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TVInews - Follow The CopyCat 106 BOOK REVIEW - Part Two. "Disappointments Are Great, Follow The Money, the Copycat Society - D-diaries. By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield - ©2006 • ISBN 1-883644-34-8 • Library of Congress Catalog # TX 5-967-411 • REVIEWED BY: Pete Allman and Mark Sovol • Mark Sovol - Part Two
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A BOOK REVIEW - Mark Sovol - Part Two
"Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Copycat" - D-diaries - ©2006 - By Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield • ISBN 1-883644-35-6 • Library of Congress Catalog # TX 5-967-411
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••• In"Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money - Part One, -- the authors paid only passing attention to the Smart-Daaf Boy's triumphs beyond their financial losses totalled at the time of their passing.
••• Now, with the D-diaries, and the Copycat Society segments added to the book, it becomes a balanced soapbox full of Yes90.com TimeLines and historical radio and financial analogies, media and radio historians will love.
••• For the sake of this book review, I would like to point out that the Nathan B. Stubblefield Wireless Telephone™ patent took on a few tantamount vernaculars like Radio, RF spectrums, frequencies, and table-top reeeivers as the NBS device became popular.
••• Therefore I shall at times refer to the N.B. Stubblefield Wireless Telephone™ as the NBS WiFi, NBS radio, NBS Wireless, or just as the NBS device.
••• What gave Troy's grandfather, NBS broadcasting system, a few advantages over and above his wireless competitors, at least for a while, -- was that NBS transmitter could send voice, and the Edison, Tesla, Marconi, and Fessenden devices couldn't.- CONTINUED

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CONTINUED / To compete against their existing patented EMW spark induction coils that doubled as both an aerial and a transmitter of dampened or spark EMW RF signals, NBS was granted U.S. Patent for the electrolytic earth battery coil patent in 1898.
••• What made the little NBS earth electrolytic coils so unique, was when they were attatched to a grounded aerial they could imitate and do the same multi-RF tasks as the Edison, Tesla, and Marconi, spark coil devices.
••• Also what made the NBS induction coil so sensible, was the broadcaster didn't need the required tall100' mast tower, and extraneous motor, (generator) system to supply the high voltage current needed to power their induction coils to produce the RF spark signals emitted in space.
••• As it turns out, when his inert loop antenna sitting above or near his physical telephone microphone and speaker device became energized by his EMW grounded electrolytic patent, it became annimated. His Wireless Telephone™ was then ready for one way broadcasting, or could act as a two-way wireless WiFi telephone device, with options. (See to top photo).
••• This unique set-up backboned his separate and distinct scientific method of transmitting RF voice signals through space between land Vehicles, ship-to-shore, moving trains, and office and residential telephone customers, with land-line telephone pole connections. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Loop Antenna. See Photo.
••• Today 100 years later, Cell Phone and WiFi Internet users still transmit articulate RF WiFi voice signals, as indicated in his 1908 patent drawings. The Wireless Telephone™ RF transmitter/receiver, was designed to utilize both the air waves and land-lines, to reach the telephone subscribers -- or one-way Wireless unit with a speaker system.
••• Because NBS knew he was living in a copycat EMW world, he did something no other inventor would ever do, he agreed to invite all of his competitors to his 1902, Washington, D.C. - Philadelphia Demonstrations, to meet top Washington and Kentucky officials. Not only did they all show, but the government officials from the U.S. Patent Office, Signal Corps, Westinghouse, Tesla, Fessenden, and Collins were all there witnessing the first Wireless Telephony ship to shore broadcast.
••• Four years later, on Christmas Eve, 1906, the GE, Alexanderson - Fessenden team reported to have accomplished the same feat. Whereas Stubblefield used a battery system to power his uninterrupted voice broadcast, Fessenden used the GE Alexanderson designed generator to power his antenna system. Max Wien's technique of muffling spark gaps by quenching spark gaps prior to microphone activity and during spark gap transmission, made his broadcast possible. This was not a public demonstration. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Demonstration. See Photo.
••• NBS's documented shortcomings in complacency are for some reason or another understated. Stubblefield has to share some responsibility for his WiFi business partner's missteps and gross negligence. Troy estimates that both A. Frederick Collins, and General Squire of the Signal Corps., created a multi-billion-dollar sinkhole of virtually un-checked malfeasance by allowing the NBS Wireless Telephone system to become part of Wireless Telegraphy stock schemes. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Collins. See Photo.
••• The authors never mention the actual name or reasons as to who ordered Marconi's Morse code Dit Dah transmissions to win out over the NBS articulate voice broadcasting, for the title, "Radio." Also the book fails to expose the Army Signal Corps EMW and RF government secrets, that eventually killed his grandfather living alone in a hut as a recluse. Other than making the statements that, "Grandpa Nat was confused about where sharing secrets with others ends, and when breaking the anti-treason laws of the 1917 World War -1 Sedition Act begins." CLICK MORE ABOUT: Bush pushes Indictment for U.S. 2006 War violators of 1917 Sedition Act.










••• I asked Troy during a conference call, to talk about how his Troy Cory China Show concerts in the 80s and 90s were used by the Reagan and Bush Administrations, to help kick-start the $200-billion trade relationship America is now enjoying with Communist China. His answer totalled seven words to our probing question. "Ask, Chancy Cab, Goodtime Charlie or Amber." CLICK MORE ABOUT: SEE TCS TV SHOW WITH JIANG ZEMIN - 1988 China.
Part 02 / Chancy, as it turns out, was the decoded pet name for the cool-headed leader of the U.S. high-tech satellite group. Goodtime and the Brooke Sister were the songster that were speaking through the songs that eventually helped create the world of Xingtv, CD pirates and the imitators of innovation now being used to entertain computer users around the world, on the web. CLICK MORE ABOUT: TCS - China. / TROY CORY & CHINA TV PROGRAM
••• "It was like a perfect storm of forces gathered in one place," says Chancy. Just like in the U.S.A., China's about globalization, deregulated markets, technological transparencies, regulatory seizures, pricing and commoditization.
••• Did you know that it was Chancy who convinced a few small telephone companies in America how to compete against the "Big Four" telephone companies. He actually showed them how to convert long and short analog RF sound waves, into the digital articulate burst needed to make today's VoIP WiFi systems function, with RFIDs.
••• All of those things described in "Follow the Money, the Internet" -- Chapter 05, nbstubblefield.com, have created a particularly compelling and challenging situation, which, no matter what you're doing, can be cloned, imitated and can be easily commoditized.
••• I'll have to say, after reading about Goodtime Charlie and what he has to say about commodity pricing, and being able to use those things you learn from others, was enlightening. His advice on how to handle those copycats that get hooked on ones goods, products or services was a mind thrill. I guess that's what commodity pricing all about . . . Me!
••• Because it has become easier in today's Internet world for competitors to imitate what you are doing, they can do it faster than ever before. They can use the technology they just got off the Internet to crush the R&D costs that you had to deal with, BECAUSE IT WAS FREE.
••• When customers begin perceiving that there is not much difference between a cup of instant coffee, and a cup of Starbucks, prices continually go down. When volume margins get squeezed. It's harder to say to the marketplace, "I'm different. I'm unique."
••• **In the Stubblefield - Marconi Wireless days, when a subscriber conceived there's was not much difference between a wireless two-way voice conversation and a land-line two way conversation, or Dit Dah telegraphy typewritten message, income drops. When that happened, the franchise owners of two-way Nathan B. Stubblefield wireless telephony transmitters, shortened the name to read NBS. That's how the National Broadcasting System began, and two-way CB radio stations were born, featured in Chicago police cars, - 1928.
••• Radio Broadcasting started the same way, when volume margins got squeezed, the franchised owners of two-way wireless telephony transmitter imitated the NBS, National Broadcasting System, and Radio stations were born, featuring Fibber MaGee and Molly.
••• It was then easier for Wireless Telephone™ industry to say to the marketplace, "I'm different. I'm unique, you don't need Dit Dahs anymore" There is real price value in being able to say that, "I'm a real brick and mortar project, not a commodity."
••• As for today's Wireless Telephone™ industry, when a subscriber conceives there's not much difference in retrieving and scanning the web on a v-telephone or a lap-top, again connection cost will go down, but the phone subscriber will gain a video screen to see movies and call his mother to keep in touch. There is real price value in being able to say that, "A Video Wireless Telephone™, means everything to me."
••• In Chapter 06, Goodtime rationalizes the FREE to get in - FREE to get out markets using the "NBS / Rainey T. Wells, Teleph-on del green" success story. There's always some sort of an educational process going on when a promotion in motion movement is advancing to commoditization new goods, products and services that will be effecting a Nation.
••• Such was the case in the DotCom era, and such was the case in the years of Wireless T&T, and Radio. "If Kentucky can't beat them, let's join them," Rainey told to Stubblefield Family. That's when Stubblefield's Industrial School, Teleph-on del green was converted into a Government funded, State teachers college. CLICK MORE ABOUT: MSU
••• That's what free markets are all about. Look at the Gold, Coffee, Educational and Oil markets. At one time, to be in the business, you needed to physically have the product or facilities in your possession. Now a certificate represents ownership. It represents the commodity market maker's control over Supply and Demand over Gold, Coffee, Educational and Oil market pricing to the consumer.
••• The job of explaining shortages in barrels of oil, used to be the job of the old driller, now everybody get in the act. The bad news about the leaky pipes and loss of oil volume and profits is usually left in the hands of the old driller commodity creator, or a Television Jokester or Movie Celebrity to explain supply and demand, and the reason for higher pricing to consumers.
••• Troy Cory and the Brooke Sister's singing, "Isn't a shame how you gave you love away," on a Shanghai stage seen by over 300 million views, said it all about pricing love. The experience of paying $6 for a gallon of gas that was once 15 cents before being commoditized by Wall Street, is very disappointing.
••• We used to talk about product life cycles of years. Now people are talking about product life cycles sometimes in terms of just months, and in some industries, like Smart90s Click news service, tvinews.net, xingtv.com and lookradio.com, indexed on Google and Yahoo, the life cycle could be minutes.
••• Amber says, "being a copycat is a profitable business strategy for some. Regulatory TeleCom monopoly's that say, "Let someone else do the Research and Development (R&D), the infrastructure, all the initial marketing R&D sucker work. Let them build the market and then we will simply come in and copy it, and if that doesn't work, we'll have a law passed, or reconfirm, and make them illegal and seize their assets."
••• That sounds good on paper, and that used to even have more validity when things were slower and product life cycles were longer, like those schemes that were exposed in the Global Crossings, Enron, and Adelphia financial scams.




Part 03 / Right now the market moves so quickly that people are not going to cooperate with you, but are just letting you leisurely copy them for a stretch, while they stay inert.
••• Remember, only one person at a time can own a successful trendy Name Domain. The newcomer will catch up, but if you don't own the catchy, hot-button Domain Name, it will happen a lot slower. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Stock Options for Wall Street Scammers - Phony Workers, Today and in during the big crash of 1927. What's A Stock Option? • What's Backdating? • Give Me An Example?
••• There are probably at least two things a small business can do to compete in a copycat "living to work" economy.
••• 01. Change your working habits, learn from others, imitate the big boys. A lot of small-business people say, "I serve a very small niche in a geographic area and nobody is going to bother me." That's not true at all. Now, your fingers can lead you to the copycat fingers of your competitors anywhere in the world. Superciliousness is a dread disease.
••• 02. Remember, pride falls before glory. Don't give up and convince yourself, "We don't have the deep pockets of the big companies. The big companies are going to crush us." Think of the advantages the small business person has in a copycat economy?
••• One of the things Chancy points out while humming the tune of a copycat tune he's downloading from a copycat WebPage, is that the best big companies are trying desperately to act like little companies.
••• They want to be nimble, fast, agile, quickly capitalizing on a sin trend, the way Steve Jobs did with the iPod, and putting together all the pieces in a new way, the way Ted Turner did in creating CNN or as Bill Gates and Paul Allen did in putting together a software monopoly.
••• You've probably heard and read about those advertising agencies that develop targeted ad campaigns studying teen trends, library/reading trends, and those sin trends for TV net-words and movie studios, haven't you?
••• Well, those are the same people that create the weekly top 10 charts and indexes that track the economies of a new movie releases and iTune playlists. There's a lot of money to be made by "fixers" on the Internet willing to maintain honest benchmark indexes and polls, but you'll have to learn to imitate their "living to work" secrets. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Indexing and Charts Targeting Hi-Tech Teen-Age Savvy Index / box office mojo.com.
••• The most important thing is to be willing to let go of the "working to live attitude." That's the working habit of earning just enough to buy your daily bread. Let go of what no longer creates real value for you, that includes your customers, investors, and those spectator sporting events that use hot-button terms like, "steal", "free throws" and "let's kill-um".
••• Be willing to use your own resources and your smarts. Set your compass settings focused on that one thing you're willing to capitalize on. Then somewhere on the horizon you'll find the solution to the causes that brought on your big disappointment. The Google Boys got over their early day disappointments, by out clicking their competitors -- faster.
••• The authors closes the book with a chapter on the astrological signs of each of the Smart Daaf Boys. The Chapter never questions the reasons as to why Marconi became a member of Mussolini's fascists movement, or as to why and how "Radio" -- became the pet name for both Wireless Telegraphy or Telephony.
••• You may be surprised to learn the authors pulled the astrological signs out of the horizon in order not to hurt the feelings of those Dit Dah Marconi / Fessenden radio boys, and other ham radio contributors, and other respected radio historians, who know the secrets on how to manipulate the History and the WiKipedia edit clicks. "Disappointments Are Great, Follow The Money, the Internet!" - ends on page 259, the last line: E-mail:

4. Related Stories /

More Articles • Converging News 342006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Both Edison, Westinghouse, and Steinmetz, controlled the companies or their subsidiaries that at one time or another, commissioned or employed the RF services of: Reginald Fessenden; Tesla; DeForest; Armstrong; Alexanderson, and Farnsworth. (Edison, GE, RCA and Westinghouse). Although the Marconi Company, hired Ambrose Fleming to help him perfect the coherer tube, it was done as co-development project. CLICK MORE ABOUT: FESSENDEN'S LAW SUIT AGAINST THE RADIO TRUST.
•••• Stubblefield's dream of a wireless telephone in every home commenced in Murray, Kentucky, 1892. His first of many "Hello Rainey" public wireless telephone demonstrations, was held at his industrial school, Tele-phon-delgreen, now the campus of Murray State University. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Grandpa Nat. See Photo.
••• What guaranteed the granting of Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone System in 1908 is simple to explain. He was able to link his 1898 EMW WiFi grounded battery power source transmitter, with his 1902, Washington, D.C. - Philadelphia Demonstrations, and the expiration date of the Edison December, 1891. U.S. Patent 465971 for his so-called Aerial tower, -- in 1908. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Patent. See Photo.
••• "There was a big monetary future in the horizon, floating around the media circuit. Adding the hot-button term Wireless to the name AT&T, would revolutionize the copper land-lines business.
••• Stubblefield's General partnership the Gehring-Fennell-Stubblefield Group, were major share holder's in The Continental Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Company, The Collins Wireless Telephone Company, and Teléph-on-délgreen. The were like Hi-Tech savvy brides in waiting" says Troy. CLICK MORE for: AT&T and its founders.
••• You might say, the DeForest Corporate Hedge Fund players took the challenge and ran with the two separate and distinct wireless sciences by commoditization the two, which in turn, broke the monopoly NBStubblefield had on voice transmission. Which of the Smart-Daaf Boys, or Wireless Telephone and Telegraphy corporations didn't fail, or become subject to the Sedition Act of 1917, then seized by regulatory seizure by the end of first World War, the rest vanished in Wall Streets crash of 1929. CLICK MORE ABOUT: Property Seizure; Commoditize, Monetizing a Debt. Paying off government debt by printing more money. Leads to inflation. Hedge Fund Financing Schemes Commodity:

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory


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