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04. Everybody wants to be a star!
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A SUMMER ISSUE - AUGUST - tviNews Events
The Google server farm business is being "Re-purposed"
-- as a Telephone Company?

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Repurposed Server Farms
••• A new contender in Web content delivery is celebrity KudoAds, and Kudocasting advertising.
••The one-time server farm business has been "Re-purposed" -- by the stroke of a pen," says author, and webcasting pioneer, Troy Cory, Smart90.com's chief executive.
AT&T KudoAds displays: They're here. The iPhone® is now in stock and ready to go. And surf. And play. And of course, talk. Visit your nearby AT&T store
T- Mobile KudoAds say: Their marathon gossip sessions won't cost a fortune. Stick Together. Turn your home into a HotSopt® with Wi-Fi and unlimited calling. @ Home with Wi-Fi-enabled connections. - Just $9.99 - a special back to school offer.
Sprint KudoAd says: Sprint ahead. Living in the nanomoment. Text here. Pix there. Kids live in a series of flashes. SprintSpeed means they won't miss a second. Plus the whole family can get night calling starting at 7p.m.- FREE N300 by Samsung® -Rated for SprintSpeed. Just $29.99 - a special back to school offer.


1. Feature Story / Repurposed Server Farms
••• A new contender in Web content delivery is celebrity advertising. The server farm business has been "Re-purposed." The tool kit was simple. A search engine, a Mac, a clever name, knowledge of WiFi187, a pen, and the trust of a great finanancial team," says author, webcasting pioneer, Troy Cory, Smart90.com's chief executive.
•••As Smart90.com grows with Google and YouTube in the booming business of pushing rich media through space to reach iPhones, the science is not only helping Yahoo and MySpace, but their millions of users . . . and it's "free." Imagine, a Wireless Telephones™ that can transmit and receive voice and movie data at the speed of light and sound. (187,000 mph per second).
••• The so-called "good ol' boy," server-farm content delivery business has never been glamorous -- until now. Since being "Re-purposed" as an in-house advertising agency, it's growth has been fast and challenging. With revenues exceeding, $800-million in a global market, "the farm boy's combo WiFi-187 delivery system -- is now part of the world of KudoAds, " said Mark Soval, vice chairman of Smart90.com's WiFi-187.com online movie projects.
••• The glowing growth of video, music and other heavy-duty media being shot through space linking to land-lines, has "re-purposed" Google into a champion of the TeleCom Act of 1996. Leaping from "just a simple search engine" into the world of the WiFi-187 voice-data ethero-wave, is a great accomplishment for its co-founders, and CEO, Eric Schmidt, this month's NBS100's achievement award selection.
••• It's been only lately that a few online users who have suffered through various "buffering" messages while trying to watch something online, have realized that the Wireless Telephone™ has been around for over a century.
••• The 1908 WiFi-187 technology has finally peeked out, says Malcolm MacFarlane, of the NBS100 Study Group. In between the years of 1907 to 2007, the government unknowingly was approving the RF-300Ghz spectrum attached to the Wireless Telephone™ Patent877. The spectrum has grown from One -- to Billions. Users of the many RF-300, WiFi-187 spectrums at the same time, are causing havoc to the infrastructure of the Internet. (In 1907, talk radio was called, Wireless Telephone™ "ethrotalk" messages. Dit Dah messages were called, "etherograms" or "ethrograms" -- by Marconi). SEE MORE Ethero wave STORY.
••• "Providing online WiFi-187 streaming content to customers quicker and cheaper -- has become crucial for studios, video distribution companies, advertisers and even such software companies as Microsoft Corp. -- that need to get updates and security patches to customers," says Troy.
••• "The vaunting values of RF-300 frequencies drives huge demand for high-speed Internet connections and huge consumer demand for a lot of content, especially rich-vMovie content," continued Troy.
••• Like DVD duplicators in the movie sales and rental business, content delivery companies are "the one common denominator everybody needs" to get their online products to customers. As for Google, they're bidding $4-Billion for some of the RF-300 Wireless Telephone™ frequencies being auctioned off in January 2008, by the FCC. CLICK FOR MORE FCC GOOGLE STORY.
2010/ImagesNBS100/GoogleNBSRFAirwaves46w.jpgPart 02 / WNBS radio/tv - Murray, Kentucky - 1992
••• WNBS radio/tv, (wnbs.org) -- founded in Murray, Kentucky, the birthplace of radio, was an early player in the combo television station - web voice/tv content delivery business, launching its first service in 1992. The station called the service LookRadio.
••• But, like many of LookRadio's competitors, whom have recently "repurposed" -- their aspirations to cash in on a market, that tviNews predicts . . . "will soar nearly threefold in the next four years -- to $3 billion in sales." Today's content delivery networks are somewhat similar to the party-line sharing technology used by Bell / AT&T -- in 1904.
••• When the Wireless Telephone™ became a reality, in 1908, the NBS wireless etherotalk monopoly had immediate plans to hook into local land-line to control the use its "free" transreceiver voice-data floating around space.
••• That was the answer to control the theft of services problem. The voice data content transmitted through space was linked to land-line telephone pole aerial coils, shared by community telephone companies. Not only did each home subscriber act as a relay station to send voice-data content to the next door neighbor, but it assured payment of the monthly telephone bill to those companies controlling the last mile connection. Each neighborhood telephone phone number represented revenue.
••• Smart90.com "repurposed" and emulated the 1907 technology in setting up its own network of server farms. Each RF187 server was placed in a dozen key locations around the world where numerous phone and cable TV providers were already sharing their bits of "freebie" VoIP like data, with others.
••• The land-line cable and telephone company controlling the telephone bill for the last mile of broadband to homes were the winners of the extra income. The server farm can usually facilitate 4,000 customers at a time . . . but when WiFi-187 "hotspots" and Kudu Google Ads came along . . . that figure has changed," said Troy.
••• About the same time the dial-tone system "last mile" connections were being replaced by T1 and DSL, Smart90 established its own VATS187 computer content server farms. The first servers were located in Pasadena and Monrovia in the mid-90s. "Before firewire 1340 came along, our server farms could handle only about a thousand customer hits at one time, " says Troy. "Downloading and viewing large digital files at the speed of light and sound is very stressing on the personality of the serious server farm operator. Especially . . .when crashes occurr." Google's domain was created -- Sept. 15, 1997. Smart90 was created, on May 26, 1998.
http://video.google.com/ThumbnailServer2?app=vss&contentid=7d51a1c7fc735b21&offsetms=30000&itag=w160&lang=en&sigh=UUYhGLcwwpEPXILA8ZuxlnVXqDwPart 03 / KudoADs and Kudocasting
••• The next big thing? Video KudoADs and Kudocasting. KudoAds are consumer-produced commercials that's creating the supply-demand to spend cash to buy product. The spots will range from embarrassingly low-budget to masterful, with humiliating, somewhat amusing and compelling in between.
••• Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Smart90.com is seeking a better way to send its KudoAds, movies, video clips, games, software updates and kuducasting -- over the Internet to your wireless computer.
••• The popularity of video on demand fuels homemade commercials shown on YouTube and MySpace. KudoAds, LookRadio, and Yes90. It's free-enterprize in motion . . . so . . . "Stretch your Image while it still free," said Josie Cory, the publisher/editor of Television International Magazine, since 1987, (tvimagazine.com).
••• "Classified ads come alive on the Web with 4 minutes video spots. We're trading on the insatiable demand for personal celebrity," continued Josie.

4. Everybody wants to be a star!
••• "Everybody wants to be a star in his/her own commercial . . . so we've 'repurposed' ourselves into the world of on-line advertising. We've been offering KudoAds and Kudocasts produced in China, Kentucky, and Pasadena, since 1992."
••• Troy insists that two of the big reason he ended up in China, in 1988, was because the STV festival needed international celebrityship, as well as for himself, featuring his backup singer/dancers, "The Brooke Sisters."
••• The sister group was the showcase for movie hopefuls, Tina Kincaid, Joey Adams, Angelica Bridges and actress/chanteuse, Priscilla Cory. SEE MORE STORY - The Brooke Sisters.
img.youtube.com/vi/-K_ixMrip0Q/2.jpg••• . Viewers can now view the online Xingtv webcast directly from China via YouTube and Lookradio. When Googlizing Smart90 -- use the key word: "smart90" -- then click Video at the top. CLICK FOR GOOGLE Smart90 VIDEOS / OR CLICK FOR YouTube Troy & Prisiclla Cory Sings: Huki...
••• The producers of the shows, VRA TelePlay Pictures selected Amazon.com as their exclusive store for DVD, CD, and VHS sales.
••• Video ads work well for magazines and newspapers because humans are naturally drawn to movement, he said. And print classifieds, which charge per word and often contain abbreviations and grainy photos, are limited by space in a way that video ads aren't.
••• LookRadio's spokesperson said the site teamed up with TVI Magazine, and tvinews.net -- in a revenue-sharing video ad program, in August 1999. People who buy full-page ads in any of the company's print media publication are offered the opportunity to post video Kudocasts and KudoADs on TVImagazine.com and tvinews.net, as part of the purchase.

••• "Classified static ads are on the move again, thanks to the Internet." Just click on the Google static on the left, and you'll see what I mean," says Josie. Some are devoted to company video banners, and others are consumers, sharing their habits by posting and embedding the favorite video on established commerce sites to share the product on Amazon.com and EBay.com.
••• It's not to hard to understand why. Nearly 50% of the U.S. population -- 155.2 million people -- will watch videos online for one reason or another in 2008, research firm EMarketer has predicted, so there's obviously money to be made.
••• But what's really behind the trend? Gary Sunkin, news director at tvinews.net -- emphasizes, "that giving freedom, more usability and more control to the customer, as to where to go to full fill he/her needs while on-line . . . is the answer, especially with a few double clicks, to guide them to the final purchase."
5. The Cory's NBS Radio Trust

••• The Cory's, the co-founders of several multi-media companies, have built, sold, and licensed several media-financial related businesses previously, but nothing for a billion dollars. CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT Signet Credit Card.
••• Troy revealed that they had an offer from a major on-line player to buy the pride of Smart90, "our printed trade magazine legacy, Television International Magazine, -- founded by Sam Donaldson, and Al Preiss in 1956." But Josie says, "if the offer just included a few more copyright incentives demanded by a few Hollywood guild, trust funds, they'd take the deal."
••• "As amusing as it may be, the word "Re-purposed" bothers the people who manage the Hollywood union trust funds, for actors, producers and writers, still living or deceased. They must decide shortly for their members, should they pursue their payment claims, if any, for movie clip use out in E-land, or go along with the "fair use issue" -- provided by the TeleCom Act of 1996."
••• Hollywood's Daily Variety news editor, Peter Bart, stated, "the business of Hollywood is not about finished product -- the script, trailers, magazine stories or the teleplay, it's all about how to slice and dice that material so it can be recycled, "Re-purposed," downloaded and whatever."
••• "Perhaps the most important knowledge on how to settle this obvious regulatory personal property seizure issue," says attorney, Scott Stubblefield, "is to have an experienced management team, with not only union finesse protocol, but with financing, a good business plan and some of its own technology like, WiFi-187 and a few land-line outlets . . that'll help "celebritize" -- the winner. They'll be in the crowd topped off only by AT&T.
••• In other words, what piece of the action will the Union and/or the Association get from the efforts of the creator's original material . . . that they really don't possess anymore. Some are arguing that the TeleCom Act of 1996 is about fairness and neutrality that promotes fair use laws -- created for the benefit of the creator's personal property that is being seized by his/her one-time associations and successors to bankrupt union bosses.


More Articles • Converging News AUGUST 2007 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
 ©1956-2007. Copyright. All rights reserved by: TVI Publications, VRA TelePlay Pictures, xingtv and Big Six Media Entertainments. Tel/Fax: 323 462.1099.

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