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120 PIXELS 3 columns


Screenplay by Donna Jeffries & Troy Cory-Stubblefield
Story by: Josie Cory & Troy Cory-Stubblefield

/ImagesStub/NBStubblefieldTeslaGroup300.jpgPhoto: Nathan B. Stubblefield, #28 far right - heads Wireless Telephone Demonstrations in Philadelphia - 1902.. General Electric co-founder, Edwin J. Houston, #19, is standing next to Tesla, #20. A. Frederick Collins, k#1. / Nikola Tesla and Clarissa, the lady dressed in white in the photo, are the featured in the Wireless Telephone®™© screenplay.
The working titles for this screen-ready Smart90-Hollywood feature film project include: • 'The Smart Daaf Boys:" • ''Grandpa Nat, Inventor:" • ''The Wireless Telephone©™©'. • 'WiTEL©™©;' USPTO Concern;' 'The Fire of Genius;" Radio Boys, the Tortfeasors;" 'RF Trick Ponies" 'Firewire and Watermelons' 'The Billion $$ Thought;' 'The Secret Keeper''The Wireless TelephoneÝ™©, WiTEL and the Smart Daaf Boys''Clarissa, the Compass'WiFi - THE INVISIBLE KILLER RF WAVES.' 'Nathan B. Stubblefield, The Inventor and Patent Holder of the Wireless Telephone©™©, (WiTEL®™©).Sequence Options: the NBS Demonstration 1902 Photo.

The Spinning EARTH . . .

• The VOICE of NATHAN B. STUBBLEFIELD, the inventor and developer of
the original Wireless Telephone®™© - 1892 . . . is talking to us.

The bluest marble in the sky
Beautiful ain't she?
I'm Nathan BStubblefield, or Stubby,
as some havecalled me.
I'm sure you've probablynever heard of me.
I've only beendead over eighty years.


But theoretically my voice is probably
•••still resonating somewhere in the


I was the first person to transmit my
voice through time and space. You
see, back in eighteen-ninety-two I
discovered a way to tap into the free
flowingenergy and airwaves of this
here amazin' planet.

RADIO TOWERS jut upward from a mountaintop.


(CONT'D) Today there's not a minute when
somethin' ain't flyin' through the

• As we HEAR snippets of various RADIO PROGRAMS, TV PROGRAMS,MUSIC,
and hear clips of various CELL PHONE CALLS as theyall resonate throughout the atmosphere.

'Specially since nineteen-ninetysix.
That's when the government opened
up all those sweet little frequencies
out there to be sold publicly...

• We see a FLASH OF MODERN DAY WALL STREET as TRADERS scurryabout wielding cell phones.2.

...for the information superhighway,
so they called it.

• A cozy COFFEE HOUSE plays host to PEOPLE on laptops sippingtheir caff? lattes.IN FRONT OF A THEATER we see a flash of a modern-day GROUPOF TEENAGERS on their Smartphones. Thirteen-year-old computerboy-genius CHANCY is among them.


Of course it was a different storyback in my day...

With a sense of quiet dignity on his face and a blaze ofpassion in his eyes, young NATHAN B. STUBBLEFIELD (32) standsin the middle of a watermelon patch in rural Kentucky. Heholds up a strange looking contraption (his electrolyticcoil aerial "firewire" device attached to a transmitter)offering it upwards towards the heavens.

About half a mile away in the distance we see a figurestanding and waving his arm - this is seventeen-year-oldRAINEY T. WELLS.BACK WITH STUBBLEFIELDWho places a rod into the damp soil and turns his attentiontoward the transmitter part of his apparatus.

(into the mouthpiece)
Can you hear me?

• WITH RAINEY Across the fields, Rainey holds a small black box in hishands, as he takes a couple of steps, positioning himself.

(voice coming from the box)
Can you hear me now?

!Rainey jumps in fright, dropping the box like a hot potato!3.

(to us again)
No one knew what to make of my device
back then, or what in tarnation to
even do with it.

We see Stubblefield on the lawn near the courthouse on anothertry of his device. This time TWO MEN IN BLACK secretly watchhim from a distance.

/// End of Opening.

••SHORT MONTAGE • An OLD NEWS CLIP of the great 1930'3 L.A. ELECTRIC RED CAR TROLLEYs being hoisted off their tracks and thrown on top of each other in a huge junk heap.
•••• Then a flash of a modern day GAS STATION (next to an extremely congested freeway) as a man increases the price on the outside sign to four dollars a gallon.
•••• CLOSE ON newsletter headlines: CONSUMING FISH OIL PROVEN TO CUT HEART ATTACK RISK BY UP TO 80% -As stacks of the publication are being thrown into an enormous raging bon fire.
•••• A couple of SCIENTISTS in white lab coats are in a lab as they victoriously hold up a pill and high five each other. We promptly see Pharmaceutical profits skyrocketing at NYSE. A bug-eyed PATIENT reading an extra long white sheet of paper suddenly grasps his chest - as we see he is reading a list of "SIDE EFFECTS".

•••-And so they promptly saw a way to
•••stash my little old discovery in their
•••back pockets as well and silence me
•••forever. Or so they thought..

•••Our story now picks up from here in a modern day setting, as TROY, the grandson of Nathan Stubblefield walks up the steps of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. to attend the House Ways and Means Session discussions over how much of the 30 billion dollars collected from recent auctions selling off wireless telephone frequencies to the general public his family was entitled to. • CLICK FOR MORE

/// End of Opening.



• • This screen-readied concept . . . was put together by the publishers of smart90.com, and LookRadio.com. It's the true, untold story of Nathan Stubblefield, one of America's most influential, unsung, and hated inventors of modern time.
• • Knowing this . . . the next most hated person in the world of RF spectrums could just be . . . author/entertainer, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, the grandson of the inventor, who's demanding an apology from those regulatory governmental agencies who suppressed the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, for over 100 years.
• • Picture this . . . TODAY . . . Troy, the co-author of, "BofA, the Tortfeasor," -- is in total control over his, "Grandpa Nats,"s Wireless Telephone®™© service marks and the effects and phone number elements of the NBS WiTEL®™© technology. TROY calls the NBS100 VATs technology, WiTEL®™© WiFi , WiMax 187, VoIP, and for the wireless lap-top computor USB port plug-in - the magic jack. MORE STORY
• •
Nathan B. Stubblefield, was a dynamic and ingenious hi-tech educator and melon farmer from Kentucky, who in 1892, became the first man to successfully create the effects of WiTEL, WiMAX - WiFi wireless voice atmospheric telephone, and the first to patent "wireless telephony" - 1908, the Wireless Telephone®™©, (WiTEL®™©), a century before the cell phone or VoIP came along! SEE MORE STORY ABOUT "GRANDPA NAT"
• •
The big monopoly minded corporations and military powers lurking in the shadows had a plan that would destroy the will of Grandpa Nat. And the U.S. government did surpress the 1907-08 service marks by seizing his patented frequencies, by regulatory seizure without payment
• •
Only a century later would Troy try to right that wrong and make the powerful wireless companies pay for their greed and malice. Through this journey he would discover who his grandfather really was and why he was all but erased from the history books.

NBS100 - In the now famous lecture in the praise of patent laws --
Abraham Lincoln spoke of the importance of protecting and encouraging the fire of genius, in the discovery and production of new and useful things.
• •
The realationship between the Government, its reglatory agencies, and its citizens, is one that could be described as one who acts in the capacity as a fiduciary. And it was John Locke who wrote, "Government has no other end than the preservation of property."
• •
Before becoming president, Lincoln's lectures always stressed ownership, it was the fruits of labor. He stated in 1858, "man is not the only animal who labors; but he is the only one who improves his workmanship," In 1859 he praised the patent laws for having "secured to the inventor, for a limited time, the exclusive use of his invention; and thereby added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius, in the discovery and production of new and useful things." - SEE MICHAEL POWELL's WEBCAST ON THE $27 BILLION QUESTION ON EXCLUSIVE USE OF PATENT & THE NBS10O GOV. FREQUENCY TAKEOVER

The Proposed Feature Film is a cross-between the TV Series: " BOSTON LEGAL," "Flash of Genius;" " TUCKER" and " A BEAUTIFUL MIND"


It all begins in the present day.
Malcome Tinker --
a popular well known, high profile international legal scholar, specializing in ®™© service marks, is seen walking up the steps of the capitol building in Washington, D.C.. He's followed by an entourage of several high ranking legal experts in the field of telecomunication, education and rules of sedition, the rules of the 1905 Bern Convention, including members of the academia from the state of Kentucky, and family members of NBS100 radio trust group.
• • They are on their way to attend the testimony of the Chairman and former members of the Federal Communications Commission before the subcommittee on Science, State, Justice, and Commerce of the Committee on Appropriations United States House of Representatives.
• • Once inside the chambers, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, who heads the NBS100 trustee group for the estate of N.B. Stubblefield focuses their attention to the outcome of their frequency seizure claims in the amount of $27 billion dollars or more, to be proven up at the time of trial, if there would be one. The speaker of the house recognizes Troy and introduces him as the grandson of Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor of the wireless telephone in 1892.
• • As the speaker of the committe reads the Federal Communications Commission's Fiscal Year Budget, attorney Tinker focuses his attention to a mysterious old woman, sitting in the back row in a wheelchair, listening intensenly to what the speaker was saying.
• •The committee speaker was now reflecting on the net revenue collected by the FCC since 1996, in an amount that exceeded $26.8 billion dollars. In addition to the $26.8 billion, another $18 billion in revenue is projected from frequency auction sales that will take place between 2006 through 2010.
• • Tinker, knowingly understood a subcommittee representing Science, State, Justice, and Commerce -- was not part of the Sherwood Forest featuring Robinhood. But after Tinker hearing it "right from the horses mouth" -- that the amount that could be paid to the Stubblefield NBS100 family trust for the abovesaid wireless telephone frequencies sales -- seized by the U.S. Signal Corps in 1913, was set by those members of the subcommittee, in an amount that would exceed $40 billion dollars, his eyes were directed back at the face of the mysterious old woman.
• •Seeing her face light up when she heard "$40 billion dollars" -- something magic was about to happen. By her deteriorated physical state, anyone in the room could tell she was well over a hundred years old, -- and she had a few surprises under her belt.
• • It was further agreed the regulatory seizures of Stubblefield's frequencies by the government were valid by law, but they were never paid for by the U.S. Government, as required by law. The subcommittee adjourned for lunch to study the original Testimony of FCC Chairman, Kevin J. Martin, before Malcom Tinker, the attorney for NBS100 radio trust was to give arguments for his clients.

• • Click to read the original Testimony of FCC Chairman, Kevin J. Martin -- Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Estimates Wireless Auctions Funding Report Tuesday, April 26th, 2005: Total Received since 1995 = $26.8 billion + $18 Billion due from Projected Frequency Sales in - 2006-2010. FOR MORE STORY

Malcom Tinker, spoke prolifically for an hour --
almost entirely without notes. It was easy to understand why juries and jurists both liked him.
• • He sounded reasonable, and his plain respect for the law wasnt't marred by the sanctimony. As if making an closing statement at trial, he laid out the facts clearly and carefully -- and then gracefully elevated the rhetoric.
• • "When an agency of the government is charged with sedition and obstruction of justice," he said, "it does show the world that this is a country that takes its law seriously, that all citizens, including the government are bound by the law."
• • He used the words "The Trick Pony rules of sedition" "rules and sedition" 7 times; and the words, "Firewire and Watermellons, and "America must not be cheap, she must pay her bills in cash, as she requires credit card holder to pay theirs".

Then as for the Robert Kearns vs. Ford case, you saw the film "Flash of Genius" didn't you?
• • I am asking you folks once again as in the Ford trial, Why are we here? Why have our lifes crossed. One thing I can tell you - we are not here to talk about what AT&T did in 1996 - and all the talking, and blogs about all the things the NBS organization didn't invent.
• • . . . We are here because AT&T used their influence, money and corporate power to take advantage of a situation the caused Congress to enact, not only in 1913, (the Kingburry Commitment), but in 1996. (The TeleCom Act of 1996).
• • What both AT&T, and Congress did was downright wrong and after all those years they have the arrogance to tell you that they had everything before, that they knew everything before.
• • As in the Kearns vs. Ford case, they did not know everything when Kearns showed Ford his early version in their parking lot of the current blink wiper.
• • They said his patent was expired, not once, not twice, but five times.
• • They want the jurors to believe that they are worth nothing - Kearns life's work, like Grandpa Nat, and Troy's efforts is worth nothing.
• • I want you to know when I walked into this court room I wore a badge, a badge that said Plaintiff was an inventor, a contributor to society.
• • I like to believe that after all you have heard and listened to in the last few weeks that you can see this badge. That's what I hope.
• • I am tired and so probably you. I ask you to use your memory, your good sense to do the right thing.
• • That's all I can ask . . . . Thank You.
• • Naturally, the congressmen pleaded with Tinker to reveal more, so he did. Ten times, he referred to inventor NBS as a lonely man, in seclusion for 15 years, and dying as a secret keeper, 13 times, and 5 times to the words "that NBS's Wireless Telephone®™© was deemed so sensitive in 1908, that it was taken over by the U.S. Signal Corps. with malice, and without cash payment."
• • Tinker reminded those at the hearing with the statement, that Stubblefield's property was seized by Regulatory Seizure, in 1913, just like the U.S. Signal Corps. did after World War II, in seizing and stealing the property belonging to Holocaust victims in the Berchtesgarden and Swiss Bank cases, that were finally settled in 2005 for over $6 billion dollars. The recent Mattel vs MGJ or Barbe vs Bratz rulings cover the NBS100 copyright issue. SEE MattelVsBratz December 2008 / Court deals a potentially fatal blow to MGA, which had lost the copyright case over Barbie's top rival.

the mystery woman in the back row, carefully watches her nurse as she places an envelope into Troy's hands. The envelope contains several black and white pictures, patents for inventions and original research ideas from Nathan Stubblefield, dating from 1892 to 1928, the year of Nathan's death.
• • It definitely gets Troy's attention, as well as the attention of Malcom Tinker, because it was his job to convince the members of the subcommittee as to who in the NBS100 and Kentucky Telephon-on-delgreen trust group, would control the monetary award, if any.
• • If the members of Congress were to grant the billion dollar amount to the NBS100 family trust group, would the $Billions wind up being used for hi-tech education purposes, or be used for developing wireless RDIF cemeteries around the world, as proposed by the Stubblefield heirs, or both?

Troy is next seen approaching the mysterious lady.

- Troy -
Where did you get these?

I worked for General Squier many years ago. These belonged to your grandfather, Nathan, there's more you know . . . a lot more.

- TROY - Where?

Won't you meet me for tea, so we can talk about it?

She hands him an address.

Cut to:
• • Troy pulls his car up at the home of the old woman. The full time male nurse, a kind young African American who cares for her greets him at the door. He walks Troy into the study, where the old woman waits in her wheelchair.

Call me LISA. Nathan was a friend of mine, a long time ago. He was a good man, he loved his work.

Cut to:
• • The male nurse makes her comfortable with a blanket and walks out of the room. The woman hands Troy a small box containing pictures, patents, letters, research ideas, documents, a journal and at the bottom of the box, a curious piece of melted rock in the shape of a cylinder.
• • The old woman speaks, and tells a tale of young brilliant dreamers, a story of family, heartbreak, betrayal, corporate thievery and an unsolved murder.

In the spring of 1865, we were all still trying to heal from the great North and South war. It was before I was born, but I was told Nathan was quite a spark, even then.

Cut to:
• • We flashback to Nathan, five years old, playing marbles with his brothers and the local kids. The game ends when it begins to rain. Nathan grabs his marbles, puts them in a pouch, and runs off with his brothers into the damp open fields of Kentucky.
• • Nathan hangs his sack of marbles on a tree next to them. He and his brothers lay on their backs; the raindrops hit their face as they watch the fast approaching electrical storm in the sky. The clouds speed quickly across the sky as the awesome light show approaches. There is a flash and then a few seconds later the thunder. Nathan is playing the game of counting the seconds between flash and thunder. The brothers get scared and insist on going home but the electricity fascinates Nathan. He verbally counts the seconds between flash and thunder not really noticing those in-between seconds are getting shorter and shorter.
• • The thunder makes the ground tremble and the brothers are frightened, they're ready to run home.
But Nathan is enjoying this; he somehow wants to control this power.

• • He looks over to his brothers and laughs when he sees their hair standing straight up with static electricity, a phenomenon that only happens an instant before a lightning strike!
• • Suddenly, a bolt of lightning splits the tree they are sitting under. The powerful bolt sends Nathan and his brothers flying through the air in the explosion. They all rise slowly but unhurt, their clothes charred from the blast, Nathan walks to the flaming and shattered tree and picks up his torn marble pouch. The marbles have melted together, into the shape of a cylinder with coils wrapped around it.
• • The boys cross back through the town on their way home, a crowd is gathering around the telegraph office as the news of something big is coming through the wires. Women begin weeping, the men look disoriented and angry, and some men even cheer, but for the most part you could feel the sadness spreading through the entire town. It seems that the president has been shot in a theater. Lincoln is dead.



Part02 ImagesCSnews/TroyCigDdiaries0246w.jpg

Story Sequence Options / Cut to: Product Placement StoryLine
MORE Wireless Telephone®™© SmartProduct KudoADs for movie insertion, AND PHOTOS: "Grandpa Nat" PART 01PART 02PART 03PART 04

Sequence Option: the NBS Demonstration 1902. WHO'S READY TO BE IN THE Wireless Telephone®™© BUSINESS?"Now there's no way to avoid work," shouts N.B. Stubblefield above the noise of WiTEL02's static, that was new to the world in the 1900s.In 1902, major newspaper headlines read something like this, "later this month, WiTEL02 will have a public trial run at selected cities in the U.S."
••• "Now there's no way to avoid work," shouts N.B. Stubblefield above the noise of WiTEL02's static, that was new to the world in the 1900s.
••• Indeed, it was easy for the WiTEL author/inventor to dial-up and talk to the person on the other end of the connection, by a twist and a turn of the antenna. The RF signal transmitted DSL-type speeds as we know it today, we walk in a slow turn over the park and pointed in the direction of the user on the other end of the WiTEL02.
••• The signal, coming from the caller holding the NBS WiTEL02 unit 600 feet away in the hotel room, was picked up by long copper wires, looped together to make one large coil loop antenna. The antenna was held together by a sheath of leather covering. The stem of the coil was then placed inside a watermelon buried half way in the ground for an added attraction to the new technology.
••• In 1898, Stubblefield was issued U.S. Patent 600457 for this RF WiFi 187 aerial system he called the "Electric battery," which consisted of an electrolytic coil of iron and insulated copper wire that could be mixed in with various Magnetic properties. The Magnetic energy mixes were buried within dampened clumps of earth pads surrounded by pitchblende, granulated loadstones, and other of. rare- earth-based misfit layered materials, that would create and store electro magnetic potentials the would induce the (EMF) needed to transmit RF signals.
••• As MSU students have suggested. his aerial rods would serve as an independent induction based ground terminal to reacted as the WiFi carrier for his Wireless Telephone®™© unit. He collectively nicknamed, the clumps of earth topped off with aerial rods that networked his WiFi 187 system together, "Teléph-on-délgreen". His "Teléph-on-délgreen" industrial School is now, Murray State University. CLICK FOR MORE STORY Stubblefield Earth Cell Battery Demonstration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmNoLfjIEac
••• Using a combination of aerials or antenna as they called it in 1908 and other NBS WiTEL technologies, the antenna was continuously moved to stay pointed at the WTB-T.
••• During the 60-minute held NBS WiTEL02 demos held for the telephone industry folks, and government officials, they posed for the photo-opt covered by the press.
••• Nobody attending the NBS WiTEL02 event had ever tried to used the NBS WiTEL to call his home or office, because this one was the first Wireless Telephone®™© ever displayed. Mr. Timothy Wilcox Sr., the president of NBS WiTel, Inc. said the NBS Wi-Fi 187 aerial system has been tested several times with the WiTEL01 handi, and works well.
••• A businessman or government office that adopts the system, however, could electronically block Internet VoIP calls, which might be a good idea considering the prospect of sitting within earshot of someone WiTELing all the way from L.A. to New York while traveling on a ship, or sailing down the Potomac and Mississippi River.
••• WiTEL02 Chief Executive Frederick Collins says instant messaging using the Morse Code also works well, which would be a far more socially acceptable form of communication, when you have people sitting next to you that could be the tax collector.
••• Speaking of acceptability, how about the prospect of the person sitting next to you that could be a Russian Spy? Collins says the ships captain could use commercially available earphones. Today, to block porno from the eyes of kids, the blackberries and iPhone have the ability to block individual sites from being viewed on its system, using the company, such as Net Nanny. But, as most broadcasters know, no one could never hope to block all the porn transmissions to the end user.
••• "That would be a losing battle," says Clarissa, the 25 year old school marm, pictured in the photo.
••• The WiTEL02 connection is briefly lost during a turn over the hill that was a little too steep to allow the antenna to receive the WTB-T transmission.
••• The connection is lost again when the crowd of officials were heading back toward the trees and turbulence tossing the aerial wires about.
••• "This wouldn't happen so much on a clear crisp day with when sturdy WTB-T poles," holding the wires together Nathan says as several listens were rubbing their ears.
••• Using the WiTEL02 outdoors was simple and was the best place to be when receiving messages because of the voice signals from the Wi-Fi aerials attached to top of T-poles were not block by solid objects.
••• One hundred years later, in 2000s, satellite antennas used by Boeing announced its Connexion for large airliners. But the system, far heavier and more expensive to run than WiTEL02's, faded out in 2006.
••• Satellite antenna based on the same principals used in the Philadelphia WiTEL02's demonstration will be in use shortly. Alaska passengers who get on the right flight will soon be able to try WiTEL02 for themselves, free. American Airlines is installing it on four of its jets; Alaska is putting it on one. Pricing, if the system is adopted by an airline, hasn't been determined. But, like NBS said in 1902, who could put a price on missing the call to JP Morgan? CLICK FOR MORE STORY.

MORE STORY - NBS100b Timeline "A"
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MORE STORY - NBS100e Timeline "E" / 1925 to 1934 - "Radio Stations / FCC
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MORE STORY - "NBS100J" / PCI STUDY: CROSSED LINES: Regulatory Missteps
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MORE STORY - "The Movie" / NBS Film Treatment: The Movie - Wireless

Screen Play Treatment
Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory
• • These Work-in-Process Titles are Based on the Books By Troy Cory Stubblefield and Josie Cory: "The Smart- Daaf Boys, The Inventors Of Radio and Television and The Life Style Of Nathan B. Stubblefield; " ©1990 Registered Library of Congress @1993 ISBN 1-883644-00-3; "Nathan B. Stubblefield "The Secretkeepers"; and "Disappointments Are Great, Follow The Money . . . The Internet! The Inventors Of Wireless Webcasting". © 2000 Library of Congress @2003
• •
©Copy Right 2006 - All Rights Reserved by TVI Publications, and Television International Publishing, and Television International Publishers, and Television Int'l Ltd., and Television International Magazine ISSN 88364462, TeleFilm Magazine, TeleVisionFilm Magazine ISSN 88364456, since 1956™ ©, and NBStubblefield Family Fund™ ©1972. Any Unauthorized Duplication of This Material, Without the Written Consent of NB Stubblefield Family Fund Is Strictly Prohibited Under U.S. Federal Copyright Law In The United States and In All Countries Signatory to the Bern Convention and the Pan-American Convention.

----Since 1908 - the U.S. government has sold and granted licenses for the right to use the frequencies emitted into the atmosphere by the wireless telephone, radio, and television broadcaster. The amount exceeds more than $30 Billion Dollars.
----As the keeper and repository for the original Nathan B. Stubblefield wireless telephone patents and trademarks, 1898 and 1908 respectively, YOU HAVE ALREADY BENEFITED by the efforts of the Nathan B. Stubblefield Family Fund. (NBS100), has been accounting for the billions of dollars worth of wireless telephone frequencies, various governments have been sellling -- since 1908. The NBS100 team has contributed to the the following successful research projects:
• •
01. NBS100 participated in the TVI Publications of the History of Wireless Broadcasting and the Smart Daaf Boys, 1991.
• •
02. NBS100 participated in the recent China Xingtv, Wireless Webcast VRA TelePlay production of the Ddiaries, a television series about Wireless Telephone, the compass and the SMART DAAF BOYS
• •
03. NBS100 participated in the 1992, 1996 and 2002 demonstrations to finalize the inclusion and relationship of the Internet with Stubblefield's firewire and Wireless telephone system within the world wide Internet system.

Source of Study

 NBS100 TELECOM STUDY - "G" The Communication Act of 1996 - Regulatory Missteps

A How-To Guide for Business
••• As many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity thieves may drain their accounts, damage their credit, and even endanger their medical treatment. The cost to businesses &endash; left with unpaid bills racked up by scam artists &endash; can be staggering, too.

Have you ever wondered who first invented and paid for the cost to patent "Firewire" and the "Wireless Telephone®™©'? Did you ever wonder, when talking back and forth on a cellular phone, or when using a wireless router to connect your lap top to the internet, what created the ether or frequency that carries the voice?2006/ImagesStub/nbsPayToPlayTruck108p.jpg
---- If you are in the wireless business, (a wireless telephone company, a Wi-Fi/Wi-Max Broadcasters, etc.) -- you probably know the answer . . . and now's the time to get ready for 2008 -- the 100th year -- of the "Wireless Telephone®™©" patent.
---- It's also the year for the Olympic Games . . . and it could be just the right time to introduce your new wireless video telephone, webcasting "live" sporting events from Beijing, China!
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Yes90 tviNews / NBS100 / NBS100 TELECOM STUDY - "E" NBS100 Presents Script Treatment For Film and Motion Picture Theatrical Release By Cory/Stubblefield / Henry Iglesias"Wireless" aka "Firewire and Watermelons" (WiFi)"The SecretKeepers"Story of Nathan B. Stubblefield, The Inventor and Patent Holder of the Wireless TelephoneScreen Play Treatment Henry Iglesias, Troy Cory-Stubblefield and Josie Cory / Regulatory Seizure of Telcom Property / Smart90, s90tv, lookradio, tvimagazine, dv90, vratv, xingtv, Ddiaries, Soulfind, nbs100, nbstubblefield, congming90, chinaexpo, vralogo, / Look Radio, China Expo, Television With No Borders

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We Preserve The Moment

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