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A SPRING ISSUE - MAY - tviNews Events --
Click for TVI News ReportsJune - 16 / June - 24, 2007
FilmFest HISTORY - since 1993
CLICK FOR PHOTOS - 2007 Opening
PHOTOS: Art Jones Variety Mag & B; Teddy Z; Adrianna Vgarte Actor & Santiago Amodea Director "Doghead" movie. ; Art and Actor Vivianne Wu; Matt Wu actor and his Director; Yazushi Miki Producer; Ms. Hirata Casting Diretor and friend; Actor Kery Brogan and B; Star Walk Sign In Board; Steven Hey and Virginia Tao Dior Party; Katheryn and Jackie Dior Party; Star Walk Director Mr. Dee and Director Lenny Hanning Han; Dior Party Band and assorted shots; Bar Rouge Party shots; Film Mart; Hawaii Student film Directors; New Directors Forum; Hunan Women in Film; Opening Ceremony Judges; Canadian Reception

A Bryan Lukus Report - June 12th - The 10 Annual Shanghai Film Festival is ramping up for what is expected to be a phanominal event this year.
••• SIFF organizers recently declared the first part of the Red Carpet Star Walk which includes American film star Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard, the leading actress of Berlinale's opening film La Vie En Rose, Lee Jun-ki, the leading actor of King and the Clown, Kim So-Yeon and Kaori Momoi. Additionally China's renowned film stars Zhang Manyu, Jay Chou, Siqin Gaowa as well as renowned directors Wu Yusen, Gu Changwei, Wu Siyuan will be at the opening ceremony as well. Included are Feng Xiaogang with his Ji Jie Hao team.

••• Asian New Talent Nominees
••• Title: BLISS
••• Director: Zhiming SHENG
••• Runtime: 94 min
••• Synopsis:
••• This is a story about a family living beside the river. Like all the other families, every member of the family seems close to each other, but in fact they are miles apart, and everyone have a secret that they cannot share.
••• The retired police-officer Lao Li and his family members with his or her own character all want to have a special life for themselves. They get together in this family and create their own stories.
••• Water in the river is flowing day and night, and life is just like a river, you can only move on without stopping. Nevertheless, it seems that people in the story are getting something in their hearts at a particular moment. Is that JOY? Or is that SORROW?
••• Title: Saigon Eclipse
••• Director: Othello KHANH
••• Runtime: 93 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Kieu, a beautiful and talented actress, is starring in a film directed by Kim, an American/Vietnamese who has come back to Vietnam to become a part of the new wave of Vietnamese film culture. The film is being produced by her Uncle Henry and her mother Ba Tu. It is a seemingly wonderful situation until the fragile family balance is disrupted when Kieu falls in love with her director, and Uncle Henry's mounting gambling debts shut down production of the film. Uncle Henry embraces dishonest ways to pay off his debts entering the murky realm of human trafficking. Kieu must come to terms with the curse of beauty and the cost of loyalty that has forever burdened her life. Can Kieu save her family? And will our modern Kieu find her way back to her one true love?
••• Title: On The Wings of Dreams
••• Director: Golam Rabbany BIPLOB
••• Runtime: 86 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Mid-thirties young man Kabiraj is only a canvasser who sells ointments and allied harbal medicines in the village weekly markets by canvassing the virtues of the products. One evening Kabiraj returns home with a second-hand trouser with a number of pockets for his son Ratan. His wife finds some foreign currency notes in its pocket while she was washing the trouser. They think that these currency notes to be of great value and huge money, but they are ignorant of how to exchange them. They seek help to encash the currency notes. Greed and high ambitions begin to allure them. Centering these currency notes three of them start to dream and imagine. One after another their dormant desires and deceptions begin to creep up and that changes the relationships among them. Only when they found the currency were of no value, they come back to their normal life.
••• Title: The Cold Flame
••• Director: Shufeng YANG
••• Runtime: 93 min
••• Synopsis:
••• In 1944, Sister Maria from France turned the church established by her missionary father into a temporary hospital for wounded soldiers. After a cruel battle with Japanese, KMT Captain XUE Youfang was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. There he met DU Jingxuan, a girl of 14 years old, who came here for shelter with her younger brother. The life without parents forced to act mature. She protected herself with lies and distance from others. Du gradually became attracted to Xue who was still in coma. With such attraction, she took great care of Du. When Xue came out of the coma, he just saw this lovely little girl suddenly appearing in his life. Sometimes, her strange and senseless behavior made the Captain quite at loss. Xue was about to return to the battlefield. In such turmoil and chaos, Du managed to get a photo taken with the Captain. Du was assisting Sister Maria to take care of the child refugees, but suddenly she found her brother missing…


•• Title: The Case
••• Director: Fen WANG
••• Runtime: 86 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Dasam and his wife own a small guesthouse in an ancient town at the foot of the Snow Mountain. His wife is a bit plump and not beautiful, and she takes good care of him like his mother did before. One morning, Dasam comes across a case which is floating along the river and, upon opening it, is astonished to find it filled with the frozen body parts of a woman. Around the same time, a strange couple arrive at the guesthouse. Their behaviour, particularly the wife's, is odd, and the more time he spends in their company the more he feels he is falling into some kind of nightmarish game.
••• Title: The Touch of Fate
••• Director: Pan Zhiyuan
••• Runtime: 89 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Da Yu, a 15-year-old boy, likes to loiter in this lonely city. He has no emotions and doesn't know how to express his feelings, just because he is a so-called unwelcome problem student. One day, facing the insult of teacher, Da Yu fights back with violence. Accidentally, he meets A Li and Lao Liao, and begins a life between two fingers. The relationship between A Li and Lao Liao is like that between son and father. They oppose to each other, but also need each other. The appearance of Da Yu gives them the chance and courage of salvation…
••• Title: The Crossword Monologues
••• Director: Hideaki Kataoka
••• Runtime: 93 min
••• Synopsis:
••• If you took the inner thoughts, or monologues, of various strangers living in different parts of the world and lined them up as if in a crossword puzzle, these monologues could eventually create a conversation. Zoé, Sakura, Jennifer, Maria form a conversation through their monologues though they live different time and space. They are friends and get along with each other as if they are sisters though they can not see and hug. They spend their days together only talking and they get to know some strangers who say monologues in this world. They don't know that the strangers who get to know are close to them because they don't know their appearance each other. Jennifer, Zoé, Sakura and Maria start weird conversation with the strangers.
••• Title: Denias, Singing On The Cloud
••• Director: John De Rantau
••• Runtime: 110 min
••• Synopsis:
••• This movie is based on a true story of real struggle of a boy named DENIAS, who came from Aroanop, a small village at Jayawijaya Mountain in western Papua Island. His spirit to study was huge as he had a dream to study further at a better and more proper school at the city. His dream faced many hurdles when he was left by his teacher. Another big moment happened when his best friend, Maleo, left him for another military duty. Maleo inspired Denias to struggle more to find a better school at the city though he had to walk few days over the forest, rivers, and snowy mountains. Arrived in the city, Denias enters the formal clean school he has been dreamed of. Can he be successful?
••• Title: For Horowitz
••• Director: Hyung-jin KWON
••• Runtime: 108 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Kim Ji-soo is a 30-year-old single woman. She is suffering from an inferiority complex rooted in an unfulfilled dream to become a famous pianist like Vladimir Horowitz. Ji-soo acquires a small piano studio in the outskirts of Seoul to make a living. But one day, she bumps into a strange boy, Gyung-min, and realizes that he's a musical genius with an absolute pitch. She starts to give intensive music lessons for the competition but it did not turn out well. But one day, when all seems lost, Ji-soo is utterly shocked when she realizes that Gyung-min carries a secret that will change her life forever.
••• Title: VEYIL (Hot Sun Light)
••• Director: Gurunathan Vasantabalan
••• Runtime: 120 min
••• Synopsis:
••• Murukesan likes watching movie in theatre, but one day he was caught by his father red-handed from the theatre after he bunks school. The child is severely punished and he runs away from home after taking money and jewels. He is taken in a theatre and slowly the theatre becomes his home. He falls in love with Thankam a beautiful girl, but their love story doesn't have a happy ending. Murukesan is dejected after Thankam's death and the theatre is also demolished. He decides to return home after 20 years. The rest of the film is all about Murukesan's mental turmoil's as he is caught between the deep love showered by his younger brother Kathir who runs a successful advertising agency and his guilt for not being a responsible son or elder brother of his sisters. No one is accepting Murugesan in his home except Kathir. He gains the affection of his family by sacrificing his life to save his brother's.

3%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2006/Imagespeople/BryanLukas108W.jpg1. Feature Story / June 16th FILMFEST CHINA, A Bryan Lukas Report.

About TV FESTIVAL - SIFF - 2007 • • According to the organizers, says TVI's Asian news director, Bryan Lukas, who will be on hand throughout the show, the Film Festival, commences on June 16 and ends on the 24th, awarding the "Jin Jue" (Golden Goblet) Award.
• •
The show will also feature more public events, as it once did in 1988 and 1990, when the show included foreign performers, and The Troy Cory Show. Troy, now the head of VRA TelePlay Pictures, -- was featured during the live televison broadcast throughout China. Troy's stage performance, along with film star, Joey Adams and the Brooke Sisters were all part of the week long public stage event held in the original 20,000 seat Shanghai Stadium.
• •
Local Shanghai residents are in for a feast of glamor and stars when the conbined Shanghai TV Festival, and th 9th Shanghai International Film Festival comes to town on June 17th. The Film competition portion of the show is the only Category A international film festival in China. The Shanghai TV Festival, is the largest TV festival in Asia, and a first for China. It has been featured every other year since 1886.
• •
"Accordingly, the festival will honor two Chinese film artists who have had a big influence on Chinese movies, and an exhibition of classic Chinese films and movie posters will also be held."
• •
Seven top filmmakers, including two Chinese, will be invited as judges.
• •
During the festival, around 200 officially selected movies from home and abroad, including competition films, will be screened at 17 local cinemas. The Shanghai Film Art Center will be the main festival venue.
• • Besides, an international TV forum, focusing on China's TV industry, and the International Radio, Film and TV Exhibition will highlight the event.
• •
"The audiences will have an opportunity to see some excellent competition works on local channels," said Li Ruigang, president of the Shanghai Media Group.
• •
In fact, with the city opening up further, locals are now able to see more Hollywood blockbusters at the same time as the films' global premiere.

The First SIFF FESTIVAL - - 1993 / The 1st Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was held in Shangha from October 7 to October 14, 1993. Shanghai Film Art Center was selected to be the main venue. Eight cinemas including Grand Theater were designated to be the auxiliary venues.
• •
The international jury composed of XIE Jin (China), Oliver Stone (U.S.A.), Nagisa Oshima (Japan), TSUI Hark (Hong Kong, China), Paul Cox (Australia), Karen Shakhanazarov (Russia) and Hector Babenco (Brazil) voted out four "Golden Cup Award" winners and one Special Jury Award among 19 competitive entries. 167 films from 33 countries participated in competition and panorama. 300,000 audience attended the screenings and jury members' retrospectives.
• •
16 domestic and foreign companies rented booths in the International Film Market and the transactions totaled 27 million RMB. About 200 Chinese and foreign journalists made reports about the Festival. The 1st SIFF was so successful that FIAPF recognized it as one of the nine largest international film festivals in the world since then.

• •
Shanghai is China's largest city - nearly 14 million people - and is one of three centrally administered cities in the country, the other two being Peking and Tianjin. It is also one of China's most important industrial and cultural centres, being host to the international Shanghai Television Festival. In 1988, there were more than 40 universities, colleges and higher educational institutions and 200 scientific research institutes, 46 professional theatrical companies and film industry. Its industrial output includes steel, machinery, shipbuilding, textiles, food processing, petrochemicals and fertilizers, cameras, radio and television.
• •
To most foreigners Shanghai conjures up stories of adventurous exaggeration, for it was a dynamic, violent and colorful city. Most of the European style quarters of the old International Settlement and the French Concession areas are now part of the most modern city in the world. The growth of Shanghai can be credited to Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin. President Zemin is pictured above with Troy Cory in 1988 at the Shanghai TV Festival. The Troy Cory Show, (Joey Lauren Adams) -- was the first American entertainment group to perform in China -- after the cultural revolution (1966-1976) came to an absolute end. Troy Cory was recently honored for his Harbin, China concert performances, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Michael Antonovich, Mayor of the LA County. MORE STORY - French, British and American Settlements

4. Related Stories / FILMFEST CHINA, A Bryan Lukas Report - R01036M

CLICK FOR PHOTOS - 2007 Opening

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