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"To Kill With
A Song"

Directed By:
Martin Green, Josie Cory, Keith Stubblefield

The Players: Troy Cory; Priscilla Cory; Jimmy Case, Dick Lerner; Beth Stare; Winston Omega; Jossi Sigl; Ginger Adams; Valerie Maddox; The Passionettes: Caroline Nering; Debbie Midget; Evelyn Cortes; Jacquelyn Lombard; Jeep Ransaw; Susan Jackson; Inge-Maria Pinser; Nancie White; Bruce Davison; Richard Hatch; Mel Carter; Dick Clark

Computer Graphics:
Victor Caballero; Alden Stubblefield; Tim Wilcox;
Set Director: Bill Camden; Alfons Mousa
Casting: William Adrian; Lynn Mann; Michael Lipman;
Hairstyle - Makeup: Harry Mayes; Ramses III;

Narrator: Troy Cory; Jossi Sigl; Joe Bombuger; Hugh Jeffrey,

VRA4015 - To Kill With A Song
(30 minute Episode) - Troy Cory; Priscilla Cory; Mel Carter, Clint Walker; Beth Stare; Brooke Kenvin

(A TV Segment about Movies that feature lullabies that stimulate brain stems that create the desire to do harm to oneself or to others.

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VRA4015 - "To Kill With A Song"
If you can remember when at the movies watching "Chicago" and listening to its stars Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones sing lullabies of death, as their backup dancers are seen battling and killing a regiment of ex-boy friends, -- if you do, you'll love this Series.

-----Every once in a while you need a major Disappointment before you discover what life is all about -- thus the reason for the television series, "Disappointment Diaries".

----- "To Kill With A Song" features Troy Cory, Jimmy Case, Beth Stare, and Priscilla Cory. This segment pictures Troy driving down Hollywood Blvd. in 1998, a la Philip Marlow. He has been hired to do a new television show entitled, "Flip-Flop, a show that pays one million dollars to the contestant that can name the killer of one of his dancers in the 80s.
Troy goes back in time -- reminisces about his early days in Hollywood when his weekly variety show aired on KTLA. Troy recalls his days at the Vine Street Stage, the popular Au Petit Cafe, the Hollywood Ranch Market, Mel Carter and the hilarious "Baby Snooks" sketch, acted out by his daughter, Priscilla. Troy sings "It's Impossible", Mel Carter sings, "All of a Sudden" while one of his dancers is being murdered. Priscilla ends the show singing Saturday Night.

Film Research: Michael Lipman; Mark Sova; Da Lin Gan;

Songs: "Sweet Leilani", "You, My Ukulele and Me", and "Blue Hawaii". "My Claire De Lune"

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