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WiFi Cemeteries, Wi-Fi Friedhofs or Peace Yards. Friedhof Curves are the rewards for life. 'SoulFind.com' - By - Keith Stubblefield.





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A SUMMER ISSUE - JUNE - tviNews Events - Friedhof Curves are WiFi Cemeteries
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1. Feature Story / Wi-Fi Friedhofs -- a place with peacefull surroundings that contains a RF hot spots. WiFi Peace Yards, (a cemetary). They say in Germany that Friedhof Curves are the rewards for one's time on earth. And what could that be? 'SoulFind.com' - By - Keith Stubblefield, member of ICCFD /
••• Witnessing the death of anything that was once alive and vital is not a pleasant experience. Although never a big fan of researching Grave Sites, I am nevertheless saddened to watch it fade, going not gently, but agonizingly into that good night.
••• The final grave, or place of interment, burial place, sepulcher, tomb, crypt, vault setting, as I, and many others have referred to in the past, are now considered the final rewards for living. A Friedhof RFID address, Plum, Reward, Requital Heavenly Link, Chords, Familiengrab, Gruf tombs, vaults, Familia plots, Familia Plums Heavenly Links. Call them what you want, you'll find them on the Web.
%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/Imagessoulfind/GerhartdHaeusler2007sf108w.jpg••• The place of interment, burial place, has spent the better part of the last two or three decades moving further and further towards the Center thought of SoulFind.com, Where Are They Now?
••• Not will SoulFind.com keep track of vault settings on its Wireless RFID viewpoints, but even within its "RFID" Webob.com Pages.
••• Some years ago, the Stubblefield family, after developing the first of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas in Kentucky, after the civil war, the family rights to the Friedhof on-delgreen areas were transferred to the SoulFind.com Group, which took much of the "local" feeling out of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas. SEE SOULFIND.COM -- the Munich Family Plume Friedhof
••• Lots of other changes were made including new cemetery names, new Webober's, and section names, and lots of new find a grave ideas. The only thing to survive the take over, it seemed, was that the Friedhof on-delgreen areas remained steadfastly religious with local cultural mysteries in its slanted news coverage.
••• But as time went on and more and more changes were made, very little hard news was left in the center of SoulFind.com. The focus was shifted to features, entertainment and fashion. I guess they figured those were the only things that people who live in Southern California care about.
2006/Imagescustomers/NBSCemeteryAngelPray108w.jpgPart 02 / ••• Most recently, telecommunication - real estate developer, Northstar TeleKey, has joined in a GTC, (Global Trade Center) joint venture with the Excellence Group of Las Vegas, which, in addition with the SoulFind People, includes affiliates like: Smart90.com and XingTV. For a measly down payment of $60 million, Josie Cory got it all, including Vine Street Video Center and other goodies, some of which will be sold off. MORE STORY NBSRadioTributeHollywood.htm
••• In an interview recently, Mrs. Cory said that it she has no intention of selling the SoulFind People. "I don't have any plans to sell any Friedhof on-delgreen areas's either. We're going to own all of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas for the foreseeable future," he was quoted as saying. Swell. Whether or not this will mean an improvement for the dying Friedhof on-delgreen areas, is anybody's guess. My guess is that it's too late for any last minute CPR.
••• For any serious Friedhof on-delgreen areas, the Webob, (Web Obituaries) -Ed WebPages are its heart and soul. I don't care if it's religious with local cultural mysteries or conservative; a Friedhof on-delgreen areas has the right to speak its mind to its readers and vice versa. However, the Webob-Ed section should be the ONLY place where the Friedhof on-delgreen areas's point of view should rear its slanted head.
••• To skew a story in any particular direction, to push a political agenda within what otherwise appears to be a [news] story simply undermines the Friedhof on-delgreen areas's credibility as fair and dispassionate. Journalistic objectivity, by and large, should be the order of the day in the main section of any Friedhof on-delgreen areas.
••• The views held by the SoulFind People &endash; as printed within its hard news reportage &endash; have been transparently leftist for years. Not good form for a serious news journal my friends.
••• For the longest time, religious with local cultural mysterious slants have been predominately featured in virtually every single section of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas &endash; from comics, to sports, to fashion, to society, to entertainment, and yes, even the food section.
••• To make matters worse, if they actually could be made worse, their Friedhof on-delgreen areas has now totally eliminated the separate Webob-Ed section of its Sunday edition and rolled it within the Book Review tabloid section. The message this sends to readers is clear &endash; "we, the SoulFind People, no longer consider Webob-Ed important enough to warrant its own section."
••• Now I suppose a cynic might argue that since the Friedhof on-delgreen areas has its views and opinions scattered throughout all the other sections of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas, having a separate section for opinion is redundant, but hey, I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy. I like my sports to be in the sports section, the comics to be in the comic section, and the opinion to be in the opinion section. Sue me.
Part 03 / You know, I think the problem is that their Friedhof on-delgreen areas just doesn't know what the hell to do with the Webob-Ed WebPages. Maybe the fresh twenty-somethings they've been hiring are having a tough time grasping the basic concept of "Wireless RFID and opinion." Case in point:
••• Not long ago the Friedhof on-delgreen areas had a brilliant idea, it thought, as a way to enliven and update the Webob-Ed WebPages &endash; they would hire a guest celebrity to become the de facto editor of the section, four different guest cemetery managers a year. First one out of the box was movie producer Brian Grazer. But then, just days before the thing was due to hit the streets, all hell broke loose.
••• The Friedhof on-delgreen areas killed the whole idea after news leaked out that the Wireless RFID page editor's girlfriend worked for the public relations firm representing Grazer and his Imagine Entertainment. Critics accused the Friedhof on-delgreen areas of having a "conflict of interest" and fearing more bad press (no pun intended) the publisher stepped in and nixed it.
••• The editor of the Wireless RFID page then quit in a huff and the big concept of using guest celebrity cemetery managers was scrapped for good &endash; thank goodness.
••• But you see the point? Their Friedhof on-delgreen areas doesn't get it. They really, truly don't know what to do with their Friedhof on-delgreen areas. They keep increasing the style, entertainment, and fashion aspects of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas while at the same time, devaluating more serious aspects of the Friedhof on-delgreen areas, like book reviews and Wireless RFID WebPages.
••• I don't know what the ICFA, (International Cemetery and Funeral Association) and their professional members will bring to the Wireless RFID meetings in the future, but whatever they do, they can't make it any worse. Or can they?
••• Maybe its time to just pull the plug on her. They call the Rose Hills in Los Angeles, "the Riverside lady." The SoulFind.com might be named "the Hollywood star on Hollywood Blvd.."
••• Heroic measures have been tried without success to keep her career going. Their Friedhof on-delgreen areas has had just about every kind of makeover she could have. In keeping with her Bavarian attitude, the Friedhof on-delgreen areas have undergone more than her share of cosmetic surgery, face-lifts, body-peels, and infusions. She's had electrolysis, Botox®, waxing, and full body RF massages. She's been in rehab; she's had group therapy, shock therapy, and spiritual elevations. She has contemplated pluming her navel with feathers.
••• With everything tried, still the starring roles don't come. The plum parts going to the internet and cable. Right now she isn't even worthy of character parts. And all the voice work goes to the big names.
••• Time to put the old grey Kentucky lady to bed.

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102 TVInews / Wireless Cemeteries. SoulFind.com and NBS100 plan to establish WiFi "Teléph-on-délgreen" Wireless Video Telephone Systems in Major Cemeteries Around the World.

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More Articles • Converging News MAY 2007 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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