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TVInews - 102 -The Wireless Telephone™ The Chinese connection, and the wireless NBS100 HANDi. The HANDi will be featured in the motion picture produced by VRA TelePlay in Hollywood, California. Product Placement in Movies ie: - "The Da Vinci Code."
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1. Feature Story / The Wireless Telephone™ is getting ready for next year's slew of tie-in merchandise that will be tied to the 1908 wireless trademark and patented invention in next year's Hollywood's fall 2007-08 film releases. There will also be game and apparel tie-ins -- that will be featured in the motion picture with the working title "Wireless", or full name: "The Secret Keepers Of Wireless."
If NBS100 were to come out with its new HANDi wireless today, it would feature both a wireless phone and a wireless service that would be part of the Internet. The wireless phone would be branded, the NBS100 HANDi, and the service would include the FI-Wi RFID system, branded as part of NBS100, - the National Broadcasting System containing 100 movie channels. MORE STORY.
The phones would be packed with multimedia features, which would be the envy of all those sucked into the E3 Expo to see the latest video game. The NBS100 models will target the teenage and early-20s crowd. The HANDi will include dual speakers, high-resolution screens, 2-megapixel cameras and the capability to play MP3 audio and various video formats. The USB connections will also have the capability to plug into a TV unit, -- for big screen viewing.
"The NBS100 HANDi, pictured above, -- is the compact wireless unit, that will be featured in our major film," says Troy Cory-Stubblefield, of VRA TelePlay Pictures. "The keyboards are used in favor of standard keypads preferred by the texting generation for messaging and VoIP banking, using our special mouse we call 'pad teller'." The screens would be comparable to the video-enabled iPod or PSP game console.
"After the summer's over," says Troy, "most of the FCC and State VoIP and IPTV regulations will loosen a bit, and those companies interested in marketing their Wireless Telephone™, should start chasing the chance for partnerships or cooperation, in the making of this historical motion picture about the evolution of the wireless from Stubblefield to now.

Part 02 / 107 Movie Related Products Sales
The batch of tie-in merchandise tied to this summer's, (2006) films including "The Da Vinci Code," -- will help sell most of the related merchandise coming from DVDs, book spinoffs, including the Bible, religious and art books, and of course, Dan Brown's best-selling novel. There are also game and apparel Da Vinci Code tie-ins.
Lucasfilm Ltd.'s last year's, "Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sixth" generated $3 billion in merchandise sales worldwide at stores, company spokesman John Singh said. That figure surpassed the $2 billion in worldwide retail sales generated from "Episode I The Phantom Menace," released in 1999, and $1.2 billion in sales tied to "Episode II Attack of the Clones," in 2002.
TVInews editors have noted that Disney-Pixar's "Cars," Walt Disney Co.'s "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," and Warner Bros.' "Superman Returns," are relying on animation to help stimulate product tie-ins.
Disney has embraced a broad merchandising strategy with Pixar Animation Studios' "Cars," which is slated to hit theaters June 9 and is expected to attract a core audience 2 to 6 years old. The company, which recently acquired Pixar, signed up 350 suppliers to produce products including bedding and children's clothing.
Among the highlights are a $34.99 Fast Talkin' McQueen vehicle that does 15 tricks, named after the main character, and $24.99 racing tracksets from Mattel Inc., the main supplier of toys related to "Cars." Mattel is also producing most of the toys for "Superman Returns." Disney's electronics division is offering a $159.99 TV-DVD combo shaped like a car.
For the sequel to 2003's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," opening in theaters July 7, Disney is targeting 6- to 9-year-olds and is focusing on toys that encourage children to act out scenes from the movie. From Zizzle, the main toy supplier for the movie, there are mill wheel sets with collapsing ladders and pistol and belt sets with blast sound effects.
Disney's merchandising team is also reaching out to older customers with apparel and accessories that feature trendy graphics, capitalizing on the skull as an emerging fashion icon.

3. Editor's Note / There's no doubt about it, the Studio producers and distributors of "Wireless" NBS100, will be watching with open eyes, the techniques NBC - Universal Studios will use to tie-in "The Da Vinci Code," merchandise this 2006 summer to the video telephone. It is predicted that most of the related merchandise to Da Vinci, will be coming from the sales of Bibles, DVDs, book spinoffs, religious, art books, and of course, Dan Brown's best-selling novel. There are also game and apparel Da Vinci Code tie-ins.
As for VRA TelePlay's next year's "Wireless" movie, our related merchandise sales campaign will focus on the revenue created from our branded NBS100 Wireless Telephone™, says Tory. DVDs, book spinoffs, Radio Shack crystal sets, kids EM wireless books, and of course, a best-selling novel about NBS are part of the merchandise picture.
There are also be game and apparel NBS100 tie-ins for video games. The features that will be seen in the movie "Wireless" are now being used by major telephone companies in both Asia and the U.S.A. For instance, when the HANDi, search button is looking for an episode of "Friends" in the E3 streaming video function, it'll lead you not only to the episode you wish to see, but to a nicely laid-out, vertical list of your on-line buddies. You can then click a little further to see their latest pictures and blog entries.
The phone version also allows your My Buddy searchers based on display name. Sending messages to others on the phone version of My Buddy searchers works well, and without much bother on today's working prototypes. You can attach photos taken with the camera aboard the phone.
The other Web features on the NBS100 branded phones will be based on deals the company has made with providers. You can read the satirical news site tvinews.net, check on current news by going to Your Easy Search engine, Yes90, which is then sorted out by Google and/ or some of the functions provided by Yahoo, including driving directions, movie showtimes and weather updates.
But of course the distinguishing feature of the phone is S90tv Space Age. Kids might not want to leave home without it.
The merchandising executives behind "Superman Returns," which is to hit theaters June 30, are also aiming to attract both children and adults. Toys and children's apparel related to the film target 5- to 11-year-olds, but Warner Bros. is also looking to woo adults and teens with apparel such as $85 rhinestone-encrusted tank tops and $300 cashmere sweaters with the superhero's "S" logo.
"The S shield has never gone out of fashion. There is this coolness factor that will make it very desirable," said Brad Globe, president of consumer products at Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros.
Merchandisers are looking well beyond the summer and plan to refresh offerings tied to the DVD releases during the holiday season, as well as to sequels.

4. Related Stories / The existing NBS100 HANDi phones now being marketed under several different brand names and wireless broadcasting formats, are manufactured in Asia, getting readied for the big US launch via the movie deal. As you can see from the drawing above, one model is a stylish side-winder phone.
Troy states, "if the NBS100 HANDi sounds similar to other phone systems that will be coming out on the market in the near future, they are probably right!"
If they check out the origianal 1907 drawings of my grandfathers patent, "they will find the original stylings of the Wireless Telephone™ and WiFi, attached to a horseless carriage. FOR MORE STORY. People have been copying the patent for over a hundred years, and the FCC has been selling the frequencies since 1996, raking in over $45-billion by the end of June 2006. SEE MORE STORY.
It features a TV screen which is centered to be held vertically for phone use or horizontally for watching video, as well as TV outputs for video playback on a larger screen.
It also features a 2 Megapixel camera, MP3 player, stereo speakers, and TransFlash slot. This NBS100 HANDi's handset demos its full intent to focus on streaming video and music, similar to other 3G services.
Additionally, the FCC has recently approved the existing NBS100 HANDi technology, which is a slider phone that shares most the NBS100 HANDi features but adds additional buttons for gaming. It is likely this model will be launched on a competing brand-name mobile phone.
What the HANDi merchandisers will be looking for in the movie -- will go well beyond the first summer and TvIP technology. It'll go into the banking business, ask Troy, he'll tell you all about it..


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