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Santa Monica International Film Festival



LOS ANGELES, CA---FEBRUARY 26, 2001---The Rising Place (, an atmospheric, coming-of-age feature from first-time director/producer Tom Rice, took home the Grand Jury Prize from the Malibu International Film Festival. The ceremony, held at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on February 25, 2001, honored director/producer Tom Rice with the award for Best Feature recognizing excellence in the direction, production, design and cinematography of The Rising Place.

MOXIE! Is the spirit of the Santa Monica International Film Festival---an homage to the sheer guts and perseverance that independent filmmakers have in order to succeed in an extremely competitive and challenging industry. The Santa Monica International Film Festival is a year-round film festival that culminates into a week-long film and music festival, taking place annually in February. The event is a launch pad for all undistributed films, with a monthly series showcasing projects that are entered into competition. For more information, please go to:

Contact: Jennifer Handshew

(310) 379-3884 or

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Josie Cory, Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine

MOXIE!/Santa Monica International
Film Festival also known as MOXIE!
commences its Fifth Annual Independent Film Festival 2001 PROGRAM by Celebrating the Fathers of Science Fiction

the Santa Monica International Film Festival (, announced its 2001 Film Festival Program. This year's event will take place February 14-19, 2001 at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California. The Festival is an annual accolade awarded to all filmmakers that participated in the Festival competitions and the monthly X-Series throughout the year. This year's Festival celebrates Science Fiction, and will pay tribute to Ray Bradbury, Forrest Ackerman, (with a retrospective on) Ray Harryhausen&emdash;jointly known as the "Fathers of Science Fiction." The Festival will host an intimate venue, "Breakfast with Forrest Ackerman," for attendees to meet and greet with Science Fiction writer, editor and actor, Forrest Ackerman. Also, actor Martin Landau will be honored with the MOXIE! "Lifetime Achievement" award.

Over the five-day Festival, 23 features,
13 animated films and 58 shorts will be screened. The Festival will open on February 14 at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Screenings will be held at various theaters and locations around Santa Monica, California including: Laemmles Monica 4, AERO Theater, AMC Theater, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica Library and Santa Monica Place.

"2001 celebrates a new, and truly
independent Hollywood demonstrating innovative ways to create, produce and distribute independent film," said Albert de Quay director of the MOXIE! Santa Monica International Film Festival. "We are very ecstatic to see the amazing response of international filmmakers to the festival. As part of the MOXIE! Santa Monica International Film Festival's continuing effort to promote international filmmaking, we have included many international entries to all of our competitions," added de Quay.

This year's Festival competition will consist
of six categories: Dramatic, Comedy, 100% Documentary, Animation, Experimental Shorts and Contemporary Shorts. Awards honoring Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Film, Best Cinematographer, Best Writing, and an Audience Award (favorite film chosen among moviegoers during the Festival's year-long, X-Series) will also be given.

The Dramatic competition
will consist of 12 films: BOROUGH OF KINGS, directed by Ellyse Lewin; THE RISING PLACE, directed by, Tom Rice; THE TESTIMONY OF TALIESIN JONES, directed by Martin Duffy; ABSOLUTE GIGANTIC, directed by Sebastian Schipper; THE BREAD, MY SWEET, directed by Melissa Martin; NOW CHINATOWN, directed by Steven Dunning; ON THE BORDERLINE, directed by Michael Oblowitz; ORDINARY MADNESS, directed by Bernardo Gigliotti; THE PHOTOGRAPHER, directed by Jeremy Stein; THE SANDSTORM, directed by Jagmohan; SUNSHINE HOTEL, directed by Michael Dominic; and UNDERESTIMATING JAKE, directed by Sam Taybi.

The Comedy competition will
consist of 6 films: PASSING STONES, directed by Robert Majkowski; SAM THE MAN, directed by Gary Winick; NEWTOWN, directed by Justin Whiteman; THE HOMEBOY, directed by David Gebroe; SLEEP EASY, directed by Hutch Rimes; and THE WOMAN EVERY MAN WANTS, directed by Gabriela Tagliavini.

The 100% Documentary competition
will consist of 5 films: A FIGHT TO THE FINISH: STORIES OF POLIO, directed by Ken Mandel; A FORCE MORE POWERFUL: A CENTURY OF NONVIOLENT CONFLICT, directed by Steve York; THE DREAM PIONEERS, directed by Chris McCartney; ESTRA, directed by Topher Straus; and THE LAST STAND: ANCIENT REDWOODS & THE BOTTOM LINE, directed by Holiday Rose Phelan.

The Animation competition will consist of
9 films: DOWNPOUR, directed by Aaron Woodley; JERSEY, directed by Joe Alter; LINT PEOPLE, directed by Helder K. Sun; NAROPA, directed by Cameron Baity; PUMP-ACTION, directed by Phil Captain; DRINK, directed by Patrick Smith; QUICKSHOT, directed by Chris Litten; WHERE MONSTER LIE, directed by Ann LaVign; MAN OVER THE HILL, directed by Richard Turke. The Animation Flash subcategory will consist of 4 films: THE GOD AND DEVIL SHOW, directed by Aubrey Ankrum; JOHNNY GANGA SEED, directed by Miles O. Peter; ROCKETPANTS, directed by Andy Murdock; and THUGS ON FILM directed by Barbara Bayne.

The Experimental Shorts competition titled,
"One Step Beyond" will consist of 7 films: AUTIST, directed by Michael Frank; AYAHUASCA &endash; JOURNEY INTO ANOTHER REALITY, directed by Thomas Miklautsch; FUNKYTOWN, directed by Matthew Janzen; HAPPINESS, directed by Ken Perko; 24>50, directed by Marek Swito; BLISS, directed by Gavin Carlton; and PURGATORY, directed by M. Frank.

The Contemporary Shorts competition
will consist of 58 shorts (both Drama and Comedy). The dramatic portion will consist of 21 shorts: AMAMI, directed by Guglielmo Zanette; BEAT, directed by Fredrick Johnson; BIRDS DIE, directed by Garth Twa; CAUGHT IN THE RAPTURE, directed by Mick LeGrande; FAIR PLAY, directed by Joanie Wread; HERE, directed by Brenden Donovan; THE LAST GUNSHOT, directed by Gabriela Tolman; LOST GIRL, directed by JiWon Shin; SHUTTER, directed by Jannu Goldschmidt; SYLIA, directed by Trevin Matcek; THE WALL, directed by Sotiris Dounoukos; ARE YOU LUIGI?, directed by Stephan Bruggenthies; BED AND BREAKFAST, directed by Aaron Woodley; THE CALLER, directed by Jeremy Lewis; CURTAIN CALL; DUAEL, directed by Phillipe Mach; GAMBLIN', directed by Wayne Orkline; GRANDFATHER'S BIRTHDAY, directed by Gayle Knutson; NANTASKET ROADS, directed by Lawson Clarke; RUPPY, directed by Vem Yenovkian; and STAY CLEAN, directed by Mitch Brian. The comedy portion will consist of 37 shorts: SOUTH OF HEAVEN; SWIMMING OUT HOLLY, directed by Jesse Peyronel;
BLACK SHEEP, directed by Philip Botti;
BOXING'S BEEN GOOD TO ME, directed by Temple Brown; C! THE TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: LIFE OF JACKIE, directed by Craig Antioco; CLOUD NINE, directed by Nicole Bettauer; CRUSH, directed by Mat Sheldon; DIAMOND NOSE, directed by David Bezmozgis; DIRTY LAUNDRY; DOG DAYS, directed by Ellie Lee; EYEWITNESS, directed by Bert Van Bork; GAMEDAY, directed by Michael Ruane; THE GREAT AMERICAN URBAN JUNGLE, directed by Patrick Lacho; THE HANGED DOG TREE (LARBRE AU CHIEN PENDU), directed by Olivier van Malderghen; HAVOC, directed by Ori Greenberg; HITCLOWN, directed by Chris Mancini; IN GOD WE TRUST, directed by Jason Reitma; INTERFACE, directed by Ally Garrett; JESUS & HUTCH, directed by Paul Harrison; THE LAST PARODY; THE LAST REAL COWBOYS, directed by Jeff Lester; LIGHT IN THE FRIDGE, directed by Leif Larson; MELTING GLASS, directed by Patrick Henry Grandaw; MENTAL HYGIENE, directed by Lori Silverbush; MERRY CHRISTMAS, directed by Paul Marashlian; MOMENT ONE, directed by Benno Nelson; NEW YORK IS DISAPPEARING, directed by Heiko Kalmbach; ODESSA OR BUST, directed by Brian Herskowitz; THE OFFICE PARTY, directed by Chiara Edmonds; PUPPY LOVE, directed by Sid Montz; RICHARD ROE, directed by Ian Truitner; ROCK, PAPER SCISSORS, directed by Cameron Thor; ROSA, directed by David Vegezzi; TWINKLE TOES, directed by Keith Milton; THE VISIT, directed by Todd Snyder; WHAT'S THE HOLD UP?, directed by Bryce Gubler; and WORD UP, directed by Rich Wilkies.

Over the years, the MOXIE!
Santa Monica International Film Festival has become the premiere testing grounds for unique independent films. Previous films awarded and found distribution through the MOXIE! Santa Monica International Film Festival include THE INDESCRIBABLE NTH, SHADOW BOXERS, SPACE BETWEEN US, HI-LINE, DUMBARTON BRIDGE, and WHERE'S MARLOWE?

Premiere sponsors for the 2001 MOXIE!
Santa Monica International Film Festival include Adelphia, Apple Computer, Dr. Rawstock, GUESS?, and JAGUAR. Sponsors of the event include: Artists Rights Organization, awestruckPR!, BARCO Projection Systems, Ebillboards, Film & Video Magazine, KCRW 89.9 FM, Kirin Beer,, Moviemaker Magazine, odwalla, Peet's Coffee, Perrier, Pittman Law Group, Red Bull, Scenario Magazine, Supply Curve and Writers' Boot Camp.


Jennifer Handshew

Albert de Quay


MOXIE! Santa Monica International Film Festival

(310) 379-3884

(310) 264-4274

Respectfully ,
By Donna Jeffries & Larry Leverett,
TVI Magazine


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