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China, The Big Sleep - VRA4001 -
Troy Cory; Valerie Milano; Tina Kincaid; Angelica Bridges;

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 Big Sleep

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VRA4001 - China, The Big Sleep
- (30 min) - Troy Cory; Valerie Milano; Tina Kincaid; Angelica Bridges; Joey Lauren Adams; Jiang Zemin; - UPC#023924440011
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VRA4001 - China, The Big Sleep
"D-Diaries".Movie Title: China, The Big Sleep - Troy Cory, Joey Adams VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4001 S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries

-----This is the first program of a series of shows that introduces the real political reformers of China during the 80s, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin. This rare foreign made rough-cut program was put together for the approval of the People's Republic of China - to televise and introduce U.S.A. made film productions to be sold in Red China. This segment features short-shorts of two U.S. made films along with a Chinese film for culture comparisons, and the original witty "ad libbed" VO sound tracks recorded by Troy Cory . . . which were later translated for Chinese narration. This segment pictures Troy leaving Las Vegas, Nevada to return to China. Troy is requested by a government operative to again perform in China and is hired as a private eye, a la Bogie, to search for one of his dancers who fell in love with a highranking communist official.
Computer Graphics:
Victor Caballero; Alden Stubblefield; Tim Wilcox;
Set Director: Bill Camden; Alfons Mousa
Casting: William Adrian; Lynn Mann; Michael Lipman;
Hairstyle - Makeup: Harry Mayes; Ramses III;
Ginger Adams and Paul Woo. Guest Political Figure: Jiang Zemin

Narrator: Troy Cory; Jossi Sigl; Joe Bombuger; Hugh Jeffrey,
Film Research: Michael Lipman; Mark Sova; Da Lin Gan;
Songs: Summertime Is Here At Last; Tie A Yellow Ribbion; Isn't Ashame.
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