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TVInews / 102 A Pete Allman Report - LookRadio's Video -Webcaster Handy Design, and Apple IPod May Be Next Big Thing - to help stimulate music-video kudocasting and Paxville chip sales




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Photo: NBS100. There's a vast contrast between the definition of the wireless telephone patented in 1908, and an iPod. One now transmits and receives streaming audio/music/video signals, the other stores it.
Feature Story - 41st Week of 2005 / To help stay the rampant music piracy taking place a couple of years ago, -- Apple Computer Inc. made a royalty deal with the music industry to sell their music product at 99 cents per download.
In doing so, iTunes and the iPod has revolutionized the way music is being sold and played around the world. "Is the wireless video telephone, the next viPod?" questioned Pete Allman of TVInews.
Apple declined to comment. (October 5, 2005)
Ater its Paxville chip deal with Intel a few months ago, speculation has it that Apple would unveil a video iPod that has wireless telephone capabilities. It intensified this October week, when the company e-mailed an invitation to journalists that said "One more thing" against the backdrop of what looks like a movie theater curtain. "One more thing" is a phrase that Jobs often uses during product launches, -- that's usually means he's ready for a "big time" marketing idea.
Pete Allman, of Celebrity Scene, during an interview with Mark Sovol, of LookRadio who has been webcasting the Troy Cory Show, "live" -- from China, since 2000, said, "their various webcast/kudocast organization, would welcome Apple's entry into the video device market."
"In fact he added, it is the success Steve Jobs has had with the Quicktime streaming format, that gives him the headsup and over and beyond the Windows Media and Realvideo streamers. It was the ihandy wireless video telephone device we first saw at the old Merve Grifin Beverly Hilton, during the Final Cut intro, that got Lookradio and our sponsors off the ground in Harbin, China, 2000."
"I think we'd be happy that there would be more visibility to this market sector," said Lisa O'Malley, a brand manager for Creative Labs, which makes Zen portable media players. "Anyone joining the market would encourage the content providers to make more content available -- TV and movie studios, music labels."
But it could be sort of a mixed blessings for those wireless telephone companies that have already signed on with Windows and Real Video, said a person in the know. Apple will soon have a built-in way for its Macintosh computers to capture television the same way many PCs running Microsoft Windows do. The EU's Window monopoly rulings against Microsoft Corp. has helped a lot, said the unamed CEO of the company that lobbied the EU rulings.
Those rulings have helped direct Bill to see the realties of Window's media controlling streaming video. "If Apple is true to form they'll have a tightly integrated hardware, software and services offering that will be a better experience than people have gotten to date on portable media players," said Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies.
Jobs, known for secretive ways to announce new product, has scheduled an announcement for next week (week 4205), that industry experts widely expect will be the debut of an iPod that plays videos.
Although Chief Executive Steve Jobs revels in leading prognosticators astray, Apple's entry into the fledgling market for portable video could broaden the appeal of watching movies and television shows on the go -- and potentially create new revenue streams for studios and networks.
But, analysts cautioned, unless it can download a webcast for storage on its hard drive for later viewing, Apple may find that breaking into video will be significantly tougher than the wildly successful ride it has enjoyed with the iPod. Many say that, "unlike music, which people have carried with them since the transistor radio, video is usually watched at home on the couch."
"I'm not sure what the level of demand for portable video really is," said Mike McGuire, a personal technology analyst with Gartner Inc. "It's questionable."
But the market has been growing for at least three years, ever since our Harbin, China Webcast Concerts in 2002, says Troy Cory.
"It exceeded our expectations because it's a whole new business," said Ben Feingold, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
"I think it's important we migrate with lifestyle … as people spend more time commuting in places where they have what I call variable spare time -- like at the carwash, or in line at the post office" he said.
Analysts said they expected Apple to offer short clips through its iTunes Music Store.
"From our understanding, the first set of video content available from the iTunes store will be music videos and video podcasts," American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a research report. "At this point, we do not anticipate full-length feature movies but would not be surprised to see some test movies in the future."
Podcasts are audio or video programs that can be automatically downloaded onto a portable device, usually at no cost.
Key to the success of any player would be Apple's ability to secure material that people want to watch and to safeguard it against widespread copying. In addition to running Apple, Jobs is chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios and has strong ties in Hollywood.


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