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TVInews - 109 Soil Contamination and Rice and E. Coli is Killing the melody of Ol' MacDonald had a farm, ee-yi-ee- yi - Oh. Is it Bayer's Genetically engineered rice or the Pigs. Who's responsible for Soil contamination and who can you sue if someone dies? Deaths from soil, water, and E.M.F. Soil Coils, Nathan Stubblefield, NBS Electric Battery, Wi-Fi Mist, Pitchblende.




























































































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Cutting across bio-genetics. Who's responsible for soil and water contamination and who can you sue if people get sick then die eating spinach? In 1915, a radio inventor -- tobacco/melon farmer blamed himself. Blame - wild pigs, boars and DNA formula E. coli O157:H7 -- you can't sue an act of God!

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109/ Education

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/ImagesNBS100/AerialSoilToxinEcoli300w.jpg1. Feature Story / Cutting across bio-genetics. Who's responsible for soil and water contamination and who can you sue if people get sick then die eating spinach? In 1915, a radio inventor -- tobacco/melon farmer blamed himself.
•••Although most farmers in the past have blamed themselves for their own missteps, in today's world of E.coli and rice bio-genetics, farmers are revisiting the roots of soil contamination -- which seems to be universal.
••• "They are exploring the evolution of where sickness and death comes from, soil, water, animals, and DNA ancestry," stated a senior officer of the NBS study group who serves on their soil / E.M.F. legal research panel. He asked that his "real" name not be used because he did not want to publicly disagree with the stated policy of the FDA.
••• Coming to grips with modern-day farming and new technology, isn't a quick process. In fact, in your report, if you will, -- please refer to me as, Ol MacDonald. My expertese in soil contamination, and the history of farming in America, will be better understood," he said.
••• Mr. MacDonald said that, "growing up on a farm that -- not only had a 200 foot 10,000 watt AM-FM radio antenna' buried and raising out of the damp low-land, there was always the sight, sound and smell of chickens, pigs, cows and the spreading of fresh fertilizer all around you."
••• "I, like some of my other college educated buddies on the farm scene, are apt to reject everything that's part of a farm, if the blame game doesn't stop. That includes the soil, water, animals, and the sickness caused by the elements.
••• We don't want to be reminded of the tune Frank Sinatra sang in the 60s. Here's a sample of the song: 'Ol' MacDonald had a farm, ee-yi-ee-yi-ooo, and on this farm there was a chick, the purdiest chick I know. With a duck, duck here and a pig, pig there, here's a chick, there's a PigCowChick! . . . ee-yi-ee-yi-ooo.' The desire of most farmers are to be treated like any other normal business people, that offer professional services."
••• In the early days after the Louisiana and Jackson purchases, from Napoleon and the Indians (1805 - 1818), respectfully -- with the exception of Blitzableiters, (the lightning rod), electricity was unknown, There were no soil - chemical testing kits, no generator motors to power the farm.
••• In fact in the 30s only 20% of American households had electricity. The big New Deal dams you now see in North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee, didn't even exist until the 1940s. Today those tobacco and rice field farmers in those southern states are now . . .disappearing.
••• Before, the mid-1920s, the loss of human life caused by contaminated soil and water surrounding farm areas, was basically ruled by common sense and logic. Never grow your daily food supply near the out-house, piles of manure, chicken coop or pig stalls.
Part 02 / Blame - wild pigs, boars and DNA formula E. coli O157:H7 -- you can't sue an act of God!
••• TODAY IF YOU WERE TO LOOK FOR KILLER, E. coli; -- you would find the potentially deadly bacteria in tainted spinach and in the rich fields that sickened more than 200 people and killed at least 4 people. Officials are reported to lay the blame for the tainted rice on on Bayer, Inc., and E. coli on wild animals. Testing is still continuing on the wild pig theory, near California spinach farm. Arkansas and California rice farmers are blaming the famous German aspirin firm, Bayer -- for the rice catastrophe.
••• The same E. coli strain blamed for sickening 204 spinach eaters and killing three has now been found in creek water and in the intestines of a wild pig killed near a suspect spinach farm, California health officials said Thursday.
••• The findings are significant because they suggest possible ways that the virulent bacteria, E. coli O157:H7, may have spread from cow droppings onto spinach leaves processed by Natural Selection Foods in San Juan Bautista.
••• Officials have refused to identify the implicated farm -- one of four they are focusing on -- but have said it is above cattle pastures in a valley in Monterey or San Benito counties.
••• Wild pigs may have defecated in the field or tracked in the bacteria, said Kevin Reilly, deputy director of prevention services for the California Department of Health Services. Boar have a history of breaking through the metal fence protecting the spinach field, and investigators have found boar tracks across the cattle pasture and in the spinach field.
••• "There's clear evidence that wild pigs have access and do go onto the field," Reilly said. "Is that the ultimate means of contamination? Or is that one of the potential means, including water and [other] wildlife? We're still investigating that as we speak."
••• Another possibility is that creek water downhill and about a mile away from the spinach field somehow mingled with the well water used to irrigate the spinach fields, Reilly said.
••• No contaminated samples from manure, creek water or pig intestines were found on the spinach field. All were found between half a mile and a mile away.
••• Other factors still being considered include the use of contaminated fertilizer and poor farmworker hygiene.
••• Investigators are still testing samples at three other suspect farms, and trying to determine whether poor harvesting or processing practices contributed to the spread of E. coli among greens.
••• Authorities also want to know why the bacteria were not or could not be removed during processing, Reilly said.
••• The outbreak increased concern about the proximity of cattle ranching operations to fields that grow ready-to-eat vegetables, and the possibility of cross-contamination.
••• The E. coli O157:H7 strain lives in the intestines of healthy cattle and is present in manure. It is passed to humans when they ingest contaminated food. Produce need be contaminated with only a small amount of E. coli for a person to get sick.
••• Thursday's announcements built upon a major development in the investigation two weeks ago, when officials found the bacteria in fecal samples from a cattle pasture.
••• In years of tracking previous outbreaks, investigators had not found a matching E. coli sample in the environment near where the tainted spinach or lettuce was grown.
••• All nine samples containing the bacteria -- seven from manure and the latest from the water and pig -- come from areas near one of the four farms.
••• All genetically match the strain identified in the outbreak and found in bags of Dole spinach processed by Natural Selection Foods of San Juan Bautista.
••• In mid-September, U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials issued a sweeping recommendation against eating fresh spinach, after linking it with the outbreak.
••• Days later, they narrowed the source to California, and by the end of the month, lifted warnings against eating spinach.
••• Other than the four farms being investigated, the FDA "feels comfortable that other producers of spinach in the Central California area and elsewhere were not involved in this outbreak," said Jack Guzewich, director of the FDA food safety center's emergency coordination and response staff.

Part 03 / The Discovery of RF Resonance
••• When we consider that at one time, the ionosphere surrounding our planet was once named Ether, it seems possible that nothing electronically has changed in the ionosphere, except for the name. In fact, the Ether theory that supposedly died on the 100th birthday of its founder, Maxwell, (1831-1879) is still being maintained to a certain extent, by a new crop of medi-fi enthusiast.
••• The RF Resonance believers contend, and have concluded that, 'since space is electrically positive, and the earth is negative, the two magnetic opposites amounts to nothing more than a prevailing electrically white space they call a cavity. "A continual tension within the earth/ionosphere cavity seems to be the problem."
••• This tension, they say, can be seen being discharged as lightning when thunderstorms develop in this cavity. In the world of physics and equations, tension or the sparks being emitted from space, would be described as two concentric electrically charged balls of potentials. When one potential is placed inside the other, they become capacitors -- with a new name -- ball condensers.
••• Studies show that when the ionosphere ball layer is used for wireless information transfer, the information will bounce off existing radio waves emitted by transmitters stationed on the earth's surface. Depending on the strength of the bounce, depends on the way the information can be transferred over large distances.
••• The inventor Nikola Tesla was the first to carry out Hi-Voltage wireless energy experiments at Colorado Springs, USA, which produced such powerful electrical tensions that they resulted in the creation of artificial lightning.
••• These lightning flashes in turn produced a few usable radio RF waves in which Marconi used to send wireless telegraphy Dit Dah signals. Depending on the strength of the bounce, the extremely low RF waves could penetrate the earth without resistance.
••• Fortunately, 1892 was a great year for Wireless Telephone™ inventor - melon/tobacco farmer, Nathan B. Stubblefield, (NBS). It was on his NBS 85- acre Teleph-on-delgreen Industrial School complex, now the campus of Murray State University, where he was the first to prove up and demonstrate the method on how to modulate, tune-in and reverse the effects of grounded E.M.F.
••• The famous words, "Hello Rainey - Hello Rainey, can you hear me?" -- were utilizing the modulated resonance frequencies of the earth and his RF soil coil - aerial rods. The cause transmitted voice into space to another like Wireless Telephone™. CLICK FOR MORE STORY / CLICK TO SEE COIL SPECIFICATIONS 

4. Related Stories / What is radon? -
The main source of high-level radon pollution is found in buildings and structures surrounding uranium-containing soil mixtures, such as granite, shale, phosphate and pitchblende.
••• Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. Radon cannot be detected by human senses because it is odorless, tasteless, and invisible..
What are the health effects of radon exposure?
••• It is estimated to be responsible for 21,000 deaths annually. Radon breaks down into components called radon progeny, sometimes called "radon daughters," which emit high-energy alpha particles. These emissions raise the risk of lung cancer.
••• The plant material is contaminated with fertilizer dust containing Uranium and uranium daughters. Po-210 would be continuously created in equilibrium with the other daughters. Thus, the inhaled dust particles could radiate for a long time.
••• As the most potent alpha emitter, Po-210 it is believed to cause the majority of the damage. The radioactive isotope Polonium-210 is reported to be found in tobacco products grown in natural soil conditions.

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