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TVInews - 107 The Walt Disney Company Corporate Timeline - 1901-2005. From the birth of Walt Disney to Michael Eisner's Farewell To Disney
• 02. 1950-1990
03. 1990 to 2005

107 Walt Disney's TimeLine
107 Disney's living legends of "Mary Poppins"
Walt Disney - / TVI 1987 Cover

People - Robert Sherman Life and Style
People - Richard Sherman Life and Style
107 Pete Allmans Celebrity Scene / Troy Cory & The Sherman Brothers

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1. Feature Story / This Timeline is to demonstrate the significant growth of Walt Disney, as an individual, from a celebrity art form achiever, to his company's scientific achievements and influance in the field of EMw Telecommunications. TVI was right there with Disney at the dawn of the home video industry in the early 1980s, when it featured the Disney product on its magazine covers.
  That was the era when the consumer wanted more flexibility and control over what they watched and listened to. The rising stars of the day were short, short video content, Laser Disks, and the VHS, or Sony's 3/4" and Betamx VCR tape machines.
  Laser Disks and the video tape deck were commercially introduced to the world in 1976. Not only did this allow people to provide families with their own home video theaters, but allowed them to copy programs off of television.
  Disney Studio cartoons, along with the VRA RadioPlay music technology, were the first to introduce a short, short program that could keep a viewer's interest for more than 4 minutes.
  The 4 minute music for television play, were video taped at Troy Cory's Vine Street Video Center in Hollywood. The studio produced the first of Rod Stewart's video hits, and the video versions of the Sherman Brothers - Bob Roberts, and Troy Cory songs that were recorded in the early 70s. MORE STORY.
  Today, 25 years later, the portable DVD player, (not including iPod's gigabit hard drive storage unit, and LookRadio's VRATeleplay downloadale kudocasts), - are not only hot sellers on the Internet, but play stations like, Sony's new portable game console, provides over 2.2 million North Americans with a continous flow of family entertainment.
  It's been proven that owners of these portable DVD, iPod, iHandy and computer media file players are buying significantly more movies and iTunes for their devices than anybody predicted. How can you beat the price of 99 cents per song, and a $1.99 for a day-old ABC-Disney program.

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The Early Days - (1900 to 1919)
Creating Mickey Mouse - (1920s)
Animated Films & Academy Award - (1930s)
The Decade of Going Public (1940s)
ABC Shows Interest - (1950s)
Walt's Golden Years With Mary Poppins - (1960s)
Orlando Opens Its Doors To Disney - (1970s)
Disney Home Entertainment and Big Business with Eisner - (1980s)
Decade of Disney "Best Deals" - Mergers and Buyouts. ABC TV Network - (1990s)
Back To Walt Disney - (2000s)
Eisner says farewell to Disney - (2005s)

The Early Days (1900s)
1901 - Walter Elias Disney born in Chicago
1918 - Walt forges parents' signatures, and enlists in American Ambulance Corps
1919 - Walt and Ubbe Iwwerks (later Ubbe Iwerks) form Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists

• Creating Mickey Mouse - (1920s)
1928 - Iwerks modifies Disney's "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" character, turning him into Mickey Mouse
1928 - First silent film featuring the Mouse premieres on Sunset Boulevard
1928 - Mickey Mouse is featured for the first time in the short animated film, "Steamboat Willie"
1928 - "Steamboat Willie" is first cartoon designed for use with a soundtrack
1929 - Walt Disney Productions formed
Animated Films & Academy Award - (1930s)
1930 - The first Mickey Mouse comic strip is published, in New York Mirror
1930 - Disney buys Iwerks' 20% share of company for US$2,920
1934 - Three Little Pigs wins Academy Award
1937 - Disney's first full-length animated feature film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" premieres at cost of US$1.5 million

• World War II - Going Public - (1940s)
1940 - Walt Disney Productions goes public to lower debt after debt reaches US$4.5 million.
1940 -
The company moves its operations from Hollywood to Burbank, CA.
1940 - Pinocchio premieres at Central Theatre in New York

1941 - Fantasia opens in Chicago
1941 - Disney animators stage a strike for five months with strong industry and community support.
Deal to return back to work is finally brokered by federal mediators
1943 - The American Broadcast Company network is formed after the FCC rules that NBC must sell one of its two radio networks. The NBC Blue network is sold to Edward J. Noble for $8 million. Noble made his money as the creator of Lifesavers candy

1945 - Walt's brother, Roy Disney, becomes company president
1946 - Disney announces planned layoffs of over 400 employees of a staff of 1000
1947 - Walt Disney testifies in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities
1948 - With US$4 million debt, Disney accepts US$1 million interest-free loan from Howard Hughes
1949 - The Walt Disney Music Company formed


Part 02
• ABC Knocks Out NBC (1950s)
1950 - First Disney TV special "One Hour in Wonderland" airs on NBC
1950 - Treasure Island
1951 - Leonard Goldstein and United Paramount Theaters buy ABC for $25 million
1952 - Walt Disney forms Walt Disney Incorporated, to develop ideas for a "family park" to be called Disneyland
1952 - WED Enterprises founded
1953 - Disney establishes Buena Vista Distribution Company as Disney's film distributor
1953 - Peter Pan
1954 - Disney and ABC sign agreement about building of Disneyland. ABC invests US$500 000 in cash, guarantees all WED bank loans and gets 35% ownership of Disneyland (with all profits from park's food concessions for 10 years
1954 - First weekly televsion series
" Disneyland," debuts on ABC network
1955 - Disneyland opens in Anaheim, CA at a cost of $17 million and has 1 million visitors within 6 months
1955 - The ABC television network is partial investor in Disneyland.
1955 - "Mickey Mouse Club," Disney's second TV show is launched
1955 - Howard Hughes offers to sell Disney the RKO studio but Walt and Roy decline the deal
1956 - The "Bathroom of Tomorrow" attraction opens in Disneyland
1957 - Zorro

• Walt's Golden Years With "Mary Poppins" - (1960s)
1960 - Disney buys ABC's one-third interest in Disneyland for $7.5 m and pay off all loans
1960 - Disney buys out ABC's remaining financial interest in Disneyland
1964 - First death in Disneyland
1964 - Premiere of "Mary Poppins"-- and the musical score by: Robert and Richard Sherman. MORE About Shermans
1964 - Disney features at New York World's Fair
1965 - Disney buys rights to A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh"
1966 - Walt Disney dies of lung cancer and J Edgar Hoover orders name removed from list of FBI's informants

1969 - The Love Bug

Orlando Opens It's Doors To Disney - (1970s)
1970 - ABC's Monday Night Football debuts
1971 - Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, FL
1971 - Roy Disney dies
1971 -
100 millionth visitor to Disneyland

1979 - ESPN is launched

Disney and Big Business, The Eisner Years - (1980s)
1980 - TVI Magazine features Walt Disney Production's first release of 13 Disney motion pictures on cassettes. MORE STORY ABOUT MIPCOM AND MIFED TVI MAGAZINE 1980 and 1987 COVER.
1983 - The Disney Channel makes its debut on cable television
1983 - Tokyo Disneyland opens
1984 - Michael Eisner becomes the new CEO for Walt Disney Productions.
1984 - ABC in a deal with Getty Oil acquires ESPN. ABC sells 20% of the sports cable network to Nabisco who in turn later deals the stake to Hearst
1984 - Recurrent takeover bids amid claims that group is underperforming
1984 - First Touchstone Pictures release
1984 - Eisner and Wells become Chairman and President
1986 - Walt Disney Productions renamed The Walt Disney Company
1986 - Capital Cities Communications buys American Broadcasting network for US$3.5 billion to create Capital Cities-ABC
1986 - 500 millionth theme park visitor
1986 - Capital Cities Communication, a large broadcasting group, acquires the ABC television network for 3.5 $billion
1987 -
TVI Magazine features Walt Disney Production's first release of 13 Disney motion pictures on cassettes. MORE STORY
1987 - ESPN is awarded the National Football League's first cable broadcasting deal
1987 - First Disney Store opens
1989 - Disney revitalizes the animated film market with "The Little Mermaid" -- which sets box-office records.


3. 1990 to 1999 /
• Decade of Disney "Best Deals" - Mergers and Buyouts. ABC TV Network - (1990s)
1990 - Hollywood Records founded
1990 - First Hollywood Pictures release
1991 - Disney quarterly profit declines for the first time since 1984. The company signs a distribution deal with Pixar Animation Studios
1991 - Steve Jobs signs a distribution deal with Disney and Pixar Animation Studios
1991 - Disney releases the box-office hit "Beauty and the Beast"

1992 - Disney is awarded a National Hockey League expansion team to be called The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
1992 - ESPN Radio is launched
1992 - Disneyland Paris opens
1992 - Euro Disney opens with great fanfare but is soon struggling with poor attendance
1993 - Miramax Films sells company to Disney
for US$80 million. The company posts its first quarterly loss in nine years, Blamed on losses sustained by Euro Disney
- Eisner undergoes heart-bypass surgery
- President and COO Frank Wells dies in a helicopter crash
1994 - Beauty & the Beast stage shows opens on Broadway
1994 - The Lion King
1994 - Disney Interactive formed
1995 - Pocahontas
1995 - Disney announces its intent to purchase Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion. The deal is the largest media merger in history to the point and the second largest sum of money ever paid for a U.S. company
1995 - Michael Ovitz, Eisner friend and top talent agent in Hollywood, joins Disney as president
1995 - Takeover of Capital Cities/ABC for US$19 billion
1995 - Disney Online, Disney's internet division
1996 - Disney.com launched
1996 - Buys 25% and management control of California Angels (later renamed Anaheim Angels) major league baseball team
1996 - Radio Disney launched on ABC Radio Networks
1996 - Capital Cities/ABC officially becomes part of the Disney Company
1996 - Disney gains ownership stake in Major League Baseball's California Angels. Team later changes its name to the Anaheim Angels
1996 - Radio Disney is launched
1996 - Disney buys Capital Cities/ABC. Robert Iger stays on to run the network, named chairman of ABC Group and president of Walt Disney International. That same year, Ovitz is forced out - getting a payout of $109 million that is now the subject of a shareholder lawsuit
1997 - Sells Chilton Business Group (39 trade magazines) Elseviero for US$447m
1997 - The Lion King stage production opens
1997 - Knight Ridder purchases Disney's four newspapers (Kansas City Star, Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Wilkes Barre Times Leader, Belleville News-Democrat) for $1.65 billion
1997 - Disney signs a new five-picture deal with Pixar
1998 - Buys 43% in Infoseek Web portal
1998 - ESPN The Magazine is launched
1998 - Animal Kingdom opens in Orlando, FL
1998: The Disney-Pixar "A Bug's Life" breaks box-office records
1999 - Buys remaining equity in Anaheim Angels from family of 'singing cowboy' Gene Autry for US$140m, spends US$100m on Edison Field stadium
1999 - Fairchild Publications is sold to Advance Publications. The magazine chains includes such titles as W, Jane, and Women's Wear Daily
1999 - ABC scores big with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Disney and Pixar release another hit, "Toy Story 2"

2000 - Present • Back To Walt Disney - (2000s)

2000 - Iger named president and chief operating officer of Walt Disney Co., filling post left vacant since Ovitz ouster
2001 - Buys Baby Einstein company from founder, Julie Aigner-Clark for US$25 million
2001 - Buys Fox Family Worldwide from Murdoch/News Corp and Saban for US$5.3bn
2001 - Cable channel later becomes known as ABC Family
- California Adventure opens in Anaheim
2002 - ESPN and ABC announce their acquisition of the National Basketball Association's television broadcasting rights
- Walt Disney Studios Paris opens
2003 - Sells Anaheim Angels to billboard czar Arturo Moreno for just over $180 million
- Board shakeup leads to several departures, including Roy Disney. He goes on to lead his own campaign for Eisner to step down
2003 - Roy Disney resigns as vice-chairman of the Walt Disney entertainment

2004 - Cable giant Comcast makes unsuccessful US$54 billion hostile takeover bid for Disney in February. It withdraws its bid by April. The embattled Eisner is stripped of chairman title during shareholder revolt and announces retirement in 2006. George Mitchell takes chairmanship
2004 - Disney sells 313 stores in U.S. to retail chain Children's Place

2005 - Disney board announces it has unanimously selected Robert Iger as new CEO, making him the sixth chief executive in the company's 82 year history
2005 -
Michael Eisner, Says Farewell in October at HRTS luncheon in Beverly Hills. MORE STORY & Email sent to Disney's 120,000 Employees


4. Bylines
Thanks to the authors of the musical score "Mary Poppins", Robert and Richard Sherman and their Book, "Walt's Time", Portions of the context in: "Walt's Time" -- was used to ascertain the dates with this TVI timeline. MORE About Shermans

More Articles • Converging News 422005 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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