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200704AprilMagCov108w.jpg1. Feature Story / April 17, 2007 LAS VEGAS -- The big talk around NAB, both during and after everybody went home, was Vonage VoIP, Bill Gates in China, WebTV, and the Webtv program rating game. By Josie Cory, Gary Sunkin & Pete Allman. Webcasters are denied rehearing on royalties, Vonage VoIP issued an injuction, Bill Gates speaks on WiFi television broadcasting in China; and Why let the Internet fall into the hands of Nielsen and NetRatings and AdBenchmarks?
••• Internet radio broadcasters, as well as Vonage VoIp, were both setback with bad news last week, when a panel of copyright judges threw out requests to reconsider a ruling that hiked the royalties they must pay to record companies and artists, and a court injunction against Vonage that would prevent the money-losing company from servicing new customers.
••• Patent woes are just one of Vonage's challenges Cable-TV operators gain the upper hand in the Wireless telephone telecasting market
••• The Legal Talk around the Las Vegas convention center what that, "if an appeals court does not lift the injunction that would prevent the money-losing company from servicing new customers, Vonage said it might suffer "irreparable damage" leading to layoffs, a customer exodus and even "bankruptcy or liquidation of the company."
NBSPatent02AutoDraw108w.jpg•• Even if the Web TV broadcaster and Vonage wins a stay of the injunctions and goes on to defeat Verizon on appeal, it may gain little more than extra time. One broadcaster historial said Vonage was likely to be a historical footnote: "like the one the industry gave Nathan Stubblefield, the inventor and patent holder of the Wireless Telephone™, and early day telephone marketer, (1907 and 1890), The history telephone TimeLine will state that Voanage was a pioneering company that changed an industry but couldn't stick around long enough to enjoy it.
••• "It seems like everything is working against them," said Robert V. Green, a telecommunications industry strategist with Briefing.com.
••• The patent dispute is the most urgent of Vonage's troubles, but not necessarily the biggest. The Holmdel, N.J., company faces major competitive and operational obstacles.
••• Cable TV companies controlled 65% of the market for Internet-based phone calling at the end of December &emdash; compared with 23% for Vonage &emdash; and were growing faster than Vonage. Analysts said Vonage's $420 million in cash may not last long enough for the company to turn profitable.
••• As for royalties, broad groups of public and private broadcasters, including radio stations, small start-up companies, National Public Radio and major online sites like Yahoo Inc. and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, had objected to the new royalties set March 2, saying they would force a drastic cutback in services that are now enjoyed by 50 million people.
••• In the latest ruling, the Copyright Royalty Board judges denied all motions for a rehearing and also declined to postpone a May 15 deadline by which the new royalties will have to be collected.
••• However, they did grant leniency on one point, allowing the webcasters to calculate fees by average listening hours, as they had been, as opposed to the new system of charging a royalty each time every song is heard by an online listener. That exemption counts for last year and this year. After that, the new per-song, per-listener fee structure goes into effect.
••• Many webcasters say the sharply higher royalty fees will put them out of business. Talk of the ruling dominated a one-day meeting of Internet radio broadcasters in Las Vegas alongside the annual conference of the National Assn. of Broadcasters, a group representing local radio and TV stations.
••• Also on Monday, several Internet radio broadcasters announced a campaign to raise awareness of the issue and encourage listeners to write to their representatives in Congress.
••• David Oxenford, a lawyer representing several webcasters, said the next step was probably an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, but he noted that process could take at least a year.
Part 02 / April 13, 2007 / FCC Wireless RFSales For Web spectrum for the Wi-Fi Net High-speed internet should be one of the FCC's priorities as it auctions valuable airwave rights.
As for Webtv Show ratings,
••• "We simply cannot let the Internet, the most accountable medium ever invented, fall into the same bad customs that have hindered older media and angered advertisers for decades," Randall Rothenberg, the Interactive Advertising Bureau's chief executive, wrote in a letter to ComScore and Nielsen//NetRatings that was released Friday.
••• He urged ComScore and Nielsen//NetRatings to let Media Rating Council, a third party, audit how audiences are gauged.
••• THE USA GOVERNMENT-mandated shift from analog to digital television will allow local broadcasters to provide better picture quality and more programming. The move will also enable a more far-reaching benefit: The airwaves that broadcasters will no longer use for TV signals after Feb. 17, 2009, can be auctioned off for other important uses, potentially raising billions of dollars while encouraging technological and commercial innovation.
••• Those airwaves are a prime slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, a range of frequencies through which light, radio broadcasts, satellite TV transmissions and a variety of other electronic signals travel. At least 18 UHF TV channels will be reclaimed in the digital transition, and Congress has mandated that four of them be dedicated to public-safety communications.
••• Parts of six others are expected to be auctioned later this year, in accordance with rules that the Federal Communications Commission is finalizing now. The frequencies will no longer be reserved for a specific use, but the FCC's rules will help shape who winds up with them and what they can do.
••• The FCC's goal for the auction should be to encourage the development of more broadband Internet services. So much of the economy's potential depends on high-speed Internet access, yet the U.S. lags many Asian and European countries in the percentage of broadband users.

Part 03 / Meanwhile, while members of NAB were celebrating the come-back of NBC to the fold, back in China, Bill Gates talks about the Internet as the Future of TV Delivery While Speaking for a full crowd in Beijing. Gates agreed with Chinese officials, that Wi-Fi television means global expansion opportunities for international programing for education. Mr. Gates Says There Is Enough Bandwidth for Video of Any Type Wi-Fi operating off of an antenna system.
••• During the NAB conference, it was LookRadio webcast from China Xingtv.com, that spotlighted their feature shows on WiFiMist.com. Following the live online video event at NAB, Las Vegas, it was announced they would be issue their ChinaExpo 2008 business plans, during the next few weeks. CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT XINGtv TCS CHINA WEBCAST
••• According to published reports, Bill Gates spoke in China about the relationship between television and the Internet and the future of the Internet revolution during his current trip to China.
••• "I'm often asked, is the technology revolution going to reach an end? And the answer is certainly that in the decades ahead, we don't see any limits," Gates said.
••• Gates cited the growing prevalence of video on the Internet as an example of how quickly and dramatically technology improves.
••• "We really see no limits in terms of bandwidth, connecting these systems together. New wireless approaches will let us reach out into rural areas, will let us have very good, high bandwidth without wired systems," Gates said.
••• And television would become fully wired.
••• "We see TV changing to use the Internet because now we have enough bandwidth to do not just normal video ... but also movies or business meetings -- video of any type. That's certainly new for the Internet," he said.
••• "Five years ago we talked about music on the Internet, we talked about photos on the Internet, but video was not a mainstream thing. Today, it's very mainstream. For all of these things we're just at the beginning of what technology can do.
••• "We see the fact that the power will just get better and better," Mr. Gates concluded.
••• WiFiMist.com. believes that the comments of Mr. Gates, a renowned world business leader, reflect accurately the changes coming about in the way the Internet affects lives on a global level. And WiFiMist.com. believes that its innovative live and interactive LookRadio service, freely accessed at www.Wi-FiTV.com, has tremendous growth potential that can take advantage of these developments.
LookRadio Is a Pioneer In Online TV
••• WiFiMist.com. has long touted the coming convergence of TV and the Internet, and provided the first LookRadio online short 2 minute segment movie in 1992, from Murray, Kentucky. The prospects of a LookRadio web site where you can watch hundreds of TV stations and chat with others watching the same program in a live chat box directly under the viewing screen, and get breaking news for each country and category listed, and download a dialer and make free phone calls and host live video parties all on one web site.
••• Whether the available channels can support a competitor to existing DSL and cable-modem services is an open question, but the FCC can improve the odds by making the frequencies available in blocks large enough to create a viable substitute.
••• The commission should heed recommendations from high-tech and satellite TV firms, which say a 10% increase in the size of the current plan's blocks would allow for more types of wireless broadband technology. Having more sources of broadband is particularly important in rural areas, where high-speed Internet service has been scarce.The rules should also allow bidders to offer a premium for a national set of licenses, which would encourage the creation of national broadband networks while deterring present broadband suppliers from hoarding the airwaves in a single region. Those suppliers might still try to buy national licenses and offer services that don't compete with their DSL offerings.
••• That's why the FCC should require that, for at least a portion of the spectrum, the winning bidder make its network available on a wholesale basis. Such a requirement would open the door for independent competitors to offer wireless broadband service over a leased network.
••• The commission should also require that at least some of the new frequencies be open to any compatible device or application that doesn't interfere with other users of the airwaves. That way, consumer electronic companies could build and sell devices without having to strike deals with network operators.
••• The UHF channels offer the chance to foster competition and technological innovation -- a chance the FCC should take. The public owns the airwaves, after all, and their value is measured in more than just auction dollars.

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••• About WiFiMist.com.
••• WiFiMist.com. provides a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster. Wi-Fi TV memberships are free at www.Wi-FiTV.com and include such perks as free online phone calls and free chat and free online parties.
••• Ownership of a LookRadio™ Wi-Fi TV Station is available at $20,000 (full details are on the web site www.wifimist.com). Several financing options are available. For further details email nbs@smart90.com.
••• The Wi-Fi TV Channel is at http://www.nbs100.com
••• The Company was launched in 1996, and has been a pioneer in the delivery of video the Internet since 1992.
•••• There is no relationship between WiFiMist.com. Microsoft or Apple, and none is implied. WiFiMist.com. does utilize QuickTime™ wherever possible on its web site.

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More Articles • Converging News APRIL 2007 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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