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TVInews - 102 WHAT'S A CEMETERY ARGOS? WHAT'S A WiFi CEMETERY GRANT? WHAT'S A RDIF? / An Interview with Pete Allman, Troy Cory and Melody Jensen and Charlie Portz - The $100 Million Dollar Feature Film - "FireWire and Watermelons and Clarissa", NBStubblefield, and his Wireless Telephone.
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1. Feature Story / NBS100 Wireless Cemeteries, RFIDs and Argos

"No, it's not a ghost-like groupie, that hangs around cemeteries," says Melody Jensen, who heads 'The Secret Keeper' project at NBS100. Argos is a satellite-based system which collects, processes and disseminates environmental data from fixed and mobile ID chips attached to people, animals, and onto stationary things like Egyptian pyramids, and tombstones in America".
It was during this week's on-line broadband interview with Las Vegas Celebrity Scene's Pete Allman that author/entertainer Troy Cory-Stubblefield, leaked the names of Argos, RFID chips, and the preembles of NBS100 Science and Wireless Technology Joint Venture Program.
"To begin with," said Troy, the the co-founder of NBS100.com, "our first NBS100 scientific research project that commenced in 1991, will finally end in 2008. The simple two or three year mission to advance the history of the wireless telephone has taken nearly 15 years to complete. This searching for EMfs and the 'virtual antenna' voyage, (the electro-magnetic wave produced from induction ground Em currents) -- took us around the world -- to prove a point".
During the last month of 2008, NBS100 hopes to hand to Hollywood, an award winning feature film about "firewire," the "wireless radio telephone," and the greed of the telecom linemen to monopolize a Sherwood Forest full of chills, thrills, poles, holes, copper wires and fiber."
The high-budget motion picture, exceeding $100 Million dollars, will be released world-wide. "The working titles," says Cory, "include, 'The Secret Keeper', 'Firewire and Watermelons,' 'The Wireless Telephone and the Smart Daaf Boys,' and even 'Clarissa, the Compass.' has been offered." The storyline is based on the modern-day legal process of collecting a $27Billion debt from the FCC, and the soft cover book, "Disappointments Are Great, Follow The Money."
The project, bankrolled by NBS100 and Rosemont Enterprises, of Pasadena, California, has produced enough film, video and news stories, to complete a 4-volume set of books, and a 4-hour, 4-volume DVD set. The documentary features the story about the birthplace of the Wireless Telephone, its inventors, and the expansion of the wireless telephone from the courthouse square in Murray, Kentucky to the Department of Defense in Washington, DC., 1913.
Most people will be surprised to learn that the world's first compass was magnetized by a loadstone in China, that Radio -- is the Wireless Telephone, and that LookRadio commenced webcasting its Radio-TV simulcasts from WNBS in Murray, the same place where the wireless radio telephone was invented and demonstrated, 100 years earlier, in 1892
"Remember Pete, when I told you back in 1994 what the Internet, China Expo 2000, and firewire was all about!" -- Troy reminded Allman. "It was the Clinton-Gore Administration that steered through congress -- laws that were designed to give consumers more choices for telephone service at lower prices. A new industry was born from tha law. The http://www VoIP WiFi revolution commenced, bringing on LookSmart, Google, KudoAds and LookRadio."
The Telecommunications Act of 1996, deregulated phone companies' copper wire and wireless monopoly, and released wireless telephone frequencies for sale to the general public at scheduled FCC auction sales. MORE ABOUT. See http://www.yes90.net/102internet/yes/
During the same year, 1996, Smart90.com was created as the serving arm for NBS100 Science and Wireless Technology to expand its tviNews reports and wireless research findings via the Internet. That same year our Evergreen server farm operations commenced streaming our video programing in Quick-time

Part 02 / Melody Jensen, the head of our NBS, "The Secret Keeper" feature film
development program says, "the screenplay writers, as well as my own dedication to this project, is not only to highlight the payment of the $27Billion payment to Nathan B. Stubblefield, but to highlight the courage of the U.S. Congress members who helped enact the Communication Act of 1996. Their vote helped kick-start the final decision to pay an outstanding debt to the inventor and patent holder of firewire, the wireless telephone and its frequencies -- even if it took a 100 years to do it."
Melody predicts that most of the monetary participants in our $100-Million-dollar movie project, will include wireless telephone companies, chip makers, local governments, emergency alert services, Google and Yahoo bloggers, church groups, and even those special interest groups involved in preserving legacy values, i.e. -- the members of the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, (ICFA - U.S.A.). NBS100 has since 2004, provided RFIDs and WiFi90 units to selected burial site projects around the U.S.A., Asia, and in Europe.
Another prediction that Melody Jensen sees, is that the creative staff of this film project will include award winning screenplay writers, producers, actors, members of the news media and television executives. "They'll all have a pictorial heyday in describing how the likes of Stubblefield, Tesla, Westinghouse, Deforest, Farnsworth, Teddy Roosevelt and even Clarissa played out their real-life roles in the early 1900s, as Secret Keepers."
Their contributions along with the inventive skills by the other Smart-Daaf Boys members, i.e. Marconi, Fleming, Fessenden, Armstrong, Alexanderson and Sarnoff, put the pizzazz into the electromagnetic radio wave that created the ability to send voice, music and movies through space without wires. These innovators have advanced the lives of anyone using today's wireless video telephone or laptop computer. "Browsing Google, or watching a movie on LookRadio or iTunes, is now an everyday event," continued Melody.
"The motion picture studio head who signs on to this movie project, will ride on the important $27Billion Dollar decision made by members of the FCC and the U.S. Congress in the early 2000s for years to come. "Good or Bad," their decision will make a heck of a love story with Clarissa involved, and as to where all the money went." PLEASE CLICK FOR 1902 PHOTO OF CLARISSA WITH SOME OF THE SMART-DAAF BOYS also WIFI CEMETERIES AND SOULFIND.COM

3. Before the death of filmmaker, Jae Carmichael,
age 80 in late 2005, Carmichael initiated a local Pasadena cemetery installation of a few dozen of RDIF computer chips she called Memory Medallions on several historic tombstones
"Imagine to view the joys of life here," claimed a visitor to the cemetery utilizing the special WiFi NBS100 Handi computer, to view five-minute silent films about such luminaries as Caltech physicist Richard Feynman, who won a Nobel Prize in 1965; and television's 1950s Superman, George Reeves
"In 2005, I personally, placed several RDIF tags and WiFi90 units at selected burial site projects in Germany," Troy told Allman. The burial section within the church grounds in Geisenfelt was very touching. One headstone, was inscribed with the name a famous local still life artist celebrity, I had met in the 60s. The memory tag I applied to her headstone features the piece of artwork her daughter gave me. The memory is still tracking."
Troy told Allman, that he tries to downplay, "the extra income" the user receives from WiFi Handies, RDIFs, and the antenna tower space leased to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for Cellular and WiFi HotSpots transmission. "But it's just economics and a savings for tax payers," most ground keepers say, "the profits help pay for lawn upkeep, and will in the future, pave the way for loved ones to keep in touch with their legacy online like -- Soulfind.com."
It seems that most students of science, and religion have the same school of thought. Pope Benedict XI said in February, 2006, "science and religion are not opposeded to each other, Christians should not be afraid to understand how science and religion complement each other in explaining the mystery of life on Earth."

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. An RFID tag is a small object that can be attached to or incorporated onto a tombstone, animal, or person. RFID tags contain silicon chips and antennas to enable them to receive and respond to radio-frequency queries from an RFID transceiver. Passive tags require no internal power source, whereas active tags require a power source
WHY WiFi? Why not just Wireless Telephone? Most of today's recipients of NBS100 Science and Wireless Technology grants and joint venture programs, are researchers and the users themselves. The founders of the NBS100 Grant - Joint Venture Program, are inventors, authors, movie producers, and researchers who have helped carry on the development and trademark legacy of the first patented wireless telephone invention, in 1908. In fact, Smart90 web pages provides contextualized news events to both WiFi Handi and land line users, i.e., VRAtv movies, WiFi90, wireless RFIDs, VoIP technology and the SMART DAAF Boys.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK / The Portz Plan of Action . . . for the $27Billion!


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102 WHAT'S A CEMETERY ARGOS? WHAT'S A WiFi CEMETERY GRANT? WHAT'S A RDIF? / An Interview with Pete Allman, Troy Cory and Melody Jensen and Charlie Portz - The $100 Million Dollar Feature Film - "FireWire and Watermelons and Clarissa", NBStubblefield, and his Wireless Telephone. MORE STORY - 102ArgosNBSMelodymovie.htm

Smart-Daaf Boys members, i.e. Stubblefield, Marconi, Flemming, Fesseden, Armstrong, Alexanderson, Farnsworth
MORE ABOUT. See http://www.yes90.net/102internet/yes/

More Articles • Converging News 072006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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