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Troy Cory • Josie Cory- Stubblefield
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The Wireless Telephone®™© - the Movie

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••• Have you ever wondered who first invented and paid for the cost to patent "Firewire" and the "Wireless Telephone®™©'? Did you ever wonder, when talking back and forth on a cellular phone, or when using a wireless router to connect your lap top to the internet, what created the ether or frequency that carries the voice, and/or the WiTel ®™© phone number system?
••• Who Owns The Wireless Telephone™ Patent, and WiTEL®™© Trademark, and Copyrights?
••• If you are in the wireless business, (a wireless telephone company, a Wi-Fi/Wi-Max Broadcasters, etc.) -- you probably know the answer . . . and now's the time to get ready for 2012 -- the 100th year -- of the "Wireless Telephone®™©" patent. The short word for is now described as: WiTEL®™©
••• It's also the year for Elections. . . and it could be just the right time to use your new smartphne, wireless video telephone, webcasting "live," around the world
(See Patent below)

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September, 2009 / 102g - The Birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™©, and its NBS Wireless Telephone®™© registered service marks.
••• The NBS Wireless Telephone®™© organization, founded in Murray, Kentucky, doesn't manufacture the present-day Wireless Telephone®™© . . . "BUT DOES MAKE the iPhone and CellPhones of today WORK," says Troy Cory-Stubblefield.
••• As chief executive of the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, Troy Cory-Stubblefield closely watches over the way the effects and elements of his NBS WiTEL®™© organization are used and paid for by Telco providers, and users.
••• Underlining each and every Wireless Telephone®™© sold today . . . is a NBS WiTEL®™© service mark utilized by iPhone, and Cellphone provider/users. Charging high-tech batteries by its NBS EMW induction system, or being assigned a WiTEL®™© phone number to connect each WiTEL®™© user together are just a couple of the elements. The NBS Wireless Telephone®™© was invented and developed at Teléph-on-délgreen Industrial School, Murray, Kentucky, commencing in 1892. CLICK FOR MORE Murray State University STORY .
ASK Priscilla! Smart90 but its firewire effect, (FiWi)
More WiFi Mist Installations
"The Wireless Telephone Patent©™"
(Drawing of mobile phone connection to AT&T - first WiFi Internet link)

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