Song: Sugar To Tea /


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Song: When I Take My Sugar To Tea /
VRA TelePlay Preview 4032 Troy Cory & Priscilla Cory Sing Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood - with Brooke Sisters (3 min) - S90tv Webtvguide - Click for Credits


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'"I DO, The Wedding Song"























Song: When I Take My Sugar To Tea (Sugar To Tea) / Troy Cory Sings When I Take My Sugar To Tea (Sugar To Tea) Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood - Features his daughter, Priscilla Cory and the Brooke Sisters. / A VRA TelePlay Video Preview 4032 (4 min) - S90tv Webtvguide / This song from the Troy Cory Evening Show, was selected to demonstrate radio and television transmission, using the magnetic compass in Troy Cory's China Moon - 2004 Webcast Series. The Song sets the scenario in a Fuzhou and Shanghai Teahouse to explaing how tea leaves and a compass helped Nathan B. Stubblefield and Amos Dolbear, in the mid-19th century, how to detect their wireless signals, coming from their wireless transmitters. It was one of Troy's parents' favorite songs.
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