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PART THREE - WEEK 29 - 2005
TVInews: 107 - Grandpa Nat, WiFi Firewire & Watermelons. Nathan B. Stubblefield - heads Wireless Telephone®™© Demonstrations in Philadelphia - 1902 SEE PHOTO OF GEs E.J. Houston, A. F. Collins, andTesla at NBS Demo.



































































TVInews:109 - Grandpa Nat, WiFi, Firewire. and Wireless Radio Telephone®™© Demonstrations - Philadelphia - 1902
Photo: Nathan B. Stubblefield, #28 far right - heads Wireless Telephone®™© Demonstrations in Philadelphia - 1902.. General Electric co-founder, Edwin J. Houston, #19, is standing next to Tesla, #20. A. Frederick Collins, k#1. / Nikola Tesla and Clarissa, the lady dressed in white in the photo, are the featured in the screenplay - Firewire, Watermelons. See More About - Wireless Cemeteries.

PART THREE / - WEEK 29 - 2005

When Grandpa Nat left his Washington connections and secrets behind in 1915, he didn't know it was going to be forever. He knew how and why his wireless system was separated from the profitable two-way land-line telephone service, and as to why and when the name, "Wireless Telephone™" was changed to "radio" -- and why his son, Bernard, was given title to the flying machine as part of a Squire-Bell trade-out.






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NBS also knew the secrets as to why the two-way radio frequency station was to exclusively support existing Morse Code dit dah transmissions, and why AT&T was given the franchise to control the new one-way Voice radio frequency station, and who was going to service the owners of the newly developed table-top radio receiver, -- as described on his drawings,
The one thing he didn't know, was how the signatories to the Kingsbury Commitment were going to take over and merge the AT&T / U.S. Government agenda with the many city/state-owned bankrupt telephone companies, and how they were to handle payment to complete their "One System, One Universal Service, and One Telephone Policy", with his own Kentucky telephone company investors, with proper compensation.
Grandpa Nathan's life was turned inside out when his investors started to complain about the inquiries asked by regulators concerning their private lives. He was called to testify before General Squier's inquiries in Washington, which was investigating subversives in the U.S. Army and his dealings with Squier, and was subpoenaed to Atlanta, Georgia, concerning Collin's stock fraud inquiries, as well.
02 / Back in Murray
After the A. Frederick Collins Wireless Telephone stock scandal of 1914, and as one of the original organizers of the American Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company, and as a major stockholder in the Collins group of companies, Grandpa Nat had to distance himself and his business activities from friends and his Kentucky "Big Six" partners. That and the 1916 enlistments of his three sons, Bernard, Nathan Jr., and Oliver Ray Jack into the U.S. Army, and the image of them dying on the European battlefields during World War I, just added to Grandpa Nat's demise. It was all too much for the couple. So they separted. CLICK MORE ABOUT THE NBS COLLINS WiFi License
Grandpa was now once again blamed by his wife of 36 years for accidently poisoning three of their nine children through inadvertencies. Neither, at the time of their experimenting with various mixtures of Pitchblende and salt crystals within their 85 farmland soil, knew it was contaminating Teleph-on-delgreen. From 1881 to 1906, the soil-coil RF antenna "hotspots" -- that made it possible for Grandpa Nathan Stubblefield to develop and patent the 1898 induction earth batteries and 1908 Wireless Telephone™ -- did contaminate their foodstuffs and water.
It wasn't until 1906 when their son Tesla died teething on a potato from one of the RF antenna "hotspots," -- that they realized that it could have been the RF antenna "hotspots," mixtures of Pitchblende, salt crystals and other active metals that created the healthy looking but tainted vegetable gardens. The watermelons, tobacco and other vegetation they had commenced growing and selling since their courtship in 1880, when he was 20 and Ada Mae, 16 years of age became an invitation for both invention and the destruction of a family.
They couldn't shake the sense of dread, so Ada Mae on their 36th anniversary, 1917, left Grandpa Nat stranded. He moved his gear to a one room hut and became a stranger than fiction recluse. On summer nights, he would shock his neighbors by lighting up hill sides from his hut, with his buried RF induction transmitting coils. See Firewire and Wireless. CLICK FOR MORE SOIL-COIL "HOTSPOTS" REVIEW.
When the United States entered into World War I, from June 1917 to July 1919, all of the U.S. land-line telephone systems, wireless radio broadcasting companies and telecom patents were nationalized and pooled, making any claims for patent infringement or cross usage, null and void. Grandpa Nat still living as a recluse near Murray, still had one secret he never leaked, said neighbors, and that secret was a wireless device -- he called, "LookRadio".
Following the war he thought, as well as others, including family members, that reprivatization would restore his patent and frequency assets back to him, but under the "Commitment", AT&T resumed its near-monopoly quasi government telecom position.
Between 1921 and 1934 the ICC approved 271 of the 274 purchase requests of AT&T. In 1934, the government made AT&T a regulated monopoly under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission. This formal quasi government status was maintained until AT&T's forced divestiture in 1984.
Ada Mae, said in her letters that NBS was "a victim of the … awful pressure of the hysterical assault upon inventions that reactionaries were using and promoting for their own ends." But on March 30, 1928, when Grandpa NBS was found dead, those who had tormented him were unapologetic. "It seems to me," said his grandson, Troy Cory-Stubblefield in the movie treatment, "that NBS's conscience was always clear as a secret keeper. His life style showed everyone that he was willing to wait out his fate until the war ended, then God's willing, his luck would change, and they would all get paid from the work product of his inventions."
There was no reason why people would make him suffer by spreading lies about his private life in Washington, and the stories about Clarissa that made his life untenable among Ada Mae and his children.
In the movie script, Clarissa is of the opinion that because of NBS's investors' growing hatred for the people on Wall Street, and those politicians who helped glorify the Madison Square Gardens wireless stock sales, featuring Tesla and Collins, were the causes of their monetary losses, and the reason why some big-name Kentucky players had to stay at arm's length -- from NBS. -- MORE STORY / -PART FOUR 302005 -/ImagesNBS100/GrandpaNat04Gov1992300w.jpg

ByLines: Editors Note

Telephony to Teleph-on-delgreen / Lochte Review and Exhibit Updates


27 Week of 2005 / Reflections on Grandpa Nat, by the great-grandchildren of N.B. Stubblefield are the comments on the subject matter chosen by the developers to be featured in the full length Hollywood film project. The movie's working title agreed to is: "Firewire and Watermelons".
The personal comments in this 3 part weekly Celebrity Scene News report were made during the months April, May and June 2005, in Universal City, Ca, to establish the period before and after NBS filed his patent application for the Wireless Telephone, 98 years ago, on April 5, 1907. The film is based on the 1992 four-volume book set, "N.B. Stubblefield and the Smart-Daaf Boys, written by Troy Cory-Stubblefield and Josie Cory-Stubblefield, Library of Congress Catalog Card number: 93-060451. ISBN 1883644-00-3, and the N.B. Stubblefield DVD Documentary, VRA 4501 to VRA 4503.

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