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Shahram Hashermizadeh Founder of Mellitv

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From Smart90 Daily News Release (TVI Magazine)
Josie Cory's Interview with Shahram Hashemizadeh

Q - What does the word Melli stand for?

A - National -- and of course if you add TV -- you get national Persian television in America for those people from the middle east, especially those from Iran -- or as I always refer to them as -- Persians.

Q - How do you pronounce your name in English?

A - Shahram in English would be pronounced like "Shaw" and "Rome"

Q - What is your native country?

A - I was born in Tehran, Iran and was forced to leave in 1979, at the age of twenty following the fall of the Shah to the religious leaders that are now in control of Iran. Ironically I ended up in Spain on my way to the United States .

Q - Where did you end up -- when you arrived in America?

A - In the US capital, Washington D.C. I lived there for twenty years. My educational background included all of the aspects of communication, especially the studies of those individuals that developed the methods to finance and transmit television around the world like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch did. Of course, before entering the television business my passion was the airline industry, that's where I earned my first million.

Q - OK Shahram -- when did you enter
the television industry?

A - That was seventeen years ago. My first programs were two-hour programs on the cable channels in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas and that was where Melli TV was born.

Q - Who will be your primary market and
what audiences will you attract?

A - There are currently approximately three million Iranians residing in the U.S. According to a census report the highest majority of the Iranian community is educated with degrees and earns middle to high level incomes. They are considered to be educated and have been found to adapt to the American culture with ease.

Q - How do you plan to finance your ventures?

A - During my life as a communicator, I've enjoyed working closely with my community both for business purposes and offering my services to bring pleasure to my community. I found that offering my services first -- money would follow, and it did. My involvements in the entertainment industry has given me the opportunity to meet some of the top political and social figures from around the world and in return -- I have enjoyed spending millions of my own money bringing their success stories to television. Of course, thanks to advertising my returns have been just as great.

Q. What kind of television programming
will Melli TV air?

A. My programs will consist of English and Spanish languages to accommodate the interest of those who are married to Iranian individuals. It is very important that there are no gaps between any community, race or color.

Q - Will you be producing your own shows?

A - Yes. Very, very soon Melli TV will launch our first productions on nationwide television related distribution centers that include webcasting, and it goes without saying - that one of my long term goals will be to air these programs world-wide, available to every viewer that has anything that looks like a television set.

Shahram Hashemizadeh
is the founder and CEO of Melli TV. Shahram was born in Tehran, Iran and left there at the age of twenty, following Iran's religious revolution of 1979.

During my short interview with Shahram Hashemizadeh, I found him a calm and collective person, possessing the character of a man with foresight and wisdom, a perfect combination for the television executive.

Shahram is a man of ambition and persistence, traits which have finally brought goals within his reach after many years of difficulties in reaching his target audience in the United States.
"At last", he said, "I can finally bring together the Iranian community through a nationwide 24-hour television program called "Melli TV" via the local cable channels and through the would wide web".

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