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36thWeek Sep 5

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36 Week 2005 Larry Page TVI PERSON OF THE WEEK - Vol 49- POW 73
NEWS Convergence - 36th Week of 2005

102 Google Sidebars&Widgets
107Ambros Seelos Postpones New Orleans Tour
107Ambros Seelos / Germany & China
102 iNBS and WiFI90 Broadband Installations
102 Intel Chips For PC Podcasting
102 Baidu.com China's Number One Browser



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36 Week 2005 Larry Page TVI PERSON OF THE WEEK - Vol 49- POW 73
NEWS Convergence - 36th Week of 2005

102 GoogleSidebar&Widgets.htm


35 Week 2005 Rupert Murdoch TVI PERSON OF THE WEEK - Vol 49- POW 66
NEWS Convergence - 35th Week of 2005

102 iNBS and WiFI90 Broadband Installations
102 Intel Chips For PC Podcasting
102 Baidu.com China's Number One Browser
106 US Pays $72million For Agency Tree Seizure Scam
108 American Express Spin Off


News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch on Monday handed control of the company's 35 television stations to Roger Ailes, the executive who in nine years built the Fox News Channel into a politically influential ratings juggernaut. Ailes, 65, replaces the media. -- MORE • 102NewsCorpsRogerAtles.htm

114 James Dougherty, a retired Los Angeles police detective who earned a niche in Hollywood history when he married a pretty teenager named Norma Jean Baker in the early 1940s, years before she became the iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, has died. He was 84. -- MORE • 114MarilynMonroeHusband.htm

114 John Bahcall Astrophysicist Dies, Age 70. Astrophysicist's Bahcall and Davis Helped Prove the Sun Is Powered by Nuclear Reactions. -- MORE • 114JohnBahcallAstrophysics.htm

102 Clear Channel Communications Inc. named Michael Rapino chief executive of its planned entertainment-business spinoff. The spinoff, temporarily called CCE SpinCo Inc., includes Clear Channel's live music, theater, sports representation and motor sports operations. Rapino, 39, succeeds interim CEO Randall Mays, son of founder Lowry Mays, the San Antonio-based company said. -- MORE • 102ClearChannel&CCESpin.htm

Attend The Western Food Expo, Aug 22nd

Where's Lingo VOIP Going?

102 Murdoch's Son resigns and News Corp is now looking to Buy a few established Internet firms like, China's xingtv.com, and Skype for $3 billion as part of its Internet expansion strategy.

102 Google Delays Book Scans in Libraries Until End of 2005

Soulfind and NBS100 Wireless Cemeteries - Wireless Internet phone service at hot spots has always been available to those with so-called soft phones, a headset with a microphone, connected to their laptops. - More Story 102WiFiPhonesHotSpots.htm


• • 33 week of 2005 / Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. who News Corp. owns Fox Television Network, 20th Century Fox movie studio, satellite broadcaster DirecTV and newspapers including the New York Post, among other properties, it's Sky Italia, the fledgling Italian satellite TV service, posted its first quarterly operating profit, earning $74 million, contrasted with a loss of $26 million a year earlier. -- CLICK FOR MORE STORY-

102 August 12, 2005 / SAN FRANCISCO -- Google Inc. said Friday that it had suspended its high-profile effort to scan copyrighted books from libraries into its searchable index.
The Internet giant -- which sees the program as part of its grand mission to organize the world's information -- said it would wait until November before resuming the work to give publishers time to say which titles they don't want copied. In the meantime, Google plans to keep adding books that aren't copyrighted and those that are submitted by publishers for inclusion.. -- CLICK FOR MORE STORY-


322005 Larry Page - POW 73
NEWS Convergence - 32th Week of 2005

312005 Larry Page - POW 73
NEWS Convergence - 31th Week of 2005

302005 Jeff Bezos - POW 68
NEWS Convergence - 30th Week of 2005

292005 Jeff Bezos - POW 68
NEWS Convergence - 29th / 30th Week of 2005

102 Jeff Bezos and Amazon Celebrates 10th year - 29the Week 2005 / SEATTLE -- Soon after Amazon.com Inc. debuted 10 years ago, Jeff Bezos and his handful of employees spent late summer nights packing books in a tiny warehouse, scrambling to ship a growing gush of orders. - More Story 102BezosAmazon10thyear.htm

282005 - / Sergey Brin / POW72
NEWS Convergence - 28th Week of 2005-74
More Story 107GrandpaNat&Firewire02.htm
More Story 109Victims$TrustSoloman.htm


272005 - 27st Week tviNews Convergence
More Story 109 Grandpa Nat & Firewire & Watermelons
More Story 107War Of The Worlds - Tom Cruise
More Story 102 Google Shares Over $300
More Story Specialty Records Art Rupe R&B History
More Story Specialty Artist and Lable List
More Story About Valerie Milano
More Story 102 NBS100 - Wireless Cemeteries

 Feature Story/ Section A

"City of Lights & Wireless Telepathy", by 3D surrealist artist, Thomax Hicks -- Centuries before electricity and the wireless telephone became part of the old world, and 600 years after Thomax's ancestors came to America, this masterful Surrealism Painting and its limited edition prints, (12"x24") -- pictures a vividly detailed story that unwinds the life for the three souls of mankind, man, woman and God. The three souls are linked together with the heart of the matter, stones. - More Story107 ThomaX 3D Art - "City of Lights & Wireless Telepathy

Will It Be A Webcast or Podcast? - Webcast Pioneers Smart90, LookRadio, Xingtv and tvinews.net agrees with experts, that watching or listening to a little handy with a TV screen, is the future of personal wireless entertainment. - More Story102 Will It Be LookRadio, Webcast or Podcasting?

Oxytocins, Hugs, and a Smile Brings Immediate Cash -- say people close to the Zurich trust study
23 Week 2005 / Trust and money is not only built on a smile, ahugs and a few glesses of wine, it's built on Oxytocin, a neurochemical that can be distilled into a nasal spray and shot throught an airconditioning system, that can be utilized to help ease the natural suspicion of strangers. - More Story109 Oxytocin Hugs & Trust.htm

TVInews Celebrity Scene - Visiting the Movie and Art World of Elke Sommer. To millions of fans she's a legendary Movie Star, to the collector's of her art -- she's a realist. - More Story107 The World Of Elke Sommer

108 Who Were The Founders of TVI? - More Story108 Who Were The Founders of TVI?

08 The Memories of Al Preiss -1987 - More Story108 The Memories of Al Preiss -1987



Feature Story/ Section B
MORE • NEWS Convergence - 22th Week of 222005-68
MORE • NEWS Convergence - 21th Week of 212005-72
MORE • NEWS Convergence - 20th Week of 202005-72
MORE • NEWS Convergence - 19th Week of 192005-73
MORE • NEWS Convergence - 18th Week of 182005-73

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