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/Beijing2008OlyLogo46w.jpg2006/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/00personoftheweek60pw.jpg31st Edition - 2008 / Monday August 25th
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August 8-18th - The Olympic Games
"Beijing - 20 Years Later - 1988 to 2008"
A.C. Lyles, the World of Paramount Studios

Troy Cory Show 5900-01 "Beijing Olympics 2008 - 20 Years Later"

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NEWS - 33rd 37th Week - August 2008
August 8-18th - The Olympic Games
"Beijing - 20 Years Later - 1988 to 2008"
The Chinese Goodyear Blimp over Beijing
PR China Consul General, Zhang Yun - Dr. Jordan Phillips
Settling the WIFI@5 $Billion WiTEL Controversy.
Google to buy Russian Ad firm for $140 million
Nextwave Sells WiTEL Spectrums to T-Mobile Picks For $98 Million
Blame Wall Street Not the Farmers, Arabs, or China
Verizon Wireless • FCC Gets $19Billion • Kevin Martin
Gores Group to buy 51% of Siemens Communications unit
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AUGUST -2008

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Google Offers To Buy FCC Airwaves -- 2008 REFLECTING ON THE 1902 NBS / AT&T Airwave DEAL

102 - Dept. of Commerce Donates $1.5-Billion To Analog-Digital TV -- Who's Squawking about the Federal law that's replacing analog transmitting signals with digital ONLY -- on Feb. 18, 2009? MORE STORY .

  The NBS100 Nathan B. Stubblefield TimeLine - The Next Century of the Wireless Telephone is waiting for you! Get Ready for VATsIP 2008 -- the 100th year of the Wireless Telephone Patent and its Name -- MORE STORY

• A MacFarlane White Papers 4 Parts - MORE STORY

Wireless Telephone™ (U.S. Patent No 887,357)
(Click here to get your free copy of Stubblefield's U.S. Wireless Telephone Patent directly from the US Patent -

Wireless Telephone™ - WiFi- 187 - "The Movie"
Wireless Telephone™ - The History Page

RF-300.com - the WiFiMist - RFiD Organization - (RF-300.com = 300Ghz or 300 Billion RF Spectrums). CLICK FOR MORE RF300 STORY)

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Know the TidBits of History -- "Did You Know?" is the page for the eyes of teens. -- Watch it expand! Did you know that if NewsCorp bought Yahoo . . . we would be watching whatever news NewsCorp wanted to show not what you are searching for. CLICK FOR MORE TIDBITS


2010/ImagesNBS100/GoogleNBSRFAirwaves46w.jpgVerizon Wireless, the highest bidder in the multibillion-dollar sale of prime airwaves disclosed its plans for the wireless spectrum Friday, and the most prominent loser explained why it was still a big winner.
A day after rules prohibiting participants in the federal government's online auction from discussing their strategies lifted, Verizon Wireless said it would use the new capacity to roll out faster wireless Internet service by 2010.
Verizon outbid Google Inc., paying $4.74 billion for one of the auction's biggest prizes, a coveted nationwide block of airwaves.
For Google, a company that's obsessed with auctions, the spectrum sale turned into a high-stakes exercise in gamesmanship. CLICK FOR MORE STORY
/Imagespeople/FTCcommitmentLogo46w.jpgThe Bunny Box. CTIA WIRELESS 2008, April 1-3, 2008. Las Vegas Convention Center. Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin Group will deliver the opening show keynote address at 9 a.m. on April 1 in the Barron Room at the Las Vegas Hilton.
The "Bunny Box" and "Femtocell" routers
"As more and more people drop their telephone land lines, every home or office will need an antenna tower somewhere around the premises, say Troy Cory, of TVInews.
The Wireless Telephone™ industry is facing a great RF pick-up challenge: poor Wireless Telephone™. Troy says, "a Prison Cell has about the same cellular coverage as most residences do." --CLICK FOR MORE STORY
Verizon Communications Inc. Chief Executive Ivan Seidenberg said Friday that the $9.36 billion in total spectrum licenses won by the company's wireless unit, jointly owned with Vodafone Group, was "nothing short of a transformative opportunity for our company."
The parts it did land cost AT&T nearly three times as much per unit of spectrum than the portion Verizon bought. -- CLICK FOR MORE STORY
Bylines / Lowell McAdam, Verizon Wireless





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/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/200808AugCov46w.jpg/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/DieterHoffPOM46w.jpg• AUGUST 2008 / week 3308 cover - Dr. Dieter Hoff, DVB-T - WiFi187
NEWS - 35th Week August 11, 2008
NEWS - 36th Week August 18, 2008
NEWS - 37th Week August 25, 2008

"Beijing - 20 Years Later - 1988 to 2008" "Knock, Knock, Who's There?" About China's Open Door Policy, and the 20 years it took to get the Olympics and recognition of its political place in History. Players: Troy Cory, Joey Adams, vp Al Gore, Josie Cory, Shanghai 1997. Troy Sings, Smooth Sailing. / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4003 (9 min seg.) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, D-diaries. Participants: WebPlay WebCast Rosemont Studios: Victor Caballero; A VRA TelePlay Preview; LookRadio Movies; RnB Plus, R&B plus Troy Cory Show with Ambros Seelos Orchestra. LookRadio Yes90 tviNews VRATelePlay WebPlay Smart90 nbs100 vratv xingtv CCTV DVB-T WiTel WiMax. For Full Production Participants:MORE LookRadio / YouTube / Beijing 20Years Later

A.C. Lyles, and his World of Paramont Pictures A.C. knows everything about Paramount Studios!
"He should -- he's been there over sixty years! After all that time, A.C. is now taking a well-deserved break from his film making activities -- by taking charge of Paramount's star studded archive folio. AC's first hand knowledge about the famous Hollywood Film Studio and the film stars that helped make the studio famous - encircles the world of AC. MORE ABOUT AC.

Sat. 9th August - Olympic Opening. Jacques Rogge, President, International Olympic Committee /
"That was spectacular. Tonight, the world was able to join in a magnificent tribute to the athletes and the Olympic spirit. It was an unforgettable and moving ceremony that celebrated the imagination, originality and energy of the Beijing Games."
"We saw 204 national delegations march into the beautiful new National Stadium in the age-old tradition of the Games. Millions of people around the world were able to experience the thrill of seeing their heroes in a sea of team colours and national flags."
"We witnessed athletes from these 204 countries and territories united in peace in one place. And for the next 16 days, they will be a part of one of the most thrilling competitions in history. As an Olympian, I can tell you that they will carry this memory with them forever. "
"This iconic stadium is one of the world's new wonders. It was a fitting setting for an amazing Opening Ceremony, I look forward to an equally exciting and unforgettable 16 days." Pres. Bush at Olympics Opening / Click For Movie / MORE ABOUT THE CHINA BLIMP

The Chinese Goodyear Blimp over Beijing. CLICK BLIMP MOVIE ON LEFT. Is it a massive airship or blimp! Whether it's gently cruising over the Olympic Games, a city, like the Chinese Goodyear Airship in the video over Shanghai, China, blimps have always gotten lots of attention, unlike the majority of multi-media which disappears over the airwaves once it's aired, or gets deleted at the click of your mouse. Discover why Advertising Airships get you all the attention you may want, even coverage from the traditional media. MORE ABOUT THE CHINA BLIMP.
NEWS - 33rd Week Aug. 4, 2008
COVER - August / Dr. Dieter Hoff

NEWS - 34th Week August 4, 2008

• 100 China Expo - 100 News That Helped Predict The Future -- An Invitation To China. WE WERE THERE FIRST
More Movie Segment & Photos 01
More Movie Segment & Photos 02
About the Show
1988 STV Festival
MORE / PHOTO IMAGES2006/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/95HuJintao1806MagCover46w.jpg

3. China Expo - 100 News That Helped Predict The Future -- Troy Cory Introduced the Gideons to the People's Republic of China . . . without the loss of life or limb! Top Photos: Click Any Photo or Text -- To Get More Story. Troy Cory Show in Tiananmen Square with Ron Rice's Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contestants and Christy Thom. - 1990. Lower Photo: Taken at Crystal Cathedral, California. LtoR - Chen Suyu, Wang Xiang, China Ambassador, U.S.A., Dr. Robert Schuller, of Crystal Cathedral, and Wayne Gan, Troy Cory of China Expo - 1992. CLICK FOR MORE

/Imagespeople/JordanPhillipsObitCov108w.jpgPR China Consul General - Los Angeles - China Expo 2008 and Guangzhou Sister City executives attend the Dr. Jordan Phillips, MD - Memoriam. Dr. Phillips was the person that saw the future in the U.S. PR China student exchange program. Zhang Yun, the Ambassador / Consul General in Los Angeles, spoke from his heart about the contributions made to China's medical institutions. CLICK FOR MORE STORY / Mary Phillips - Photos

5800-05wdrmc120w.jpgNextwave Sells WiTEL Spectrums to T-Mobile For $98 Million
T-mobile, U.S.A.'s No. 4 U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile just picked up some more airwaves to use as it builds out its 3G wireless network across the States. The carrier just bought a chunk of spectrum from Nextwave Wireless for $98 million, RCR Wireless News reports.
The spectrum covers Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Calif., New Orleans, and Little Rock, Ark., and complements the $4.2 billion worth of spectrum that T-Mobile won in the 2006 FCC airwave auction.
It was also a nice little sale for Nextwave: RCR says it only paid $51 million for the licenses, so it's effectively doubled its money in two years.

images00wi5ylogs01top_files/5000-01tcs187stv88120w.jpgCOMING WEEKS
Non-Circumvention Agreements, Are They A Problem? Yes, if they are breached. U.S.A. firm Visionary Vehicles accuses China's Chery of fraud. MORE IN NEXT WEEKS ISSUE.

Google Gets Foothold into Russian Ad Firm -- $140 million
 Google Inc. agreed to buy a Russian advertising company controlled by Rambler Media Ltd. for $140 million to tap growth in the country's online ad sales.
Google will buy 100% of ZAO Begun, Moscow-based Rambler said. Rambler, which runs Russia's third-largest Internet search engine, agreed to pay $69.9 million to Bannatyne Ltd. for its 49.9% stake in Begun.

Gores Group to buy 51% of Siemens communications unit
August 2008 / Gores Group, a private equity firm headed by Los Angeles billionaire Alec Gores, will acquire a 51% stake in Siemens Enterprise Communications, a division of Germany's electronics giant Siemens with annual revenue of $5.5 billion, the companies said Tuesday. Terms were undisclosed.
Siemens would keep 49% of the networking and communications company, which would be a joint venture operated by Gores Group. The two partners pledged to invest at least $275 million each to fund growth through acquisitions or new initiatives, and Gores would roll two of its portfolio companies, Enterasys and SER Solutions, into the business.
"We have been looking for an opportunity to expand our presence in the enterprise networking and communications space, and this partnership with Siemens provides the perfect fit," said Alec Gores, Gores Group's founder and chairman.
Gores, whose investment firm has $1.75 billion in assets under management and 15 companies in its portfolio, said his team approached Siemens about the venture two years ago after acquiring Enterasys. The deal is expected to close by Sept. 30, pending approval by German and U.S. regulators.
Mark Stone, senior managing director at Gores, would be chairman and interim chief executive of Siemens Enterprise Communications, which has 16,000 employees and production facilities in Germany, Brazil and Greece, with customers in 90 countries for its equipment and software.
Stone said he expected to be a buyer amid ongoing consolidation in a market that is dominated by Cisco Systems Inc. but also includes 20 to 30 other competitors.

Blame Wall Street Not the Farmers, Arabs, or China
It's not the Arabs, Banks, Farmers or China that's driving up the prices of Gas and Corn . . . IT'S WALL STREET! Wall Street's ability to monetize the space between actual cost of a barrel of oil and the price they can sell paper certificate for, is astounding, said the publishers of "BofA, the Tortfeasors."
It has always been easier to sell the commoditized paper representing pork bellies, than the pig itself, and it's cleaner.
Federal regulators said Tuesday that placing tougher restrictions on agricultural commodity trading would not alleviate high and volatile prices in those markets and could make matters worse.
Farmers, ranchers and grain processors met with regulators in Washington to discuss the causes behind turbulent markets and historically high prices for wheat, corn and other foodstuffs.
Farmers and food producers contend that speculation by Wall Street investors -- not a supply-demand imbalance -- is what's driving up prices and volatility, making it harder for commercial buyers and sellers of grain to use the exchanges as a tool for limiting the risks of price uncertainty.
In the last year, prices for corn and cotton have ballooned roughly 50% and 65%, respectively, industry officials said.
"The market is broken, it's out of whack and someone needs to step in and give some relief to cotton producers," said Billy Dunavant, president of cotton producer Dunavant Enterprises.
But members of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission cautioned against blaming speculators, saying current market conditions could be explained by a weak dollar, higher transportation costs and small inventories caused by poor weather.

/ImagesNBS100/uscat5witelogo108w.jpg  Feature Story / Settling the USC@5 $Billion WiTEL Controversy. The NBS100 Wireless Telephone®™ organization, like Google, Inc. -- let's people use the effects of it's goods, products, and services FREE. For decades, the WiTEL organization, like Google, pays itself back for the Freebies it gives out, by sharing the income derived from its name branded goods, and services within radio, movie and web content. CLICK FOR MORE STORY 


TroyCoryChinaLogo108w.jpgShanghai Intl. Film Festival / June 14-22 - CLICK FOR MORE 1988 STV Festival - With Troy Cory / MORE DIRECT LINK. - The year's show will also feature more public events, as it once did in 1988 and 1990, when the show included foreign performers, and The Troy Cory Show. / CLICK FOR DIRECT STV- FILM LINK. -

 uo500g/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/200805MayCov108w.jpg WHO'S READY TO BE the "Real" WIRELESS TELEPHONE®™ Company - Since 1908 . . . How Does $30-Billion Sound? #NBSWitelMay2008

The Funding of Future FCC Bids - to repurchase the seized RF-300 assets once owned by NBS1908, is a major concern for both the FCC and USPTO. That's why the Wireless Telephone®™ organization through it's NBS Family Trust aims to sell four blocks of its effects linked to its WiFi-187 Legacy assets holdings, now valued at over $30-Billion. CLICK FOR MORE STORY

The Year 2008 - THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE Wireless Telephone®™ Click For More

What would Yahoo/Microsoft, Verizon or AT&T pay for the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™. (See Patent -Trademark-Copyright, and 1905 Patent Laws! - CLICK FOR MORE STORY

  "Finding The Trick Pony" to Monetize the Certified USPTO Symbol ® / ™ / ©
What is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office . . . for? The PTO or USPTO is the acronym for the government agency assigned to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The USPTO acts not only as a fiduciary agent for Congress and other government agencies pertaining to patent trademarks, and copyrights, but for the inventor and individuals granted Marks. CLICK FOR MORE STORY

SprintWiMaxLogo108w.jpg Sprint Buys Into The World of the Wireless Telephone®™ - The Clearwire Merger - What make WiMax and WiFi so important in the world of the Wireless Telephone®™ -- and how will Sprint MONETIZE their entry in the the WiMax 187 world of antennas?
• WiMax is similar to Wi-Fi service found in coffee shops, airports and many homes, but it is more powerful and able to cover whole cities, in some cases.

NBS1908-100thYear • May 12th - 2008: THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE Wireless Telephone®™

 /Imagescustomers/DigitalHollywood46w.jpg Digital Hollywood
May 5-8, 2008
Grand Ballroom
Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
1755 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, California

00SideBar00pJune46w.jpgCommit some Time This Summer. Sorry, Folks, But It's Numbers That Send - Receive Clear look-listen & Message Signals.
That's all All Folks said the auctioneer -- "sold to the highest monetary bidder". at the end of Round 129 - of FCC's first quarter RF Auction 08, yielding in over a total of $19-Billion.

Without Google, the spectrum auction might not have attracted the minimum $4.6-billion bid required to trigger the openness rules. But as number reports come in, the government was said to be happy with the number $19.6 billion. CLICK FOR MORE FCC AUCTION STORY AND GRAPHS

FCC Reports that after the end of Round 129 - Friday, February 29, 2008 - a total of $19-Billion was raised. CLICK FOR MORE STORY AND GRAPHS

FollowUp Stories

 Imagespeople/kevinmartinphot46w.jpg People / On March 18, 2005, President Bush designated Kevin J. Martin as FCC chairman, to replace Michael K. Powell. President Bush renominated Martin to a new five year term on the Commission on April 25, 2006, and he was reconfirmed by the U.S. Senate on November 17, 2006. CLICK FOR MORE KEVIN MARTIN

• INTEROP - April 27-May 2, 2008. The Leading Business Technology Event Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. MORE INTEROP STORY

00SideBar00pJune46w.jpg• Celebrity Scene News - "The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest" - By Pete Allman.
•••The premise of the early-day Troy Cory Shows, (TCS) were to mix serious entertainment with a peaceful "Open Door Policy" mandate to meet and interact with those in the world of politics and TeleCom. This meant "taking the show to places where people wouldn't or couldn't enter, without governmental or cultural ties."
••• The shows were produced in China, Munich, Mississippi, Kentucky, Las Vegas, and Hollywood." SEE "The Transfer of Title to the Wireless Telephone™ - The NBS1908 "Legacy" 5800-02
••• The Center stage possibilities of rubbing elbows with influential political leaders, gave Troy and his fellow travelers, a palpable firsthand "Look'nListen storyline to profile a successful financial outcome. "Look what happened in China." MORE COMING NEXT WEEK CLICK FOR MORE CHINA STV STORY - MORE STORY TroyCoryShow.COM YouTube - A First! - The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest to Troy Cory
tviNews - 1973 - A WiFi187 Begins

/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/00coverofpowNew46w.jpgTroy Cory Show The NBS1908 Wireless Telephone "Bequest to TCS" - 7 min - Apr 6, 2008 - Related videos

TODAY'S LookRadio
VRA TelePlay News Feature
The NBS1908 Legacy "The Transfer of Title to the Wireless Telephone™"
The NBS1908 Legacy "The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest - Uncle Bernie"

23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesCSnews/CSNTCSBetteOsMontg46w.jpgTroy Cory Show Sam Butera Sings: Up The Lazy River VRA5100

Can't decide what the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ Patent is worth? Here's the deal! The new crop of Wireless Telephones™ arising from the world of Teléph-on-délgreen, Kentucky, are dizzying. But more dizzying is why, when and who owns the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ patent, and copyrights?" CLICK FOR MORE STORY

/ImagesNBS100/MarconiandDevicePort46w.jpgNBS100 -- The Year of the Wireless Telephone nbstubblefield.com
Sherlock and Walsh, Known as Walsh Bros. & Co., Sentenced to Prison. CAUGHT MANY VICTIMS Pretended to Have Influence with the Patent Department at Washington.
John T. Sherlock, alias John Walsh, and Frederick J. Walsh, his clerk in the fraudulent patent agency concern of Walsh Brothers Co. at 53 West Twenty-fourth Street, pleaded guilty before Judge Hazel in the United States Circuit Court yesterday to using the mails to defraud. Sherlock was sentenced to two years in the Federal prison at Atlanta.
• The FCC Card Game. Verizon Wireless, the highest bidder in the multibillion-dollar sale of prime airwaves disclosed its plans for the wireless spectrum, and the most prominent loser explained why it was still a big winner. MORE FCC AUCTION STORY

Did Former FCC
Chairman POWELL

The Inventor
of the

2010/Imagesbookcovers/660BoaTortTs.gif UpdateAntiTrustLaws46w.jpg
TroyCoryShow.Com TCS "TO GET TO YOU'
Episodes VRA5000 All TCS187 Credits VRA5100 TCS78 VRA5200 TCS88 VRA5300 TCS Classics VRA5400 TCS08 VRA5500 TCM VRA5600 Interviews VRA5700 - R&B Plus VRA5800 The Best of NBS100 VRA5900 -TCChina


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