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3. About Munich Studios

4. Bylines
107 Troy Cory Show & the Munich Sound
107 Hurricane Postpones Ambros Seelos Tour
107 Welcome To The World of Ambros Seelos
Cinema Prize Award Show - Hollywood-1971
Munich History - TimeLine - English // Deutsch

The Bayreuth Wagner Annual July, Festival
• 1
07 Sylvester Levay, Michael Kunze-Elisabeth
107 Celebrity Scene - Sylvester Levay.
tviNews - Munich 2005 / Photos Cinema Prize Session
Hofbrauhaus / Troy & Josie Cory
WagnerFest Celebrity Photos

Troy Cory Show 5500-04 Hofbrauhaus Munich Song: Rosamunde







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Ambros Soca Music

Troy and Ambros, Sam Butera, Kenny G

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Feature Story: Bavaria SommerFestivals - 2005-06 FILMING IN BAVARIA LOCATION BAYERN / AN INVITATION TO FILM With The Troy Cory Show for a Bavarian Television Program / GUIDE TO FESTIVAL CITIES, Studio Facilities


02 "The Summer Wind"
(Opening Day at the Wagner Festival}

(Features the Lifestyle of Hopfen Dealer, Hans Steininger)
Webtv: "Hofbrauhaus" (Urbán György)

Troy Cory, and Josie Cory Discuses The Do's and Do not of Beer.
Webtv: "Hofbrauhaus" (Gábor Wagner)

Marloffstein Celebrates Elke's Mother's 90th Birthday Party
Webtv: "I Love You Waltz"
Webtv: "Summer Time Is Here At Last -
Webtv: "Paper Doll"

Ambros Seelos, Orchester, Troy Cory, Moderator: Josie Cory
Webtv: "Muehldorf Concert"

Munich Main Page
(Mayor Christian Ude, Tini Weiss, Moderator: Josie Cory )
Webtv: "The Summer Wind"

Munich FFF Bayern Interview
( Dr. Klaus Scheafer, Interview with Josie Cory)
Webtv: "Made In Bavaria" Segment 01

Munich FilmFest
(Mayor Christian Ude, Tini Weiss Moderator: Josie Cory)
Webtv: "The Summer Wind"

Munich Harvard Man
(Joey Adams Harvard Man is featured in the Brooke Sister Memory Segment)
Webtv: "Harder I Try"

Players: Troy Cory, Rosemarie Lenk, The Hubers,
Monica, Moderator: Josie Cory.,
Webtv: "Evergreen"

Troy Cory, Anita and Bernhard Kreitmayr, Monica, Moderator: Josie Cory.,
Webtv: "Summer Time Is Here At Last -

Wolnzach / Rohrbach / Lohwinden
Troy Cory, Lorenz and Margit Huber, Monica, Moderator: Josie Cory.
Webtv: "Power of Positive Drinking"-

"This European Demonstration Proved A Point," -says Troy Cory, -
"It took one hundred years to prove that the Wireless Telephone was radio -- now it's part of world wide television & web radio/video streaming."


- A Wealth of History
 Nestled at the feet of the Alps in the heart of Europe, the state of Bavaria survived the test of time with an almost uninterrupted historic heritage. From ancient Roman days through to high-tech architecture with a sci-fi look, Bavaria offers a wealth of architectural styles, be it rustic Romanesque, grandiose Gothic, opulent Baroque or stately Classicism. No matter what period, from the Dark Ages to the dazzling future, Bavaria has the place to shoot it.
 Time Travel Made Easy While the cities of Bavaria have lovingly preserved their historical appearance, behind these quaint facades you can find all the modern conveniences of life. From Roman Regensburg to Medieval Rothenburg - wherever a film crew may go, they'll find this easy mix of rich tradition and history with ultra-modern comfort & convenience: the fastest roads in the world, a dense net of local airports, catering and hotels to suit every need, high-tech communications and broadcast facilities, a wealth of talented theater companies and experienced film professionals all over. No matter where you may be under Bavaria's blue skies, the 21st Century is always at your fingertips.
 Munich Street Scenes The Bavarian capital is perhaps most beautiful when the warm African wind, the Föhn, blows across the mountains, when the Alps are so clear and close you can almost touch them - and when the beer gardens are open. But with its lively and lovely mix of past and present and its booming film and TV industry, film crews abound on the streets and squares in town the whole year round: Munich is made for making movies.
 Town & Countryside The lush Bavarian countryside starts right in the heart of Munich in the English Gardens, one of the world's largest city parks. And from the comfort of a Munich home base, with all the technical and logistic convenience it offers, it's mostly just a quick drive down the Autobahn to some of the world's most varied and beautiful scenery, from the majestic mountainsides to crystal-clear lakes, from magnificent castles to cozy villages. Come discover why Bill Clinton - among others - called Bavaria his favorite place to visit.
 Home of the Fest 10 million Oktoberfest visitors a year can't be wrong: Bavaria is famous as a place that knows how to throw a party, and the calendar is full of striking and spectacular events the year round: from the Medieval jousts with professional stunt teams and the historic pageants that get whole towns on their feet, to the rock concerts that fill Munich's Olympic stadium or the mass raves that the young generation flocks to, Bavarians love a party - and so will you!

Handbook Shooting in Munich -
Shooting in Bavaria As a way of easing the workload of producers, production and location managers, the Information Office at the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern has published a informative handbook. Shooting in Munich - Shooting in Bavaria is a comprehensive compendium of advice for all those who would like to film "on location". Everthing that you must know about shooting on the public thoroughface. Locations and contacts from A-Z. Shooting permits and charges. Applications and producers. Regulations and decrees. German-English edition, 246 pages, DM 24.80 (incl. postage, packing)

AmbrosLevayTroyJosi300w.jpg3. Editors Note
Production and Postproduction in Munich
and Bavaria Under a blue-and-white sky

 The film and TV industry in Munich and Bavaria can not only look back on a tradition of many years, it is also experiencing an active and productive present with the best prospects for the future.
 This media location has grown organically over the years from its established roots. It wouldn't otherwise have been possible for there to have been the development of the infrastructure of manpower and machines, talent and technology, that is so necessary and crucial in the media sector.
  Efficiently operating companies and creative personnel have settled in the Bavarian capital which combines tradition and flair in a way unlike any other town in Germany. Munich and its surroundings not only offer an integrated film infrastructure but also many unique and fascinating locations.
  Companies rich in tradition such as Arri and Bavaria established Munich's reputation as a media city. But it is not only companies that have long been deeply rooted here, who find Munich attractive as a location: the German headquarters of relatively young international manufacturers like Avid, Media 100 and Discreet Logic are based near Munich. And Munich's media scene also has an appeal within Germany: the renowned German postproduction house Das Werk has the focus of its film activities in Munich.
  The numerous film, TV and sound studios located in the city and on ist outskirts have been home to productions which have also caused a sensation outside of Germany. Broadcasters such as ZDF and Bayerischer Rundfunk, Pro7, DSF, Eurosport, RTL2, HOT, Kabel 1, TM3, M eins, tv münchen and the digital TV platform DF1 are based in the Munich area.
  Many of these TV channels also operate their own production facilities, handle the channel transmission themselves or work in both areas with the technical service-provider SZM, the Sendezentrum München. The city naturally can offer all of the media-related services which leading international production companies draw upon on a regular basis. Film labs a operate on a European scale and are competing on an international level.
  The closeness to Eastern Europe means that numerous American productions hire their equipment in Munich and have their dailies done there if they are shooting in the Czech Republic, for example. The training institutions also play their part in contributing to the wide range of professional manpower available, e.g. the Academy for Television & Film (HFF) where Roland Emmerich and Caroline Link studied.

A Brief Look at Some of the Companies
  Arri has been making film cameras for use on features around the globe for more than 75 years. However, the company with the legendary reputation in the field of cameras hasn't at all restricted itself to just film technology. Indeed, it has supplemented its range of services considerably over the years: the company developed products for grip and lighting, runs its own film lab, a studio for live and also offers postproduction services. From video editing through computer animation to digital film postproduction - Arri has brought everything under one roof and has become a facility that also attracts international clients. High quality special effects and commercials postproduction are also the speciality of Das Werk in Munich: the postproduction house is among the top players in the field of high-end film and video postproduction, and the company's work on "Comedian Harmonists is only one of many examples.

When you speak of the Munich media scene,
you can't neglect to mention the Bavaria Film Studios. Europe's largest studio has 15 sound stages of various sizes and was one of the first facilities to employ virtual set technology.Bavaria's film city with its outside sets and film street has often been the setting for countless film and television productions. While the submarines from the film The Boat slipped anchor on the Bavaria lot, numerous production companies are at home here and have offices and production facilities within a stone's throw of the Enemy Mine stage or the sets of Asterix. The Eisbach Studios with an area of 800 sqm have been an additional feature to the studio landscape in Munich since 1987. After various extensions, this facility has been transformed into the Berdux/Eisbach Studio which now operates seven studios with around 3,800 sqm studio space as well as offering a wide range of supplementary services.

Numerous companies of Leo Kirch's
media group located in Munich and the surrounding area. These include production outfits and TV channels as well as Pro7's subsidiary Sendezentrum München SZM. As a service-provider, SZM handles the production and transmission of several of the afore-mentionestations, but also offers post- and studio production facilities to outside clients.
  Global Player in the Film Equipment World Traditional film equipment used around the world often originates from Munich: Panther and Movie Tech deliver and rent out dollies and cranes to clients worldwide. Sachtler is one of the biggest manufacturers of tripods and pedestals, tripod heads and also offers several ranges of lighting. FGV Schmidle has won recognition throughout Europe as a service-provider in the field of equipment rental. This rental company has been offering camera, lighting and grip equipment for more than 27 years.
  The emphasis is on 16 and 35 mm cameras. FGV Schmidle can simultaneously provide equipment for up to 40 film crews as well as for five video crews. In addition, the company rents out trucks, generators, trailers and vehicles. 20 staff in Munich and another ten in Berlin meet the needs of the clients.
  The range of services has recently been supplemented by an in-house commercials studio. Other rental firms with different specialisations are Licht & Ton and Gruppe 3 as well as the specialists Licht-Technik Hagenbach und Grill. The company founded by director of photography Dedo Weigert rents out and sells numerous products from international manufacturers in Germany: lens, lighting, cameras and accessories.
  In addition, the firm handles the sales of its own products such as the compact Dedo Lights and offers specialised services, e.g. for high speed film. Ambient Recording has been offering its services for around 10 years as a sound transfer facility and also rents out sound equipment.
  The two company founders have a strong engineering background and worked for companies like Dedo Weigert, Siemens and AEI before they set up Ambient Recording. Chris Price is nowadays the right person to speak to about any problems needing solutions in the field of sound.

Everything Under One Roof
 Bernd Gürtler is one of the permanent fixtures in Munich's media scene. With his Media City München initiative, the entrepreneur created a collaborative venture that has brought together the most diverse of service-providers from all areas of the film and video industry . The heart of Media City is Gürtler Intermedia. The core activity is a video lab which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can copy up to 140,000 video cassettes each day. Gürtler Interactive is also active in the field of postproduction: film and video postproduction, recording, digital film development as well as graphics and animation. Media City München encompasses yet more companies:

4. Bylines

LookRadio and Smart90.com recommends AVT.
 AVT offers complete production supervision, GLS Sound Studios handles sound restoration and Synchron 80 works on the dubbing and sound mixes of productions. In addition, Gürtler & Mack is a distributor offering a trade fair, conference and event service.
  Come and see Munich has seen the production of many successful feature films and TV productions, and daily soaps and German television's longest running series are produced here. Professionals from every area of production and postproduction are active here, you will find creative and technical personnel who are specialists that are indispensible in the film business.
  Munich has a popular film festival and the international film technology trade fair CINEC. And thanks to the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, which supports the film scene in Bavaria each year with approx. 50 Million Marks, extra momentum has been created that will benefit the industry. The city is one of the most attractive in Germany, according to the latest surveys. What are you still waiting for?
More Articles • Converging News 382005 / TeleCom Buy Outs, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom


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Yes90 tviNews S90 Profiles 4 101 Bavaria SommerFestivals - 2005-06 FILMING IN BAVARIA LOCATION BAYERN / AN INVITATION TO FILM With The Troy Cory Show for a Bavarian Television Program / (Features the Lifestyle of Hopfen Dealer, Hans Steininger) Webtv: "Hofbrauhaus" (Urbán György) / Troy Cory, and Josie Cory Discuses The Do's and Do nots of Beer Drinking. Webtv: "Hofbrauhaus" (Gábor Wagner) GUIDE TO FESTIVAL CITIES, Studio Facilities • / Television International Magazine's Person Of The Week POW 382005 - / NEWS Convergence - 38th Week of 2005 / Feature Story • germany/bavaria Smart90, s90tv, lookradio, wifi90, tvimagazine, dv90, vratv, xingtv, Ddiaries, nbs100, Look Radio, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Jossi Sigl, Josie Cory, Television With No Borders

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