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Produced By 2010 - June 4th to 6th

Produced By 2010 - Hosted By: Producers Guild of America
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TVInews Reporters Attending Event: Gary Sunkin, Toni Covington - Victor Caballero - Josie Cory. Troy Cory, of NBS WiTel ®™©, walking down 3rd Street on the 20th Century Fox Lot, after Q&A Session with Ted Turner and Tim Gray - - A tviNEWS Report

producedbyPGA-Logo300w.jpgFeature Story / Produced By 2010 - June 4th to 6th / Ted Turner
•115- Event: PRODUCED BY 2010 CONFERENCE - 20th Century Fox JUNE 4-6
Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
The 2010 Producers Challenge winners included:
Best Produced Short Film
"Think Tank" (USA)
Producer: Jonathan Deiner
Best Produced Independent Webisode
"Horrible People" (USA)
Producers: Jonathan Stern, Joe Lo Truglio, A.D. Miles
Best Produced Studio Webisode
"Heroes: Nowhere Man" (NBC/Universal)
Executive Producers: Tim Kring, Dennis Hammer
Producers: Christopher Hanada, Tanner Kling

PBC is an annual event sponsored, produced and managed by the PGA. All profits from PBC are reinvested into industry member services, including education, industry promotion, production standards development, market research and legislative advocacy. More information is available at www.producedbyconference.com.

Ted Turner - Chairman of the United Nations Foundation.
••• Throughout his career, Ted Turner has received recognition for his entrepreneurial acumen, sharp business skills, leadership qualities, and his unprecedented philanthropy. Whether in billboard advertisement, cable television, sailing, environmental initiatives or philanthropy, Turner's vision, determination, generosity and forthrightness have consistently given the world reason to take notice.
••• Turner is Chairman of the United Nations Foundation, Co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Chairman of the Turner Foundation. He is the founder of numerous cable networks including CNN, TNT and Cartoon Network, and a partner in the Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain. Turner is also Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc., which manages his business interests, land holdings and investments, including the oversight of two million acres in 12 states and in Argentina, and more than 50,000 bison head. CLICK FOR MORE- PEOPLE

/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/200704AprilMagCov300w.jpg •115- Event: PRODUCED BY 2010 CONFERENCE - 20th Century Fox JUNE 4-6 TVInews Press attending: Josie Cory, Toni Convinton, George Bejue; Troy Cory; Mark Anderson. SEE TVInews Cover - 2007 Ted Turner.
••• Whether you're a first-time producer seeking mentoring in getting your initial project off the ground, or an industry veteran learning to adapt to the daunting demands of the digital marketplace, the path to realizing your creative ambitions runs through the Produced By Conference. Featuring an incredible array of speakers, seminars, technology demonstrations, networking opportunities, social events and vendor displays, this event offers an unmatched collection of professional resources.
••• The greatest of those resources will be your fellow attendees. Producing entertainment is a collective enterprise. Who can help take your project to the next level? A partner? A collaborator? A mentor? A benefactor? All of them will be in attendance at the Produced By Conference. To learn more about some of your featured speakers and fellow attendees, click here.
••• The Produced By Conference represents a source of information and innovation unique in the entertainment industry. Register today, and take the next step in your profession.

02. / • About the Producers Guild of America
••••• The Producers Guild of America is the non-profit trade group that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television and new media.
••••• The PGA represents over 4,000 members who work together to protect and improve their careers, the industry and community by providing members health benefits, enforcing workplace labor laws, maintaining fair and impartial standards for the awarding of producing credits, as well as other education and advocacy efforts. •••••
The PGA hosts important industry events including the annual Producers Guild Awards and the Produced By Conference. For more information, visit www.producersguild.org.

• The Producers Guild of America (PGA) Elects National Board and Delegates 2010.

••••• June 4, 2010, LOS ANGELES / The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced the national board and delegate 2010 election results, which were approved during the annual General Membership Meeting on the Culver Studios lot. The Guild elected Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch as Co-Presidents.
•••••Other newly PGA national board officers include: Vice President of Motion Pictures Gary Lucchesi; Vice President of Television Hayma "Screech" Washington; Treasurer Lauren Shuler Donner; as well as Recording Secretary Gale Anne Hurd, which is an appointed post.
•••••Outgoing PGA President Marshall Herskovitz, who served two two-year terms, received special recognition at the meeting for his service to the Guild, and was appointed to the post of President Emeritus.

••••• "We're extremely honored to have the confidence and support of the Guild membership," said Gordon and Koch. "As Co-Presidents, we're dedicated to building upon the Guild's 60 year history of serving and empowering the producing community. During our tenure we hope to continue to build solidarity by encouraging producers to 'hire from within,' continue to protect the Producers Code of Credits, and work to improve healthcare benefits."
•••••The Guild has had Co-Presidents in the past. From 2001 &endash; 2002, following the PGA's merger with the American Association of Producers, the Guild was overseen by Kathleen Kennedy and Tim Gibbons as Co-Presidents. Gordon and Koch's election does mark the first time the nominating committee has selected a pair of members to stand for election together.
•••••Members of the Producers Guild are divided into three councils: The Producers Council, the Associate Producers (AP) Council and the New Media Council; each council is governed by a 24-member Board of Delegates. Each Council Board of Delegates subsequently elects a proportion of its members to serve on the Guild's 24-member National Board of Directors. The general council membership elects its delegates&emdash;who are nominated by a council nominating committee, or else self-nominated via petition&emdash; and the elected delegates then determine who among their number will serve on the National Board. The Chairs of the AP Council Board of Delegates and New Media Council Board of Delegates (each elected internally by the delegates) also serve as Vice Presidents, as does the Chair of the PGA East region.

TedTurnerToptviNews400w.jpg03. / The Winners -
The full list of officers and delegates of the Producer Council Board, the New Media Council Board and the AP Council Board can be found at www.producersguild.org. Note: The Chairs of the AP Council and New Media Council will not be announced until mid-July due to their respective council election cycles.

• Mark Gordon
PGA Co-President Mark Gordon, former PGA national board Vice President of Television, is an award-winning producer with more than 70 motion picture and television projects to his credit.
••••• His most recent projects include 2012, which has grossed over $750 million worldwide and "THE MESSENGER," which garnered Academy Award® nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.
••••• In television, Gordon serves as executive producer on the ABC series "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," as well as the CBS dramas "Criminal Minds" and its spinoff and Lifetime's "Army Wives." He is a five-time Emmy Award® nominee with two wins and has been nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards® with two wins. He earned Academy Award and BAFTA® nominations and won a Golden Globe for Best Picture as producer of "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN."

producedbyPGA-Logo108w.jpg• Hawk Koch
••••• A longtime Guild board member, PGA Co-President Hawk Koch has worked in the entertainment industry as a producer for more than four decades. He has credits on more than 60 films including the Golden Globe Award-winning HEAVEN CAN WAIT, WAYNE'S WORLD, PRIMAL FEAR, GORKY PARK, THE IDOL MAKER, POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, KEEPING THE FAITH, FRACTURE, FREQUENCY and most recently, SOURCE CODE. Aside from producing, Koch also served as the president of Rastar Productions, Inc., where he oversaw films such as "PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED," "NOTHING IN COMMON," "THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS" and "AMAZING GRACE" and "CHUCK," among others.
••••• He currently serves as Treasurer of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences. Koch also serves on the Board of the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

 • Gary Lucchesi
••••• PGA Vice President of Motion Pictures Gary Lucchesi is the President of Lakeshore Entertainment, an independent film company based in Los Angeles. Lucchesi executive produced "MILLION DOLLAR BABY," which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004. He produced the UNDERWORLD franchise and is currently developing the fourth installment of the series. He recently produced the box office hit "THE UGLY TRUTH."

• Hayma 'Screech' Washington
••••• PGA Vice President of Television Hayma 'Screech' Washington has a 30-year career spanning the industry. His credits include Executive Producer, Director, Producer, and Associate Producer. Most recently Washington served as the Executive Producer of the CBS television show, "The Amazing Race" for thirteen seasons, which garnered him seven consecutive Primetime Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, as well as a Producers Guild Award in 2004.

 • Lauren Shuler Donner
••••• PGA Treasurer Lauren Shuler Donner is one of the industry's most successful film producers. In 1983, Shuler-Donner made her feature movie-producing debut in the smash hit comedy MR. MOM. She then went on to produce "Ladyhawke," St. Elmo's fire," Prettin in Pink," "Dave and Free Willy, among other films. Recently, Shuler Donner produced the "X-MEN" film trilogy and the spinoff X-MEN ORIGINS: "WOLVERINE and THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES."

• Anne Hurd
••••• PGA Recording Secretary Gale Anne Hurd has produced dozens of feature films that have generated billions of dollars in revenue, and earned multiple Oscar nominations and numerous awards. As the chairman of her own production entity, Valhalla Motion Pictures, Hurd's most recent produced the blockbuster "The Incredible Hulk" for Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures. She is currently in production on the new television series, "THE WALKING DEAD," which will begin airing on AMC in October. Her other film credits include "ARMAGEDDON," "THE TERMINATOR" franchise, "ALIEN," "THE ABYSS," "ALIEN NATION," "TREMORS," as well as the Spirit Award- and Sundance Audience Award-winning indie "THE WATERDANCE", among others.
•••••The PGA's membership meeting also kicked off the second annual Produced By Conference (PBC), at 20th Century Fox Studios. More than 1,000 film, television and new media producers, as well as entertainment industry members were expected to attend extraordinary panel sessions, unique mentoring roundtables, special workshops and exhibits, and incomparable networking opportunities.
•••••As part of the conference, emerging storytellers were also recognized as PBC organizers revealed the winners of the 2010 Producers Challenge. The annual competition is divided into three categories &endash; short films, independent webisodes and studio webisodes &endash; and finalist submissions were screened on Thursday evening and judged by a panel of award-winning producers.

/TedTurnerPhotoPBC108w.jpg4. "The Global Worrier" Adds Spice to Produced By Conference (PBC)

•••• LOS ANGELES / Monetization was the thread theme at the Producers Guild sponsored "Produced By Conference," held on the on the 20th Century Fox lot, June 5-6th.

••••• More than 1,100 people attended the second annual Produced by Conference held June 5-6, 2010 at 20th Century Fox Studios. With speakers like Ted Turner, Mark Cuban, Larry Gordon, Bruce Cohen, James L. Brooks, Jon Landau, Paula Wagner, Marshall Herskovitz, Douglas Wick, Mark Gordon, Tim Gibbons, Hawk Koch, Alan Ball and 130 other masters of their craft, attendees were endlessly inspired throughout the two-day celebration of the producing art.

• In Conversation with Ted Turner

••••• Speaking at the second annual PBC, in a wide-ranging conversation with Variety Group editor Timothy M. Gray, Turner told the showbiz crowd "I miss you," then talked about the role of television, getting his millions and billions mixed up, raising 55,00 bisons, theUN Foundation, and his historic pledge of up to $1 billion to the UNF, and the importance of saving our planet. "I don't watch much TV, I'm too busy saving the planet."
•••••When asked whether he'd get into the Internet if he was starting today, Turner said he wouldn't enter the television business today. "I'd go into the clean alternative energy." "Thirty years ago, when I started, there was not enough television, TV was a business of scarcity. You want to be in the beginning of a new business, you want to be in a business that has limited, hight barrier to entry, so that you'll have limited competition for as long as possible," and noted he always new CNN, the 24-hours cable news channel he founded, would be a success.
•••••Being also a movie producer and founder of TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network, Turner was asked whether entertaining people was the most important thing. "No," he said quickly. "Informing people is. Just because the Cartoon Network often gets better ratings than CNN, doesn't make it more important." But wen it comes to crafting film and television to carry a message, he said,"You want to get your message across in a clever and entertaining way."
••••• Turner avoided taking swipes at CNN's rival networks, when asked what he thinks of the quality and tenor of today's news reporting. He simply said, "Some of it's good; some is less so.
••••• His advice for young producers and future moguls, "Study the business from where you are; use good judgment; figure out what you want to accomplish; work out a plan for yourself, and implement the plan," he said, then added: "But you also have to be flexible. If circumstances change, or your perspective changes, then roll with it."
••••• Mindful of the producer to effect social change, Ted Turner, in town with a goal of enlisting entertainment storytellers to come on board in his attempt to save the world, advancing his global agenda to fight hunger, focusing on the environment and of redoing energy policy with emphasis to clean renewables like wind, solar and geothermal. "Come tell our stories; our doors are open" said UN Foundation exec director Elizabeth Gore in a brief introduction.
•••••Turnere stressed for the world inhabitants to be decent, kindhearted, respectful human beings. He spoke of the danger of nuclear weapons, "We have to learn to live together, not die together," and the only solution to sustain the planet is getting rid of nuclear weapons." "Nuclear Disarmament is the solution."
•••• "Why are we fighting in Iraq, why are we in Afghanistan, why are we bombing everywhere?
••••• Again, "We have to learn to live together, not die together." "My biggest concern is that we're not going to make it," he said. "The next fifty years will be a real test, and if we can get through that, we might be around forever." "It's not hopeful, but I might be wrong." "You can't get discouraged. You can't give up. We we still have time to turn it around."

"Any of you producers listening?" Ted, "the global warrior" has a large, visionary global agenda.


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