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TVInews / 102 iNBS100 Enters Wireless Broadband Market With WiFi90 WiMax
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35th Week 2005 / Since the patent drawings of the NBS Wireless Telephone were first published in 1907, the drawings themselves have become the bases in the development of Cellphones, laptops, and WiFi / WiMax broadcasting to and from moving vehicles to landline connections.




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The success of the countless number of entrepreneurs in the Internet Cafe scene around the world, opened the eyes to the uses of the wireless telephone within those business establishments owning hotels, law firms, cemeteries and theatrical business. It's a proven fact, that a witness deposition can be taken "live" via a wireless video telephone directly into the court room with ease -- for just the cost of a DSL line.
"Today's WiFi broadband users are all part of pioneering team," says Mark Sovol of iNBS100 WiFi90 installations. "It all started way back when, when the drawings of the wireless telephone, invented by Nathan B. Stubblefield -- were published by Scientific America and by the U.S. Patent Office.
The schematic drawings of his wireless telephone and system were devised by NBS almost 100 years ago, to bypass the "chokehold telephone and telegraph companies had on phone and telephone pole access, (and the lack of) -- to customers' homes and offices," says Sovol.
He, as well as his peers, the Smart Daaf Boys, continued Sovol, "had no idea at the time, the value of the radio frequencies created by his wireless patents at today's prices. Compared to the billions of dollars in cost to install the copper wires and fiber-optic lines needed to deliver super-fast Internet speeds, like the speed generated by a WiFi90 system, would take years to complete."
Wireless systems, by contrast, can be built relatively quickly and cheaply, requiring little more than rooftop antennas with radio gear to move signals over the air and with ethernet cables linking them to computers inside.
"The only problem I see," says a Microsoft executive, is our competitors trying to invade VIIV market (ryhmes with Dive) with the WiFi90 patented audio/video enhancement technology, and our inability to keep our media broadband streaming video market to ourselves, without stepping on the toes of the FCC, the EU, and our QT and Real Video foes. Because of the sensitivity of his/her remarks, the MS spokesperson asked to withhold names in this report.
Hundreds of wireless carriers across the country are "playing if safe", as they build and expand systems around the two major high-speed wireless technologies, that has become known as Wi-Fi and WiMax.
iNBS100, (Internet National Broadcasting Systems), with business affiliates in the U.S.A., China and in Western Europe, plans to provide their WiFi90 bandwidth technology along with their patented audio control enhancement technology within their iNBS100 antenna installation services provided by their licensed affiliates.
WiFi90 offers speeds that can reach 100 megabits per second, which would deliver about 4,800 typewritten pages of text a second. Typical DSL service is 1.5 Mbps, or about 72 pages a second.
"It's a good way to go," said WiFi90 developer MacFarlane. "It works."
iNBS100, wireless broadcasting system use base stations where radio signals from customers are collected and routed. WiFi90, for instance, connects with local phone companies landlines by relaying signals to their affiliate long-distance carrier, where it picks up its ilink90 ID phone number to its broadband customers.
"What iNBS100 and WiFi90 installations will do with their high-speed fixed WiFi90 wireless systems installation, will bring both phone companies and WiFi developers to us, just the way the pioneer wireless inventors, Nikola Tesla and Nathan Stubblefield imagined at the turn of the 20th century, said MacFarlane"



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