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TVInews - 102 Charles Portz Heads NBS100 Legal Panel PART ONE WHAT'S A RDIF? - The $100 Million Dollar Feature Film - Based on the Book "Disappointments Are Great" By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield. NBStubblefield, "The Secret Keeper", and his Wireless Telephone.
• 02. Troy Cory Says
03. Charles Portz
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102 Charles Portz Heads NBS100 Part 02
People Section - Melody Jensen
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1. Feature Story / NBS100 Frequency Legal Review Panel
"Apparently FCC officials got wind last week that 'the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' went off the air in 1995, and it's something we frown on around here," said Troy Cory-Stubblefield, of NBS100 Frequency Legal Review Panel.
  The person, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation into the NBS100 TELECOM STUDY - about the Regulatory Missteps made by the FCC since 1996. He said, "the $27Billion matter, as of yet, has not been an issue of any great importance in the inquiry about the missteps the FCC made in confiscating the wireless telephone frequencies of inventor, Nathan B. Stubblefield."
The inventor filed for his wireless telephone patent in 1907, and the trademark, along with the his all purpose - Wireless Telephone Patent, was approved, Number 887,357. Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page. - (Patent Expires May 12, 1925).

The Wireless Telephone Evolution
Troy Cory and Josie Cory-Stubblefield's latest major project, is "The Wireless Telephone & the Secret Keepers," a VRA TelePlay Pictures, MJ Production. The feature film is based on the book, "Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money!" The book about N.B. Stubblefield, was co-authored by Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield.
When Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor, filed for his wireless telephone patent and the trademark, along with his all-in-one wireless telepone patent and systems, in 1907, I wasn't born yet. But as a baby boomer, I do remember him well through the stories told and written by his children, Oliver, Nathan, Bernard, Pattie, Victoria and Helen, stated Troy Cory-Stubblefield, the grandson of Nathan.
"Not only did my father, Oliver, tell me of his childhood secrets in Kentucky, but so did my aunt and uncle at their small farm in Florence, Mississippi," told Troy Cory to his legal panel, now headed by attorney, Charles Portz,
"During those visits, I'd work with my uncle Bernie, gathering his "secrets" together, loading two trunks full of valuable information, i.e. - the original Wireless Telephone Patent, Number 887,357, documents for the U.S. Signal Corps., a patent for the helicopter, 1913 in the name of Uncle Bernie, cancelled checks, and Nathan's death certificate, dated, 1928.
Part 02 / Learning About Grandpa Nat
  Although to me as a boy, living in California, my Grandpa Nat, was like any other grandfather who lived and died in the same Kentucky town he was born. Did he really invent the radio? My family assured me -- that he was a great man, the genius that invented "Radio" -- someone I should be proud of.
But as a kid, at all of the schools I attended, I never heard his name mentioned or read about him in my text books. As far as my teachers were concerned, there was no such man. He didn't exist. Anything that had happened in government between the Spanish American war and the great war in Europe from 1913 to 1918, became a mystery. "The name Stubblefield was entirely deleted from the history books."
"Those were the big years after Grandpa Nat had already patented his wireless telephony inventions," said Troy. "Various photos taken at the time, shows him demonstrating the wireless RF units, in Washington, D.C., and in Philadelphia, with Nikola Tesla, General Squier and Fredrick Collins watching on. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who ever read the 1902 Washington Post and St. Louis Post, describing the first wireless ship-to-shore broadcasting events."
03. Recently, attorney Charles Portz of Houston, Texas,
who heads the NBS100 Frequency Legal Review Panel, and the lead attorney in its FCC $27Billion Dollar "request for payment" FCC filing. Portz has his own theory about why, "all the secrets within the FCC structure" -- and as to why it has taken so long to pay Nathan Stubblefield for his RF frequencies that was confiscated by the government and held by them since 1913?"
"This was the way cover-ups within the government have worked, since the beginning of time," says Portz. Industry leaders and inventors always did away with their predecessors; anyone who came before had to be carefully controlled or deleted.
Ronald Reagan rewrote his relationship with Richard Nixon. Marconi denounced Stubblefield. Gen. Squier did the same to Stubblefield, who left the Signal Corps. under obscure charges of "subjectivism" and "voluntaryism."
Stubblefield was banished to Murray, Kentucky, and the rest of the SMART DAAF boys, Tesla, DeForest, and Farnsworth were all but eliminated from the world of finance and marketing by quasi-government monopolies like AT&T and GE.
It was Tesla who first broke his "Secret Keeper" vows, by claiming that government agents monitored his visitors and any of his trips off his premises during his whole life.
It was only after my college days at Pepperdine, when I entered into the world of showbiz, and got earned the confidence of my elder Stubblefield's that I learned about the "secret keepers" and the promises Grandpa Nat made 76 years ago this month.
It was at that time when some of the members of his "Big Six" investment team, denounced the crimes committed during World War I, by using the wireless radio wave frequencies Grandpa Nat invented, and the "cult of personality" that developed around General Squier of the U.S. Signal Corps.
The story is a straightforward tale of good versus bad, of a benevolent invention replacing a landline telephone system. It is far more nuanced than that. Stubblefield, after all, had been one of General Squier's trusted team members, who by his own admission "did what others did" -- participating in the development of radio wave frequencies and the flying machine between 1892 and 1913, convinced that the total "annihilation of the enemy" had to be an Enemy's uppermost priority in order to ensure the shining future of American patriotism.
"There has to be something that we don't know," said Charles Portz, of the law firm of Portz and Portz, the producer of the Real Law television series. "To simply explain that they're doing the things they are doing to avoid litigation appears to me, that they'd be willing to consider our $27Billion Dollar request for payment if we can convince them that any desires we have, don't include the "champagne wishes and caviar dreams that went out in the 90s," he said.
"It's hard to see how the FCC can justify giving billions of dollars to the NBS100 family trust, unless the NBS100s' wireless WiFi network and Wireless Cemeteries can be implimented throughout the U.S. and linked to other WiFi networks around the world, -- that includes RFID tags."
 "At this point," continued Portz, "it is unclear how much each person will receive, in part, because it is unknown how many telecom participants will apply for reimbursement because of the regulatory seizure of private assets and the use and/or sale thereof caused by the missteps of an agency of the government. Law firms normally get as much as 20% in settlements of this size."
The NBS100 legal panel is in complete agreement with what the former FCC Chairman says about the missteps played out by Congress and the FCC in confiscating property belonging to a patent owner, without paying for it.
That being said, there's no question of fact, that Congress should pay the Nathan B. Stubblefield Family Trust, the $27Billion Dollars the FCC has collected from their scheduled auction sales of wireless telephone frequencies since 1996. The firm's mission is to guide the NBS100 public interest conservancy groups and other non-profit grass-root lobbying organizations to foster public debate on how this $27Billion Dollars will be used, if and when, the FCC allows payment to the NBS100 Family Trust.
Part of the public debate, will stress legacy values in preserving our cemeteries for useful beautifying and maintenance purposes. The construction of a unique wireless network, named after the inventor, NBS100, will wirelessly link the world together. The NBS100 network will include special WiFi antennas and RFIDs installed on each tombstone to create HotSpots within the burial grounds, and throughout the surrounding community.
In times of emergency, the self contained solar driven wireless telecommunication system will help alleviate telecom blackouts, caused by landline fiber and copper wire snapping during earthquakes and flooding, such as the $100 Billion Katrina disaster in 2005.
The mission of funding RFIDs and wireless telephone WiFi towers from the $27Billion Dollars, will kick-start the process of updating community cemeteries for generations to come, like the cemetery created in 2005 by the late, Jae Carmichael of Pasadena. CLICK FOR MORE STORY - NBS100 TELECOM STUDY. Federal Communications Commission's Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Estimates Tuesday, April 26, 2005 - Testimony of Kevin J. Martin Chairman.

• • The Program: Our goal is to provide battery RFIDs &endash; to participating ICAA members winning proposals. These RFIDs are to be used to track and monitor the movements of gravestones anywhere in the world. We hope the resulting data will improve scientific understanding of the target gravestones and the ability of resource managers to conserve them.

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102 Charles Portz Heads NBS100 Legal Panel GRANT? WHAT'S A RDIF? - The $100 Million Dollar Feature Film - Based on Book "Disappointments Are Great" By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield. NBStubblefield, "The Secret Keeper", and his Wireless Telephone. 102FCCPortzNBSmovie.htm

People Section - Melody Jensen
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102 WHAT'S A CEMETERY ARGOS? WHAT'S A WiFi CEMETERY GRANT? WHAT'S A RDIF? / An Interview with Pete Allman, Troy Cory and Melody Jensen and Charlie Portz - The $100 Million Dollar Feature Film - "FireWire and Watermelons and Clarissa", NBStubblefield, and his Wireless Telephone. MORE STORY - 102ArgosNBSMelodymovie.htm

Smart-Daaf Boys members, i.e. Stubblefield, Marconi, Fleming, Fessenden, Armstrong, Alexanderson, Farnsworth
MORE ABOUT. See http://www.yes90.net/102internet/yes/

More Articles • Converging News 082006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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