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VRA4024 - Christmas Around The World
- (60 min.) - Troy Cory; Priscilla Cory; Manuela
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02 - SantaTales Episodes on YouTube, vGoogle, or LookRadio
00P - Troy Cory and Priscilla Cory Sing "Christmas Chestnuts" VRA402500P
00 - SantaTales of Christmas Part One - "Troy Cory Show - Cast VRA402500
01 - SantaTales of Christmas01 Part One - Troy Cory Show - Little Miss Santa VRA402501
02 - SantaTales of Christmas02 Troy Cory Show - Santa's Village VRA402502
03 - SantaTales of Christmas03 TCShow - Flying the Alps VRA402503
04 - SantaTales of Christmas04 TCShow - Winter Wonders VRA402504
05 - SantaTales of Christmas05 TCShow - Silver Bells - VRA402505
06 - SantaTales of Christmas06 - TCShow "Silent Night" - VRA402506
07 - SantaTales of Christmas07 - MakeSure - VRA402507
08 - SantaTales of Christmas08 - Yes90 LookRadio - VRA402508
09 - SantaTales of Christmas09 - TC Show "Christmas Eve" - VRA402509
10 - SantaTales of Christmas10 - Santa CD Wink
11 - Troy Cory and Priscilla Cory Song, "Jingle Bells" VRA402511
12 - Troy Cory Sings "An Ol' Christmas Card" - A VRA402512
20 - SantaTales of Christmas20 TCShow - "The Day Ends" - VRA402520

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