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anonymity sucks
• No soul.
• No scars.
• No personality.
• No character.
• No quirks.
• No soul.
• No skin.
• No flesh.
• No scars.
• No tattoos.
• No part of a sum total.
• Nothing to hold on to.
• Nothing that stood out.
• Nothing to be loyal to
• Nothing to reject.
• Nothing to remember
• Nothing to forget.
• A dead thing.
• Nothing.
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anonymity sucks!
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Part 01h Start Today -- A Special
Smart90 Page Will Be Included
--Smart90's Total Value Plan 800W: no matter if you're a new or established business, a recording artist, musician, song writer, a lawyer or a poet -- Smart90 will give you a HEART AND SOUL and a QUICK Business Name Protection and Nationwide Telephone line and Internet service within 5 minutes after you call "Genie". Your Corporate Name, Your Universal 800 Telephone Number, Tradename, Copyright© and Trademark™ will all be published and played 24 hours a day on Smart90. Start Today -- A Special Smart90 Page Will Be Included -(Continued)


FIRST First Get Your "Genie" EasyTel Universal Telephone Number and Password in 5 Minutes
INCLUDED: After You Have Your "Genie" Universal Telephone Number and Password
To Register Your Biz Name and Set-up Your Universal Office Web Domain and Smart
Web Page.
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Part 02h Part 02 00h
* Total Value Plan 800W: The $30.00 per month NOT ONLY INCLUDES A LOCAL PHONE NUMBER to dial anywhere on our nationawide long distance network at 2 cents per minutes; IT INCLUDES: 1). Your Universal Toll Free 800 OR 888 Number; 2). Your Smart90 ID# Registration; 3). "Genie's" Phone and FAX Secretarial Service; 4). Your Universal Office Smart90 Web Domain; and
4). An Option to our SmartPhone Total Value Plan 800DW**.
** Total Value Plan 800DW. To get you started earning Dollars with Smart90, you'll need our Total Value Plan 800DW Package -- that will help off-set some of your Business cost connected to Advertising and Communications. Click here to learn MORE ABOUT Dollars and Smart90 800DW.

----The Universal 800 or 888 Telephone TeleKey # number assigned to you by "Genie" -- will automatically register your Name, Time and Date to our SmartPhone Directory. Your new ideas, music, video, products, goods or services will be registered, published and webcast throughout the world, when you complete the SmartPhone Form Below.

To Get Started Now -- We Need Your "Genie" 800 or 888 TeleKey ID Number
Call The Genie Office of The Person Who Referred You to this Registry, and Press 8 or
_____Step One: Call "Genie" to get your Universal Toll Free Number -- so you can start calling and receiving voice and E-mail messages over both your telephone and over the Internet. Call "Genie" Call NOWEAsyTelSignUpRiskFree5x3w.jpg
Your Special Plus Referral Number is: - (See Above) For Free Trial

_____ Step Two: After getting your Toll Free Telephone number from "Genie", get on-line with a Smart90 web page denoting your business activities, Complete Form below, then submit.

_____ Make SmartWebWorld & EasyTel --- Your Virtual Universal Office Entry To The World! "Genie" will connect you to any wired or wireless telephone number in the world

Smart90 Publishes - Your ® Universal Telephone Number / ™ and © Presence to the world -- FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.

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Register NOW! - Protect your Universal "Genie" Toll Free Telephone Number, your Biz Tradename, Musical Audio / Video Recordings, Titles to Songs, Books, Paintings, Photos, Domain Name, and all of your inventive ideas -- that produces Goods, Products or Services

------ Today IT'LL COST YOU LESS THAN $80.00 and a CREDIT CARD TO GET STARTED! - - Smart90 and EasyTel, Will Give You Everything You'll Need in Telephone Both Wired and Wireless Communication Connections, To Run a Smart Business and start selling yourself or your business enterprize -- for just $30.00 per month. Your Total Value Plan 800W: Registry Includes:

------ 01. • Your own "Genie" virtual Universal Office secretary, with your own Toll free Universal Telephone Number, (800 or 888) to answer your phone and disperse in-coming and out going calls and;

------ 02. • A "Genie" EasyTell local City/State, Telephone Number to connect your existing telephone number and;

------ 03. • Your own www.smart90.com/universalnumber Domain Web Page to help you sell your goods, services or products, that'll keep you connected to the Internet; and

------ 04. • An option to upgrade the Total Value Plan 800W, www.smart90.com web page to the Total Value Plan 800DW, that provides a Smart WebWorld site, with your own name and Web Address with standard Smart90 options is provided in the $30 per month plan.

Total Value Plan 800DW Plan Includes:
Everything in Value Plan 800W Plan plus, a customized Smart90.com/youruniversalofficename SmartWebWorld Web page, and the exclusive valuable SmartPhone affiliation, -- for only $399!  THIS OPTIION ALLOWS YOU TO BECOME AN ONLINE Smart90 800DW RESELLER. Your Smart90 web page will be constructed using your logo and one image (photo) -- you may wish to feature. If you already have a Domain Web Page, Smart90 will be link to your primary web site, to include a LookRadio movie or music selection, (your own Song(s) or Video Production(s)) and direct links to tviNews, SmartSearch, SmartMaps, SmartTranslations, EasyTel and more business features, designed to make your life in the web world easier. We will supply images -- if you do not have any. You will be able to view/modify you site 2 times after construction. Our sites are trademark and copyright protected. 

• If you want more choices-- Smart90 has a pick of FIVE more Smart Biz Plans, with plenty of space (up to 20 MB for your business site). Click Here For Rates.


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00a. Trade Name, Title of Song or idea You Wish To Register - - A/V Uploading Instructions
00b. Your New "Genie" 800 ot 888 Number (if any) -

How did you find us?
- Please Type EasyTel 800 or 888# ID of Person Who Referred You:

01. Name-

-02 Your Tel Number with Area Code #

-07. Your Address • State • Zip • Country:

-06. Your Current Email

Choose Value Plan: - Total Value Plan 800 W - Total Value Plan 800 $DW
I want the Optional Total Value Plan 800$DW - Now! **

I will pay you back - Payment method

(Check here if the card billing address is the same as the client's address above). If not, please complete additional information. Click

Credit Card Number

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04h / (Please complete Information, if the credit card billing address is NOT the same as the client's address above.) Return to Submit

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Postal Code:
How did you find us?

I need A/V uploading instructions - Please Call 323-462-1099, if you want to get started Now!

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Total Value Plan 800W: ----- To Get started Now! -- I will Call "Genie" -- at the phone number of the person who referred me to this Registry, and Press 8, or I will call:
Your Special Plus Referral Number is: - (See Above) For Free Trial
to get my new Universal Toll Free TelePhone Number, that is required to time line and date my registry with the Smart90 TeleKey Group. The standard cost is $30.00 per month + $50.00 for telephone deposit cost that will be applied against any long distant calls or faxes I might make or send through the EasyTel Nationwide Long Distance Program that is included, so I can call to anywhere in the US from anywhere on the enhanced SmartPhone Nationwide follow me system. Back

-----It is my understanding that I have a 30 day Option to get started with Smart90's Total Value Plan 800$ DW: -- that will help me off-set some of my monthly Universal Office Communications cost, by referring my friends, family and business associates to the
Your Special Plus Referral Number is: - (See Above) For Free Trial

When I'm ready, it is my understanding the The TeleKey Group will Advance Me Some $peedollars in the amount of $399.00, so I can get started with my own Dot Com Domain and Smart WebWorld Domain page, that is neccesary to get paid $30.00 for each of my referrals. Back
When I'm ready, I will pay you back
in: by: -

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You May Upgrade your SmartWeb Page -- Anytime You Wish.

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Part 05h BUY SMART!
Call Now! 888 804-7450 then press #8 for credit card instructions and sign-up information for "Genie", your virtual universal office entry to the world. You'll be in business within 5 minutes!

If You Use The Form
We'll put your Business AND TRADE NAME™ throughout the USA, and on the Web -- within 24 hours

Being in the Internet industry (since 1989) -- SMART90 knows that every small business is unique. That's why we offer the popular SmartWebWorld sites that includes a ready-made smart90.com front page design and world class customer support, as well as your own SmartWebWorldweb page in about 4 hours. And best of all, a simple way to help you select the Smart solution that best fits your needs. Why wait? Get your business on the Internet today.

To Get Started Now - - Telephone "Genie" @ the TeleKey Group @
Your Special Plus Referral Number is: - (See Above) For Free Trial

or send us an e-mail to:

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