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Mention Monte Carlo and one thinks of elegant gambling casinos, roulette tables where large sums of money change hands, Russian ballet, French comedy, Grace Kelly, money laundering, tennis matches, luxury balls, automobile races and the prestigious Festival de Television de Monte Carlo, held annually in February.


By Josie Cory, Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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 By: Josie Cory, Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine

Mention Monte Carlo and one thinks of elegant gambling casinos, roulette tables where large sums of money change hands, Russian ballet, French comedy, tennis matches, luxury balls and automobile races.

Still in the starring role, of course, is Prince Rainier, whose family, the Grimaldis, have been running Monaco since 1297. Heir to the dynasty, is 30-year-old Prince Albert, one of Europe's most sought-after bachelors. While his younger sister Princess Stephanie spends most of her time making the gossip columns in Los Angeles, Princess Caroline has become Monaco's most important cultural and social force since her mother's tragic death seven years ago (Princess Grace), the former actress Grace Kelly who married Ranier in 1956, and is entombed in the Cathedral located on The Rock, as people call the hill on which the royal palace stands.

The opposite imposing rocks, on which Monaco and Monte Carlo are built, give the effect of a magical vision as sea and air interchange in playful color. The principality consisting of two cliffs is surrounded by French territory and seen fully from the Grand Cornich highway, on the edge of the hill alongside the French Riviera.

It paints a perfect setting for the Monte Carlo Television Festival, a select club, which each February launches the year's first international TV market in the Mediterranean.


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