spent so many years in such a business. But I started in 1946 with three girls, and I thought I'd try it out for a summer and see if it would work. PHOENIX: And obviously it did. He's kind of like Forrest Gump because over his long career, he's crossed paths with so many legends, including Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe. -- Mr. ADRIAN: I thought she was real nice. She was living at the Hollywood Studio Club for $7 a week. That's where a lot of those aspiring actresses lived. 107iis - CLICK FOR MORE Bill Adrian, People Section

107iiig - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.
107iiis - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.

 107g- REVIEWS PEOPLE | MOVIES | Page Index |
• 107s -REVIEWS PEOPLE | MOVIES | Page Index

107iiig - 50th Year"the War of the Worlds"

107iiis 50th Anniversary of "the War of the Worlds." | Who starred in -- War of the Worlds? "

• 107is - Movie Review: "BUSTER LADD" FILMED 1969 / BERLIN / PASADENA

• 107iis - Show of the Week
• 107iis -
WebTV Guide

107ivg What is Web Magic & and How does yes90.net operate?
107ivs What's Web Magic - CLICK FOR MORE yes90.net/107arts/107

107s - TVInews - PEOPLE SECTION | smart90.com/people
• 100iif - Can I Become a YES Man or a YES Ma'am?
• 100iif -
Can I Become a Yes Community tviNews Contributor?
• 105iis -
What Holy land States Are Biblical Nations | MAP?
• 105iis -
Was James, The Step Brother of Jesus? YES More
• 106iis -
Can you mix Wine, Women, Business and Song? Katrina
• 112iis -
Are The Kurds Non-Arab Muslims?
• 117iis -
A Gary Sunkin LAX Report

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••• It didn't take long for members of Congress to realize that it was Hollywood's movie and music associations that were intentionally manipulating the world's movie/music markets by withholding product from consumers to create high prices? Today's Puzzle: Where are all of the millions of recycled movies and TV programs stored, and who collects and pays the royalties to the performers when the "orphan" programs lie dormant? Who received the TVI's NBS100 Achievement Award more than once? We Preserve The Moments.

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