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TVInews • 107 - TeleKey Name Founders of VRA TelePlay Pictures to Head Production for $100-million "NBS100 Wireless Telephone Movie." Troy Cory and Josie Cory have distinct styles. Both may have to learn on the job; By Pete Allman, Celebrity Scene
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1. Feature Story / The Co-founders of VRA TelePlay Pictures were named by TeleKey to head the studio production for its $100-million -- NBS100 Wireless Telephone feature film. Troy Cory and Josie Cory have distinct styles. Both may have to learn on the job.
To overcome their lack of experience in completing a major studio film, the Cory's are expected to rely heavily on a major Hollywood Studio chief that has a ranking producer ready to team up with the Cory's first major feature film effort.








"In addition to that," says Pete Allman, of Celebrity Scene News, "not only must Troy and Josie Cory court a Studio that's a member of the "big six"-- like Warner Bros. Disney, Paramount, NBC-Universal, Fox, or Sony, but a director and lead actors that can fit into the 2008 marketing and promotional plans for a few of the major Wireless Telephone™ companies."
2008, is the 100th year celebration of the Wireless Telephone patent issued in 1908, "and TeleKey's Video Record Albums of America, along with their telephone company sponsors will be celebrating the NBS invention." Pete Allman networks his CSN news report through Troy's exclusive VRA China Expo Internet outlets.
Troy clashed with China's VRA officials last year over the release date of Allman's boxing news series, "Filipino Man" -- before CATV begrudgingly agreed with Troy's decision to hold back the V-series until China was ready for boxing. Allman said, however, "Troy didn't make that decision hoping to see my CSN Report lose."
For her part, Josie is a virtual unknown among mainstream Hollywood filmmakers but, like Troy, is considered highly competitive, having learned the film business as a young Miss Executive at the feet of Summit Films co-founder Martin Green, and Bavarian film and music executives, Gabor Wagner, Franz Seelos and Wm. Janovsky.
Despite working a "lifetime" with each other in the Arts and Sciences, Troy Cory and Josie Cory only occasionally have crossed paths in decision making.
Now, they will be working closely together, side by side, again runningVRA TelePlay Pictures, the production company they both co-founded in Hollywood, in 1974, and spun off to TVI-TeleKey in 1987.
In what amounts to an arranged marriage, the two were officially named to produce the "Wireless Movie NBS100," bringing together their Vine Street and Rosemont Studios, and TVI Publishing they purchased in 1976 and 1987, respectfully.
In particular, their long-time personal friends in the movie business, lauded the Cory's decision to take over the producer duties of the NBS project. It's because of their knowledge of the Internet, finance and the banking industry that'll make it happen.
"At one time," said Troy, "I felt that I couldn't afford to take the monetary risk Hollywood requires. It was after I read that Warren Buffett said he couldn't afford Hollywood . . . because there's no money in the stuff," -- that I changed my mind about this present Wireless Telephone™ movie."
"They'll attempt to climb up the value food chain, and it's not very easy, in Hollywood" said Toni Covington, a movie consultant company based in Burbank, that is handling their Smart Daaf Boys movie book deal. "They're not very good yet on finding a plot to fit the story-line about his inventor grandfather, -- but knowing Troy, it won't take him long to get the hang of it. It totally makes sense for them to enter the film business, just for this one NBS100 movie project."
"I feel very confident that they have complementary skills and they are not going to clash with each other," said Bernie Schwartz of VRA TelePlay Pictures. Josie played matchmaker in naming VRA TelePlay Pictures Studios to replace the German Production Group, FFF Group of Bavaria, who at one time planned to film "Wireless" -- in Munich.
VRA TelePlay Pictures becomes the latest independent studio to hand the reins over to two executives, a sign that top film jobs have grown increasingly taxing as companies expand internationally, adapt to new digital technologies and launch complex, big-budget projects.
"There are really hard decisions to make out there," Troy said. "What movies to make first, 'his or mine?' How to make them -- 'his way or our way, and at what price?" Hollywood is still very challenging on how to market and release them. When Kodak had a film monopoly in Hollywood, "it was simple," says Josie. When video moved in -- it became like the wild west. While heading Vine Street Video Center, Troy defined their game play as "a battle between the cattlemen (film) and sheep herders, (video). Now it's just about an all-digital movie-making business, the herders finally won out, from studio to silver screen projection."
All of the Major "big six" Studios, have some sort of shared management arrangements with their off-shore partners. Universal and Paramount Pictures are the only remaining studios that do not directly distribute their movies overseas. They are in the process of taking over specific countries from their overseas partner, United International Pictures, a British-based distribution company.
By striking out separately, Paramount and Universal are in a better position to squeeze more money out of the lucrative foreign marketplace, which on average can account for more than 60% of a film's overall revenue.
Part 02 Since, 1987) -- Josie served as the Publisher/Editor of Television International Magazine, tvimagazine.com and tvinews.net, a Hollywood-Las Vegas-based syndicator of media news events. MORE STORY
After the purchase of the magazine, founded fifty years ago by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss, she has enjoyed virtual autonomy from VRA TelePlay Pictures while at the same time helping shepherd such acclaimed VRA music videos of Kenny G, James Brown, and televsion shows produced in the People's Republic of China, the "D-Diaries Series," and "Hong Kong Triad." The hour long China programs feature prominent political statements. Troy's favorite episode features himself on stage with Deng Xioping and Jiang Zemin in Shanghai and in Beijing, during the early days of China's open door policy.
Although both are experienced at running and operating a television studio, printing a magazine, and streaming video over the Internet, neither has overseen the development and production of a "big studio" movie.
Troy and Josie like always, will quickly mesh their different personalities and learning styles in their new Hollywood movie project. While performing not only as a VRA TelePlay Picture's TV-stage performer in the Troy Cory Show releases, Troy, at the same time oversaw the studio's worldwide video marketing and distribution of its DVD and on-line webcast releases.
Troy will probably retain control of the legal aspects and production of "Wireless," while serving at the same time, as VRA's main liaison with the "Main Stream Hollywood Studio." Any one of the three major studios which have shown interest as of date, will potentially take over total control of the production and world-wide distribution of the $100-million "NBS100 Wireless Telephone."
Josie will keep overseeing marketing and distribution and its TVI news products, and also will take the lead in expanding VRA TelePlay Pictures's role in the international market concerning DVD and video distribution sales.
The Cory's are viewed as serious, brainy and somewhat conservative, "money wise." They have been married for over 30 years with adult children, neither is a fixture on the entertainment party circuit.
"I was valevictorian of my high school, in Germany," said Josie, who grew up and received her liberal arts eduction in Munich, Germany, and in England. "I'm as liberal as they come."
03. Troy, a California baby-boomer, has fully embraced the "no evil" Signet Telekey.org corporate culture, when making a combo business/concert tour to and from Las Vegas, Europe and China.
The Cory's attempt to put an arms length distance from their friendly business associates in the Signet TeleKey banking business, from those in their show biz activities, doesn't always mix. Troy finds it a hard thing to do when performing a romantic song with Josie in front of 10,000 people "mixed in with our associates at a TV-stage show financed by Signet TeleKey."
Josie, whose TVI-TeleKey company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, plans to move sometime this fall back to Pasadena. She said she was confident that she and Troy will be very successful in their new role as executive producers with a main-stream feature film studio.
"It'll be great to have somebody, who heads a major studio, to lob ideas back and forth during the production of "Wireless Telephone," Josie said.
She already has been working easily in a partnership with studio intermediary, Melody Jensen of MJ Productions, Newport Beach.
Unlike Josie, who aggressively attempted to avoid the top job of being part of the historical production at first, finally said yes. Troy however, whose reputation for being highly passionate when it comes to the radio, eletromagnetic wave Smart-Daaf Boy controversy, couldn't wait to be asked.
"I am one of the co-producers and I am thrilled to have been appointed as such, but I'm more thrilled it's Troy who heads the story-board. It was his grandfather who invented the Wireless Telephone, and that's what the movie is all about, high tech, Tesla, war, corruption, sedition laws and secret keepers in the early 1900s," Josie said.
To overcome their lack of experience developing a major studio film, the two are expected to rely heavily on co-production heads provided by the Studio. "After Wireless Telephone," said Josie, we'll probably be acting as the executive producer for several more productions.
In addition, they must court and keep happy VRA TelePlay Picture's largest distributor of its DVDs and CDs, Jeff Bezos, TVI's Person of the Week, who co-founded Amazon.com.
Troy used to occasionally spat with VRA's distributors, like last year over the release date of his "China Moon Ron Rice Hawaiian Tropic Webcast," before Troy reluctantly agreed to release the movie in early summer instead of the fall. Amazon was right, the webcast was the first webcast still seen 24 hours a day by VOD, (video on demand) -- on Google, Yahoo! and LookRadio.com.
He is passionately competitive and he wants to win. And 80% of the time, since I've started following the 20 years worth of adventures with Troy and Josie, I've seen "ourselves" win as long as "evil intentions" -- stay off the picture," Allman said.
TVI and TeleKey officials also hesitantly agreed to see the Cory's move in 1996 to work on the Las Vegas "China Expo" - "Forbidden City" strip project. But just recently, eyes brightened. Ten years later, the Jockey Club multi-million dollar project finally turned into gold. A religious group bought out their Jockey Club Alliance development, for over a billion dollars.
Allman credits and relates Troy's success in his world of business and finance -- to the ways he handles his Troy Cory Show activities in China. The bizarre routes he takes in handling ventures that sometimes go wild and woolly, without explanation, is in direct response to those working with him. Troy swears he picked up the best of ethics from his legal mentor, Melvin Belli, the co-author of their book, "The Tortfeasors." The bottom line for Tort feasances and the prevention of evil said Belli, "If you treat us nice, we'll treat you nice, and now that we're all friends, can't we get this worked out?"
The John Carr films, "Buster" and "Starmaker", filmed in Berlin and Hollywood in the early 1970s, might have predicted some of the exiting business adventures Troy has gotten himself into. The films feature Wendel Corey, Barbara Valentine and Troy, singing some of his early recordings written with Josie and Germany's, Ambros Seelos.
Troy received plaudits for overseeing and predicting the web-based marketing of his last year's China concert experience, "China Moon," and his live webcast, "First Webcast From Harbin, China - 2000." Both television shows can be seen on LookRadio.com.
It's no secret around town, that Troy is given credit for successfully tapping into the power of Google and Yahoo! ability to seek, find and telecast streaming video. Smart90, LookRadio, dv90.com and various other divisions of TVI-TeleKey have been using the Internet to promote its movies since 1996. LookRadio streamed its first live show in 1992 from the WNBS TV station in Murray, Kentucky to Cory's Pasadena Rosemont Studios.
Josie Cory, co-founder of Vine Street Video Center, said, "Troy enlisted the studio's sister DotCom network Smart90 and VRA TelePlay in a DVD marketing Google KudoAd blitz. The webpage side bar KudoAds exposed the Rod Stewart Vine Street, and 'China, The Big Sleep' TelePlay programs, to over 30-million viewers on a daily basis." The DVD programs are now available for royalty free teleplay webcasters on Amazon.com.
"We were all over Smart90, LookRadio, Google and that really helped," Josie said.
To locate the film footage of "Buster," and "Starmaker," produced and directed by John Carr and John Harris for Hollywood International Pictures, Josie called both filmmakers, four times a day. The gritty film dramas were directed by John Carr in 1970. "Buster" was re-edited last year for DVD webcasting. "She is not one of those 'I'll see you at the premiere' types,' said Victor Caballero, now head of Video Record Album Classics, Universal City.
One of Josie's strongest traits is her expertise in foreign film financing, which is especially crucial for any major motion picture company, wanting to set-up and finance its overseas operations in China and Germany.
She also will play an important role with Troy in trying to keep in VRA TelePlay Pictures music producers, Ambros Seelos and Sylvester Levay, authors and arrangers of such hit songs and the musical score for "Fly Robin Fly" and Disney's, "Roger The Rabbit."
Although both Josie and Troy Cory-Stubblefield may be unproven with powerful industry figures, they are popular with such independent TV show filmmakers such as Germany's, FFF of Bavaria, Sylvester Levay, Joseph Bamberger (UFA), Wm Janovsky, ("Tibetan") and ARD's, Gabor Wagner ("Christmas Around the World"), and China's Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou national television station, CCTV. //

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Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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Yes90 tviNews S90 07 - NBS100 Name Founders of Vine Street Video Studios to Head VRA TelePlay Pictures Production for $100-million "Wireless Telephone Movie." Troy Cory and Josie Cory have distinct styles. Both may have to learn on the job; By Pete Allman, Celebrity Scene t • NEWS Convergence - 13th Week of 2006 Spring Issue / Feature Story / • 107NBST&JtoheadVRAMovie.htm / Smart90, lookradio, nbs100, tvimagazine, vratv, xingtv, Ddiaries, Soulfind, nbstubblefield, congming90, chinaexpo, vralogo, Look Radio, China Expo, Soul Find, s90tv, wifi90, dv90, nbs 100, Josie Cory, Publisher, Troy Cory, ePublisher, Troy Cory-Stubblefield / Kudoads, Photo Image665, Movies - Television With No Borders

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