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TVInews - 107 Life and Style of Criss Angel - the 2005 Magician of the Year . . . he's daring and different! About TV Series CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK
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Photo Image665 - The Criss Angel "MindFreak" Television Show ceremonies at Hollywood's historic Magic Castle, naming Criss Angel as The Academy of Magical Arts' 2005 Magician of the Year. Those honoring Criss Angel included: Gay Blackstone, Milt Larsen, Criss Angel, Irene Larsen, Dale R. Hindman, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory, Costa Sarantakos, Demitra Sarantakos, Joann Sarantakos and George Strumpolis - Photos snaps by Krista Woodley




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1. Feature Story / 45th Week 2005 / Invent this one. How can you invent great magic that's been about for a hundred years? Poof! . . . Meet Criss Angel - the 2005 Magician of the Year . . . he's daring and different!
Hollywood, CA -- Criss Angel, creator and star of the A&E Network's number one television series, "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," has been named 2005 Magician of the Year by The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), Inc. at Hollywood's historic Magic Castle, known throughout the world as the "Mecca of Magic."
The official announcement was made by Bruce Cervon, Chief Magical Officer (CMO) of the AMA's Board of Trustees, at a press conference held at the Magic Castle, where Milt Larsen, Co-Founder of the Magic Castle, also announced that Criss Angel will make his first appearance ever in the 49th edition of "It's Magic!," featuring the greatest magicians in the world. A special Halloween edition of "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK" airs on A&E, part of which was filmed on location at the Magic Castle.
Criss Angel will officially have the award of 2005 Magician of the Year bestowed upon him on, Saturday, April 1, 2006, at the 38th Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards (AMA) Show & Banquet, a black tie, red carpet gala, scheduled to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.
The distinction of being named Magician of the Year by the AMA is to a magician, what winning an Academy Award is to an actor.
TVI's Publishers Troy Cory and Josie Cory were in attendance when during the course of the evening, the news of Angel's 2005 Magician of the Year Award was announced and Angel told us,
"I never set out to create art for awards, but I must admit it's incredibly gratifying to be recognized by your peers and especially the most prestigious magic organization, The Academy of Magical Arts."
"Criss Angel has brought the art of magic into the twenty-first century," said Bruce Cervon, CMO of the AMA's Board of Trustees. "This means that many average Americans are following the escapades of the 'MINDFREAK' without realizing that they are watching a magician. Criss truly deserves the 2005 Academy of Magical Arts 'Magician of the Year Award.' He has been seen by far more of the public than any other prestidigitator during the year, and he is a fine performer."
Milt Larsen, co-founder of the Magic Castle added that Criss is presenting a new and different form of magic. "He's definitely bringing it into the future and I can't think of anybody who's doing it better," said Irene Larsen, also a co-founder of the Magic Castle. "Criss Angel has elevated the art of magic to new heights. By virtue of his highly successful weekly television series, 'CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK,' he is bringing the fun and wonder of magic to a whole new younger generation."
"Criss is certainly cutting edge and has brought focus back to magic on television in new ways. I predict he will eclipse David Copperfield at some point. Angel is brilliant, he cares about magic and is willing to think outside the box.," explained Dale R. Hindman, president of the AMA. He told us that the Academy's Trustees have made an outstanding choice for Magician of the Year and added, "Angel is appealing to a youthful crowd which has resulted in younger visitors at the Magic Castle."
Gay Blackstone, vice president of the AMA, magician and wife of the late legendary, Harry Blackstone, told us that she has known Angel since he was a child. "I think Criss Angel's new title as Magician of the Year 2005 from The Academy of Magical Arts is wonderful and deserving. He has achieved recognition in multiple media, and I am delighted that he has been selected to receive our highest honor for his accomplishments. He is on track to be the next superstar."
Criss Angel as Performance Artist, Mystifier and Provocateur
Criss Angel grew up on Long Island in a Greek-American family. He doesn't like to talk about his age, his personal life, his religion, his politics. And here's why: "I want people to experience my art from the purist form", says Criss.
Criss Angel has immersed himself in a multitude of art forms, from performance artist, to mystifier and provocateur, from the time he was six-years-old. After studying the art of mysticism, music, martial arts and dance as an adolescent, the native New Yorker acquired state and federal pyrotechnic licenses at ages 18 and 21, the youngest ages allowed to carry such permits.
In 1994, Angel made his prime-time television debut in a featured appearance on the ABC special, "Secrets." In 1998, "Criss Angel: World of Illusion" headlined Madison Square Garden's annual Halloween spectacle for a sold-out 12-day run seen by over 80,000 people. His critically acclaimed groundbreaking Broadway production of "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," at The World Underground Theater in Times Square, introduced a new breed of entertainment to Broadway audiences. In both 2001 and 2005, Angel was honored with the Merlin Award as Magician of the Year, presented by the International Magicians Society.
Angel performed nearly 600 shows before completing his extended engagement on January 6, 2003. In October 2002, Angel debuted his first-ever hour-long television special, "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," on the ABC Family Channel. A subsequent two-hour television special aired on TBS in Japan on October 4, 2003. Angel's third one-hour television special, "Supernatural," aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on Halloween night, October 31, 2003.
He is one of the select few magicians to ever almost simultaneously appear on both covers of the magic trade magazines, "MAGIC Magazine" (October 2003) and "Genii Magazine" (December 2003). In 2004 and 2005, Angel created and designed much of the visual effects for the $105 million production of "Le Reve," the show created and directed by Franco Dragone for Steve Wynn's $2.6 billion casino resort named, "Wynn," which opened in Las Vegas in April of 2005.
On July 20, 2005, "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," premiered on the A&E Network as the first weekly magic series on television in 40 years. In the first two weeks alone, the unprecedented "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," captivated 1.7 million television viewers, with a median age of 28.5, significantly below A&E's usual age of 49. The show's mind-blowing demonstrations include the episodes, "Burned Alive," "Bullet Catch" (which has Angel catching a bullet in a cup held in his mouth) and "Body Suspension" (featuring Angel suspended from a helicopter by four fish hooks through his skin while being flown over the Nevada desert).
"CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK" is an eerily entertaining series that juxtaposes reality with surreality. Each week Criss Angel demonstrates his visionary approach to the art of magic that escapes the confines of tradition and gives birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. Dubbed "the new Houdini," Criss Angel's repertoire includes mentalism, hypnosis, illusion, and escape, which blur the line between reality and illusion.

3. Editor's Note / The Hat and Hare Pub, helps keep the magic energy going

The Hat and Hare Pub, located in the subterranean heart of the Magic Castle, a private clubhouse, offers an intimate atmosphere to relax and enjoy a libation before dinner or between shows. The newly refurbished bar features rare single malt Scotch whiskies, limited run single barrel bourbons, rare ports, cognacs and liqueurs, as well as four exclusive imported draft beers.
The master bartender/greeter on duty has been known, when so requested, to occasionally perform a few miracles of sleight of hand. The adjacent Pub Lounge features continuous screenings of vintage magic performances from The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. archives, shown on a wide screen High Definition monitor.
Just down the dimly lit hallway one encounters the Pub Museum performance area, an intimate gallery suited to performances for small audiences. Here you may see unpaid, unscheduled performances by both talented amateur magician members as well as working pros, honing their craft. Long a popular retreat for magician members, the "Pub" is the place to rub elbows with both local and visiting international magic notables.
Note: The Hat and Hare Pub is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until closing. Dress Code requires coats and ties for men and dresses or pants suits for women. The Magic Castle‚ is located at 7001 Franklin Avenue, just off of Highland Avenue in Hollywood. - MORE ABOUT THE MAGIC CASTLE - please visit the website


4. Bylines

MORE ABOUT THE MAGIC CASTLE - please visit the website

The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. at Hollywood's Historic Magic Castle Names Criss Angel, Creator and Star of A&E Network's "CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK," 2005 Magician of the Year

Other Photo 5 - Costa Sarantakos, Demitra Sarantakos, Criss Angel, Joann Sarantakos and George Strumpolis at Hollywood's historic Magic Castle's ceremony naming Criss Angel as The Academy of Magical Arts' 2005 Magician of the Year -

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