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TVInews - 107 Celebrity Scene - The Life and Career of Troy Cory. The Ambros Seelos, Sylvester Levay Munich Sound, Was The Sound and Music Featured In the Movie "Buster" and the Troy Cory Show in the 70s.

107 Troy Cory Show & the Munich Sound
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107 Celebrity Scene - Sylvester Levay.
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Photo: l-r - Troy Cory, Sylvester Levay, Gerti, Ambros Seelos and Jossi Sigl / Munich, 1970. MORE ABOUT SYLVESTER LEVAY

37th Week / Troy Cory is widely respected as being one of the top early day pioneers in the Internet webcasting industry. MORE


Photo: l-r - Sylvester Lavey, Band Members, Ambros Seelos and Troy Cory / Basel, 1970.




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Although Troy has spent most of his life using his music, videos and concert webcast celebrity to promote trade agreements between the U.S. and foreign nations, his passion has always been focused on the history of the wireless telephone, radio, television and finance. Since 1992, Troy Cory-Stubblefield and his wife Josie, (Jossi Sigl), have authored 6 published books, and have produced 4 DVDs, on the subject matter.
"I don't know if people really understand what I do," he said in a 2002 interview with TVI's, Larry Leverett of Hollywood Beat. "When I say that I'm in the entertainment business they say, 'Oh, you're the executive producer!' If I tell them I'm kind of a singing detective kind of guy, they get a sort of puzzled look. But when I say, `I'm the voice of Troy Cory in the Troy Cory Show, with Ambros Seelos, you can see on the Internet' the lightbulb goes on and they say, 'Oh, you're the guy that sings in China with the four Brooke Sisters!' "
Making movies in one form or another was Troy's lifelong passion. Born in Denver, Colorado, he grew up in Long Beach, California, where his early interests included movies, drawing, performing in school plays. While attending Pepperdine University, Troy perfected his comedy routines with his comedy team partner, Tip Tobin, (Cory & Tobin).
"I liked evoking a response from an audience through comedy," he said. A Television program mixed with music, comedy and a storyline, is the ultimate illusion, the realities of my life. Again music, a headline story, and a good shooting location will always relate to the realities in someone's life, if it has -- just a little humor."
Troy entered the performing arts industry full-time in the 1960s. As a high cchool student he was inspired by James Dean and the part Bing Crosby played in, "High Society". As a student at Pepperdine University, he was inspired by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
"Their acts were so real, they just knocked me over. "I knew that's what I wanted to try to accomplish in regards to my show Biz endeavors."
While attending both, Cleveland Chiropractic College and LaSalle School of Law, Troy said for this interview that he -- "perfected the art of stand-up comedy, and doing a solo song on a night club stage. After I received my academia diplomas and licenses, I was ready for anything the world had to offer, including a sales pitch.
"Sonny Bono reported in 1962 that Troy was the undisputed top white recording artist at Specialty Record, Troy's recordings were Specialty's first entries into the pop market." "Down On The Beach" was to become the model sound we aspired to compete with Dot Records." Bono was the producer of Troy's first recordings in the early 1960s:
At Mercury and Philles Records in Hollywood, Troy worked with producer Nat Goodman, and writers Bob Roberts, Disney composers and Academy Award winners, Bob and Dick Sherman, (Mary Poppins). In Chicago, it was Rob Matthews who developed Troy's first Mercury recordings, (1962), "Little Pink Toe" and "Suzy McGregor, (1962), "Make Me A Movie Star" and "Ocean, Mighty Ocean" (1964), "Something Borrowed" (1966), for Cinema Prize."
During this same period of time, Troy oversaw the international financial operations and organization of the Signet TeleKey Credit Card Group (1968), and was co-producer of films produced by United American Pictures, in both the U.S. and Europe.
With financial offices in Munich, Germany, Troy became friends with famed orchestra leader and saxophonist, Ambros Seelos, and composer / pianist, Sylvester Levay. It was through the Sherman brothers link that helped Levay later became a top music composer at Disney.
Their talents had converged musically when Troy, Sylvester and Ambros recorded their first jointly produced album together, entitled, "Relax", (1970). While Troy and Sylvester did lyrics and arrangements, the Ambros studio orchestra was in charge of recording the musical backgrounds and Troy's solos at the old Munich Trixi Studios. After the session was over and throughout the years, all three stayed in close touch with one anothers succeses.
"Ambros, Sylvester and I had a pact that, if and when, I got the chance to sing and act in my first feature, the music from our 1970 Munich session would be featured," Troy told TVI Celebrity Scene writer, Pete Allman.
The next year, Troy signed for his first feature with "Buster," -- directed by the late, John Carr. It's a story about 20s singer, Russ Columbo and brainfinger prints. "His understanding of story structure and his talent for creating an emotional complexity of characters, won him a place in the core group of artists in Hollywood," said Allman.
In addition to fulfilling his promise to Ambros and Sylvester, by getting the Munich sound in the film, the music was chosen for the Cinema Prize Harrison Carrol Award, and was released as LP Album on both Cinema Prize and BBC. By 1972, Troy lucked out in getting the role as the lead singer, and host of the syndicated television show, "The Evening Show." After one season, the TV show was renamed, "The Troy Cory Show". His daughter, Priscilla Cory, then 14, became his sidekick, and his 6 dancers, became the famous Brooke Sisters.
"The rest is history," says Pete Allman, "just visit the 'Lookradio.com" on the Web, or go to "images" on Google, Yahoo or A9 and type the key words, "Troy Cory Show China" / or just "Troy Cory Show" -- and you'll see what I mean," says Pete.
"Troy, with his great passion for authoring books about his grandfather, Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor and patent holder of the wireless telephone, (1907), understands the facts about the invention better than anyone," says Allman." "He has a great scent for good humor, he's poignant, original, and he has an infallible sense for how to structure the Stubblefield "The Secretkeeper" movie treatment." What storyline will win out? Will it be love, corruption or war? The treatment with copyrights was registered with the WGA in 2004.
Unlike many financial business men, Troy never expressed an interest in running a bank, except for one.
"As I reminded Troy during this interview, "is it true that you're going to keep pursuing your grandpa Nathan's, wireless telephone thing forever,"
Troy in his D-diary iSpy character answered, "Cuts ya right to the core doesn't it? Why don't you put that question on hold, and follow me into the next episode of NBS100. The movie treatment is finished. Now it's time for the Munich Trio, Ambros, Syvester and Troy to write the score, and a George Lucas or a Steven Spielberg, to film it; or a Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise or the Kentuckian, George Clooney, says Troy."



ByLines: Editors Note
The Life and Career Of Sylvester
Sylvester Levay, born in Subotica, Jugoslavia close to the Hungaian border began his musical studies at the age of eight and won his first composition competition at the age of 15. He came to Germany in the early 60s and worked from1963 to1972 with various orchestras throughout Europe. After he moved to Munich in 1970, he made a name as a composer, conductor, pianist and arranger working with Ambros Seelos.
Working with singing stars like Udo Juergens, Troy Cory, Gitte Henning, Katja Ebstein, Penny McLean and Donna Summer he met his writing partner Michael Kunze with whom he has created many successful theatrical works.
MORE ABOUT FLY, ROBIN, FLY / • 107 Celebrity Scene Munich Photos.

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