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TVInews 108 Forbes Top 20 Billionaires / NBS100 Top 20 of Communications - Smart90 EMw Achievement Award




























































































Feature Story: 39th week of 2005 / Here are the listings of the World's top 20 Billionaires acknowledged annually by Forbes.com, and NBS100 Top 20.




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While Forbes honors the overall richest people and organizations in the world, NBS100 honors only those individuals in the world of the EMw (Electromagnetic wave) telecommunications, who have contributed to an outstanding Scientific invention, Development, or to a Performing Art form of achievement.
The list includes: Name, overall rank, age, net worth, residence and sources of wealth.

Wireless Telephony, as a science
and an industry, since 1907, has always been intimately connected with the land-line telephone, radio, television, satellites, the Internet and WiFi streaming video. The NBS100 achievement award is presented to those contributors that utilizes the electromagnetic wave, light, or digital form of wired - wireless, that can send and receive Video, Audio and Images through the atmosphere.
The quest to build a list for the rich and famous was brought on by Forbes Magazine 24 years ago, (1981). TVI's, NBS100 Top 100 got into the act a few years later, (1987) -- with Rupert Murdoch on the cover of TVI Magazine, to help bring focus to the Fox movie/TV merger, and computer digital editing, printing and audio/video streaming research.

This years top unique company was the Google
smart profitable browser, and initial public offering, that gave Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, the co-founders of Google, a side benefit: advancement into the upper echelons of Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans, and The NBS100's Top 20 Person of the Week. Both lists were released during the 38th week of 2005. (September 19-25, 2005). CLICK TO SEE MORE STORY BELOW -- on How NBS100 selectes the NBS EMwAchiever
For the third consecutive year the rich got richer on the NBS100 achievement award. In the 24th annual edition of The Forbes 400, the collective net worth of the nation's wealthiest climbed $125 billion, to $1.13 trillion. All but 26 people on our roster are billionaires.
Surging real estate and oil prices drove up several fortunes and helped pave the way for 33 new members (and 9 retreads). Gulf Coast oilman Tracy Krohn landed on the list after taking his W&T Offshore drilling operation public in January.
Developers Jorge Perez and Steven Roth are two of the six real estate tycoons added to the list. Another newcomer: James Leprino, who built a $1.3 billion fortune supplying cheese to pizza joints Little Caesars and Papa John's.
The year's biggest gainer was casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, whose net worth jumped $8.5 billion on a big bet he's making on the peninsula of Macau, China. Gambling is also the source of wealth for Ruth Parasol and Russell DeLeon, a husband-and-wife team who run their online casino, PartyGaming, from Gibraltar.
For every arrival, there is an exit. Eight members of last year's list died, including Wal-Mart heir John Walton, in a plane crash in June. He is replaced by his wife, Christy. Thirty-three fortunes simply couldn't keep pace with the rising minimum needed to get on the list, which this year was $900 million, a $150 million jump from 2004. Among the notables on whom the curtain descended: DreamWorks cofounder Jeffrey Katzenberg.

NBS100's Top 10 in the World of TeleCommunications Person(s) of the Week - The Smart Daaf Achievers in wealth
01 Bill Gates, 49, United States,$51B, Microsoft (1)
02. Paul Allen, 52, , United States, $22.5B, Microsoft (3)
03. Silvio Berlusconi, 68. $12B, Italy (25)
04. Sergey Brin, 32, $11B U.S.A. Google Inc. (16)
04. Larry Page, 32, $11B , U.S.A. Google Inc. (16)
05. Rupert Murdoch, 74 $6.7B, News Corp (32)
06. Jeffrey Bezos, 41, $4.8B, Amazon (42)
07. Donald Trump, 59, $2.7B (83)
08. Ted Turner, 66, $2B, U.S. (133)
09. Oprah Winfrey, 51, $1.4B, U.S. (235)
10. Richard Branson, 55 $1.1B, UK

Top Ten in the World (in $Billions)
1. Bill Gates, United States,$51, Microsoft
2. Warren Buffett, United States, $44, Berkshire Hathaway
3. Lakshmi Mittal, India, $25, steel
4. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico, $23.8, telecom
5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabia, $23.7, investments
6. Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden, $23, Ikea
7. Paul Allen, United States, $22.5 Microsoft
8. Karl Albrecht, Germany, 85, $18.5, supermarkets
9. Larry Ellison, United States, $18.4, Oracle
10. S. Robson Walton, United States, $18.3, Wal-Mart

Top in U.S.
1. Bill Gates, 49, $51 billion, Medina, Wash., Microsoft
2. Warren Buffett, 75, $40 billion, Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway
3. Paul Allen, 52, $22.5 billion, Seattle, Microsoft, investments
4. Michael Dell, 40, $18 billion, Austin, Texas, Dell Inc.
5. Larry Ellison, 61, $17 billion, Silicon Valley, Calif., Oracle Corp.
6. Christy Walton
7. Jim C. Walton
8. S. Robson Walton
9. Alice L. Walton
10. Helen R. Walton

• • Others in California
16. Sergey Brin, 32, $11 billion, San Francisco, Google Inc.
16. Larry Page, 32, $11 billion, San Francisco, Google Inc.
19. Kirk Kerkorian, 88, $10 billion, Los Angeles, investments, casinos
25. Sumner Redstone, 82, $8.4 billion, Beverly Hills, Viacom Inc.
38. Donald Bren, 73, $5.7 billion, Newport Beach, real estate
39. Eli Broad, 72, $5.5 billion, Los Angeles, investments
44. Gordon Moore, 76, $4.6 billion, Woodside, Intel Corp.
45. David Geffen, 62, $4.5 billion, Malibu, DreamWorks



3. Editor's Note

TeleComunications Industry Catagories.
The Convergence of Wired-Wireless Analog
to Digital Computer Transmitting.

• Wireless Telephone Broadband Streaming Innovators.
• Internet - Wired/Wireless Land Line Telephone, Cable and Eplug Developers.
• Content Distribution: WiFi, Internet, Station, Cable, and Satellite Developers

• Television Telecasting, LookRadio, Webcasting
• Radio Broadcasting, Podcasting
• Digital DVD Filmed Entertainment
• Recorded CD, DVD, MP3 Music
• Digital Computer News Publishing
• Digital Computer Book Publishing

When pure digital editing was first used by VRA TelePlay in the early-1980s, it was the first big step into a major line of inquiry in artificial intelligence, and where it came from, and WHEN.
With the exception of the Smart-Daaf group, expecially, Marconi's Dit Dah ticker and his antenna system, and Deforest's radio tube, few advances came to the N.B. Stubblefield, wireless telephony patent, antenna system and hardware, (1908). When the advances finaly arrived to the consumer, (1918) the name wireless telephony in America, was replaced by "radio". "The term was more suitable for the voice/music radio broadcaster," said those heading the AT&T land line broadcasting network.
As for commercial television stations, and computer streaming, there were none until the late-1940s. Telecasting was handicaped by World War II, and no super computer was available for mass storage and distribution, until 1958, and that one cost $10 million.
1969 - Birth of the Internet. ARPANET commissioned by DoD for research into networking.
1973 - Global Networking becomes a reality. First international connections to the ARPANET: University College of London (England) and Royal Radar Establishment (Norway). Ethernet outlined how local networks are basically connected today. Internet ideas started.
1976 - 0101 Apple Computer is formed with the introduction of the Apple I on April Fool's day 1976;
1976 - 0327 Twenty-year old Bill Gates gives the opening address at the First Annual World Altair Computer Convention (WACC) held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 11/1/76 Paul Allen resigns from MITS to join Microsoft full time.
1976 - 0327 The tradename "Microsoft" is registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New Mexico.
After 1977, the Steve Jobs MacIntosh development and its easy to use widow screen, unique hand-held mouse, and file finder dynamics system, connected to a wired network, contributed to the demand for the first usable personal computer.
1978 - Vine Street Stage introduces the methods used to video tape music videos for television, JVC 1/2" VHS Tape and VTR, and Laser Optic Disk. 2" video tape was used to video tape Rod Stewart. TeleKey's telex System land-lines, and Vine Street Video Centre Laser Disk (today's DVDs) production standards established.


/4. Bylines

Forbes Top 20 Billionaires
Forbes Top 1 to 1000 Individual List

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Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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