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Michael Powell - FCC Chairman, 1997 to 2004




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• 02. 1876 - 1905
03.1905 - 1910
• Michael Kevin Powell joined the FCC on 3 November 1997. Appointed Chairman on January 22, 2001. Powell is the son of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Feature Story


"Prove to yourself," says Priscilla, "that it was both the NBS WiTEL®™© trademark and copyrights registered in1907; and his RF WiTEL®™© patent granted in 1908, that made it possible for todays WiTEL®™© mobiles to broadcast and receive voice, music, and the Internet via Wi-Fi and WiMAX 187 aerial pole connections."

Videos - The Effects & Elements of the
Wireless Telephone System -Telephone Numbers

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1876 to 1887 - "The Morse Code and Bell System Land-lines
1888 to 1904 - "The Land-lines converges with Wireless"
NBS100b / 1905 to 1910 - "The Wireless Patents"

NBS100c / 1910 to 1916 - "The Monopoly"
NBS100d / 1916 to 1925 - "The World War & Regulatory Seizures
NBS100e / 1925 to 1934 - "Radio Stations / FCC formed


/Imagespeople/NBSWirelessPatentDraw108w.jpgThe NBS Flying Machine and RFpatent drawings
Photo Imgag665. Prove to yourself that it was the 1908 NBS Wireless. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE Nathan02
---- Telephone®™© patented invention, that made it possible to first broadcast and receive voice and music without wires from your Home, Automobile, Ships and from Trains. A Nathan Stubblefield "Wireless Telephone®™©" -- had the ability to extent the broadcast to anyone around the world that was connected to the Bell and AT&T's landline telephony system. Please note the horse carriage and telephone poles in the Patent drawing. At the time, there were no automobiles. / (Click here for 1907 RF WiFi PATENT = Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent Application Filed Apr. 5, 1907, Serial No. 366,544 - Granted.May 12, 1908 - PATENT 887357 Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page - MORE DIRECT FROM PATENT OFFICE
Wireless Telephone Patent Information
& Public WT Radio Demonstrations

TVInews / 102 VOIP phone service, (Voice Over the Internet) -- is a MUST in today's world of long distance calling around and about your City, State, or any other State in the U.S.A. - Canada and any country of Western Europe and China! - See the Original Patent Wireless Telephone Drawings

Time Line

---- Please note the horse carrage and telephone poles in the servicemarked ®™© Patent drawings. At the time, there were no automobles.RF WiFi PATENT = Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent Application Filed Apr. 5, 1907, Serial No. 366,544 - Granted.May 12, 1908 - PATENT 887357 Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page.

---- Although todays FM radio stations can use a single transmission tower atop a building, Stubblefield found that his 1902 Teleph-on-delgreen wireless telephone station and first ship-to-shore broadcast, required a more elaborate antenae setup -- like todays AM radio stations and moble two way telephones.
---- The top of Stubblefield's Teleph-on-delgreen 50 foot broadcasting tower did not only serve to transmitt electromagnetic signals through space, but his land, vehicular and ship towers required special groundless aerial hookups to pick up voice signals.
---- His portable land broadcasting induction system was connected to a rod like 4 foot antenae stuck in the ground. The rod was attached to energized induction copper-wire "radials," each buried in the ground, extending aprox. 300 feet out from the base of the tower like beams from the sun.
---- Stubblefield found that his EM signals would travel further when his energized induction copper-wire "radials" were buried in a low damp earth environment, conected to either a coil or loop aerial connected to the center rod.

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Similar Stories About the Smart-Daaf Boys

*Photos courtesy of Special Collections and Archives of the Stubblefield Wireless Trust and Murray State University. The Wireless Telephone and other marks © ® and ™ by the Stubblefield Family Fund. www.nbstubblefield.com / www.wirelesstelephone.org


Nathan B. Stubblefield of Murray Kentucky- 1860-1928

 "Radio Boy" & "The SMART-DAAF BOYS"™
The True Story About The Inventors of
Radio and Television ©1993-2000

Nathan B. StubblefieldMarconiAmbrose Fleming
Reginald FessendenTeslaDeForestArmstrongAlexandersonFarnsworth
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1892 - First Wireless Telephone Broadcast
1898 - Stubblefield "Electrolytic Earth Battery" Coils
1902 - First Ship To Shore Broadcast
1907 Stubblefield "Wireless Telephone" Patent
1912 - The Stubblefield Flying Machine Patent


More Research
A Short Story About Nathan Stubblefield


May 20th 2002
At The Belmont Mansion Webcast
from Philidelphia, U.S.A. Join Our Stubblefield Celebration of the World's First Wireless Broadcast in Philadelphia - 1902 -

May 20th 2002
At The Belmont Mansion Webcast
from Philidelphia, U.S.A. Join Our Stubblefield Celebration of the World's First Wireless Broadcast in Philadelphia - 1902 -

September 21, 2001
At The Surf / K-mozart Webcast from Los Angeles, U.S.A
Join Our Stubblefield Celebration of the World's First Wireless Broadcast

NBStubblefield 01
NBStubblefield 02
NBStubblefield 03
NBStubblefield 04

See "Radio Boy" "Wireless Telephone Patent"

Troy Cory-Stubblefield's, Smart-Daaf Boys All-In-One Dictionary, the U.S. Patent Office, TVI Magazine, and VRA's D-Diaries were used in compiling this report.
Respectfully, Josie Cory, TVI Publishing

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ˆ The Original Electromagnetic
Wave Patent Holders, Their Public Demonstrations & Their Fate - 1882 - 1931
NBS100 Telecom FCC STUDY

1882 - 01 Nathan B. Stubblefield demonstrated his ability to send a signal across the Murray Courthouse Square without wires. Note: Nathan's wireless signal moved the needle of a compass from north to south, to east-west, the area where Nathan was standing with his transmitter.
• 1882 - 03 Edison developed the first central electric light power station.
• 1882 - 05 Professor Amos E. Dolbear was able to send signals over a distance of a quarter of a mile without wires. Note that Prof. Amos Dolbear preceded Hertz and Marconi.
1885 - Grover Cleveland: 1885-1889.
1885 - From 1885 to 1913, Stubblefield invented, developed, manufactured and sold, both his wired mechanical telephone, and his wireless telephone systems through his own companies, partnerships or corporations he owned shares of stock in.
1885 - In 1885, Stubblefield reportedly succeeded in sending voice between two parallel antennas by utilizing the same principles Ward and Loomis developed in sending damped signals but via a low-frequency undamped electric wave dispersion system. It was limited in distance, but wireless (needs supporting citation).
1885 - The Stubblefield Coal-Oil-Lamp Lighter, Patent No. 329,864, dated November 3, 1885. Click to Go To U.S. Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. This was the first of four patents filed by the 25 year old, Nathan B. Stubblefield of Murray, Kentucky.
1885 - 1913 - The companies Stubblefield was involved in were the NBS Enterprises, The Wireless Telephone Company of America, The Gehring-Fennell-Stubblefield Group, The Continental Wireless Tel & Tel Company, The Collins Wireless Telephone Company, and Teléph-on-délgreen (citation needed).
1886 - Nine years before his contemporaries, Marconi, Tesla and Fessenden mastered sending Dit Dahs, (the Morse Code), Nathan Stubblefield was the patent holder and owner of his own telephone company, (1886).
1886 - Professor Amos Dolbear of Tufts College obtained a patent for an induction method of wireless telegraph.
1887 - German physicist Heinrich Hertz first discovers Radio Waves. He transmitted an electrical spark which was heard in a receiving circuit a few meters away, thus the term Hertzian Wave. Hertz demonstrated that the velocity of radio waves equaled the speed of light. The unit of frequency was named in his honor.
1888 - The Stubblefield Mechanical Telephone Patent No. 378,183, February 21, 1888. Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. Nathan B. Stubblefield and Samual Holcome patents their mechanical "vibrating" telephone system. The first permanent mechanical telephone installation was in Murray, Kentucky to demonstrate and sell franchised telephone rights or territorial deeds around the United States.
1889 - Larynogophone: Nathan B. Stubblefield - In 1889, Stubblefield developed what was to have been an improvement on his mechanical telephone, and he renamed the device the "Larynogophone." It was basically the original mechanical telephone but with a hearing tube and a bell added to his copper wired telephone system that emitted Sideband Electromagnetic Waves.
1892 - First Wireless Telephone Broadcasting Demonstrations: (Voice) Nathan B. Stubblefield's first public "wireless telephone" demonstration was given in the town square of Murray, Kentucky, a radius of about one half mile.
••• By connecting his telephone apparatus to his newly invented electrolytic coil earth battery -- he transmitted and detected continuous undamped electromagnetic waves, at a radius of about one half mile;
•••Using his grounded bare wired aerial system connected to his loop coil antenna, placed on top of his receiver -- he was able to talk back and forth "without wires" to others with a like telephone and loop antenna, or broadcast voice and music to those listening through a mono-earphone piece; (The so-called Hertzian Wave, was produced by coils that emitted sparks, and could not transmit voice signals).
•••Rainey T. Wells, who later became the founder and president of Murray State University, was one of the first persons to hear Stubblefield's wireless voice transmissions. Rainey became his assistant in the 1892 exhibit. The public exhibits demonstrated Nathan's;
•••• 1. Own Aerials;
•• • 2. Own Inductive Coupling To The Aerial And Ground Circuits;
•••• 3. Own Tuning Coils and Detectors, to Obtain the Desired Wavelength, and;
•• • 4. Employed his own power source emitted from the earth that acted both as a "hot spot" to transmit a continuous flow of electricity to power his transmitter signals through space, and as an unlimited supply of electricity that simulated a charged-up battery, ready to be used at will. *(See Footnote.) Ice House. *
1892 - The first permanent wireless telephone broadcasting installation was in January, 1892. The station was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, by Stubblefield's Teleph-on-del-green Industrial College, now the campus where Murray State University is located.
1894 - 02 The first permanent wired telephone exchange switchboard installation in Murray, Kentucky, was on February 12, 1894. The telephone service was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, by the Nathan Stubblefield Telephone Manufacturing Co., in the town square to work in conjunction with his wireless telephone operation.
1894 - Heinrich Hertz dies in January.
1893 - Bell Telephone patent expires.
1894 - The first permanent wired telephone exchange switchboard installation in Murray, Kentucky, was on February 12, 1892. The telephone service was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, by the Nathan Stubblefield's Telephone Manufacturing Co., on the town square to work in conjunction with his wireless telephone operation.
1895 - Wireless Telegraph Demonstration: (Dit dahs - no voice) Guglielmo Marconi - In the spring of 1895, what Nathan B. Stubblefield did with wireless voice transmission in 1892, Guglielmo Marconi did with dots and dashes utilizing damped electromagnetic waves emitted by his Ruhmkorff coils (see 1897). He discovered that his "black box" utilizing the Ruhmkorff coil, could send controlled messages, by touching two electrically charged wires together in a dit dah manner - over distances far greater than those from his villa to the garden -- distances which would travel more than a mile. It was Marconi's great basic invention. Like Stubblefield, he built an aerial -- an antenna which he connected to one side of the spark gap. (Hertz had merely used a horizontal rod ending in a plate). The aerial was a metal cylinder atop a pole. He connected the other side of the spark gap to a ground -- at first, a copper plate lying in the ground. The receiver also got an aerial and ground.
1897 0713 - Transmitting Electrical Signals by Ruhmkorff Coil Patent - (Dit Dahs, No Voice) - Guglielmo Marconi, Electromagnetic Spark Transmitting apparatus, was granted on July 13, 1897, United States Patent No. 586,193. Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. The apparatus could transmit damped electromagnetic waves, utilized a Ruhmkorff coil. (see - 1895). The first permanent wireless telegraph installation was constructed at The Needles on the Isle of Wight, Great Britain, by Marconi's wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd, in November 1897.
1898 - 0404 April. Newspaper demands WAR WITH SPAIN. The Hearst, New York Journal issued a million copy press run dedicated to the war in Cuba. The newspaper called for the immediate U.S. entry into war with Spain. "The war of the United States with Spain was very brief. Its results were many, startling, and of world-wide meaning." --Henry Cabot Lodge 19 March.
1898 - 0420 April - U.S. President William McKinley signed the Joint Resolution for war with Spain and the ultimatum was forwarded to Spain. Spanish Minister to the United States Luís Polo de Bernabé demanded his passport and, along with the personnel of the Legation, left Washington for Canada.
1898 - 0421 April - 21 April. The Spanish Government considered the U.S. Joint Resolution of April 20 a declaration of war. U.S. Minister in Madrid, General Steward L. Woodford received his passport before presenting the ultimatum by the United States.
1898 0508 - Wireless Telephone Transmission Coil Patent - United States Patent No. 600,457, Granted May 8, 1898. Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. PATENT WAS ISSUED TO STUBBLEFIELD FOR the ELECTROLYTIC COIL. The Patent was referred to as the: Electrolitic Water Battery, the Electrolitic Oscillating Coil, the Induction Coil, Earth Battery, Undamped Transmitting Coils, The Stubblefield Electrolytic Detector. Stubblefield's grounded bare wired Antenna System was part of his system to transmit continuous voice or telegraph signals without wires through a single aerial tower. The first permanent wireless telephone broadcasting installation in the world, (the precursor to AM Radio) -- was erected by Stubblefield's Teleph-on-del-green Industrial College, in January, 1892. The location is now part of Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, U.S.A. The transmitter and receivers were usually placed 200 feet apart for demonstrations. The electromagnetic coils were also the precursor for today's "Firewire" and battery operated implants in today's world of broadband streaming video and electro/heartstimulus technology.
1899 04- In April the Spanish American War was over. The Queen regent of Spain, María Cristina, signed the Treaty of Paris, breaking the deadlock in the Spanish Cortes; Spanish forces at Baler, Philippine Islands, surrendered to U.S in June.
1899 1110 - AMERICAN WIRELESS TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. - The First Wireless Telephone Company Established In America. The American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co., was incorporated under the laws of the territory of Arizona on November 10, 1899, with a capitalization of five million dollars. Dr. Gustav P. - Gehring Group Of Companies, was the founder.
1899 - 1230- The American Telephone And Telegraph Company - AT&T - Replaces The American Bell Telephone Company.
1900 - PATENT EXPIRES: Thomas A. Edison's 1883 Edison Effect Patent.
1900 - PATENT: Guglielmo Marconi Was Issued His Famous Patent 7777 - (Patent Expires In 1917) - England. (Note: Stubblefield's 1898 held patented rights For Electrolytic Ground Connections To Antenna).
1901 08 - Wireless Telegraph Co Of America - August 8, 1901, New Jersey, Incorporated, $3.000. (A Gehring Company).
1901 12 - Marconi claims first Transatlantic telegraph signal (Dit Dahs), during private demonstration - Guglielmo Marconi, George Stephen Kemp and Percy Paget. - It was near noon on December 12, 1901, when Marconi himself heard the letter "S" being transmitted from a 10kw station at Poldhu, Cornwall, Great Britain to Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Note: Only Marconi heard the "S."
1902 01 - Stubblefield claims the leader of wireless telephone broadcast (Voice) after the second of four public wireless telephone demonstrations held in the U.S. The demonstration was held on January 1, 1902, -- 21 days after the Marconi "S" was transmitted, Stubblefield's first public wireless telephone demonstrations was in 1892, (see - 1892). The St. Louis Post Dispatch on Sunday, January 12, 1902 headlined the Stubblefield event as: "Kentucky Farmer Invents Wireless Telephone". The broadcast took place in the town square of Murray, Kentucky, utilizing Stubblefield's electrolytic grounded and groundless antenna system. The wireless telephone transmiter and receivers were placed 200 feet apart within a radius of about a mile and one half listening to the same voice broadcast.
1902 03 - Stubblefield's - World's First Ship To Shore Radio Wireless Telephone Broadcast - Washington, D.C. Demonstration. On March 20, 1902, Stubblefield set up a demonstration on the Potomac River in Washington, utilizing his "groundless antenna" connected to the mast of the ship.
1902 - Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Company Of America - Incorporation Papers - Filed In Prescott, Arizona, on May 22, 1902. Gehring, Stubblefield and Fennell, incorporated their new company in the State of Arizona, 75% of the Collins' Wireless Telephone Company was given to Stubblefield, for the patent rights in Canada.
1902 05 - Stubblefield's - Philadelphia Wireless Radio Telephone Demonstration - On May 30, 1902, just a little over two months after this Washington Demonstration, Stubblefield gave demonstrations of his wireless telephone in Philadelphia at the Belmont Mansion.
1902 06 - Stubblefield's Philadelphia Wireless Telephone Demonstration - On June 7, 1902, Stubblefield again demonstrated his apparatus in Philadelphia. This test took place on the banks of the Schuylkill River, from the Belmont Pumping Station To The Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge, a distance of about one and one half miles. -- Miller.
1902 0611 - Stubblefield's New York Demonstration - is held jointly with his Wireless Telephone Company Of America - to show case his newly designed aerial and speaker system apparatus In Battery Park, New York City. What is the Relevancy of Stubblefield's wireless telephone to the Internet? In this exhibit, again, one of the transmitters was connected directly to the local telephone company's switch board for mass party-line broadcasting.
1902 0702 - Ship To Ship Demonstration - Frederick Collins - on July 2, 1902, for Erie Railroad. Used the same Stubblefield Wireless Radio Telephone, Stubblefield used in the March 20th Potomac demonstration, utilizing Collins' marine designs.
1902 - July 19th 1902, Philippine War officially ended in the Philippines, with more than 4,200 U.S. soldiers, 20,000 Filipino soldiers, and 200,000 Filipino civilians dead.
1903 - Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur, fly the first motor power-controlled, heavier-than-air plane at Kitty Hawk, N.C.; Maj. Squire, first passenger; Henry Ford organizes Ford Motor Company.
1903 0501- COLLINS MARINE WIRELESS TELEPHONE CO., THE - Formed in May 1903.
1903 12 11 - PATENT EXPIRES: Wireless Telegraph - Induction; Emerson Amos Dolbear's 1986 Wireless Telegraph- Induction Patent expires.
1904 0201 - Stubblefield 's Groundless All-in-One Radio System completed February, 1904.

1905 to 1910
1905 02 -AUDION PATENT Number One, #979,275, was Applied For On February 2, 1905 - By De Forest.
1905 - PATENT LAWS - Revised (1905, STATUTE: SEC. 4886).
1906 - 27 nations signed the International Wireless Telegraph Convention in Berlin.
1906 12 - Ship To Shore Christmas Eve Broadcast With GE Alternator (Christmas Eve) Reginald Fessenden and Ernst Alexanderson. Occurred the same year Tesla's Westinghouse patent for his 60-cycle electrical generator expired.
1907 0228 - THE FIRST RADIO STOCK CORPORATION. De Forest RADIO TELEPHONE COMPANY - On February 28, 1907 - the first Wireless Telephone company USING the new WORD "RADIO."
1907 0405 - Stubblefield In Washington. Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent Application Filed Apr. 5, 1907, Serial No. 366,544 -Room 109. The first permanent wireless telephone broadcasting installation was in January, 1892. The station was constructed in Murray, Kentucky, by Stubblefield's Teleph-on-del-green Industrial College, on the campus where Murray State University is now located.
1907 0601 - June 1, 1907 - STUBBLEFIELD NBS PROSPECTUS - VALUABLE APPLICATIONS OF THIS INVENTION. As Cited In Our United States Patent Application.
1907 0607 - Private NBS Prospectus - June 7, 1907 - U.S. Army Signal Corps - Major Squier, Washington, D.C.
1907 1017 - Stubblefield Wireless Telephone Patent Application Approved by Commissioner Allen - Nathan B. Stubblefield - (Patent Expires October 17, 1924).
1908 12 - Antenna PATENT EXPIRES: Thomas A. Edison's Antenna - 1891 filed Wireless Telegraphy Patent Expires.
1908 0512 - RF WiFi PATENT Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent Application Filed Apr. 5, 1907, Serial No. 366,544 - Granted.May 12, 1908 - PATENT 887357 Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. - (Patent Expired May 12, 1925)
1908 0218 - PATENT: Audion Patent Number Three, #879, 532 Covering The Device As A Detector - Was Issued On February 18, 1908, to De Forest.
1908 - 12 Antenna PATENT EXPIRES: Thomas A. Edison's Antenna - 1891 Wireless Telegraphy Patent Expires.
1909 - William H. Taft: President / 1909 - 1913.
1909 - CONTINENTAL WIRELESS TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY, formed: Included six companies. (Wireless Telegraphy or Wireless Telephony): Incorporated December 1909 in Arizona For $5 million.
1909 0417 - STUBBLEFIELD'S CANADIAN PATENT Issued #114,737 - GRANTED TO STUBBLEFIELD - (Patent Expires in 1926).
1909 0615 - Stubblefield Assigns Canadian Patent To A. Frederick Collins, June 15, 1909. Collins assigns 75% of his old Collins Wireless Telephone Company Formed in 1903.
1909 - Marconi is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.
1909 1114 - A. Frederick Collins - Electrical Show In Madison Square Garden, New York, Oct. 14, 1909 for the purpose of selling stock in the Collins Wireless Telephone Co.

1910 to 1916
1910 - Mann-Elkins Act - Congress first vested federal regulatory authority over telephone services in the Interstate Commerce Commission, under this Act of 1910. This followed the practice of local franchising initiated by states and municipalities to control rates and service quality.
1911 - COLLINS INDICTED - December 1911. Four officers of the Continental Co. excepting Walter Massie were indicted for using the mails to defraud in selling worthless stock.
1911 - CONN LINN - RESIGNS FROM THE KENTUCKY SENATE, and leaves Murray Kentucky, for Oklahoma.
1911 - De Forest's RADIO TELEPHONE COMPANY - BANKRUPT IN 1911, when it expired owing to De Forest's inability to raise further funds.
1911 - 0101 -GEORGE O. SQUIER - PATENTS - (Patents Expire 1928) - All of his discoveries and inventions -- some shared with Stubblefield, worth millions -- were patented in the name of the people of the United States on January 1, 1911.
1911 05 -United Wireless Trial - May 17, 1911 - Bogart pleads guilty.
1911 0723 -United Wireless -Bankrupt. On July 23, 1911, United Wireless was adjudicated bankrupt in the Courts of Maine, and on September 15, 1911, Trustees in Bankruptcy were appointed.
1912 03 - A Warrant Was Served De Forest For His Arrest In March, 1912 - on a federal indictment charging him with use of the mails to defraud in connection with sales of stock in the most recent four of his radio telephone companies.
1912 0325 - United Wireless Co. - In March, 1912, United Wireless Pleaded No contest - and was taken over by the British Marconi Co. for the payment of $700,000. The company was immediately sold to American Marconi.
1912 1210 - PATENT: Stubblefield Flying Machines U.S. Patent, #1046895, December 10, 1912; Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. Letters Patent granted Stubblefield for 17 years from December 10, 1912 (expired Dec. 10, 1929).
1913 - The "Kingsbury Commitment." - American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) began buying up rivals. But AT&T's acquisitions troubled federal authorities, which began considering antitrust action. This prompted AT&T's company officials to propose, a self-serving anti-monopoly unit, that subsequently became known as the "Kingsbury Commitment." On December 19, 1913, AT&T agreed to sell $30 million of its Western Union stock and to allow competitors to interconnect with its network. The company also pledged that for every new local system acquired, it would sell an equal share of lines to rivals. The Kingsbury Commitment was wholly in keeping with the monopolizing of both wired and wireless strategy of AT&T; and the preserving of consumer confidence by the use of Takeovers; Buyouts; and mergers of troubled competitive "look-a-Likes".
1913 - Collins And Four Officers - Convicted On All Five Counts For Stock Fraud. Three were fined and sentenced on January 10, 1913, to prison terms of up to four years. (Please see 1911, Continental).
1913 - PATENT EXPIRES: Nikola Tesla's 1896 Synchronous And Non-synchronous Rotary Gaps Patent Expires.
1913 07 - De Forest Sells Audion Patent Rights To AT&T - For $50,000.
1913 1230 - De Forest - Fraud Trial Of DeForest Ends - Darby and De Forest: nolle prosequi, meaning that the charges had been dropped.
1914 - PATENT EXPIRES: Marconi's 1897 Wireless Telegraphy Patent (First Patent) Expires.
1915 - AT&T - SQUIRE - Single Sideband - The original development of single sideband came about because of certain limitations in radio telephone circuits. Experiments were first conducted by Nathan B. Stubblefield and Major Squire in 1908, and then Squire and John R. Carson of the Bell Research and Development Labs, and the American Telephone & Telegraph Company in 1915.
1915 0508 - PATENT EXPIRES: Patent For Stubblefield's Electrolyte Battery And Radio Voice Detector And Transmitter, (Wireless Telephone) Expires.

2006/Images04/StubCircleFrame.gifPart 02 HELLO RAINEY! For More Go To 1916 to 1934
1916 - PATENT EXPIRES: Thomas Edison's 1891 Patent For Antenna Wireless Telegraphy - Expires.
1917 - PATENT EXPIRES: Marconi's Famous 1900 Patent 7777 Expires, Ends The Prevention Of:
•1. Use Of Aerial And Ground.
• 2. Inductive Coupling To The Aerial And Ground Circuits.
• 3. Use of Tuning Coils to Obtain the Desired Wavelength.
• 4. Employed the Electrical Energy Of The Earth As A Battery.

1917 0406 - U.S. Declared War On Germany On April 6, 1917 - Tuckerton Station staff members were arrested and sent to a prisoner of war camp in Virginia. All Commercial And Amateur Wireless Stations Were Closed - or came under Navy control on April 7, 1917, when war was declared.

3. Editor's Note /
For More Go To NBS 1925 to 1934
1925 - De Forest's 1908 Audion Patent Number Three, #879, 532 Covering The Device As A Detector, Expires.
1925 0512 - Patent Expires: Stubblefield's 1908 Radio Patent Expires, May 12, 1925.

and the end of his dream, the National Broadcasting System, "The Inventor Of Radio" (Wireless Telephony) died in Murray, Kentucky on March 28, 1928. He is buried in the Bowman family cemetery, located in back of the Walston property, known as, 1619 N. 4th Street, Murray, KY.

MAXWELL'S ETHER THEORY DIES - November, 13, 1931. The one-hundredth anniversary of Clerk Maxwell's birth was marked by the scientific world "digging a grave for the theory of a luminiferous ether," but at the same time honoring Maxwell's mathematical genius.
1934 - Congress created the Federal Communications Commission in 1934.
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ˆ•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• STRETCH••••Your••••v-Image