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JAMES BROWN - The Godfather of Soul
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tviNews - James Brown TimeLine - By Pete Allman - TVI Magazine/LookRadio.com. Pete Allman Classic Interviews The Godfather of Soul James Brown; Segment Director: Troy Cory Date of House of Blues Live Webcast: Sept 18th 2000


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/Imagespeople/JamesBrownPeteTalk108w.jpg James Brown, (1933- 2006).
"James Brown was always the first to help those who needed help - especially - the seasoned unknown talent." Pete Allman.
••• James Brown, who was most offten referred to as "The Godfather of Soul", "was an American entertainer recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th-century popular music," says Troy Cory, of VRA TelePlay, and producer/director of the legendary Hollywood interview between Mr. Brown, and Pete Allman in 2004 at the House of Blues. CLICK TO VIEW THE Webisode.

••• "Not only was he a prolific singer, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer, Brown was a seminal force in the evolution of gospel and rhythm and blues into soul and funk," said Troy, "he left his mark on numerous other musical genres, including rock, jazz, reggae, disco, dance and electronic music, afrobeat, and hip hop music."
••• The dynamic, "Godfather of Soul," whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a founder of rap, funk and disco as well, died early Monday, his agent said. He was 73
••• Brown was hospitalized with pneumonia at Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Sunday and died around 1:45 a.m. Monday, said Pete Allman.
••• Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Little Richard, Brown was one of the major musical influences of the past 50 years
••• At least one generation idolized him, and sometimes openly copied him. His rapid-footed dancing inspired Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson among others. Songs such as David Bowie's "Fame," Prince's "Kiss," George Clinton's "Atomic Dog" and Sly and the Family Stone's "Sing a Simple Song" were clearly based on Brown's rhythms and vocal style.
••• Brown began his professional music career in 1953 and skyrocketed to fame in the late 1950s and early 1960s on the strength of his thrilling live performances and a string of smash hits. In spite of various personal problems and setbacks, he continued to score hits in every decade through the 1980s. In the 1960s and 1970s Brown was a presence in American political affairs, noted especially for his activism on behalf of African Americans and the poor.
••• Brown was recognized by a plethora of (mostly self-bestowed) titles, including Soul Brother Number One, Mr. Dynamite, the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business, Minister of The New New Super Heavy Funk, Mr. Please Please Please, The Boss, and the best-known, the Godfather of Soul. He was renowned for his shouting vocals, feverish dancing and unique rhythmic style.

Part 02 / TIMELINE 1970 to 2006 - Life - ACHIEVEMENTS / MORE TimeLine 1933 to 1969

1970 - January 24, James Brown hits #24 with "Ain't It Funky Now (Part 1)".
1970 - "Get Up I Feel Like Being Like a Sex..." by James Brown hit #15.
1970 - Marries Deirdre Jenkins.
1971 - James Brown hits #15 with "Hot Pants".
1971 - July 1, James Brown signs with Polydor Records, for which he'll record extensively throughout the decade.
1972 - September 1, "Get On the Good Foot" tops the R&B chart for a month and peaks at #18 in the pop Top Forty. A gold-certified million seller, it establishes James Brown as a potent influence on black music in the Seventies&emdash;or, as he takes to calling himself, "the Godfather of Soul."
1973- Eldest son Teddy killed in automobile accident.
1973 - In Oct plays at Rumble in the Jungle, the Ali/Foreman heavyweight boxing match in the Congo.
1974 - January 5, 'The Payback', the most successful of James Brown's Seventies albums&emdash;many of which were double-LPs with lengthy, extended tracks&emdash;makes its debut on Billboard's album chart. It is the only gold-certified (500,000 copies sold) album of his career.
1974 - September 1, Lloyd Price stages a music festival in Zaire, Africa, with boxing promoter Don King. The event attracts 120,000 people and offers James Brown, B.B. King, Etta James, Bill Withers, the Spinners and others.
1979 - September 1, James Brown, who has watched his sales figures slip in the disco era, attempts to move in on that market with The Original Disco Man, which only reaches #152 in the album chart.
1980 - June 1, James Brown contributes an unforgettable cameo as a manic preacher in the John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd film The Blues Brothers.
1984 - Marries Adrienne Rodriguez.
1984 - September 1, Bronx rapper Afrika Bambaataa teams up with James Brown to record the anthemic single "Unity."
1986 - "Michael Jackson, he used to watch me from the wings and got his moon walk from my camel walk. I ain't jealous I'm zealous. I ain't teased, I'm pleased."
1986 - January 11, "Living in America," the theme song from Rocky IV, reaches #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, becoming James Brown's biggest pop hit since "I Got You (I Feel Good)" went to #3 in 1965.
1986 - January 23, James Brown is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the first induction dinner, held in New York City.
1987 - Audience with the Pope. Pope advises him to continue with music career, and not switch to ministry work.
1986 - James Brown hits #4 with "Living in America".
1988 - In March, arrested for domestic abuse.
1988 - Sept. 24, brandishes a shotgun at an insurance meeting, demanding to know who used his personal toilet. Police chase ensues, 23 shots fired at his jeep, with both front tires shot out. PCP found in his system.
1988 - December 15, James Brown is sentenced to a six-year prison term after a year's worth of arrests on various assault, drug possession and vehicular charges. He leaves prison on parole on February 27, 1991.
1991 - Feb 27, James Brown is paroled from prison.
1991 - In March has a new set of eyebrows tattooed onto his face (dermapigmentation.)
1992 - February 25, James Brown receives a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 34th annual Grammy Awards.
1993 - February 25, James Brown receives a Lifetime Achievement Award at the fourth annual Rhythm & Blues Foundation Pioneer Awards. MC Hammer is his presenter.
1996 - Wife Adrienne dies from complications of liposuction surgery.
1997 - Jan 10, receives star, Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1997 - Sept 18th - Pete Allman Classic Interview with the Godfather of Soul James Brown took 2010/Images02/jamesbrownLogo.gifplace at the House of Blues in Hollywood. The Live Webcast Segment Director of the TVInews was Troy Cory. The Webisodes have been continuously webcast on LookRadio -- since that date. CLICK TO VIEW THE SHOW INTERVIEW AND SONG "AMERICA".
2002 - Jan 15, marries Tomi Rae Hynie.
2002 - In February, James Brown cleared by a Los Angeles jury of all allegations made in $2M sexual harassment suit brought by former employee Lisa Agbalaya-Ross.
2003 - May 3, James Brown turns 70 years old.
2003 - December 1, James Brown receives Kennedy Center Honors.
2006 - Dec 25, James Brown dies after being hospitalized with pneumonia.

James Brown

By Pete Allman


This is one interview you can't miss. It's one of my favorites - not only because James Brown is one of the greatest R&B performers around, but because my good friend - entertainer, producer -- Troy Cory, was there directing the action. Everything was perfect, even down to the legendary insert of Byrd shouting -- in that preacher-like tone of his -- "James Brown! James Brown! James Brown! James Brown!"





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1970 - January 24, "Ain't It Funky Now (Part 1)" TO DECEMBER 25, 2006. - James Brown dies after being hospitalized with pneumonia.

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