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Jiang Zemin
The President of the People's Republic of China - 1989 - 2003

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03. CHINA 2002
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Jiang Zemin
The President of the People's Republic of China and Head of the Chinese Communist Party
- 1989 - 2003

Jiang Zemin was born
in August 1926 to an intellectual family in Yangzhou. He studied electrical engineering as his major and received his degree at the prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University.

During the Shanghai TV Festival In October 1988, as a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and as the Mayor of Shanghai, Jiang Zemin played host to the Shanghai Television Film Festival. The Opening Night show featured the Troy Cory Show with Troy Cory, Joey Adams and the West Side Boys. It was the first TV Show in the People's Republic to be nationally televised to over 300 million viewers throughout China.
By: Troy Cory - TVI Magazine

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Jiang Zemin
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1. Feature Story /A LOOK AT Jiang Zemin - A Short Biography

The Head of the Chinese Communist Party, The President of the People's Republic of China

It Was In June 1989 that . . .
Jiang Zemin was elected General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and became President of the People's Republic of China
and Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Jiang as a statesman of the new generation
has the distinct makings and style of a scholar. He has extensive knowledge. He loves reading, and the most he reads are the latest books on economics, science and technology, politics and culture. While in office in Shanghai, he wrote papers such as On the New Features of the Development of World Electronic Information Industry and the Strategic Problems of the Development of China's Electronic Information Industry, The Trend of Energy Development in the World and the Main Energy-Saving Measures, which were published in the "Shanghai Jiaotong University Journal."
He can use English, Russian
and Romanian, and knows some German and Japanese. In meeting with foreign guests, he often expresses his viewpoints in foreign languages. He is highly accomplished in famous works of classic Chinese literature and often quotes in talks well-known lines from exponents of various schools of thought as well as Tang, Song and Yuan poetry. He also reads extensively famous works of Western literature.

He loves to read novels by Mark Twain,
and can recite passages from "Hamlet" by Shakespeare and verses from "Ode to the West Wind" by Shelley. He also knows very well works by Leo Tolstoy, Pushkin, Chekhov and Turgenev. He not only loves literature, but has a wide range of other interests. He likes both erhu tunes by A Bing, a great master of Chinese folk music, and symphonic music by Mozart and Beethoven, great masters of Western music. At leisure, he may play erhu and bamboo flute, traditional Chinese musical instruments, as well as the Western musical instrument piano.
Jiang has a warm, harmonious and happy family.
He and his wife have two sons, a grandson and a granddaughter. In his spare time, Jiang often indulges in sporting with these "pearls in his palm" in great joy, tells them stories and teaches them to recite ancient poetry and read English, thus enjoying the traditional Chinese family life of "several generations living together."

(The text is adapted from official profile published in Beijing, China and from the memoirs of Troy Cory. See Video of Jiang and Troy on Shanghai Stage.)

 02. TIMELINE - Headed China's Government
Jiang Zemin was born
in August 1926 to an intellectual family in Yangzhou, a historically and culturally famous city at the lower reaches of China's Yangtze River.
The cultural background
of his family with a long tradition of learning enabled him to read extensively Chinese and foreign literary masterpieces and thus to have a solid foundation in literature. However, he chose Shanghai Jiaotong University after all, a prestigious university of engineering in China, with electrical engineering as his major.
It was Jiang Shangqing,
his uncle and foster father, who exerted a great influence on his later taking the road of a revolutionary as his career. His uncle, a Communist, who led a regional anti-Japanese armed forces in the northeast of Anhui Province and north of the Huai River in China, sacrificed his life for the country in a battle in 1939.
•• Jiang graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1947. During his college years, he participated in the CPC-led student movement against Chiang Kai-shek's autocratic rule, and joined the Communist Party of China in 1946.
After the founding of New China,
Jiang served as an associate engineer, head of a workshop and deputy director of a factory in Shanghai. In 1955, he was sent to the Soviet Union to work in Moscow's Stalin Automobile Works as a trainee for one year.
•• After his return home in 1956, he served as director of factories and research institutes in the big industrial cities of Changchun, Shanghai and Wuhan. Later, he was transferred to Beijing to take charge of the Foreign Affairs Department of the First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry under the State Council.
Since 1980, he became Mayor of Shanghai,
he served successively as Deputy Director of the State Import and Export Administration and the State Foreign Investment Administration, Vice-Minister and Minister of Electronics Industry, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.
During the Shanghai TV Festival In October1988,
as a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and as the Mayor of Shanghai, Jiang Zimen played host to the Shanghai Television Festival. The Opening Night show became the first TV Show to be nationally televised to over 300 million viewers throughout China. The Troy Cory Show, featuring Troy Cory, Joey Adams and the West Side Boys were highlighted on the international program.
•• After that event -- it was he and Deng Xiaoping and STV's great staff of workers willingness to take a chance with our "lively" show, says Troy Cory. "It was their warmth and willingess to allow the publishers of TVI Magazine to hand out its American magazine at the Festival, opening the door for myself and many of my "ChinaExpo2000" associates in America -- to commence doing business in China. Of course, since that time, it was Jiang who hosted the successful visit to China made by Vice President Gore and President Clinton, and it was Jiang who also oversaw the peaceful handover of Hong Kong back to China in July 1997."

1988 / 1012 - Television International Magazine was the first American show business magazine in China. TVI introduced and delivered it first issue during the Shanghai TV Festival attended by Beijing dignitaries, Minister President, Zhu Rongji, and the then mayor of Shanghai, Jiang Zemin. Bernard Schwartz introduces Loral, U.S.A. -- to China. He is a personal friend of Bill Clinton. SEE COPY OF MAGAZINE.
1989 - Deng Xiaoping officially, Deng decided to retire from top positions when he stepped down as Chairman of the Central Military Commission in 1989, and retired from the political scene in 1992. China, however, was still in the era of Deng Xiaoping. He continued to be widely regarded as the "paramount leader" of the country, believed to have backroom control. Hu Jintao, Deng's hand-picked man, is now the leader of the fourth generation of the PRC leadership. Deng was recognized officially as "The architect of China's economic reforms and China's socialist modernization".
1989 - Jiang Zemin takes over as Chinese Communist Party general secretary from Zhao Ziyang, who refused to support martial law during the Tiananmen demonstrations.
1989 - TIANANMEN SQUARE / Lone protester halts tank column on Avenue of Eternal Peace during 1989 crackdown on demonstrators who had camped for weeks in TIANANMEN SQUARE, to demand the posthumous rehabilitation of former CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang, who was forced to resign in 1987.
1989 - TROY CORY SHOW - CHINA EXPO 1992 TV SHOW. Bernie Schwartz - Satallite. -- MORE STORY.
1989 / 0225 - Feb. 25 26, 1989: President George Bush visits China. - The 40-hour visit in Beijing is more like a stopover on the way back from the funeral in Tokyo of Japanese Emperor Hirohito. It ends up being his only visit to China as president. Bush does a live interview on China's Central People's Television Broadcasting in front of an estimated 600 million Chinese viewers. The interview is immediately followed by the Chinese-translated version of Disney's "Mickey and Donald Show." The president and First Lady Barbara Bush visit Chongwenmen Church, where their daughter was baptized as a teenager when Bush headed the U.S. mission to China in 1974 and 1975. Bush invites renowned physicist and prominent dissident Fang Lizhi to a Texas-style barbecue at Beijing's Great Wall Sheraton. The police prevent Fang from attending, and the Chinese government responds angrily to what it sees as an affront. Bush meets with Premier Li Peng, Party Secretary Zhao and "paramount leader" Deng, who tells Bush: "Since your visit is a working visit, the protocol is simple. It is hoped that you will be able to come to China for an official visit at an appropriate time. Slightly more than three months later Deng orders Chinese soldiers to forcibly clear TIANANMEN SQUARE of protesters, resulting in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths. Under pressure from angry Americans, Bush imposes economic sanctions.

1990 - Stockmarkets open in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
1990 - TROY CORY SHOW - CHINA EXPO 1990 DELEGATION. The Troy Cory Television Show, featured Troy Cory, Tina Kincaid, Angelica Bridges and Jeanie Woo, attends and performs at the Shanghai TV Festival. Performs in concert at Beijing colosseum and meets Deng Xiaoping; Travels to Anshan to perform. The show was produced by Wayne Gan and China Expo 2000AD. -- MORE STORY.

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Center Page /
----- The Goodwill Cultural exchange trip between the two nations,
created both scientific, as well as cultural exchange programs, that has brought our two great nations together. "It took nearly six years to accomplish this", writes Troy Cory, in his book,
Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money, co-aurhtored with Josie Cory. TVInews and VRA TelePlay Picture's successful ventures into China, are just two of the success stories, brought on by the Reagan Administration. In Shanghai, 1988 - Jiang Zemin was one of the important officials that helped open the doors for VRA TelePlay Pictures to produce and film, "China, Open Door Policy" and "China, The Big Sleep in Shanghai, as well film the international Shanghai Television Festival. Television International Magazine was the first television trade magazine to ever be distributed in China.

----- "To add a few tidbits about the above", said, Josie Cory, in an interview for this article, "when the officials saw the wrong Chinese Flag next to STV Festival listing in the magazine's Arcade convention section, it took us two days to razor out, and glue the right one in. Of course, the October Fall TVI China issue, is now a collector's item." You can see a few pages from the magazine, by clicking here..
"In essence", said Troy, during the same interview for this article, "those music videos we shot at the Vine Street Video Centre, in Hollywood and in Pasadena, has really paid off for the recording artists. They are all known here in China. They really appreciate the sounds of Whitney Houston and Kenny G. Click to learn more About Troy Cory's Vine Street Video Center.

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