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PART 04 FINAL - WEEK 30 - 2005
TVInews:109 - Grandpa Nat, Wi-Fi, Firewire & Watermelons. Nathan B. Stubblefield. The inventor and patent, trademark, servicemark holder of Wireless Telephone®™© from Kentucky. "1992, 100th Anniversary of Radio" - See Proclamation By Gov. Wallace Wilkinson. 1992.



































































1992 - "Nathan Beverly Stubblefield Year" - the 100th Anniversary of Radio
Photo: The State of Kentucky Proclaims -- "1992 as the Year of Nathan Beverly Stubblefield" -- signed by Governor, Wallace G. Wilkinson. on April 29th, 1991. The Proclamtion was given to Troy Cory-Stubblefield, in 1991, in respect to his Grandfather, Nathan B. Stubblefield. See - movie treatment. "Firewire, Watermelons and NBS of Kentucky. See More About - Wireless Cemeteries.








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02 PART FOUR - WEEK 30 - 2005
In my family, and to some of those around and about Kentucky, grandpa Nat was accorded hero status, which I'm sure served as an aspirin for allowing him to live so long where he did, then die on the same earth floor hut he started out with, some ten years earlier. On March 28, 1930, on the campus of N.B. Stubblefield Industrial School, now Murray State University, a Memorial Headstone was erected in his honor, on his former Telephon-Del-Green 82 acre estate, 100 feet from the school house and near the grave sites of two of his children, Frederic and William Tesla (Billy), named after his peers and his father, Capt. Billy.

As a child I could see the humanity and intelligence in his eyes from the portrait of Grandpa Nat hanging on the wall in my parents' house, says Alden Stubblefield. Now, as I flip through the major feature film movie treatment, "Firewire and Watermelons", based on the 1992 four-volume book set, "N.B. Stubblefield and the Smart-Daaf Boys, I can finally see why the letter "S" in the title, Smart-Daaf Boys is the acronym for Stubblefield and the eight wireless innovators. See Amazon for Books: co-written by my father Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory-Stubblefield.
"When I was 5 and about to start school", adds Scott Stubblefield, I questioned my mother and father whether all of those terrible stories I'd heard about first-grade were true. You know, the ones about, if you couldn't say your ABC's backwards and forward in two minutes, you were a dumb bell, and the one about the giant-sized fifth-grader bogeymen lurking around every corner, waiting for the chance to put a charley horse on your back-side -- with a girl or two, snickering and giggling while watching on".
My mother assured me those stories weren't true, pointing to the 1902 Philadelphia photo hanging on the wall, showing Grandpa standing with some of the greatest industry leaders of the 19th and 20th century. In a low whispering vocie, she said, "that if I made it through law school, I might get a chance to do something great, just like Grandpa Nat did."
After one hour, I could name every Smart-Daaf Boy in the photo, plus remember the name "bowler hat" as they called the funny old-fashioned "derby hat" Grandpa Nat, Collins, Gen. Squier and the man from Bell Telephone were wearing. How did they know then, that the wireless telephone that was broadcasting voice and music, would later be renamed, radio?
"But Grandpa, like his friend Tesla and George Westinghouse", shouted Scott, while finger pointing to the1902 Philadelphia photo seen above, -- "In the eyes of many -- some of those men seen standing there in the line-up, viewed Grandpa and Tesla as the bogeymen lurking around every corner, waiting for the chance to put a charley horse on their back-side." What hurt Grandpa Nat most of all though, was when they branded him "nothing but a -- watermelon farmer."
03 / THEN AND NOW - I wonder if people would feel differently about the world of education and the wireless video/telephone telecommunications, if they would take a closer look at what the N.B. Stubblefield Industrial School looked like in the early 1900s, before the Telephon-Del-Green 82 acreage became a Kentucky University, and before the NBS100 frequency by-products were sold in 1996, to the general public.
Today, it is easy to understand why the Smart Daaf wireless frequencies were sold in 1996 by the FCC -- for over 37 billion $USdollars, but it's hard to imagine, as to why somebody from the FCC didn't notify MSU or a member of NBS100 group then, before the wireless telephone frequencies were sold. Priscilla thinks the reasons are simple. We know about the sales, we know the history, now the movie about how the billions were collected by the Smart-Daaf Boys, MSU, and the Kentucky "Big Six".
In the case of the holocaust victims, the cash and the works of art that were either stolen from the victims by the personnel, employed by the U.S. Army, and in the action where a Swiss bank was holding deposits belonging another group of victims, eventually was settled under U.S. Federal rules of law. Both cases considered the tortfeasor, as regulatory agencies, acting in fiduciary capacity, Both America and Switzerland were held responsible for monetary damages, and billions were paid to the victims, and or their survivors.
When you click on the nbs100.com website, watch the "Stubblefield" LookRadio, Podcast movie trailer, then click over to the official U.S. Patent Office site. Spend a few moments viewing each of the 1907 NBS drawings, note the distances from his mobile wireless telephone devices within the moving vehicles, to the land-line telephone/telegraph pole -- there were no ground connections.
Then notice the type of mobile antennae the horseless carriage, ship and the locomotive are using to transmit and receive signals. It was a pure NBS ordinary radio frequency. The wireless units were later streamlined by one of the Smart-Daaf boys with specific tuners to fit any frequency known to mankind. Squire perfected land-line multiplexing.
Just imagine in the spring of 1907, the real and human life Grandpa Nat, his wife and children must have enjoyed -- when they were the center of every conversation about the money and wealth the wireless telephone would bring to the State of Kentucky and Washington, D.C. When the stewardship of wireless changed hands in 1913, so did NBS's private life. Alone and apostatized by his family and friends, he was found dead in the early spring of 1928, in a house he shared with his cat. Before he died, Nathan B. Stubblefield said to his neighbors: "I've lived fifty years before my time".
To be exact, he lived 88 years before his time. It was not until 1996, the RF radio frequencies emitted by his 1898 virtual antenna system, he called his earth induction coils, and those described in his 1908 wireless telephone patents, were permitted by the FCC, to be sold to the general public. In regards to the small hut where he lived, it had only one room -- that became Grandpa Nat's only wireless refuge.
Because no one was with Grandpa Nat when he passed on, it is thought that he might have died on or about, March 30th 1928. His cat was found licking at Grandpa Nat's eyeballs when he was found dead lying on the earth floor of the hut. Though he didn't smoke, a pipe was in his hand.
We know this is true, because the story was told to our father by the man who found the lifeless body of my Grandpa Nat, when the man was just a teenager. This man's story was video taped, and can be seen by clicking here -- on VRA Teleply movie preview.

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ByLines: Editors Note

Telephony to Teleph-on-delgreen / Lochte Review and Exhibit Updates


27 Week of 2005 / Reflections on Grandpa Nat, by the great-grandchildren of N.B. Stubblefield are the comments on the subject matter chosen by the developers to be featured in the full length Hollywood film project. The movie's working title agreed to is: "Firewire and Watermelons".
The personal comments in this 3 part weekly Celebrity Scene News report were made during the months April, May and June 2005, in Universal City, Ca, to establish the period before and after NBS filed his patent application for the Wireless Telephone, 98 years ago, on April 5, 1907. The film is based on the 1992 four-volume book set, "N.B. Stubblefield and the Smart-Daaf Boys, written by Troy Cory-Stubblefield and Josie Cory-Stubblefield, Library of Congress Catalog Card number: 93-060451. ISBN 1883644-00-3, and the N.B. Stubblefield DVD Documentary, VRA 4501 to VRA 4503.

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