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TVInews Celebrity Scene - Visiting the Movie and Art World of Elke Sommer





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To millions of fans she's a legendary Movie Star, to the collectors of her art -- she's a realist.
Not only has Elke starred in more than sixty feature films and many of television's most successful mini-series, Elke is also a prize winning race car driver, an award winning dramatic, as well as a comedic actress; a splendid stage director, and a tournament winning golf player.
• •As an accomplished artist, her critically acclaimed work has been featured in 33 one-woman shows in major galleries throughout the world. Additionally, she hosted a series, "Painting With Elke," on national television and has authored a book on painting. Her art consists of a wide array of art forms that include oil, acrylic, water color, charcoal, and sanguine.
• •Elke, as the emotional Singer. She has recorded best-selling albums in four of her five fluent languages.

  • An award winning dramatic, as well as comedic actress who continues to set house records in America and Europe for her diverse roles in the theater. Elke is the recipient of some of America and Germany's most coveted acting awards.
  • A splendid stage director, she is highly regarded in the theater world on both continents.
  • Dubbed "The Brute" by Sports Illustrated because of her play on the court, she is a top-ranked celebrity tennis player and golfer - voracious and competitive.

--- Then, there is the private Elke, the person only a few of her fans know. The Elke who raises cymbidiums and roses in the lush gardens of her two acre estate in exclusive Bel Air.
• • This brings us to the present - Elke continues to maintain an extraordinary professional schedule. One may wonder, with the rigorous demands of her career, how can she balance the need for her treasured private life? In August of 1993, she married hotelier Wolf Walther. In the role of husband and soule mate, Wolf has become both an anchor and a sail to his wife providing a solid home base for the private Elke and who also is a passionate supporter of the public Elke.
• • Elke says the best is yet to come. "She always talked about singing a few duets with me", says Troy Cory, "now's the time to plan to go again," the Troy Cory Show will be appearing in China, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
• • Elke missed the 2004 China Concert, Show for the reason her devoted mother, Renate Schletz passed away. MORE

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