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TVInews - 107 PETE ALLMAN'S CELEBRITY SCENE Casino Operator Pinnacle to Buy Tropicana's Parent Company, Aztar Corp. $1.45-billion, Gerry McCambridge-The Mentalist True, WAKE UP AMERICA! DIGITAL IS HERE.
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1. Feature Story / 12th Week, March 2006 / Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., which operates casinos in smaller markets, said Monday that it would buy Tropicana owner Aztar Corp. for about $1.45 billion in cash, extending its reach into the prime markets of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J.
Pinnacle and Aztar combined will have 12 gaming properties in the United States, including Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri and Indiana, as well as projects under development, and more than 8,800 hotel rooms.
Phoenix-based Aztar owns the Tropicana casino resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, among others, and Pinnacle owns such properties as L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino in Lake Charles, La.
The boards of directors of both companies have approved the deal, which will be fully financed and is expected to close by the end of the year, Pinnacle said.
The first major casino takeover deal this year positions Pinnacle -- which is dwarfed by chains such as Harrah's Entertainment Inc. and MGM Mirage Inc. Harrah's acquisition of Caesars Entertainment Inc., last year, made it the world's largest casino operator. MGM Mirage's took over the Mandalay Resort Group.
Pinnacle, though based in Las Vegas, has no casinos there. Its properties are elsewhere in Nevada and in Indiana, Louisiana and Argentina.
"We realized that one of the competitive tools we did not have was a casino in Las Vegas and a casino in Atlantic City," Chief Executive Daniel Lee said. "The ability to market across markets … is a pretty important thing."
Pinnacle said it would buy all of the outstanding shares of Aztar for $38 each in cash.
The company said the deal, which also involves the assumption of about $723 million in Aztar debt, represented a premium of about 24% over Aztar's closing price Friday.
William Schmitt, an analyst at CIBC World Markets, said the deal appeared a little expensive because of the cost of 34 acres of land that Aztar owns in Las Vegas: "I think they are paying up for the land in Las Vegas."
Aztar shares rose $6.51, or 21.2%, to $37.21. Pinnacle rose $1.04, or 3.7%, to $29.

Part 02 / Gerry McCambridge-The Mentalist True To His Art
A native of New York, Gerry McCambridge has been a performing mentalist for over thirty years. At the age of eight, Gerry became interested in the workings of the mind targeting how those around him communicated with each other towards him.
A mentalist learns his art by listening to what people are saying, observing their gestures, posture, eye movement and tone of voice. A mentalist should also study mental techniques, body language, psychology, hypnosis, linguistics, statistics, law of averages, non-verbal communication and NLP, ESP, acting, theatre, magic, and stand up comedy. Although I have not seen any mentalist go to these extremes, Gerry McCambridge certainly has; perhaps that is why he can pierce into people's minds and make predictions that are true.
He is one individual who has dedicated himself to be the best mentalist on the planet. In fact, Gerry worked at a psychiatric hospital where he was able to observe and discuss the functioning of the human brain with doctors. He was also able to learn from his father who was a New York City detective. As a detective, his father was able to get into the minds of the suspects and use skillful manipulation to obtain information pertaining to cases. McCambridge would watch his dad's techniques and apply to his own routine
Gerry McCambridge is performing in the Adelison Lounge at the Rampart Casino located in the WC Marriott Hotel in Summerlin. His show has been so successful that it has been extended nine times. That is proof alone that Las Vegas audiences, as well as tourist, enjoy the entertainment value of the show. I know, I was in his show when he as asked the audience to call someone on the cell phone.
I had announced that I had someone on the phone and he asked me to ask my friend Valerie to pick a number. She did pick a number and I stated what the number was and within a minute I picked the card out of the envelope which was the number Valerie had mentioned. How could he have known? That is the question. There was no way he could have written down the number or had it prepared in any other way.
Last May, McCambridge stared in his own NBC Special, The Mentalist, which is much like his live shows which reached 6.2 million people, not to mention Canada and the UK which is millions more. The high light of the special, featured Gerry riding four blocks on Broadway, New York City's busiest street, blindfolded.
As in any endeavor, Perseverance is the key. It took from 1988 until May of 2003 to make his vision a reality. Today he lives in Green Valley with his family. It is apparent that this unique individual will continue to entertain audiences. The next step would be to see him appear on The Strip; perhaps at The Wynn Resort. After all, his is the kind of show that would add to Steve Wynn's vision.
The Consumer Electronic Show is one of great insight into today's market of electronics.
It draws executives and exhibitors from an array of affiliated industries. In January of 2006, the emphasis of the show was on content and application which delivered the hardware that is the events original focus. One of the major focuses for CES was top executive of the largest cable TV companies using CES to unveil their latest open cable applications platform. Agencies, which just might crate a retail digital set top box market.
Hollywood on the other hand, was lobbing in its perpetual copyright battle. They are taking advantage of the CES association's success, attracting dozens of Washington policies into Las Vegas, The Motion Picture Association of America involved in the congressional and FCC staffers were present at a picture suite at the Belligio Hotel. The MPAA showed then hero digital devices are being used to copy write. The Hollywood message came through with an endorsement of the Digital Transition Security Act (HR 4569) which House Judiciary Chairman, James Senbreneer (R-Wis) introduced in Congress just prior to the December recess. One of the impressive presentations at CES was Ikeganies HD Topless Edit Cam. Ikeganie, one of the leaders of broadcast cameras is gaining much attention for its multi-media task camera. This is a non-linear random access in shooting, viewing, and editing. It offers a 90m-minute recording time on a single 120g-field pack. In essence this is technology that surpasses tape-operated cameras

The potential impact of conversations on the television and advertising industries has been long predicted, for 2005 stood out as the year when theory met reality. Last year, incumbent media providers veered off the path upon which they had built their business and struck landmark deals with computer makers, web portals, cable operators and search engines.
For instance, a social network is considered to be a technical and organizational infrastructure that enables individuals separated by time or distance to establish communities where they exchange ideas, content, tools, and information in order to enhance the experience of being a part of he community.
The bottom line here however, is consumers are increasingly calling the shots in a converged media world. They use Apple iPods to make their own music play list. Personal video recorders allow them to customize television line-ups. Satellite radios, pump commercial-free music into their cars.
These consumers post stock- market update, text messages, wallpaper, ring tones, and short-form video into their mobile phones. They come together in online communities, generate their own content, mix it, and share it on a growing number of social networks. No longer a captive mass media audience, today's media consumer is unique, demanding and engaged.
The evidence is here. Newspaper readership is down and people are tired of watching commercials on television, not to mention the commercials that play on the radio. It is without question a time and age where everyone is on the move and their attention span is much shorter. Thus the digital age is here for he Internet as well as for satellite.
Until then keep your vision positive and keep positive people around you and above all know that God is there for you.
Pete Allman may be reached through his web site at www.celebrityscene.com

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