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TVInews - 107 Pete Allman's Celebrity Scene: Rick Thomas, Magician Extraordinaire, Nathan B. Stubblefield, Inventor of the WiFi, Mallory Lewis and Wayne Newton and Holiday Happenings
• 02. Wayne Newton
03. NBS WiFi
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• • Rick Thomas, Magician Extraordinaire Educates Kids on Animals
Rick Thomas was quoted in Millionaire Magazine as "Best Magician in Vegas Period." That's true. Thomas has a deep passion for his magic but more important, performing his magic for kids at the Stardust is the ultimate. When Rick's not performing, he teaches children from various high schools in Las Vegas the importance of respecting Bengal tigers, cockatoos, doves, and orange Bengal tigers at his animal reserve located in west Las Vegas. Throughout his twenty-year career, Thomas has studied the habitat of these creatures and feels they're a rare species. Perhaps that's why he has a personal relationship with his cats. When you watch Rick Thomas perform his magic, you're spellbound. It has a lot to do with Rick's early teachings, as he was a national ballroom dance champion in his early theatrical career. Together with his smooth style and wonderful choreography as well as his magic, you see a show unlike other shows that appeal to the entire family. His show is without question, one of the top shows on the continent. "I believe in the art of dreaming. I make it up, then I make it a reality," states Thomas. If you didn't see Rick's ABC special, "The Magic of Rick Thomas", or his magic on Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, then you're in for a wonderful journey of magic. Just to give you a little peek, imagine the shrinking of a snarling 500-lb. Royal Bengal tiger into a cuddly cub or levitating a showgirl high above the stage then having her disappear. It's done so very gracefully -- only the way Rick Thomas can do. Show times are 2 and 4 p.m. daily except Wednesday. For more information about Rick, log on to his website, www.RickThomas.com.
• Mallory Lewis Carries on Mother's Tradition
She won an Emmy for her work in producing the TV series "Lamb Chop" for kids. She is without question, carrying on her mother's tradition with Lamp Chop. We're talking about Mallory Lewis, the daughter of the late Shari Lewis.
For decades, Lamb Chop was a fixture on television, loved by kids and adults alike. Lewis was a gifted performer, ventriloquist, storyteller, and musician who created Lamb Chop some fifty years ago. Unfortunately, she lost her life to uterine cancer at the age of 65 in 1998. Without fail, her daughter, Mallory continued the tradition and celebrated Lamb Chop's fiftieth birthday when she performed at the Jewish Community Center at the Southern Nevada Book Month last Sunday. The JCC incidentally, enhances the quality of life in Southern Nevada by providing educational, social, athletic, and cultural programs to meet the needs of the Jewish community. While Lewis is continuing the tradition of Lamb Chop, she also has a collection of CDs entitled "Baby Phonics" which teaches children the most important part of the English language. When asked if this was inspired by her mother, she replied "Yes. It was my mother that inspired me to continue her work with Lamb Chop. But at the same time, I also realized there was a need for kids to learn the English language. That's when I created "Baby Phonics." Mallory was also responsible for producing her mother's show, which won her an Emmy. In addition to being creative as a producer, she is also an excellent entertainer and vocalist. She looks forward to entertaining in Las Vegas as she not only has a night club act, but also a family show.
02 / Wayne Newton / Holiday Happenings
Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, is spreading good cheer and joy with some wonderful music at the Flamingo Hilton. Wayne Newton's Holiday Show, as it is appropriately titled, let's people celebrate in a family tradition. Tickets start at $67 and up to $100 for the golden circle, which allows individuals to meet and greet the legendary performer. One of the interesting parts of his show is that he has exotic animals, not to mention his versatile performances on violin and trumpet. For more information, call the Flamingo Hilton at 732-6111.
The Billboard Awards will be held at the MGM Grand Garden on December 6. This year's entertainment includes Art Kelley, Green Day, Toby Keith, Gwen Stefani, Ashley Simpson, Carmen Electra, Bice, Nick Cannon, and performances from Chingy, Hulk and Brooke Hogan, and the Blue Man Group. Tickets are $52.50, $94.50, and $183.75. Everyone must be seated by 4:45 p.m. as the show will be televised live at 5 p.m. Call 891-7777 for tickets.  
The National Finals Rodeo will be held at the Thomas & Mack Center from December 2-11. Matt Austin will join Saddle Bronc Rider Cody DeMoss and Barrel Racer June Holeman as they attempt to hold their number one spots in the circuit. There will also be great entertainment starting with Joe Diffee at the Fremont Street Experience on December 1 at 3 p.m. Southern Comfort will appear at the House of Blues at 8 p.m. that evening. On December 2-3, Bill Engvall will bring his homespun comedy to the Stardust at 8:30 p.m. At 10 p.m. on the same night, Rodney Carrington will appear at the Luxor and Eternal Spirit-Lynard Skynard will appear at the Las Vegas Hilton. Carrot Top will appear at the Luxor on Sunday, Monday & Wednesday at 8 p.m. with two shows at 7 & 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.
Medicine Cabinet Helps Las Vegans
The cost for a prescription has ridden considerably over the years to the point where a 30-day supply of blood pressure pills can cost $75. That's $225 in three months. Some prescriptions can cost $400 a pill. Until recently, pharmaceutical companies made available these pills to doctors as samples for their patients. Now, through the Medicine Cabinet, individuals who can't afford to pay these high prices can get a 90-day supply of medicine for an incredible price of $10. All this is possible because pharmaceutical companies supply the medication as a write-off. All the individual has to do is pay a $25 one-time registration at the Medicine Cabinet and have their doctor sign a form and within two to three weeks, their medication will be ready. For more information on this good news, contact Janice Brooks at the Medicine Cabinet at 444-6082 or log on to MedicineCabinet@cox.net. There's no medical or prescription insurance needed and there are over 250 U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers providing over 1800 prescription drugs that are available. Until then, keep you visions positive, and keep positive people around you.

03. Nathan B. Stubblefield, Inventor of the Wireless Telephone -- A Look at His History
The Celebrity Scene story I wrote a couple of weeks ago, "Cory Speaks on Historical Aspects of Disney" was enlightening and certainly gave us some visions about Disney. However, today, Troy Cory, who has spent most of his life using his music, videos and concert webcasts to promote trade agreements between the U.S. and foreign nations, is interested in radio. He is focusing on the wireless telephone, which his uncle, Nathan B. Stubblefield, invented. It was just recently that I found out Troy's secret. The man who invented the wireless telephone, was not his uncle, but was his grandfather Nathan B. Stubblefield. MORE STORY AND FCC VIDEO NEWS REPORT

4. Bylines

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