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TVInews - 107 Bangkok International Film Festival - Bryan Lukas Reporting
The Bangkok Film Festival opened with a Asian Fanfare at the new Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. MORE STORY

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Bangkok Thailand Feb 27, 2006 / ENDS AMID A GRAND FANFARE - Bryan Lukas Reporting -- The wheels of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organized Bangkok International Film Festival 2006 ground to a spirited halt after a display of one of the best film festivals of many years. MORE STORY

Feb 19th, 2006, Bangkok FilmFest - Bryan Lukas Reporting / Thailand - The Film Festival opened with a Asian Fanfare at the new Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. MORE STORY -

Feb 22, 2006 / Bangkok FilmFest - Bryan Lukas Reporting Organizers of the Bangkok Film Festival outdid themselves this year with an in depth interview of the legendary Christopher Lee who has accumulated an incredible list of some 280 films he has performed. MORE STORY

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1. Feature Story / RECAP OF: Bangkok Thailand Feb 27, 2006 / Bangkok FilmFest Event Ends AMID A GRAND FANFARE - Bryan Lukas Reporting
The wheels of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organized Bangkok International Film Festival 2006 ground to a spirited halt after a display of one of the best film festivals of many years. The truly international film fest closed with the premiered film "Rent" on February 26th.. Sponsors this year included Siam Paragon, Virgin Radio Thailand, Thai Airways, BMW Thailand, Sony, Conrad Hotel, Jameson Whiskey and the Bangkok Post.
The Bangkok International Film Festival 2006 was officially began on February 17th and culminated on the 27th. During ten days of films as well as several days of seminars, a film market, interviews and Q&A with Icons of the film and TV industry the TAT also focused worldwide attention to the King of Thailand's 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne.
The 2006 event showcased 180 films, and it has been estimated that approximately 35,000 people attended the beautiful Siam Paragon Cinema theaters. Expenditures of 720 million baht were estimated with 198 companies involved in the Bangkok Film Market, a five-day event.
The extravagant closing ceremony held on the night of February 26th, was overseen and commenced by Mrs. Juthamas Siriwan.
A Black Tie event February 27 was held at the Conrad Hotel and was presided over by Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya. Princess Rajakanya presented the Golden Kinnaree Award selected by an international jury in the International Competition Division to Indian director Deepa Mehta for "Water", a drama about a child bride sent to live in an ashram after her husband's death. Additionally, she presented to French Actor Catherine Deneuve and Local Thai Actor Sombat Metanee Lifetime Achievement Awards
In the Asean division The Vietnamese film "Bride of Silence" had a resounded won. And Director Doan Minh Phuong's wonderfully written fable revolves around a woman who shares the love of three men in pre-colonial Vietnam. And "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance's" Park Chan-wook of Korea was named best director for ", a story about a model prisoner who exacts a bloody revenge upon her release from jail. Lee Hyung-suk, also of Korea, won in the short-film division for "Under Construction," the story about a man attempting to repair his apartment, which is scehduled for a demolition.
Felecity Huffman an Actor from the United States was named best Female Actor for her portrayal of a transsexual who takes a cross-country journey in "Transamerica". And South African born actor Presley Chaweneyagae won best actor for his portrayal of a soulless thief who tries to raise an infant after shooting its mother in "Tsotsi". David La Chapelle's "Rize", incites into life in South Central Los Angeles won the best documentary award. The Thai entry "Art of the Devil 2" won the People's Choice category. Directors Gera Fogwill and Martin DeSalvo's won in the New Voices category with their Argentine film "Kept and Dreamless", telling the story of a nine-year-old girl caring for her junkie mother.
In an interesting tribute to the late Gene Kelly, his widow, Patricia Ward Kelly, danced to "Singing in the Rain" with Award winning master of cinematography Christopher Doyle while an original film clip from the movie was played on a projection screen. Although industry folk had several ideas about the event that could have improved some aspects of the film festival from this reporters perspective the Bangkok International Film Festival was a well produced and highly successful event by any measure of comparison. -- For TVI Bryan Lukas Asian News Director

Feb 22, 2006 / Bangkok FilmFest - Bryan Lukas Reporting / Chosen as one of the worlds most famous actors of all time and with most recent rolls in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings a Film industry audience asked myriads of questions while Mr. Lee tirelessly answered for over 1 1/2 hours. In the beginning and end of the Interview and Q&A he languished in several minutes of standing ovations.
• •
Mr. Lee discussed his greatest film experiences and on a more somber note various world political and current events highlighting the plight of many countries experiencing raging wars in almost every corner of the world. Lee who came to Bangkok this year after a 30 year absence was able to accept accolades and answer a series of in depth questions that industry insiders appreciated.
Lee's James Bond thriller "Man with Golden Gun" was screened prior to the discussion and Mr. Lee noted to the audience not to think he looked the same some 30 years after the production of the famous film.
Additionally, French actor Catherine Denueve was interviewed while several hundred industry professionals attended with a Q&A session after her film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" was screened last night. Ms. Deneuve although self admittedly is quite uncomfortable in live interviews seemed relaxed and was the picture of beauty and extremely composed. Her favorite American actors that she worked with in the past were Jack Lemmon and Burt Reynolds as well as Susan Sarandhon.

The Bangkok Film Mart is in good form offering a interesting mix of film genre to choose from. With considerable product content from Thailand in the mart as well as Malaysia, China, India and the USA to name a few.
Very diverse films are being screened from the USA entry "Matchpoint" by Woody Allen a must see to a well written and directed Thailand film "Three Friends" shot reality style and Starring Thailands most sensational model and actress Mammee and her two longtime girlfriends Yo Poolsem and Belle Pannit.
Excellent Seminars and Workshops are fully in swing incorporating Film Financing, Creating the Idea and Pitching It, Digital Revolution, Music and Film, and a keynote lunch tomorrow featuring the super legend of independent film production Mr. Roger Corman. - For TVI Bryan Lukas


Thailand Feb 19th, 2006
• • tviNews / Bryan Lukas - The Bangkok Film Festival opened with a Asian Fanfare at the new Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. Laid out in 1000s of feet of sprawling splendor local Thai stars and starletts as well as China, Korea and Japan knowns and un-knowns bedazzled the Papparazi with their prescense.
Some negative chatter was heard in reference to the opening film "Invisible Waves" a film by award winning Thai Director Pen-Ek Ratanuruang and starring Japans well known and revered Asano Tadanobu. Most of the audience left the depressing film some 30Minutes from start opting for cocktails and tasty food fare ofThai deliacies.
The Festival is presenting a line up of seminars starring the Masters of Cinema with a recent and lively discussion be Terry Gilliam a funny, honest and sincerely entertaining filmaker. Upcoming discussions and Q&A with Christopher Lee (Man with a Golden Gun), Oliver Stone , Catherine Deneuve (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg), Patricia Kelly (Singing in the Rain), William Dafoe(Manderlay) and Sombat Matanee (Tears of the Black Tiger). Additional attendees at the Festival are Rufus Sewell,Rita Moreno, Fred Schepipsi and Russ Tamblyn.
Some 81 films are being screened this year competing in 5 distinct catagories. International Competition, ASEAN Competition, New Voices Competition, International Documentary Competition, Films in Short Competition.
Much more to come this next week with the opening of the Bangkok Film Market, and Cinematographers Day as well as a variety of special functions.


06 February 2006 / TVI news/ Bryan Lukas Report

What is a film market? Why is it important? You want to make a movie, but need to seek financing? You have written a script, but are not sure if it needs to be improved before you submit it to a potential financial backer? You have completed a film, but don't know how to get it played in your local cinema?
The business of independent motion picture production and distribution is quite a collaborative effort &endash; and all those questions will be addressed during the Bangkok Film Market that will run concurrently with the Bangkok International Film Festival (February 17-27). Hundreds of experts in motion picture production and distribution &endash; acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, financiers, film commissioners, producers and writers &endash; will gather in Bangkok for five days (February 20 th , 21 st , 22 nd and 23 rd and 24 th ) to buy and sell their films, make deals, attend seminars, workshops, and network. At last year's market deals totaling over $100 million were made.
This year the Bangkok Film Market has announced a series of motion picture-related workshops and seminars that will kick off on February 21 st with "Traditional Film Financing" moderated by an expert in entertainment lending, Mr. Lewis Horwitz (founder, Lewis Horwitz Organization), that will focus on pre-sales, gap and equity funding, completion bonds and sales agents. His panel will include industry experts Paul Hertzberg (CineTel), Pierre David (Imagination Worldwide) and Steven Leib (International Film Guarantors).
Leon Morgan (partner, Davenport Lyons) will moderate "Finding the Money" focusing on "soft money" around the world as well as co-productions. His panel will include Bill Allen (Baker Street Media Finance), Iain Smith (Applecross Productions) and Patricia Mayer (Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP).
Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis, authors of "I Liked It, Didn't Love It: Screenplay Development from the Inside Out" will conduct a two hour workshop and seminar on finding ideas and crafting a three act structure from those ideas in order to "pitch" them in a cinematic way.
Part 02 / On February 22 nd Harris Tulchin (Harris Tulchin & Associates) will moderate "The digital Revolution: The Future is Now!" that will focus on digital game development, internet rights and digital production. His panel will include Christy Hui (ActionFliks), Bruce Eisen (CinemaNow) and Marty Ollstein (Cinematographer).
Monika Skerbelis's seminar, "From Bangkok to Hollywood : The Journey of a Screenplay" will examine the creative process, the difficulty of bringing script to screen and "the pitch." She will be joined by Gloria Fan (Mosaic Media Group) and Kenneth Bi (writer /director).
On February 23 rd Darren Higman (Senior Vice President, Warner Bros. Music), will discuss, "Music in Film… How Does it Happen." Darrin will be joined by Glen Lajeski (EVP Music/Creative Marketing Buena Vista Motion Picture Group).
Lewis Horwitz will moderate the closing seminar, "Acknowledging the Challenges: Answering Your Questions," during which all the participating professionals from all the panels will answer questions. This will culminate in a luncheon with Keynote Speaker Roger Corman (Concorde-New Horizons).
Registration is now closed.
Some of the participating Thai companies include Alanys Films, Benetone Co., Blue Star Girl Films, BNT Enterprises, Centaur Studio Co., De Warrenne Pictures, Five Star Entertainment, Fluid Films, Han Media Culture, Jiant Pictures, Mahagan Pictures, Media & Entertainment Group Asia, Mono Film, Right Beyond Pictures, Sixth Element, ST Grand Corp., Sun Master Co. Technicolor, Tri-US Entertainment, Imagimax Co. Ltd., Soho Asia
Some of the International companies confirmed to participate in this year's Bangkok Film Market include Arclight, At Entertainment, Beyond Films, Calinos Entertainment, Capitol Films, CineTel, Concorde-New Horizons, C-2 International, Edko Films, E-M-S New Media, Europacorp, Fine & Mellow Productions, Fortissimo, GAGA, Geneon Entertainment, Golden Network Asia, Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV, Hanway, Horizon Entertainment, Intercontinental Film Distributors, Isaan Entertainment, Kadokawa, Klockworx, KWA, IFM World Releasing, Imagination Worldwide, Little Film Company, Manga Films, Media Luna, Media Asia, Metropolitan Film Export, Mirovision, Mosaic Media Group, Movie-Eye, National Geographic, Nikkatsu, Nu-Image, Rezo Films, Salon Fims, Scanbox, Showbox Media , Showcase Entertainment, Spotlight Pictures, Spice Factory, Spotlight Pictures, Staccato Films, Summit Entertainment, TF1, Toei Company, Toho (HK) Films, and Wild Bunch.
This year's market will also host a Malaysian Pavilion showcasing Malaysian companies from the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor such as Multimedia Development Corp., Malaysia External Trade Development Corp., Malaysia Investment Development Authority, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Yap Ken Siong & Assoc., Inner Esteem Sdn Bhd, Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd, Film Point Sdn Bhd, Decimal Point Sdn Bhd, Hue Visualab Sdn Bhd, KRU Capital Sdn Bhd, Peppermint Asia Sdn Bhd, Red Films Sdn Bhd, My Partners Communications, Planet Films Sdn Bhd, Juitaviden Sdn Bhd, Bernard Chauly, Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd, Pelangi Multimedia Technologies Sdn Bhd, Primedia Sdn Bhd, Go Academy Sdn Bhd, Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd, Sheunik Sdn Bhd, Imagine Animation Works Sdn Bhd, and V Did It Productions Sdn Bhd.

 3. Editor's Note / For further information please contact:

Christine Rush

Title: Film Market Director

Contact info: christinerush@msn.com, Local mobile 05 223 7140

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BANGKOK FILM FESTIVAL 107 Bangkok International Film Festival (February 17-27). Bryan Lukas Reporting Thailand Feb 19th, 2006 / The Bangkok Film Festival opened with a Asian Fanfare at the new Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. MORE STORY

More Articles • Converging News 062006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom


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