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TVInews - 106 BOOK REVIEW - Part One. Pete Allman "Disappointments Are Great, Follow The Money, the Copycat Society - D-diaries. By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield - ©2006 • ISBN 1-883644-34-8 • Library of Congress Catalog # TX 5-967-411 • REVIEWED BY: Pete Allman and Mark Sovol • Mark Sovol
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BOOK REVIEW - Pete Allman - Part One "Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money, The Internet - D-diaries - ©2006 - By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield • ISBN 1-883644-34-8 • Library of Congress Catalog # TX 5-967-411
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•••Believe it or not, before telephony was changed to "radio" -- the word "phony" -- bothered everyone in those early days of the wireless telephony industry. I agree with the authors, that if the Guglielmo name could have been shortened to a name like, "Google Marconi" -- Senior Marconi, would have liked being entrenched into today's Sin Trends with a trendy name.
•••The Smart-Daaf Boys are the acronyms for the inventors who put the pizzazz in the ElectroMagnetic Wave, (EMW). The Smart-Daaf Boys - Main
StubblefieldMarconiAmbrose FlemingReginald FessendenTesla
DeForestArmstrongAlexandersonFarnsworth - CONTINUED


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CONTINUED / •••With the exception of Stubblefield, the battles with the Telecom giants in the first couple of decades in the 1900s, ended in various pin pointed law suits that set precedence against former employees.
••• That's one of the primary reasons why, with the exception of Marconi, Thomas Edison, Charles Steinmetz, of GE and George Westinghouse were not included in the Smart-Daaf group index.
••• Stubblefield, as it turns out, acted alone in developing his own separate and distinct scientific method of transmitting RF voice signals between land Vehicles, ship-to-shore and trains. Today 100 years later, it still transmits articulate RF WiFi voice signals, just like it was designed to do, utilizing both the air waves and land-lines










••• Both Edison, Westinghouse, and Steinmetz, controlled the companies or their subsidiaries that at one time or another, commissioned or employed the RF services of: Reginald Fessenden; Tesla; DeForest; Armstrong; Alexanderson, and Farnsworth. (Edison, GE, RCA and Westinghouse). Although the Marconi Company, hired Ambrose Fleming to help him perfect the coherer tube, it was done as co-development project. CLICK MORE ABOUT: FESSENDEN WINS LAW SUIT AGAINST THE RADIO TRUST, General Electric Company, the Radio Corporation of America, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Western Electric Company, Inc., United Fruit Company and the Wireless Specialty Appliance company.
••• The authors in their proficient Timelines, emphasize, "facts only" -- about the early days of wireless telephony-telegraphy, and the big three of the Smart-Daaf Boys, Stubblefield, Marconi and Tesla. You'll never see the word "Radio." -- and no packets of instant coffee and Creamora laying around the Timeline dates where all you had to do was add hot water . . . and zip! . . . you had a cup of Starbucks, while listening to your wireless iPod you just purchased from the local Radio Shack.
••• In fact, I found in the yes90.com TimeLine, (Chapter Seven), -- that it took Stubblefield over eighteen years to convince the U.S. Patent office to grant Patent and Trademark to the world's first Wireless Telephone™ system, with illustrations. (1908).
••• Stubblefield's dream of a wireless telephone in every home commenced in Murray, Kentucky, 1892. His first of many "Hello Rainey" public wireless telephone demonstrations, was held at his industrial school, Tele-phon-delgreen, now the campus of Murray State University. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Grandpa Nat. See Photo.
••• As for the antenna, Radio AC alternators, television, and Electron Tube devices, it took about the same period of time to grant each creator for his device, a U.S. Patent that wouldn't infringe on the Stubblefield 1908 Wireless Telephone™ patent. Upon studying the Patent Timeline, I found the trendy terms of the day, Wireless Telephony, antenna, Radio AC alternators, and television, were not used by any of the inventors on their Patent applications, between, 1882 and 1926, therefore a trademark was not claimed.
••• Because Stubblefield knew he was living in a copycat world, he knew that if any key word was used by his team to described his WiFi wireless telephony, the secret would shortly be described in the popular 1900 Electrical Review, and Western Electrician, magazines, and be cloned, and was.
••• This created a particularly compelling and challenging situation, for the wireless T&T inventor, says the authors. No matter what the popular Smart-Daaf Boys were doing, their new jargon, photos and drawings could be easily by imitated and commoditized, by their competitors.
••• Tesla's 1875 AC Alternator application reads: Motor; Edison's 1891 Mast Aerial Tower application reads: Means For Transmitting Signals - Electronically; Marconi's 1897 Finger Desk Top Transmitting Dit Dah Device: granted application reads: Transmitting Electrical Signals;
••• Stubblefield's 1898 EMW WiFi grounded battery power source transmitter application reads: Electric Battery; and his Stubblefield's 1907 Wireless Telephone System application reads: Wireless Telephone.
••• What guaranteed the granting of Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone System in 1908 is simple to explain. He was able to link his 1898 EMW WiFi grounded battery power source transmitter, with his 1902, Washington, D.C. - Philadelphia Demonstrations, and the expiration date of the Edison December, 1891. U.S. Patent 465971 for his so-called Aerial tower, -- in 1908. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Patent. See Photo.
••• The principle and character of each of the Smart-Daaf Boy's that was given special status for their cleverness to pull voice, sparks and magic out of the sky, was compromised into the world of big business, and the signs of the times lead by Teddy Roosevelt, the U.S.A. president. "Speak-softly, carry a big stick," was his slogan. The authors call the era, "Uncle Sam's, first "Monkey See, Monkey Do" -- Hooked On, Copycat years, brought on by our entry into Panama Canal and the Spanish-American War, and the U.S. Naval Great White Fleet
••• "It was like a perfect snow fall, full of Christmas time forces." It was a U.S.A. global competition on a sleigh ride. It was unregulated markets controlled by "big business" financial Trust companies. It's what we would call today in the world of a mirrored transparency technological society, an experience, brought on by war time themed events. The TeleCom advances during Teddy's time, were battleships that could talk to each other miles apart, utilizing firewire antennas, WiFi telegraphy and telephony systems," writes Troy.











Part 02 / CHAPTER 02 - nbs100.com. Casting The Non-Fictional Characters for D-diaries.
••• This is the Chapter where the Book introduces the fictional characters, Chancy Cab, Goodtime Charley, The Brooke Sisters, The Pheromones, and Amber. They are not only featured in this book, but they are featured in most of the supplemental DVDs and nbs100.com web pages that back-up the story-line. Their real names were changed to protect the innocent. CLICK MORE To view: the fictional characters are featured in the Troy Cory Show D-diaries DVD tv Series.
••• Like the Smart-Daaf Boy's, whose principles and character were compromised into the world of big business, and the signs of the times lead by Pres. Teddy Roosevelt in the 1900s, so were those of the Fictional Character's from 1980 - 2002 dealing with U.S. - China relationships. Roosevelt's "Speak-softly, carry a big stick," was his trendy slogan. The authors call this era, "Uncle Sam's, first "Monkey See, Monkey Do" -- Hooked on society.
••• Just when you think the author's are portraying Westinghouse, GE, (Edison), AT&T, the Bells, and Roosevelt as bully's, pushing their administrators, unions, and employees around, Josie reminds you just how powerful the victims were. The same people, Marxist unions, and a few big Government officials, could confirm commitments and court judgment to control the activities of the U.S. Army, Navy and Congress.
••• The unthinkable risks Stubblefield's, NBS Wireless Telephony monopoly was taking to maintain the separation of his articulate voice broadcasting from the Dit Dah boys Telegraph monopoly, was very successful up to -- 1910. After that, everything went downhill concerning hot-button terms like radio, scruples and copy-cats.
••• Using their newly acquired pet name for radial frequency RF signals, "Radio" -- the term became a boon for the marketing of their products with phony stock schemes. A few of the Smart-Daaf Boys ended up being casts as, -- publicity hungry predators, chasing wine, woman, song and Hedge Funds -- who eventually got what they deserved.
••• One of the big disappointments pointed out in the book, was the methods used by the quick-buck stock promoter that skillfully combine Stubblefield's separate and distinct Voice broadcast science with Marconi's spark Dit Dah transmissions, naming the combo, "Radio."
••• The start-up radio firms competing to do business with NBS Wireless Telephone Company of America, were trying desperately to act like the big companies. Their radio station prototypes included a few tall 200' exciting RF towers sitting near a cliff, using a Ruhmkorff coil system to shoot a visible spark signals through space.
••• The excitement of the sales pitched only paralyzed the intellections of investors who thought they buying a Wireless T&T Radio Station franchise that included the RF voice transmission standards prescribed in the NBS 1908 Wireless Telephone™ patent.
••• "There was a big monetary future in the horizon, floating around the media circuit. Adding the hot-button term Wireless to the name AT&T, would revolutionize the copper land-lines business.
Part 03 / Stubblefield's General partnership the Gehring-Fennell-Stubblefield Group, were major share holder's in The Continental Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Company, The Collins Wireless Telephone Company, and Teléph-on-délgreen. The were like Hi-Tech savvy brides in waiting" says Troy. CLICK MORE for: AT&T and its founders.
••• All of these connivances and partnership stock dealing created an unusually compelling and challenging situations for the Smart-Daaf big three, Stubblefield, Marconi and Tesla. The authors point out, that whatever the big three had going for themselves, they were being subjected to a force that could easily be imitate and commoditize. "Their wireless goods, products and services, were being bamboozled with artificial financial schemes,' said Josie.
••• As Tesla's motor patents and Edison's light bulb and aerial patent were ready to expire, all of the Smart-Daaf boys, especially DeForest, Marconi, Alexanderson, and Fessenden took full advantage of the situation. For starters, the term "Radio" was added to the De Forest Wireless Radio Telegraphy Company; on February 28, 1907, the term "Radio" was added to the RADIO TELEPHONE COMPANY, corporate offering, and he was granted patent and a trademark on - "Wireless Telegraphy" in 1907.
••• You might say, the DeForest Corporate Hedge Fund players took the challenge and ran with the two separate and distinct wireless sciences by commoditization the two, which in turn, broke the monopoly NBStubblefield had on voice transmission. Which of the Smart-Daaf Boys, or Wireless Telephone and Telegraphy corporations didn't fail, or become subject to the Sedition Act of 1917, then seized by regulatory seizure by the end of first World War, the rest vanished in Wall Streets crash of 1929. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Property Seizure; Commoditize, Monetizing a Debt. Paying off government debt by printing more money. Leads to inflation. Hedge Fund Financing Schemes Commodity:


Part02 ImagesCSnews/TroyCigDdiaries0246w.jpg

4. Related Stories /
TIMELINE HOME PAGE "Follow The Money with PeopleHistory"

More Articles • Converging News 332006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom
••• Max Wien's technique of muffling spark gaps by quenching spark gaps prior to microphone activity and during spark gap transmission, made his broadcast possible. This was not a public demonstration. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Demonstration. See Photo.
••• NBS's documented shortcomings in complacency are for some reason or another understated. Stubblefield has to share some responsibility for his WiFi business partner's missteps and gross negligence. Troy estimates that both A. Frederick Collins, and General Squire of the Signal Corps., created a multi-billion-dollar sinkhole of virtually un-checked malfeasance by allowing the NBS Wireless Telephone system to become part of Wireless Telegraphy stock schemes. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Collins. See Photo.
••• The authors never mention the actual name or reasons as to who ordered Marconi's Morse code Dit Dah transmissions to win out over the NBS articulate voice broadcasting, for the title, "Radio." Also the book fails to expose the Army Signal Corps EMW and RF government secrets, that eventually killed his grandfather living alone in a hut as a recluse. Other than making the statements that, "Grandpa Nat was confused about where sharing secrets with others ends, and when breaking the anti-treason laws of the 1917 World War -1 Sedition Act begins." CLICK MORE ABOUT: Bush pushes Indictment for U.S. 2006 War violators of 1917 Sedition Act.
••• I asked Troy during a conference call, to talk about how his Troy Cory China Show concerts in the 80s and 90s were used by the Reagan and Bush Administrations, to help kick-start the $200-billion trade relationship America is now enjoying with Communist China. His answer totalled seven words to our probing question. "Ask, Chancy Cab, Goodtime Charlie or Amber." CLICK MORE ABOUT: SEE TCS TV SHOW WITH JIANG ZEMIN - 1988 China.
••• Chancy, as it turns out, was the decoded pet name for the cool-headed leader of the U.S. high-tech satellite group. Goodtime and the Brooke Sister were the songster that were speaking through the songs that eventually helped create the world of Xingtv, CD pirates and the imitators of innovation now being used to entertain computer users around the world, on the web. CLICK MORE ABOUT: TCS - China. / TROY CORY & CHINA TV PROGRAM
•••• Such was the case in the DotCom era, and such was the case in the years of Wireless T&T, and Radio. "If Kentucky can't beat them, let's join them," Rainey told to Stubblefield Family. That's when Stubblefield's Industrial School, Teleph-on del green was converted into a Government funded, State teachers college. CLICK MORE ABOUT: MSU
••• Right now the market moves so quickly that people are not going to cooperate with you, but are just letting you leisurely copy them for a stretch, while they stay inert.
••• Remember, only one person at a time can own a successful trendy Name Domain. The newcomer will catch up, but if you don't own the catchy, hot-button Domain Name, it will happen a lot slower. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Stock Option scammers. http://www.gobalcrossing.com/ OR / http://www.enron.com/corp/
••• You've probably heard and read about those advertising agencies that develop targeted ad campaigns studying teen trends, library/reading trends, and those sin trends for TV net-words and movie studios, haven't you?
••• Well, those are the same people that create the weekly top 10 charts and indexes that track the economies of a new movie releases and iTune playlists. There's a lot of money to be made by "fixers" on the Internet willing to maintain honest benchmark indexes and polls, but you'll have to learn to imitate their "living to work" secrets. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Indexing and Charts Targeting Hi-Tech Teen-Age Savvy Index / box office mojo.com.

Excerpts found on this page are from: "Nathan B. Stubblefield, the Radio Boy" & "The SMART-DAAF BOYS"™©1992 and "Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money, The Internet - D-diaries - ©2006 - Published and Authored by TVI Publishing and Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield • ISBN 1-883644-34-8 • Library of Congress Catalog # TX 5-967-411.
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Notice to all major Wireless Telephone Companies and Wi-Fi Broadcasters. The Next Century of the Wireless Telephone™ is waiting for you. WiFi, Digital RF spectrums and Satellite land-line VoIP is here to stay! Get Ready for 2007-2008 -- the 100th year of the Registration of the Wireless Telephone™ patent, and its copyrighted trademark name, drawings, and specifications for stationary, mobile vehicular and floating telephone broadcasting and receiving system. - MORE ABOUT FREE USE OF COPYRIGHT RULES
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