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The Surf / NBS100 Webcast
Troy Cory, Pete Allman, Don McCulloch, John Regan,
Mark Morris, and Nick Tyler, of K-Mozart and K-SUR -
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The Surf / NBS100.com Webcast
Don McCulloch & Friends
Saturday September 21, 2002

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"We Preserve The Moments"

Television With No Borders










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VRA4035 - NBS100 Meets The Surf
Movie Title: NBS100 Meets The Surf - Troy Cory, Pete Allman, Don McCulloch, John Regan, Mark Morris, and Nick TylerKmozart 105.2 / Surf AM 1260 - NBS100 Los Angeles Webcast NBS100 / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4001 (4 min) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries

On hand to discuss this event
and the musical joys of Stubblefield's magical invention were LookRadio Celebrity Scene's Pete Allman and veteran radio hosts Don McCulloch, John Regan, Mark Morris, and Nick Tyler, of Radio Stations K-Mozart and K-SUR.
---- The producer of the historical Webcasts is Television International Magazine / VRA TelePlay Pictures. Richard Greninger and Troy Cory were the Segment Directors and Donna Jeffries Segment Producer. Gary Sunkin, was TVI Camera operator.

More About Nathan Stubblefield
See Movie
(Excerpts About Stubblefield from)
 "Radio Boy" & "The SMART-DAAF BOYS"™
By Troy Cory - Stubblefield
The True Story About The Inventors of
Nathan B. Stubblefield • Marconi • Ambrose Fleming •
Reginald Fessenden • Tesla • DeForest • Armstrong • Alexanderson • Farnsworth
Buy the Book Set or VHS Video from Amazon.com

Radio Patent Information & Public Demonstrations
(Get free copies of U.S. Wireless Telephone Patents)
More About The Wireless Radio Telephone Patents
1892 - First Wireless Telephone Broadcast
1898 - Stubblefield "Electrolytic Earth Battery" Coils
1902 - First Ship To Shore Broadcast
1907 Stubblefield "Wireless Telephone" Patent
1912 - The Stubblefield Flying Machine Patent

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World Wide "Streaming" Webcast from Surf Radio AM 1260 featuring Don McCulloch & Friends - Commemorating the 100th year of Radio.

September 21, 2002

Radio Stations -- The Surf AM1260,
K-Mozart FM105.1, played host to a special NBS100.com International Wireless broadcast in Los Angeles, California, USA, as part of a Radio Broadcasting Documentary & World Wide "Streaming" VOD Webcast, commemorating the 100th year of Radio Broadcasting.

---- "It took one hundred years to prove that the Wireless Telephone was radio, now it's part of television," --said entertainer Troy Cory - of LookRadio. "Instead of our regular Concert event that features dancing girls, this Troy Cory Show consisted of the talented LookRadio staff (10 webcast technicians and interviewers), and the staff DJs at The Surf and K-mozart.
---- This historical Los Angeles webcast is part of six Wireless Telephone MPEG-4 telecasts that originated from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Germany, China, and from The Surf and K-Mozart in Los Angeles. All of the segments will become part of the D-Diaries, and Stubblefield Broadcast Documentary series for Public Television. The Segments can be seen daily on Smart90.com/surfradio -- or on LookRadio Channel 09 in MPEG-4, the best of S90tv quality.

Radio Historians say YES --
that Nathan B. Stubblefield's 1902 wireless telephone broadcasts in Washington, Philadelphia and New York were the world's first. This is the 2002 message the family members of the wireless telephone radio inventor and patent holder (Patent No. 887,657) are attempting to instill in the minds of broadcasters.

---- Commemorating the 100th year anniversary of radio has been handicapped by the 9/11 attack, "but we've found that words and music by Cole Porter and Sammy Faine, played by stations like The Surf and K-Mozart, can help ease the pain", says, Pete Allman, during his televised interview with Don McCulloch, of Radio DeLuxe, the program director for The Surf.

The Stubblefield broadcast demonstrations
use a handheld smartphone called the "Handy", and a regular land line telephone to transmit the radio / television wireless signals across the web. The small "Handy™" -- replaces the 3 foot tall oak cabinet that housed the original wireless telephone in 1902.
---- "Most of the SURF Webcast was "filmed" without the use of video tape or film by utilizing Philips' new DVD RW unit, LookRadio's S90tv; and Smart WebWorld technology", said director Richard Greninger.

---- Wireless Commentator Scott Stubblefield, revealed a few secrets about the world's first telephone broadcast event conducted by his great-grandfather Nathan B. Stubblefield, and published by the Washington Post a 100 years ago. "At that time", Scott said, "the wireless telephone could only broadcast voice and music within a 3/4 of a mile radius. This time the wireless telephone - the "Handy™" - was used to talk back and forth across the full scope of the Internet. "It's a small TV screen", continued Scott, "but it's part of the big picture".

On hand to discuss this event
and the musical joys of Stubblefield's magical invention were LookRadio Celebrity Scene's Pete Allman and veteran radio hosts Don McCulloch, John Regan, Mark Morris, and Nick Tyler, of Radio Stations K-Mozart and K-SUR. The Surf is a new sound for contemporary tastes, tailored to the sophisticated adult. "It is a unique format that presents the best performances of the greatest songs of all time. The Surf combines a mix of old time favorite artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald with many new contemporary artists.

---- "Clearly, The Surf and K-Mozart, fill the niche of reaching out to the big diverse community of Southern California and make available to its listening audience the rich heritage of the world's finest music", said Susan Forman, of The Surf.
---- The producer of the historical Webcasts is Television International Magazine / VRA TelePlay Pictures. Richard Greninger and Troy Cory were the Segment Directors and Donna Jeffries Segment Producer. Gary Sunkin, was TVI Camera operator. Troy also directed the DVD webstreaming activities.
---- Webcast Segment was video taped at THE SURF, 1500 COTNER AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90025, USA. For more information about The Surf, log on to www.thesurf.com. For K-mozart - www.kmozart.com; www.nbs100.com; and smart90.com/surfradio for the movie

Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tvinews.net, K-mozart,
The Surf, and Susan Forman were used in compiling and ascertaining this news report.

----Equipment: S90tv Webstreamer™, Philips™, Leitch dpsNetStream, LookRadio™, The Surf™ Radio Station, EasyTel™, "Genie", SmartPhone™, and VRA RadioPlay Music produced the technical audio/video portions of the Webcast - of the Event originating from location sites and LookRadio's Burbank Studios. EasyTel SmartPhone connections provide the Internet connections joining the host and guest together using their own cell phones "Live" during the various webcasts.
----The Post Production facilities and equipment were supplied by: Philips™, Firewire Media™, Edgewise Media™, Unibrain™, Discreet™, and DVDezduplicators™ in creating the DVD - MPEG work product. Song: "Sing, Sing, Sing" - Troy Cory with orchestra, Ambros Seelos, Germany.

A VRA TelePlay Pictures Production,
Universal City, CA - Email:

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Music on the Surf
Format Essence

The Surf format is a new sound for contemporary tastes, tailored to the Southern California lifestyle  and present for all age groups. Soothing & familiar - with plenty of Great Relaxing Music.

The Surf is a melody musical presentation that is designed for listeners who appreciate the most enduring songs of
The Great American Songbook.

The Surf provides a musical kaleidoscope that is perfect wherever you are.   It defies categorization because no other radio station sounds quite like it. Simply...this is a format that presents the greatest songs of all time.

The Artists

The Surf features an elegant group of singers that provide a passionate palate of stylish songs.  These artists weave a tapestry of Timeless Music.


Frank Sinatra

Barbra Streisand

Tony Bennette

Ella Fitzgerald

Steve Tyrell

Natalie Cole               

Mel Torme

Diana Krall

Johnny Mathis

Bette Midler

Harry Connick

Carly Simon

Paul Simon

Linda Ronstadt

Nat King Cole

Dianne Schuur

Ray Charles

Jane Monheit

George Benson

Janis Siegel

James Taylor

Linda Eder

John Pizzarelli

Dionne Warwick

Billy Joel

Patti Austin

Bobby Caldwell

Peggy Lee

Michael Feinstein

Nancy Wilson

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(Excerpt from)
 "Radio Boys" & "The SMART-DAAF BOYS"™
By Troy Cory - Stubblefield

Nathan B. Stubblefield

Wireless Telephony - AM radio - 1892 - 1902
All-in-One Radio Patent, 1908

Nine Years Before Marconi mastered sending --
Dit dahs in his back yard, and while DeForest was studying at Yale, as early as 1885, Nathan B. Stubblefield, the owner and inventor of his own telephone company; and telephone system; -- developed a way to transmit the voice by Continous Electromagnetic Waves (CW), as much as three miles -- by means of his patented "earth battery" transmitter.
---- By allowing electricity to flow in one direction only, these little coils converted the very rapidly alternating radio-frequency wave into a series of pulses whose variations in strength, (amplitude) --were in the audio-frequency range to which earphones and the human ear could respond. By 1892, he was broadcasting voice -- and selling his receiver to his customers and local businesses.

----It is now assumed, that after his public demonstrations in 1892 and 1902, in Murray, Kentucky and later on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., the SMART-DAAF BOYS and the rest of the world would have become aware of his feats -- to send voice without the use of wires.
---- The radio voice demonstrations made by Stubblefield, were made 14 years before Alexanderson and Fessenden's, 1906 radio demonstration. Stubblefield used his electrolytic transmitting and detector devices, (his ground batteries) to relay -- his radio signal, as Fessenden did with his own "exciters" -- and AT&T did with Maj. Gen. Squier's multiplex, wired wireless system and 29 relay stations, (Please see Figure 3.19). Stubblefield ran his largest transmitter at approximately 250 meters.
---- At times, to extend the distance of his broadcast, he would secretly bury a string of his "earth" ground electrolytic transmitter/detectors -- to relay his signals. In short, he was modulating the ground's electrical potential, changing it from an electrical "sinkhole" -- to an electrical transmitting source as an engineer would do at any modern-day, AM transmitter antenna site.

---- Before His 1908, Wireless Telephone™ "All-in-One" patent was issued, (that granted him the rights for both Hi-frequency and Wired Wireless or Guided-wave system for the use of broadcasting to all moving vehicles, ships and trains) - he was asked to describe the differences in his transmitting stationary aerial; the horizontal aerial having its opposite stretches or sides extending along the opposite sides of the path of travel of the vehicle; and the loop antenna coil attached to the vehicle - from other patents.
---- He simple explained to the patent examiners of the impossibilities to broadcast radio waves with their coils, because, as he put it, they did not have the proper wire, and would have died from "high frequency kickback". High frequency quickly heats insulation. [Editors Note: A microwave oven works on the same principle. In a few minutes, the insulation inside the generator or coil grew so hot, that the coils caught fire.]

---- What saved the day in the granting of the patent on his 1908 wireless telegraphy system, was the transmission coil described in his 10 year old, 1898 "earth battery" patent. It should be also noted, that Stubblefield's, loop "antenna" was covered within the patent. The loop antenna was designed to be used with radios installed in moving vehicle that could not be grounded, such as: airplanes, ships and automobiles.
---- Residents and customers of Stubblefield's telephone company, in the small town of Murray, used similar wireless equipment in their business telephone service and wireless burglar alarm systems -- installed by Stubblefield since 1895.
---- The United States Army and AT&T first used the combined system during World War I, to guarantee articulate voice reception; if the transmitting aerial was knocked out, the wired wireless system would continue to operate until the aerial could be repaired.

---- The First Wireless Telephone Company To commercially exploit the invention, was established in 1902 and folded in 1927. Stubblefield became a stock holder, officer and director of the Wireless Telephone Company of America.
---- It is obvious his demonstrations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., created more interest in the device from the SMART-DAAF BOYS and stock promoters, than history books. Yet it is here that we realize that the following SMART-DAAF BOYS were the ones that perfected Stubblefield's basic principles of AM radio broadcasting, as we know it today.

MAXWELL'S ETHER THEORY DIES - November, 13, 1931. The one-hundredth anniversary of Clerk Maxwell's birth was marked by the scientific world "digging a grave for the theory of a luminiferous ether," but at the same time honoring Maxwell's mathematical genius.

More Stubblefield02 Research


Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Press Releases, They Said It Tracking Model, and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.

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Do it with movies, slide shows and music!

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