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TVInews - 107 Magic Castle, the magical paradise for scientists, physicists, illusionists, magicians and believers in magic. Einstein's E=mc2 formula and the string theory help explain Houdini's and Criss Angel's magic tricks
• 02. Theory of Energy
03. E=mc2
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23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2006/Imagespeople/MagicCastleEmcLogo665w.jpgPhoto Image665; Drawing depicts the equational and acronym concepts before the development of product and content. How does the magician explain his tricks? - By demonstration!

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44th Week 2005 / Discover this! How can you invent something new, that's been around and about for a hundred years and has already been patented and trademarked?
"Usually the best way to legally utilize someone else's knowledge and work product," said Troy Cory at the recent October VoIP Telephony Conference 2005 in Los Angeles. -- "is to attend or buyout the academic institution established by the inventor, then slowly, but surely -- update his terminology with a few choice words and symbols".
The changes made to the inventions of Telegrapy and Stubblefield's Wireless Telephony were made by the stroke of a pen. "Wireless telephony" has became synominous with "radio", "WiFi" and the "Cell Phone." Landline phone calls are now being referred to as, "VoIP," voice over Internet Protocol," continued Troy and Josie Cory, the authors of the four volumn set of "The History of Radio and Television," -- 1992, See Amazon -- "Disappointments Are Great" -- for availability.
Albert Einsten, as a professor, taught a few semesters at Caltech in Pasadena, California. He will always be remembered with the thought left to his undergraduates, "it's a cinch by the inch, but hard by the yard."
It's truly frightening to me that no one on either end of the educational-legal spectrum seems to see what the student's inaction is giving rise when they are afraid to repeat and apply the copyrighted, patented technology, what he/she has paid to learn without some sort of a certificate or a state license. This is especially true in the medical, legal and accounting professions.
"I do not blame the authors of telecommunication history in the past for their failure to record Nathan B. Stubblefield as the inventor and patent holder of the 'wireless telephone' in 1907, and failing to mention the Nobel Prize given to Marconi, was in physics, any more than I blame a baby for crying or a duck for quacking," said Troy Cory, during the Q&A with Michael K. Powell, the former chairman of the FCC.
STRANGE AS IT MAY SEEM, there has been much talk of late about the scientific method in which you are required to use -- to skirt around the laws of existing patents, trademarks and copyrights. The new string and nanotechnology theories are great examples.
The use of scientific formulas, and acronyms like; SIP, VoIP, VATs iHandy, iPod, Smart Daaf Boys and DSL -- are used to describe a newly developing industry that's ready to hit the market place. This usually takes place in the context of distinguishing a science from other "less rational" practices, such as the wireless telephone, radio, television, the Internet, divination and magic. It's an attempt to wipe out the old for the new school of thought.
But in recent years science itself has been showing increasingly magical tendencies, like the slight of hand magic demonstrated every night at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, co-founded by Milt and William Larsen, Jr., in 1963. "In fact", says TVI publisher, Josie Cory who attended the Magician Award, "I had the honor to be introduced to the "Magician of the Year 2005" winner, Criss Angel, and participated in the up-close magic game, "Rolling Olympics". See More Story.
"The whole evening," said Josie, "was a liken to those men and women who work in the field of attempting to define the differences between the wireless telephony and telegraphy of the 20th century. In today's theoretical physics, it is now common practice to talk about other dimensions of reality, entire landscapes of universes for which there is no empirical evidence whatsoever. FOR MORE STORY ABOUT THE STRING THEORY
Additionally to the magical evening at the Castle, she was treated to a great magical show at the WiFi VoIP Telephony expo at the LA Convention Center the next day. According to Josie, "what I saw disappear right in front my eyes at the expo, I got back at the end of the session by the magic practitioner, Harrison Carroll. His demonstration of mental telepathy and what it was all about was amazing. He knew exactly what word I had in mind. His knowldege in the art of telepathy brought back Troy's recollection of the NBS100's 1907 WiFi unit, and as to where VoIP is heading."
During the Q&A, Troy quizzed Michael K. Powell, the former chairman of the FCC, about the FCC and Congress paying Nathan B. Stubblefield-NBS (NBS100) the $27 Billion dollars the FCC has collected from their frequencies auction sales. The wireless telephone spectrums (frequencies) were obtained by regulatory seizure during the last 100 years, but were never paid for. See video movie featuring Troy Cory and Michael K. Powell.
Pete Allman of Celebrity Scene quizzed Troy about his banter with Powell and agreed that you can't blame the duck or baby for Stubblefield's plight, you have to blame the leaders in congress and the academia for accepting "payola" for historical cover-ups.
"In other words," said Pete, "if you can't find the person that should be paid for his product of work, as in the case of N. B. Stubblefield, pay the guy who's selling the product, and I guess the general public loses out."
"If we continue to demand inaction and remain committed to allowing nonpayment of the Smart-Daaf boys for their frequencies, how long before Joe Citizen says "enough"?
Let's be honest with ourselves. Let's stop the bombing of Iraq, and let's pay the Smart-Daaf boys for their property seized by telecommunication regulatory agencies. How long before we find ourselves like other nations -- that don't want to pay their bills?
"I, for one, see nothing wrong in seizing someone's property, but not paying Stubblefield and the rest of theSmart-daaf boys, is another story", continued Pete. (The Smart-daaf boys are: Stubblefield, Marconi, Ambros Fleming, Tesla, Deforest, Alexanderson, Armstrong and Farnsworth). SEE MORE STORY ABOUT SMART-DAAF BOYS
What will our nation be like when average townsfolk decide they are no longer served by the law of the land -- that requires the government to pay for seized private property? Powell said, in answering Troy's question, that "because that all happened over a hundred years ago, the seizure question has been validated, but the payment issues are still up in the air for only a court to decide."

Part 02 -- The Theory of Creating Magical Formulas, concepts,
after the original invention.
The more you learn about people, the more reasons you may find not wanting to buy their product, if they even have one with content.
For instance, the biggest problem with "Marconi" is not of his telegraphony dit dah's making, it was his politics. The more we learn about Marconi, the less we like him and, correspondingly, the less we care about his Dit dah radio invention.
Marconi (1874-1937) was truly a ground breaking inventor; one of the first telecommunication winners of the 1909 Nobel Prize for physics, (Karl Ferdinand Braun from Germany shared the prize), in recognition for their contribution to the development of wireless telegraphy, a feat that few have equaled. Because he knew so many important cultural figures -- he was a close friend of both Mussolini and the Nazi leaders -- his life offers a chance to tell a much grander saga of the times.
Particularly when writing about radio, publishings achieve that larger vision. But Marconi was also a deeply troubled man, as the numerous tales of his 1927 infidelities while married to Beatrice and Countess Bezzi-Scali. Marconi's first marriage to Beatrice O'Brian, daughter of the 14th Baron Inchiquin of Ireland, was annulled after 18 years, the same year he married Countess Bezzi-Scali. History attests to the fact that Marconi joined Mussolini's Fascist Party in Italy, in 1923, and was appointed president of the "Accademia d'Italy" by dictator, Benito Mussolini. He had many fractious relationships and was absent from his post-war duties to his company. SEE MORE STORY ABOUT SMART-DAAF BOYS

3. Political Contributions, Award Shows and Payola, are they analagous to each other? Maybe, it depends on how you see it. In the latest, hottest "big science" tome, since Einstein's Theory of Relativity and his catch all mathematical formula for Energy E=mc2 -- "is string theory talk". Before string talking, it was nanotechnology, both of which were sort of explained by the voice recording of Albert Einstein in the 30s. You heard him explain his E=mc2 concept at the beginning of this voice enhanced Web page. Click here to hear Einstein's Voice once again -- explaining his mathematical concept of what Energy does, when out of nowhere it becomes part of a mass by the click of a finger.
IN MANY WAYS, Einstein's theory, is easier to understand than as to the reasons why people give and take Political Contributions, watch Award Shows and take Payola. The string explains away their theory as; "the extension of the universe, is just one more step in a historical chain of cosmic expansions." But as you can plainly see there is no CONTENT, unless an Award is attached.
Did you hear Einstein's Voice explaining his theory on Energy? The explanation of his 1905 theory was broadcast over the NBS100 radio frequencies in the 1920s.
In the 17th century, the Newtonian revolution expanded our vision by positioning that the point-like stars were other material suns with their own planetary systems.
A century later, Immanuel Kant suggested that the hazy astronomical blobs known as "nebulae" were each separate galaxies, a notion of immensity so staggering it beggared belief at the time. From one material planet to many; from one star to many; from one galaxy to many; and now, according to the string theory, our vision must expand from one space-time to many. FOR MORE STORY GO TO EINSTEIN IN SOULFIND

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See Testimony of FCC Chairman, Kevin J. Martin -- Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Estimates Wireless Auctions Funding Report Tuesday, April 26th, 2005: Total Received since 1995 = $26.8 billion + $18 Billion due from Projected Frequency Sales in - 2006-2010. FOR MORE STORY

NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

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