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Jerry Yang, CEO
Yahoo, Inc.

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March - 2008






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Jerry Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. Television International Magazine's "Person of the Month" -- March 2008.

 As Yahoo has grown into a world class power house, so has Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang CEO and Chief Yahoo!
  Jerry Yang, a Taiwanese native raised in San Jose, Calif., co-created the Yahoo! Internet navigational guide in April 1994 with David Filo and co-founded Yahoo! Inc. in April 1995.
  Mr. Yang was appointed chief executive officer of Yahoo in June 2007. Yang, a leading force in the Internet media industry, has been instrumental in building Yahoo! into the world's most highly trafficked Web site and one of the world's most recognized brands.
  Since the company's founding, Mr. Yang has been a key member of the executive management team. His focus at Yahoo! over the years has included corporate growth strategy.
  Yang's technology-business vision, is feature in its most recent strategic business partnerships and international joint venture formed with China's Baidu, and Microsoft's "take-over" offer for $45-Billion to expand it's Internet - WiFi presents. CONTINUED


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March - 2008


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(Continued) - Jerry Yang, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer named as Television International Magazine, Person of the Month.
••• In addition to serving on the Yahoo! Board of Directors, Mr. Yang currently serves on the board of directors of Cisco Systems, Yahoo! Japan, and Alibaba, and is also on the Stanford University Board of Trustees. Mr. Yang holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University and is currently on a leave of absence from Stanford's electrical engineering Ph.D. program.
  Yahoo's co-founder along with Filo have focused on building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain Yahoo's rapid growth as a company and on ensuring that quality remains high while product development cycle times are kept to a minimum.
•••• In late February, (2008), their potential mates with deep pockets denied they would try to beat Microsoft Corp.'s $44.6-billion offer even as investment bankers tried to help Yahoo remain unhitched.
•••• According to a person familiar with the discussion, the day Microsoft Corp. made its bid public, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt called Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang to offer help in fending off the Redmond, Wash.- based software giant. The companies, which are both based in Silicon Valley, have discussed having Google run Yahoo's search-engine business. CLICK FOR MORE "METAPHORS ARE GREAT" STORY

02. TIMELINE / Jerry Yang. Co-founder, CEO and Chief Yahoo!
1968 - Jerry Yang, Born: November 6, 1968; Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation: Co-founder, CEO and Chief Yahoo!, Yahoo! Inc. Salary: $1.00[1][2]
Net worth: $2.2 billion USD (2007)[2] [3]: Spouse - Akiko Yamazaki
1994 - January: Jerry Yang and David Filo create "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" while studying at Stanford University.
1994 - World Wide Web" is re-named "Yahoo!"
1995 - March 1995: Yahoo! is incorporated.
• 1995: Ziff Davis Inc. launches the magazine Yahoo! Internet Life, initially as ZD Internet Life. The magazine was meant to accompany and complement the web site.
• 1996 - April 12, 1996: Yahoo! has Initial public offering, closing at $33.00, up 270% from the IPO price, after peaking at $43.00 for the day.
1997 - October 8, 1997: Yahoo! acquires Four11, and Four11's Rocketmail service becomes Yahoo! Mail.
1998 - June 8, 1998: Yahoo! acquires Viaweb, co-founded by Paul Graham, which becomes Yahoo! Stores.
• October 12, 1998: Yahoo! acquires direct marketing company Yoyodyne Entertainment, Inc. [1]
1999 - January 28, 1999: Yahoo! acquires Geocities.
• April 1, 1999: Yahoo! acquires Broadcast.com.
2000 - January 3, 2000: Yahoo! stocks close at an all-time high of $475.00 (pre-split price) a share. The day before, it hit an intra-day high of $500.13 (pre-split price).
• January 19, 2000: At the height of the Dot-com tech bubble, shares in Yahoo! Japan became the first stocks in Japanese history to trade at over ¬•100,000,000, reaching a price of 101.4 million yen ($962,140 at that time). [2]
• February 7, 2000: Yahoo.com was brought to a halt for a few hours as it was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). [3] [4]. On the next day, its shares rose about $16, or 4.5 percent as the failure was blamed on hackers rather than on an internal glitch, unlike a fault with eBay earlier that year.
• June 28, 2000: Yahoo! acquires eGroups.
• September 26, 2001 Yahoo! stocks close at an all-time low of $8.11. The day before, it hit an intra-day low of $8.02 (both figures are pre-split prices).
2001 - December 27, 2001: Yahoo! acquires HotJobs.
2002 - June 3, 2002: SBC and Yahoo! Launch National Co-Branded Dial Service -- Press Release.
2002 - Yang speaks out. "In an Interview with Sabeer Bhatia, Yang said that: "In 1995, I became fascinated with the new websites popping up during the early days of the Internet. One of them was http://akebono.stanford.edu/~yahoo. Soon we heard that America Online was interested in acquiring Yahoo! for a small sum that would seem quaint today. (MORE CENTER PAGE}
• December 2002: Yahoo! Inc. starts acquisition of Inktomi Web search engine
2003 - July, 2003: BT Openworld announces an alliance with Yahoo! -- Press Release
• July 2003, Yahoo! acquires Overture Services, Inc.
2004 - January 19, 2004: Yahoo! Inc. announces the formation of Yahoo! Research Labs, a research organization focusing on the invention of new technologies and solutions for Yahoo!. Yahoo!'s Head and Principal Scientist, Dr. Gary William Flake, leads the new organization. Dr. Flake has since left the company and now works at Microsoft.
• February 19, 2004: Yahoo! drops Google-powered results, returning to its own algorithm and index after it had used Google's results for a long time.
• March 2004: Yahoo! launches its own search engine technology.
• March 1, 2004: Yahoo! announces (as cited in the New York Times article listed in the "References" section) that it will practice paid inclusion for its search service. However, it also announced it would continue to rely mainly on a free web crawl for most of its search engine content.
• March 25, 2004: Yahoo! acquires the European shopping search engine Kelkoo.
• July 9, 2004 Yahoo! acquires email provider Oddpost.com [5].
• December 15, 2004: Yahoo! launches beta version of its video search engine.
2005 - February 9, 2005 Yahoo! Launch is changed to Yahoo! Music, which still provides free music.
• February 15, 2005 Yahoo! establishes its European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with the creation of 400 new jobs. [6]
• February 28, 2005 Yahoo! launches a developer network giving an API to most of its search verticals.
• March 2, 2005 Yahoo! completes 10 years of corporate existence. To celebrate this, it gives free ice cream coupons at Baskin Robbins to its users.
• March 20, 2005 Yahoo! acquires photo sharing service Flickr [7]
• March 29, 2005 Yahoo! launches blogging and social networking service Yahoo! 360¬° [8]
• April 7, 2005 Wikimedia Foundation announces Yahoo! support [9]
• May 26, 2005 Yahoo! announces its new PhotoMail service
• June 14, 2005 Yahoo! acquires VoIP provider DialPad Communications.
• July 15, 2005 Yahoo! announces Yahoo! Research Berkeley
• July 25, 2005 Yahoo! acquires widget engine Konfabulator
• August 11, 2005 Yahoo! acquires 40% of Alibaba.com for $1 billion US, and Alibaba will take over operation of Yahoo! China. [10]
• August 23, 2005: Verizon and Yahoo! Launch Integrated DSL Service -- Press Release
• September 7, 2005. Yahoo! supplies information to People's Republic of China which then jails reporter Shi Tao, age 37, for 10 years. Yahoo! states that they were following Chinese law. [11]
• October 4, 2005 Yahoo! purchases online social event calendar Upcoming.org. [12]
• October 17, 2005 Yahoo! buys British company Whereonearth Ltd which provides location technology.
• November 15, 2005 The sports section of My Yahoo! is hacked; titles such as "selfhood + conscience" and "aesthetic freedom" link to various pages at doublereflection.org.
• December 1, 2005 - Tivo and Yahoo! form a partnership where several Yahoo! features can be viewed on television via the Series2 TiVO set top box. [13], [14]
• December 8/ (US time) 9, (Australian time) 2005 Yahoo! 7 announced for January 2006. Official Site
• December 9, 2005 Yahoo! acquires del.icio.us.
• 2005 - Yang started playing poker in 2005.[2] He entered the 2007 World Series of Poker winning $8.5 million.
2006 - January 9, 2006 Yahoo! acquires webjay
February 12, 2006 Yahoo! Developer Network PHP Center launched.
2007 - In February 2007, Jerry Yang and his wife pledged USD $75 million to Stanford University, their alma mater, the bulk of which would be dedicated to the building of a new environmental building on campus. [7]
2007 - On November 14, 2007, Yahoo agreed to settle with affected Chinese dissidents, paying them undisclosed compensation. Yang stated, "After meeting with the families, it was clear to me what we had to do to make this right for them, for Yahoo, and for the future." In response, Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos, chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, stated, "It took a tongue-lashing from Congress before these high-tech titans did the right thing and coughed up some concrete assistance for the family of a journalist whom Yahoo had helped send to jail. What a disgrace."[12]
• June, 2007 - [Yahoo Mail gives "unlimited" storage for all users.]
Yang enters the 2007 World Series of Poker after winning a US$225 satellite at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula. Prior to the World Series, he had four cashes in local California events.(See Wikipedia) At the final table, Yang went from starting eighth in chips to holding a big chip lead that he never relinquished. The process of accumulating this chip lead involved Yang knocking out seven of the eight other players at the final table. After a 12-hour final table, Yang had won US$8,250,000 for the victory at 3:35 AM.

2008 - See Headline above


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EDITORS NOTE / Yang speaks out.
••• "In an Interview with Sabeer Bhatia, Yang said that:
In 1995, I became fascinated with the new websites popping up during the early days of the Internet. One of them was http://akebono.stanford.edu/~yahoo. Created by two Stanford students, Dave Filo and an expat Taiwanese named Jerry Yang, the site was a directory of other websites, organized as a list of useful topics. It was meant for the students' friends, but everyone was hungry at that time for a guide that helped make sense of this chaotic new medium, so Yahoo! quickly became essential for all Web users. Soon we heard that America Online was interested in acquiring Yahoo! for a small sum that would seem quaint today. Yang (who was born in Taipei but moved to San Jose at age 10 with his widowed mother) rejected AOL's offer. Instead, he took a venture-capital investment and followed his dream.

It was a bold step, but Yahoo! was already on its way to becoming the next great Internet company after Netscape. Unlike Netscape, however, Yahoo! was not a software company. It was a media company. Access was free. Advertising paid the bills. I was inspired by this. With partner Jack Smith, I started my own Internet company, Hotmail&emdash;a free, Web-based, ad-supported e-mail system that quickly became the world's largest e-mail service provider. In 1997, Microsoft purchased Hotmail for $400 million.
Many doubted the Internet could be a useful vehicle for commerce. But Yang and his fellow Yahoos ignored the naysayers and built the world's most-trafficked website, which today has annual revenues of roughly $6 billion. Thank you, Jerry, for showing us the way.

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