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TVInews - 107 - Celebrity Scene with Pete Allman. Excerpts from Troy Cory Interview, about his early days in Hollywood as a recording artist, and song writer.
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107 Pete Allmans Celebrity Scene /Bob Roberts / S
TROY CORY 3705 - 1970s Ambros Seelos
People - Robert Sherman Life and Style
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TROY CORY - Specialty Records / Art Rupe
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Feature Story / Excerpts from Troy Cory Interview, about his early days in Hollywood as a recording artist, and song writer.




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During my Celebrity Scene Disney cover story interview with TVI iPublisher / entertainer, Troy Cory . . . he had a lot to say about . . . and then some, regarding the historical aspects of Walt Disney's contributions to telecommunications and the career push Disney had given the Sherman Brothers that helped launch their talent to Hollywood Musical stardom. My first question to Troy was: What got you started in Hollywood?
• • "Of course it was my father and mother, Oliver and Priscilla Alden", stated Troy. The show biz stories my mother told me about her life as a Kansas City show girl, were truly intriguing. But the best of them all, was the sad story about my grandfather, Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor and patent holder of the wireless telephone, that brought me galloping to SHOW BIZ, says Troy, it was a story that had a beginning, but no ending."
• • First of all, I am truly grateful that I have been able for four decades to participate in this fantastic industry, to work with exciting and distinguished men and women in the recording, television, stage, and movie business. I loved mixing my Long Beach high school and Pepperdine University studies with record sessions and writing songs with the best of them, like Jimmy Messina, (of Login & Messina Fame), -- and "You've Got To Come Back." I loved performing at Safeway store openings and doing 11 A.M. TV-shows with Chef Milani shows at ABC, while collaborating with Sonny Bono and Larry Williams, putting lyrics together for songs like: "Short Fat Fanny, she got what Uncle John needs, oh . . . baby!" and "Lost Balls in High Weeds."
• • A decade working in Hollywood and doing my night act with Tip Tobin was punctuated as much by the birth of my three sons and daughter with Dorothy Swafford, as it was the birth of the song - "Little Pink Toe", she co-authored with Bob Roberts. I loved working with Sonny Bono and Art Rupe, the owner of Specialty Records, which brought me galloping into and loving the record business as I worked for and partnered with songwriter/publisher, Bob Roberts.
• • And of course, continued Troy, the most gratifying experience in my life has been my 31 years working with my wife, Josie Sigl-Cory -- to establish the Vine Street Video Center, Video Record Albums of America, VRA TelePlay Pictures, ChinaExpo and the SMART-DAAF-NBS100 foundation. These companies are now part of the greatest www.group of English and non-English speaking people in the world. "We call them our network of "living to work, xingTV Internet crowd." The culture developed by each of the companies can be defined within each name, now existing on the land-line Wi-Fi established way back when, in 1908.

• • "But before entering the 1908 era," said Troy, "I better explain a little bit about my early song writing days in Hollywood. I first met hit song writers/record producers, Bob Roberts, and Bob and Dick Sherman, of Disney Studio fame, with "Mary Poppins", and their hit singles: "Tall Paul", "There's No Fool Like A Young Fool" and "Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy."
• • "At that time," continued Troy, "I was a recording artist with Art Rupe's Specialty Records, and collaborating with my comedy team partner, song writer, Tip Tobin, Sonny Bono, and Dorothy Swafford in the production of my next record album.
• • The day I met Bob Roberts was at a recording studio on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. I was working with Sonny and my arranger, trying to perfect a singing style with my voice that would go along with the rock-a-billy band, Sonny had hired to back me up.
• • After a few takes, our team hopelessly conceded, that the sound would not fit my Crosby stylings into the Fabian, Ricky Nelson sound Sonny was attempting to get.
• • During the break, Sonny introduced me to song writer Bob Roberts, who said he had just the song I needed to give me the hit sound we were reaching for, and to postpone the session. Handing me the address of his music publisher-partner Bob Sherman's office, he left saying, "see ya later."
• • Cancelling the record session, we walked across the street to meet the two Bobs, Bob Roberts and Bob Sherman at the Sherman Publishing office, located on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the Sunset and Gower Building. "The rest is history," said Troy, "Bob and Dick Sherman explain as to what happened after that in their book, "Walt's Time", 1954-1958, on pages 126 through 131, pictured above."
• • I was on my own," writes Robert. . . these were the salad days. With our college years behind us and Dick off in the Army, we quite naturally went our separate ways . . . but most of all, I did a lot of song writing, with a talented fellow named Bob Roberts . . . It was an exciting road to travel, filled with twists and turns -- one of which, fortuitously, would at last reunite me with my brother Dick . . . so early in 1958, (we) set up a publishing house in a little hole-in-the-wall office . . . (we) -- planned to publish anything commercial he or other writers came up with.
• • As Dick, states, "in the late 1950s, many pop hits were boys singing about girls of all shapes and sizes, from "Skinny Minnie" to "Short Fat Fanny" to "Long Tall Sally." Dick was thinking it might be fun to turn the fad on its head and write a song a girl could sing about a boy . . . thus it was Dick -- who came up with the song title. "Tall Paul."
• • "This is where I must have come in," says Troy, "I must have arrived at Sherman's office about the same time Dick did. I found Richard, and the man I just met at the studio, Bob Roberts working on a song called "Chalk On The Sidewalk." Dick was mentioning his idea for "Tall Paul." We were all talking about gimmick catchy titles, especially the ones Sonny and Larry Williams had just written, recorded and produced for Specialty Records, "You Bug Me Baby", "Skinny Minnie" and "Short Fat Fanny". This was the real thing, they were hashing out lyrics and tunes, in the Roberts style, meaning, sing lyrics as fast as the words were fed to them. By December of 1958, "Tall Paul" hit the charts with the 15-year-old Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello.
• • "Taking the cliche from the Shermans' book," 'it was a true case of serendipity,' "Tall Paul" became the first smash hit out of the Sunset-Gower office," says Troy -- and the first of 36 songs written for Annette. "It was the little ditty gimmick titles - that came out of that office, that did it," says Troy.
• • "As for 'Tall Paul,' -- and 'Chalk on the sidewalk' combo," says Troy, "as the story goes, before 'Tall Paul" became a hit by the Disney Mouseketeer, Bob Roberts, became discouraged with the three-way partnership and walked out.
• • "After the break-up," says Troy, "I worked very close with the three former partners, as well as with Ralph Freed, collaborating with them on: "There's No Fool Like A Young Fool", "Torture", Rinky Roo Rah", "Little Pink Toe", "Tender Are The Ties", "Suzy McGregor for Warner Bros., Bingo, Mercury Records and Cinema Prize."
• • During this same period of time, some of the Sherman/Roberts hit tunes include: "Money Mad Man", Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days", "Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy" and "Beach Time."
• • Richard Sherman, on stage at a recent October, Magic Castle celebrity event remarked, that Troy was still around during the time our Johnny Burnett hit, "You're Sixteen" -- became number one.
• • Several years later, after being part of the Sunset/Gower song writer / recording artist scenario laid out by Bob Roberts, I saw the Shermans rise to fame and fortune with Disney, and was always part of the Bob Roberts musical scenario with his wife Sharon. Bob died with a song in his heart.
• • It was Bob Roberts who first hinted to me at Rosemont, in Pasadena that; "the rulers are forgotten unless they have had the forethought to surround themselves with singers and agents, poets and thinkers. The arts make the longest reach toward permanence, create the most enduring monuments, project the farthest, widest, deepest influence of which human prescience and effort are capable."
• • It was just recently that I discovered the quote that came from Maxwell Anderson piece called "Whatever Hope We Have." He wrote, "What hope there is for us lies in our nascent arts, for if we are to be remembered as more than a mass of people who lived and fought wars and died, it is for our arts that we will be remembered."
• • "As you can see Pete," before ending this subject matter, I must remind you that the people I have been honored to work with, have brought to me, an art form that has undeniable produced works that will likely to last for the ages, if we start to talk about it on the Internet through our Smart90 portals."
• • This is something in which I can take great pride as an entertainer, and as member of the scholarly academics I was trained for, the legal and medical professions. And, we should both soberly keep in mind that physicist, Albert Einstein's mathematical formula for Energy, E=mc2, could be the mathematical formula to explain entertainment business fads. Entertainment = Money and Cash times 2.
• • But getting back to TVI's person of the week, Walt Disney, and the Sherman Brothers, the art form they have created in the past, was at one time - just "a concept", now the concept is a finished product, a content with so much value, that the names, "Mickey Mouse", and "Mary Poppins" -- have in themselves, become works of value.

Part 3. Editor's Note / According To IDMb data base for
ROBERT B. SHERMAN, Composer - filmography - The pop song written in the 1960s and 1970 with Bob Roberts/Troy Cory Record Sessions are mentioned in Editor's Byline.
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s) (1950s)
1. Bewitched (2005) (song "'Bout Time")
2. War of the Worlds (2005) (song "Hushabye Mountain" from film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang") (as Richard Sherman)
3. Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years (2005) (uncredited)
4. Pooh's Heffalump Movie (2005) (song "Winnie the Pooh")
5. Around the World in 80 Days (2004) (song "It's A Small World")
6. Piglet's Big Movie (2003) (song "Winnie the Pooh")
7. Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG) (song "Winnie the Pooh") (uncredited) -- aka Kingudamu hâtsu (Japan)
8. The Tigger Movie (2000) (songs) -- aka Tigger: The Movie
9. Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving (1999) (V) (songs) -- aka Disney's Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving (USA: complete title)
10. Michelle Kwan Skates to Disney's Greatest Hits (1999) (TV) (songs)
11. The Mighty Kong (1998) (V) (songs)
12. My Interactive Pooh (1998) (VG) (songs)

Robert Sherman Filmography as: Composer, Miscellaneous Crew,
Writer, Actor, Producer, Himself
Miscellaneous Crew - filmography
(1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
1. Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore (1983) (lyricist) -- aka A Day for Eeyore (USA: short title)
2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) (lyricist)
3. Snoopy Come Home (1972) (lyricist)
4. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) (lyricist) -- aka Bedknobs and Broomsticks: 25th Anniversary Special Edition (USA: longer version)
5. A Boy Called Nuthin' (1967) (TV) (lyricist)
6. Mary Poppins (1964) (lyricist)


4. Bylines / Troy Cory - Pete Allman Interview

More Articles • Converging News 432005 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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