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• 02. Top 10 Richest
03. How Selected
TVInews - NBS100 Top 20 Criteria and Selection Process
40th week of 2005 / Once Forbes magazine publishes its annual list of the world's richest people -- others with similar lists, like NBS100 Top 20, -- follow the same type of Criteria and Selection Process, with a few twists.




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According to the Forbes' information, Russia has 25 billionaires, the third largest group in the world, adding an additional eight to its tally last year. The U.S. is first with 279 billionaires, and Germany second with 52. This year, Russia was able to oust Japan from the honorary third place.
NBS100's Top 20
include: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, and Silvio Berlusconi, of Italy.
•••The main criteria used by the Forbes experts in their selection of the world's richest, is the market capitalization of all shares and assets belonging to a person. In the NBS100 Top 20 selection process, the top priority is Telecommunications.
••• NBS100 honors only those individuals in the world of EMw communications, who have contributed to an outstanding Scientific invention, Development, or to a Performing Art form of achievement, since 1907. This is because, that year was the advent of the automobile, ship-to-shore and Wi-Fi land-line broadcasting, and beginnings of the era of "watered stock" dealings. Click For NBS story.
••• The thing that helped most of those on this year's Forbes group, was inflation, stock splits, corporate mergers, the threat of "terrorism", and the price of "oil". In 1908, says TVInew's, Mark Soval, the same economical trends were happening, except, less sophisticated. "Radio" -- at that time was called, the "wireless telephone", the new reality.
••• The main criteria used by those in the old days to select of the world's richest, was about like it is today, stock market capitalization. All of the shares and assets, owned and reportedly sold by the mogul and/or their corporations, never minding the cash assets, was the guide for wealth."
••• "Marconi was first, with GE, Weshinghouse and Tesla's group fighting it out with Deforest, and the various Stubblefield wireless telephone groups,in the days of the unregulated stock market," added Sovol. AT&T and Bell was just getting into the wireless telephone act. The EM was just the wireless thing needed, to help the land-line telepone company stimulate those people working in their "Sherwood Forest. Of couse, AT&T became the largest stock company in the world.
••• As the 2005-2006 Forbes annual list demonstrates, the total number of billionaires grew by 64, to reach a record high of all times. There are 587 people in the Forbes list.
•••Judging by the Forbes' criteria the former head of Yukos oil company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, still in jail, remains on top of the Russian part of the list. His personal fortune is estimated to be $15 billion. Khodorkovsky is followed by the owner of Chelsea soccer club and Sibneft oil company, Roman Abramovich, whose fortune is estimated to be $10.6 billion.
•••Studying the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list, money can buy happiness but not fame, or so it seems. You see many celebrities, but there are fewer than 100 names the average American might recognize. The modern culture of celebrity obsesses over Hollywood types, but only until recently with the Trump, "You're Fired" catch-on, the general public cared less about tycoons.

Wireless Telephony, as a science
and an industry, since 1907, has always been intimately connected with the land-line telephone, radio, television, satellites, and now Internet, and WiFi streaming video. The NBS100 achievement award is presented to those contributors utilizing the electromagnetic wave, light, or digital form of wired - wireless, that can send and receive Video, Audio and Images through the atmosphere.
The quest to build a list for the rich and famous was brought on by Forbes Magazine 24 years ago, (1981). TVI's, NBS100 Top 100 got into the act a few years later, (1987) -- with Rupert Murdoch on the cover of TVI Magazine, to help bring focus to the Fox movie/TV merger, and computer digital editing, printing and audio/video streaming research.
•••Below are this year's 2005-06, 20 notable Telecom achievers that originated from the inventor or developer of an art form or the Radio, Television, Wireless Telephone, and the Internet. Both the Forbes, and NBS100 lists include: Name, overall rank, age, net worth, residence and sources of wealth.
•••With the exceptions of those principals of privately held trusts and/or company(s), both the Forbes, and NBS100 lists includs: Name, overall rank, age, net worth, residence and sources of wealth.

NBS100's Top 20 in the World of Communications
01. Bill Gates, 49, United States,$51B, Microsoft (1)
11. Steve Jobs 5o, $3,3B, Apple, Pixlar, U.S.
02. Paul Allen, 52, , United States, $22.5B, Microsoft (3)
03. Silvio Berlusconi, 68. $12B billion, Italy (25)
04. Sergey Brin, 32, $11B U.S.A. Google Inc. (16)
04. Larry Page, 32, $11B , U.S.A. Google Inc. (16)
• 05. Rupert Murdoch, 74 $6.7B, News Corp (32)
• 06. Jeffrey Bezos, 41, $4.8B, Amazon (42)
• 07. Donald Trump, 59, $2.7B (83)
08. Ted Turner, 66, $2B U.S. (133)
09. Oprah Winfrey, 51, $1.4B U.S. (235)
• 06. Jeffrey Bezos, 41, $4.8B, Amazon (42)
10. Barry Diller 63, $1.3B, U.S.
11. Sam Donaldson,
12. Quincy Jones
13. Ma Yuzhen, China
14. Rod Stewart, U.S.A
• 15. Michael Bloomberg
• 16. David Filo, Yahoo
• 17. Jerry Yang, Yahoo
• 18. Philip Anschutz
• 19. Eric Schmidt, Google
• 20. Rod Stewart

That Legendary originators, patent holders, and developers of Wireless telecommunicatins art form, since 1892, include the following the Nine Smart Daaf Boys: --
Nathan B. Stubblefield
Guglielmo Marconi
• Ambrose Fleming
• Reginald Fessenden
• Nikola Tesla
• Lee DeForest
• Edwin Armstrong
• Ernst Alexanderson
• Philo Farnsworth
• Thomas Edison,
(his aerial patent idea was sold to Marconi)
• Frederick Collins
Gen. George O. Squier (Squire)
David Sarnoff, NBC
Charles P. Steinmetz, General Electric
• Arthur Frederick Collins
Walt Disney, Animation and TV program, (Original Company bought ABC)



3. Editor's Note
When pure digital editing was first used by VRA TelePlay in the early-1980s, it was the first big step into a major line of inquiry in artificial intelligence, and where it came from, and WHEN.
With the exception of the Smart-Daaf group, expecially, Marconi Dit Dah ticker and his antenna system, and Deforest radio tube, few advances came to the N.B. Stubblefield, wireless telephony patent, antenna system and hardware, (1908). When the advances finaly arrived to the consumer, (1918), the name wireless telephony in America, was replaced by "radio". "The term was more suitable for the voice/music radio broadcaster," said those at heading the AT&T land line broadcasting network.
As for commercial television stations, and computer streaming, there were none until the late 1940s. Telecasting was handicaped by World War II, and no super computer was available for mass storage and distribution, until 1958, and that one cost $10 million.
1969 - Birth of the Internet. ARPANET commissioned by DoD for research into networking.
1973 - Global Networking becomes a reality. First international connections to the ARPANET: University College of London (England) and Royal Radar Establishment (Norway). Ethernet outlined how local networks are basically connected today. Internet ideas started.
1976 - 0101 Apple Computer is formed with the introduction of the Apple I on April Fool's day 1976;
1976 - 0327 Twenty-year old Bill Gates gives the opening address at the First Annual World Altair Computer Convention (WACC) held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 11/1/76 Paul Allen resigns from MITS to join Microsoft full time.
1976 - 0327 The tradename "Microsoft" is registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New Mexico.
After 1977, the Steve Jobs MacIntosh development and its easy to use widow screen, unique hand-held mouse, and file finder dynamics system, connected to a wired network, contributed to the demand for the first usable personal computer.
1978 - Vine Street Stage introduces the methods used to video tape music videos for television, JVC 1/2" VHS Tape and VTR, and Laser Optic Disk. 2" video tape was used to video tape Rod Stewart. TeleKey's telex System land-lines, and Vine Street Video Centre Laser Disk (today's DVDs) production standards established.


/4. Bylines

NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

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Forbes Top 20 Billionaires
Forbes Top 1 to 1000 Indevidual List

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Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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