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TVInews - Photo Image665: Santa 102 Santa Edges Out Google & Gold in December Google Gives $3 Million to Help Scan Documents and seek a new patent ! Yahoo Inc. is testing a new dial a telephone number system

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2006/Imagespeople/SantaTroyPrisManuela665w.jpgPhoto Image665: Scene from "Just In The Nick Of Time". Featuring Santa Claus and singing stars Manuela and Priscilla Cory. The Christmas settings were filmed around the Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany. A Bohemia Film, ARD TV Production. The feature film was directed by Gabor Wagner and Wm. Janovsky of the EU. MORE STORY



1. Feature Story / While Associated Press reports that while Google plays Santa by giving away $3 Million to help scan documents at the Library of Congress -- gold may edge out both Google and Santa in a $500 race towards spending around Christmas time,
The latest step in Google's crusade to expand the amount of information that can be indexed by its Internet search engine, has been doing its best to help both the author and publisher, set up a system for creating digital copies of rare documents from around the world
With the donation, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google becomes the first business to back the World Digital Library, which began to take shape about five months ago. The worldwide program is loosely modeled after the Library of Congress' American Memory project.
Gold May Edge Out Google in $500 Race, Bloomberg New said in late November, 2005 that in the race for the $500 mark, gold is poised to beat Google Inc. -- and Santa should beat out Google in total sales around the world in December
Gold rose $3.40 to $489 an ounce -- an 18-year high -- in New York futures trading Monday, as more hedge funds and other speculators climbed aboard the metal's latest rally.
There's pressure to run gold up to $500, and a lotta people jumping on the bandwagon."

To help Christmas sales,
Google is ready to go with its new Patented Classified Ads GoogleBase
Google will Allow Uploads to Searchable Database. The new Google Inc. service will let anyone upload most anything to a publicly searchable database, potentially laying the groundwork for a push by the Internet juggernaut into classified advertising.
The venture, Google Base, could also signal grander ambitions for the king of online search-related advertising.
Expected to be available today, Google Base has the potential to make instantly available a vast sea of content including -- but not limited to -- recipes, job listings, photos, DNA sequences, real estate listings and individual stand-alone databases.
Normally, it takes Web "crawlers" days or weeks to scour the Web and feed Mountain View, Calif.-based Google's main search engine with updated information. This tool will make locating anything that's been uploaded nearly instantaneous, provided it finds users willing to supply the information.
Those in the loop at Google, say that they are targeting the online auction market dominated by EBay Inc. The patent Google is seeking, create Internet ads automatically and makes it easier for people to sell products on the Web.
Google Automat will let advertisers enter details of items they want to sell and automatically create an ad under one minute, according to a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Investors and traders who like this news, have been jumping on the bandwagon of Internet search engine Google, which rose $9.15 to a record $409.36 a share this week.
Part 02 Gold Keeps Up with Google
Gold and Google have nothing in common, of course -- except that both have been highly coveted by investors this year. Their performance in recent weeks has begun to resemble a horse race toward $500.
Brokerage UBS, in separate reports Monday, said that gold could reach $500 in the next three months and that Google should cross that mark in the next 12 months.
Gold is up $51.50 an ounce, or 12%, this year, and many gold-mining stocks have racked up even bigger gains. Goldcorp Inc., which rose $1.06 to $21.32 on Monday, is up 42% this year; Glamis Gold is up 34% after rallying 79 cents to $22.92 on Monday.
Investment demand for the metal has been driven by rising U.S. inflation. Gold historically has been an inflation hedge.
Gold's rally also stems from concern about supply relative to demand, said John Licata, an independent market analyst in New York. Global consumption of the metal, including jewelry use, was 2,773 tons in the first nine months, up 16% from a year earlier, the World Gold Council said.
On the supply side, South Africa, the world's biggest gold producer, said Monday that its output fell 15% in the third quarter, the largest drop in at least nine years, because of mine closures.
As the metal's price rises it is creating its own momentum, attracting investors who had all but abandoned gold in the 1990s, some analysts say.
"The gold genie has been let out of the bottle, and we are looking at $500 an ounce by the end of 2005 and $600 by the end of 2006 on momentum alone," said Thomas Au, an analyst at R.W. Wentworth in New York.
As for Google, its shares should jump 25% in the next 12 months, UBS analyst Benjamin Schachter said in a report. "Based on Google's current products and trends, the stock remains undervalued," he said.


3. Yahoo is testing New dial a telephone number System
Yahoo Inc. is testing a system that allows companies to purchase Internet ads and pay only when customers dial a telephone number listed in the ad.
Yahoo is conducting testing of so-called pay-per-call technology, a spokeswoman said. The test is being done with Ingenio Inc., a closely held company in San Francisco that already displays ads on Time Warner Inc.'s America Online.

4. Bylines
NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
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