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How Many WiTEL Users in U.SA
252.7 Million WiTEL®™©


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Troy Cory Show - Sterling Rice Film Bio. Xingtv
TCS Show Changes Every Friday at 11:30PM / 425x344
FCC AUCTION RF300 Sales Chart - 2008
"The tviNews Photo Collection"
Copyrights: Walt Disney. Whose Mouse Is It?
" Monetize the Certified USPTO Symbol ® / ™ / ©
nbs legal.net/
• Is a Wireless Quality Control Authority Needed?
Eddie Fritz of Kentucky Roast FCC Chairman Martin & Cable Co.
Kevin Martin Tattles at CTIA Wireless 2008

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SPECIAL SPRING EVENT EDITION - "The tviNews Photo Collection"

Part 01h Feature Story 01 Google / KudoAds
NBS CEO seeks revamp of U.S. Wireless Quality Control Authority
Nathan's New Book Series - 81 years after NB Stubblefield's death- March 28, 1928
MGM, Deutshe Bank City Jockey Club Finance talks fail
Jockey Club MGM City Walk Project 2008. MGM CEO, Terry Lanni stepped aside
• OMMA Global-Hollywood March 23-24 - TVInews to attend
* Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners

Barbie Doll Wins over Bratz Doll in Copyright Verdict.
NBS WiTEL DEMANDS For Payment for Copyrights
What's NBS WiTEL®™© RF Induction Radio?
Grandpa Nat, the founder of the Wireless Telephone®™© Organization
The NBS WiTEL®™© Flying Machine and RF patent drawings
NBS Yes90 News SharingAcknowledgments

/ImagesFlashgifs/forbesbillies2009still.jpgNBS CEO seeks revamp of U.S. wireless Quality-Control Authority
MGM, Deutshe Bank City Jockey Club Finance talks fail
WiTELfest.com - WTQCA Auction sales for NBS WiTEL®™© mobile numbers
WiTELglobal.com - Gobal WTQCA Auction sales - NBS WiTEL®™© servicemarks

2009 81st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS- February 22, 2009
Sir Richard Branson - says, "well done Nathan for WiTEL®™©"
Clearance & Copyright Law. M.C. Donaldson
FCC's Kevin Martin Tells of FCC Failings
Republican Chairman Kevin J. Martin Departs FCC Post
Viewing the NBS WiTEL®™© CES related products in Las Vegas
The Movie - NBS WiTEL®™© - & WiMAX InductionTV187
What are the NBS WiTEL®™© Copyrights Worth? WHO'S READY TO BE the "Real" WiTEL™ Org - Since 1908
The NBS WiTEL®™©" Business Model NBS WiTEL®™©
Google WiTEL Map locators - -For Kids Only?
Why NBS FireWire & Watermelon Patches?
• Richard Greninger, The TCS Director !

2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesNBS100/AskPriscillaNBSnews46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-starblue.jpgASK PRISCILLA!
A NBS News Report -"Acknowledgments"

Sir Richard Branson - says, "well done Nathan for WiTEL®™©" -
WiTELfest.com - WTQCA Auction sales for NBS WiTEL®™© mobile numbers
WiTELglobal.com - Gobal WTQCA Auction sales - NBS WiTEL®™© servicemarks Why NBS FireWire & Watermelon Patches?
Verizon Goes VoIP-WiTEL
NBS WiTEL DEMANDS For Payment for Copyrights
FCC's Kevin Martin Tells of FCC Failings
Republican Chairman Kevin J. Martin Resigns FCC Post
Viewing the NBS WiTEL®™© CES related products in Las Vegas

The Movie - NBS WiTEL®™© - & WiMAX InductionTV187
What are the NBS WiTEL®™© Copyrights Worth?
Barbie Doll Wins over Bratz Doll in Copyright Verdict. ///

/CES2009Head46w.jpgTroy Cory-Stubblefield Examines Best of nbsWiTEL's look-a-likes, at CES.
HughesNet High Speed Internet
Jockey Club MGM City Walk Project 2008 Updates
Live On The Sunset Strip - James Brown - Pete Allman
Roses Parade - Grand Marshal Cloris Leachman
CES - 2009 International - Las Vegas - Jan 8-11
• Court deals a potentially fatal blow to the Bratz Doll, Barbie Wins!
FCC AUCTION RF300 Sales Chart - 2008GoToSantaTales
Thank you, America! - The Berlin Airlift
Coming: the Special Photo Edition -
"The tviNews Photo Collection"
FCC approves free Use of Airwaves
FCC AUCTION RF300 Sales Chart - 2008
FCC AUCTION RF300 Sales Chart - 2008 / UpDates
FCC OKs Verizon-Alltel, Sprint-Clearwire deals - H Digital
10b - Short Selling, $speed to Wall Street
Google's World of WiTel

2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-starblue.jpgASK PRISCILLA!
Grandpa Nat, the founder of the Wireless Telephone®™© organization
GrandpaNatWiTelmobile108w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Grandpa Nat's Part One - Nathan Stubblefield the founder of NBS WiTEL®™©
Feature • WiTEL, WiFi and WiMAX RF network
TVInews - 109 PART ONE - "Disappointments Are Great! Follow the Money - Capt. Billy" The Smart Daaf Boys / Nathan Stubblefield" - A Book Review By Pete Allman, Mark Soval and Bryan Lukas: Chapter Nine By Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory. Paperback: Television International Publis Thank You Virgin Mobile
NBS ireless Telephone®™® -1902
• NBS WiTEL®™© Induction-1898
• NBS RF Earth Batteries- 1898
CLICK FOR TInews - Pete Allman - Ask Priscilla! Report: 102 - Grandpa Nat, Firewire & Watermelons. Nathan Stubblefield, The inventor and patent holder of the 1898 Induction WiFi - WiMax187 coil earth battery system, and the Wireless Telephone®™© (WiTEL®™©) -- from Murray, Kentucky - Teléph-on-délgreen, now the Murray State University.



/Imagespeople/NBSWirelessPatentDraw108w.jpgThe NBS Flying Machine and RFpatent drawings
Photo Imgag665. Prove to yourself that it was the 1908 NBS Wireless. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE Nathan02
---- Telephone®™© patented invention, that made it possible to first broadcast and receive voice and music without wires from your Home, Automobile, Ships and from Trains. A Nathan Stubblefield "Wireless Telephone®™©" -- had the ability to extent the broadcast to anyone around the world that was connected to the Bell and AT&T's landline telephony system. Please note the horse carriage and telephone poles in the Patent drawing. At the time, there were no automobiles. / (Click here for 1907 RF WiFi PATENT = Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent Application Filed Apr. 5, 1907, Serial No. 366,544 - Granted.May 12, 1908 - PATENT 887357 Click to Go To US Patent Office -- then Click Full Text to refresh page - MORE DIRECT FROM PATENT OFFICE

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05 - Troy Cory - Call Me Beijing
06 - Love Is Never Too Late Timmy Thomas
07 - Love Me Tonight Janice Marie Johnson
08 - Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
09 - Let's Hear It For The-DenieceWilliams
10 - In Motion-Freda PayneV
11 - I Sweat - Nona HendryxV
12 - Summertime Don Butler's ZonePatrol
13 - Billie Hayes - I Won't Dance

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34 - Dennis Weaver Hollywood Freeway
35 - Eyes That Hypnotize Beijing 720v-TCS
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37 - Gotta Get Back Brooke 720v-TCS
38 - Hollywood Beat Troy Explains WiTEL
39 - Most Beautiful Girl Apple Annie KTLA

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23 - Happy Socca 4026H720v-TCS
24 - Yesterday's Hero 4026H720v-TCS
25 - nbsBequest 5802720v
26 - nbsLegacyWill 580001720v

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40 - James Brown "America" SongCS 720v-TCS
41 - James Brown - Pete Interview 720v-TCS
42 - Nona Hendryx Closer To the Bone 720v-TCS
43 - Power of Positive 720v-TCS
44 - Room Of Shadows Only T&T Paris 720v-TCS
45 - Sugar To Tea Fain 540001 Intro 720v-TCS
46 - Summertime Joey Troy 720v-TCS
47 - There's A Hush Oscar 720v-TCS
48 - This One's On The House Apple Annie Pris
49 - This One's On The House Norma 720v-TCS
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"Stubblefield Speaks"


TCS - G. Duke Jeffrey Osborne
"All The Way"

"Stubblefield Speaks"

Stubblefield Earth Cell Battery MSU Demo

TCS - China Joey Adams 1988

TCS 5900-01 "Beijing Olympics 2008

TCS 4503-05 WNBS05 - Cat'n Grave Wi-Tel887



Google KudoAds

A MacFarlane White Papers 4 Parts - MORE STORY

Wireless Telephone™ (U.S. Patent No 887,357)
(Click here to get your free copy of Stubblefield's U.S. Wireless Telephone Patent directly from the US Patent -

Wireless Telephone™ - WiFi- 187 - "The Movie"
Wireless Telephone™ - The History Page

RF-300.com - the WiFiMist - RFiD Organization - (RF-300.com = 300Ghz or 300 Billion RF Spectrums). CLICK FOR MORE RF300 STORY)

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APRIL 1st to 30TH 2009
/200904AprMagCov108w.jpgCOVER - APRIL - IVAN SEIDENBERG

NEWS - 14thWeek of 2009

NEWS 15thWeek of 2009

NEWS - 16thWeek of 2009

NEWS - 17thWeek of 2009
NEWS - 18thWeek of 2009

CoImagescustomers/NAB2009lasvagas108w.jpgming - NAB - 2009 - 79th Annual Las Vegas -TVInews - 107 The National Association of Broadcasters - NAB200 April 18 - 23, 2009 • Las Vegas, Nev. • Las VegasTVI Magazine Reporters Attending Event: Pete Allman, Gary Sunkin, Josie Cory and Barry Seybert.

The NAB Show has evolved over the last eight decades to continually lead this ever-changing industry. And while the solutions at your fingertips have changed to keep pace with consumer lifestyles, habits and technologies, your aspirations to produce and deliver memorable content have remained consistent. From conception through distribution, the NAB Show has proudly served as the incubator for excellence &endash; helping to breathe life into content everywhere. CLICK FOR MORE NABShow DIRECT / / HISTORY OF LAS VEGAS

On March 23rd and 24th, OMMA TVInews journalists, Josie Cory, Gary Sunkin, Victor Caballero, and Troy Cory to attend OMMA
••• OMMA Global-Hollywood Conference and EXPO -- is a Big Top, Show of Shows of many separate and interlocking gatherings of top professionals within all the online media disciplines. Meeting together this third week of March will be all our constituent assemblies: OMMA Social, OMMA Mobile, OMMA Video, OMMA Behavioral, OMMA Performance, OMMA Publish, OMMA Gaming, OMMA Metrics and Measurement.
••• OMMA Global is a two-day intensive tour de force of all our separate one-day OMMA conferences rolled into one. The biannual OMMA Global super-conference covers the trends, issues and tools &endash; in ALL SECTORS -- that are most crucial to digital media, marketing, and advertising professionals.  CLICK FOR OMMA DIRECT

%2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesFlashgifs/forbesbillies2009.gifForbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
••• No. 1: Microsoft's founder Bill Gates lost $18 billion. His net worth dived to $40 billion from $58 billion a year earlier. Despite decline he reclaimed the title of worlds' richest man, because two other billionaires lost more, on paper, than Gates did.
••• No. 2: Warren Buffett, last year's No. 1, saw his fortune decline $25 billion as shares of Berkshire Hathaway fell nearly 50% in 12 months, but he still managed to slip just one spot to No. 2. His net worth plunged to $37 billion from $62 billion.
••• No. 3: Carlos Slim Helú - Mexican business magnate and telecom titan also lost $25 billion and dropped one spot to No. 3, with a wealth of $35 billion down from $60 billion.
No. 4: Lawrence Ellison, U.S. software giant Oracle Corp., $22.5 billion
No. 5: Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish retailer IKEA, $22 billion
No. 6: Karl Albrecht, German supermarket giant Aldi, $21 billion
No. 7: Mukesh Ambani, Indian petrochemicals, $19.5 billion.
No. 9: Theo Albrecht, German supermarket giant Aldi and the Monrovia-based Trader Joe's chain in the U.S., $18.8 billion
No. 10: Amancio Ortega, Spanish retailing $18.3 billion.

• In 2009 -- There were just 793 people rich enough to make Forbes list.
••• The richest people in the world have endured a financial disaster over the past years and gotten poorer, just like the rest of us. The meltdown of global financial markets slashed the ranks of the world's billionaires by 30% in 2008, Forbes magazine reports in its annual list of the planet's richest people. "The world has become a wealth wasteland," Forbes states in the billionaire report on its website. " This year the world's billionaires have an average net worth of $3 billion, down 23% in 12 months.
••• The biggest loser in the world this year, by dollars, was last year's biggest gainer. India's Anil Ambani lost $32 billion--76% of his fortune--as shares of his Reliance Communications, Reliance Power and Reliance Capital all collapsed.
••• Ambani is one of 24 Indian billionaires, all but one of whom are poorer than a year ago. Another 29 Indians lost their billionaire status entirely as India's stock market tumbled 44% in the past year and the Indian rupee depreciated 18% against the dollar. It is no longer the top spot in Asia for billionaires, ceding that title to China, which has 28.
••• Overall, the number of the world's billionaires fell to 793 from 1,125 a year ago. Their collective net worth: $2.4 million, a drop of $2 trillion.
••• However, there's good news, of sorts, for the U.S.: "Americans account for 44% of the money and 45% of the list's slots," according to Forbes.
• After Gates, Buffet, Slim, etc., here's how the list of the 10 richest people rounds out (name, source of wealth and 2008 net worth): CLICK FOR MORE FORBES DIRECT

NEWS - 14thWeek of 2000

2010/ImagesNBS100/AskPriscillaNBSnews108w.jpgASK PRISCILLA anything you want about WiTEL®™© RF187 and Wi-MAX.
••• You may already know Priscilla Cory-Stubblefield from her TV-shows, movies, and recordings. With the making of the movie, "NBS WiTEL®™©" coming up in the near future, you'll get to know more about her talent in "Ask Priscilla."
••• Priscilla debuts in web-print as a story teller of the Wireless Telephone®™©, answering questions about who are the SMART DAAF boys, and who were the bad boys.
••• Wireless Telephone®™© and the effects of RF questions are hard enough to answer without having to deal with the historical problems created by the U.S. government that allowed land-line copper wire firms, i.e, AT&T -- to suppress the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© organization from selling its RF WiTEL®™© telephone number effects. MORE ASK PRISCILLA-02 /

/ImagesNBS100/wtqca.com108w.jpg* March 21, 2009 - NBS CEO seeks revamp of U.S. wireless quality-control system --
•••NBS WiTEL®™© CEO wants new RF quality-control - phone number assignment rules
•••NBS WiTEL®™© Chief Executive Troy Cory-Stubblefield is promising its affiliates the WiTEL®™© goods, products, and services they will need to expand their mobile customer base with USB plug-in devices, such as Magic Jack.
••• Despite the downturn in the global mobile consumer market, and the lack of cooperation between each Telco in the business, collections of revenue for the use of its service marks royalties from its major Telco users, has increased the possibilities of a merger.
•••Troy said Wednesday that the organization not only will survive the slow down, but it will thrive during the rest of the downturn, offering its new WiTEL®™© Quality Control Authority, to stem out infringers of its service marks system during the last several decades. (http://www.wtqca.com). http://www.wtqca.com/
•••During a recent press conference held in Hollywood, January 28th, 2009, the CEO said, "NBS WiTEL®™© is still the one of the oldest wired-wired organizations in the world of mobile Smart90 VATS web-wireless commerce. He says the family owned organization still has the trust in the consumer orientated market place, saying that, "he desires that all existing Telco operations in the U.S. -- should want to sell an honest mobile product, that operates under the guidance of the FCC, CPU, and a WiTEL®™© Quality Control Authority.
•••The CEO of NBS WiTEL®™© Co.'s is now urging lawmakers to revamp the nation's wireless quality-control system. Nathan B. Stubblefield the world's first Wireless Telephone®™©, mobile maker, whose goods, products, and services include the transmission of RF broadcasting, and mobile phone numbers, were taking away in 1914, by U.S. regulatory process, without payment. CLICK FOR MORE STORY.http://www.smart90.com/nbs100/NBS100reportA.htm
•••In violation of U.S. 5th Amendment, "nor shall private property be taken, for public use, without just compensation," a stay in earning revenue from its legacy of WiTEL®™© assets, occurred for over 81 years.
•••It was announced last year by Troy, the free ride was over for the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Spring. During the last 6 month, it has lost more than$500-Million dollars per month in the failure of the Big Five Telcos to pay for the use of the service marks still owned, and maintained by NBS WiTEL®™©, from 1907 through 2009. CLICK FOR MORE U.S. CONSTITUTION. http://www.smart90.com/tvimagazine/2008/2308/109USCt5WiTelCannibals.htm
•••CEO Troy C. Stubblefield wants wireless quality-control placed under a new leader in the FTC. He also calls for new requirements that all Telco companies have written NBS WiTEL®™© quality control plans, that there be annual federal inspections of RF high frequency facilities that transmit high-risk blocking signals and other RF quality cross-over reforms.
•••Troy's endorsement of major changes could boost President Obama's efforts to overhaul the system.
•••"We believe the key is to focus on prevention of infringing the the service marks not only owed by the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, but by those companies that improved upon and extended the original WiTEL®™© marks. Many of mobile improvements, are potential sources that will prevent the pirated RF signals that might block and cause contamination of the airwaves. That's the reason for the NBS WIQC Authority, to identified and properly addressed those issues before they become an wireless quality-control hazard," Troy said in remarks that are being prepared for Congressional hearings, and WiTEL Trade Show panel discussions, and pitches.
Featured Stories FollowUps
Is A Wireless Telephone Quality Control Service Needed? Consumers say Yes to WTQC and No to Violation of Cramming laws
••• AT& buries customer rights -- are spelled out in their copyrighted 2,500-page guidebook'
•••Judging from the phone company's voluminous new online customer manual, if you have a problem with your bill, too bad, said WTQCA spokeswoman.
•• (Cramming)- ...Witteman said the online guidebook and ambiguous notification policy appear to violate a California statute requiring that consumers "be given sufficient information to make informed choices."
••••AT&T's service agreement is written in dense legalese and essentially gives the company as much latitude as possible -- while limiting customers' ability to seek redress.
••••"If you do not agree with the provisions of this agreement, your sole option is to cancel your services . . . within 30 days after receipt of this agreement," it says.
••••An analysis of the agreement prepared for PUC staffers found fault with a variety of AT&T's provisions, including this one: "You also agree to pay for all charges for services provided under this agreement even if such calls were not authorized by you."
••••The analysis said this "is in direct violation to cramming laws," which protect consumers from having unauthorized charges placed on their bills.
••Witteman said the online guidebook and ambiguous notification policy appear to violate a California statute requiring that consumers "be given sufficient information to make informed choices."
••••AT&T's service agreement is written in dense legalese and essentially gives the company as much latitude as possible -- while limiting customers' ability to seek redress.
••••"If you do not agree with the provisions of this agreement, your sole option is to cancel your services . . . within 30 days after receipt of this agreement," it says.
••••An analysis of the agreement prepared for PUC staffers found fault with a variety of AT&T's provisions, including this one: "You also agree to pay for all charges for services provided under this agreement even if such calls were not authorized by you."
••••The analysis said this "is in direct violation to cramming laws," which protect consumers from having unauthorized charges placed on their bills. (See Article 109AT&Tfraud.htm ) MORE STORY

ImagesStub/NathanAuthorBooks108w.jpgNathan's New Book Series - 81 years after Nathan B. Stubblefield's death, (NBS) -- March 28, 1928,
. . . Several hundred chapters, and sections of unpublished NBS writings, photos, and drawings will be published by TVI Publication's, on various Ask Priscilla WebQuotes
•••The new book is all about Nathan B. Stubblefield, Murray, Kentucky, his family, his business associates,"Teléph-on-délgreen," and the Wireless Telephone®™© Organization, (now known as: NBS WiTEL®™©).
•••"Teléph-on-délgreen," the college Nathan founded in 1907, is now the campus of Murray State University, located 25 miles from the Mississippi River, and 192 miles from the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, 1809. Just 348 miles north, is Hannibal, the town where the Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn characters were created by Mark Twain, (b: 1835 d: 1920), when Nathan was just a boy. CLICK FOR MORE nbsLegal.net.

ople/PortzWitelLogo108w.jpgCharles H. Portz When does a great THOUGHT become a patentable invention? Should a Patent be tangible or a formula?
••• That was a question easier to answer when Thomas Edison came up with the lightbulb and Nathan B. Stubblefield handed the world the mobile Wireless Telephone®™©. Those two hard-end products clearly fit with old ideas of what it meant to invent something physical under the USPTO laws between the years of 1878, and 1905. In those years copyrights, trademarks came first, then patents. When once Registered, they were filed with the international bureau in Berne Switzerland. - CLICK FOR MORE. Q. Can pharmaceutical formulas

 Virgin Media's pictures Sir Richard Branson holding a Motorola 800 in 1985.
/ImagesNBSvirginmobile01_files/branson-with-moto.jpg "At Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile we want to say well done Nathan and happy 100th anniversary!"
•••"The most appealing element of the NBS WITEL®™© organization founded in 1892," says P.C. Stubblefield," are Kids." The opportunity to tap into the demographics of kids around the world in their middle and high school years is exciting. "They have never heard of  NBS nor have they had a chance to become addicted to "Teléph-on-délgreen" - and the jobs it has created in the mobile WITEL®™© industry since the first "GREEN" school/college (Teléph-on-délgreen) was founded." CLICK FOR MORE NBS WiTEL VIRGIN PHOTOS

Nathan Stubblefield's FireWire and WiFi "Hot Spots: • Why FireWire and Watermelon Patches?


• Answer: Because it was the green "hot spot" patches where Nathan placed his aerial rods around his 86 acres to create the WiFi and WiMAX 187 Teléph-on-délgreen phenominum. MORE STORY & PhotoS: Nikola Tesla & Nathan - 1902. / MORE FireWire - Watermelon STORY

Search Results Icehouse
Stubblefield Pages on Nathan Stubblefield and earth batteries. ... Next Page. E-Mail john1@ icehouse.net. construction.gif (7901 bytes)
www.icehouse.net/john34/stubblefield.html - 28k -
Cached - Similar pages

Stubblefield Cell
We do not know the secret of the earth charge as Nathan Stubblefield determined it. Others since his time have observed fluctuations at certain times of the ...
www.icehouse.net/john34/stublefield1.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages More results from www.icehouse.net ¬ª ••• Why NBS FireWire and Watermelon Patches? Because it was the green patches where Nathan placed his aerial rods around his 86 acres to create the WiFi and WiMAX 187 Teléph-on-délgreen Aerial - Antenna phenominum. • Photo: Nikola Tesla & Nathan - 1902.

What's the Mattel vs Bratz action about A Copyright Infringement in Action.

January 2008 / Barbie Doll wins over Bratz Doll. "The Bratz company lost $-Millions because its owner used deceptive techniques to skirt around Mattel's Copyright," says attorney for NBS Wireless Telephone®™©.
••• A federal judge in Riverside, CA has delivered several potentially fatal blows to the popular Bratz dolls and their manufacturer, MGA Entertainment Inc. The first ruling came in mid-December and the other on the last day of December. MGA's archrival Mattel Inc. was ruled as the legal owner of the Barbie toy line and has the right to recall all unsold Bratz dolls, giving notice to any/and all other edgy dolls look-a-like, with or without her shoes, glasses or garments on.
What are ®™© Copyrights Worth?
•• "PLENTY" -- says Attorney Charley Portz, of Houston, Texas. The Barbie ruling, helps the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© in their claims against AT&T, Sprint and other look-a-like TeleCom companies, that are using the NBS copyrights and servicemarks without their permission.
••• The court order, which not only represents a major victory for toy giant Mattel, but for the USPTO. whom are at times short on defining what are the effects of ®™© when one registers a required ®™© for doing business in the U.S.A. CLICK FOR MORE BARBIE STORY

What's The "NBS WiTEL®™©" Business Model NBS WiTEL®™©\

• NBS WiTEL DEMANDS For Payment from TelCos for Copyright infringment CLICK FOR MSU Muray State University STORY
•••  The Wireless Telephone®™© Organization, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, all have business models. The Wireless Telephone®™© still touts the one established in 1902," by inventor, Nathan B. Stubblefield, its founder.
/ImagesNBS100/GrandpaNat02ShipWiFi300w.jpg••• Before Troy Cory-Stubblefield took over the Wireless Telephone®™ business over 35 years ago, the Wireless Telephone®™© was referred to as radio, computers were things delivered by forklift, and the analog effects of WiTEL, WiFi187 radio and TV broadcasts were free to listen to and watch.
•• What makes the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© very unique today is that Troy, the biological grandson of the founder, still maintains the company. It was his Grandpa Nat, who not only first invented the term "Wireless Telephone," -- but he registered and published the copyright, and servicemark ®™© in 1907, one year before being granted patent - 1908. "share the program" (See USPTO drawing) Click from More about - Grandpa Nat,
••• Troy ofttimes uses "NBS WiTEL®™©" to fully describe both the effects of WiTEL, WiFi and WiMAX 187, and the hand held WiTEL mobile unit itself.
••• Whenever he discusses the ways to facilitate the methods for his company to collect WiTEL's copyright royalties from the four TeleCos, he advises all interested parties to focus on the www.patent887.com drawings.
••• "As they say . . .," says Troy -- "a picture is worth a thousand words. The WiMAX WiFi187 towers, the vehicle, and the copper wire connections, . . . are all IDd with numbers to pinpoint the WiTEL sender, and receiving mobile vehicle. The only thing missing is the satellite, with a Fig #."
Click to See How did we end up in the "WiTEL" and the "WTQCA-09" business? Troy has become a proselytizer for Mac and PC wireless laptops, Mac iPhones, and Google's G1, that play and operates Internet content. Today's Wireless Telephone(s)®™©, (The Cellphone) -- are as ubiquitous as a TV-set, or a radio station built.
Gary Gysel of Pacific Sunrise. The royalty payment could be as simple as changing the name from NBS Wireless Telephone®™© to Verizon WiTEL®™© ' VoIP
Barbie Doll vs Bratz Doll case.CLICK FOR MORE VERIZON VOIP STORY • CLICK FOR MORE "share the program" STORY

Jockey Club MGM Loan Default Mar 2009. - MGM Mirage Auditors on March 17th 2009 raise doubts about the casino operator ability to pay off JockeyClub MGM Loan Default, which had a $1.15-billion 2008 loss.

••• Auditors raised "substantial doubt" about MGM Mirage's ability to continue, the largest casino owner on the Strip said on March 17th 2009, in a regulatory filing. The company also reported a $1.15-billion fourth-quarter loss after writing down properties because of shrinking gambling revenue.
••• Casino Operator MGM Mirage who's in charge of the Jockey Club - Las Vegas City Walk project, won a two-month bank court reprieve to restructure its debts.
••• The auditors' comments increase the likelihood that MGM Mirage will seek bankruptcy protection. Banks granted waivers on the $7-billion bank-loan facility until May 15. The company said March 3 that it was in talks to avert a potential breach of covenants.
••• In exchange for the temporary covenant waivers, MGM Mirage is prohibited from prepaying or repurchasing other long-term debt or selling assets. The company will also repay $300 million of the fully drawn revolving loan, and it accepted a 100-basis-point increase in the interest rate.
••• MGM Mirage, controlled by billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, can also fund construction of its Las Vegas City Center - Jockey Club project only if partner Dubai World also finances its half of the costs, the company said in the filing. The casino company reiterated Tuesday that it would finish the project on schedule.
Dubai partner sues MGM Mirage over Jockey Club - City Center in Vegas April
•••March 24, 2009 Las Vegas -- The Dubai developer building an $8.6-billion complex on the Las Vegas Strip with casino company MGM Mirage Inc. is suing MGM Mirage because it's worried about the project's viability.
•••"What we are attempting to do is complete this project," Dalton said.
•••Dalton said the state-owned company "had no choice" but to file suit.
•••"We're not saying MGM won't be involved," Dalton added. "We're anxious to work with them, but we need to see them come out of their financial problems."
••••"If MGM can't manage its bank debt, how is MGM going to make more equity contributions?" Cohen said. "Maybe the answer is, well, that gives Dubai World leverage, and they want to control much more than half of this joint venture when it's all over." CLICK FOR MORE DUBAI SUIT
Jockey Club MGM, Deutshe Bank City Walk Project 2009 - MGM, Deutsche talks said to fail -
••• March - 2009 MGM Mirage and Dubai World failed to reach agreement with Deutsche Bank and talks on a $1.2-billion loan to complete the Las Vegas CityCenter project collapsed, according to five people with knowledge of the matter.
••• Deutsche Bank was seeking equity and debt stakes in the $11.2-billion development on the Las Vegas Strip in return for the loan. MGM Mirage and Dubai World are now holding talks with other parties, one of the people said. -- times wire reports

MGM CEO, Terry Lanni, stepped aside in Nov 2008, just as questions continued to swirl about his resume.
••• "It's time for a younger generation to take over," Lanni said in a telephone interview. He also cited a desire to spend more time with his family. CLICK FOR MORE CITY WALK JOCKEY CLUB NEWS / CLICK Construction outside the Jockey Club in Las Vegas / MORE 2005 TCS China STORY




03h• Section - Three / WiTEL - Copyrights
Go To Section Four - CLICK FOR tviMAGAZINE:


ImagesNBS100/NBSvirginmediaWeb108w.jpgThe Movie - NBS WiTEL®™© - WHO'S READY TO BE in the Wireless Telephone®™© "Telephon-delGreen" WiMAX187 EMF Induction "earth battery" BUSINESS?
••• In 1902, major newspaper headlines read something like this, "later this month, WiTEL02 will have a public trial run at selected cities in the U.S."
••• "Now there's no way to avoid work," shouts N.B. Stubblefield above the noise of WiTEL02's static, that was new to the world in the 1900s.
••• Indeed, it was easy for the WiTEL author/inventor to dial-up and talk to the person on the other end of the connection, by a twist and a turn of the antenna. The RF signal transmitted DSL-type speeds as we know it today, we walk in a slow turn over the park and pointed in the direction of the user on the other end of the WiTEL02.
••• The signal, coming from the caller holding the NBS WiTEL02 unit 600 feet away in the hotel room, was picked up by long copper wires, looped together to make one large coil loop antenna. The antenna was held together by a sheath of leather covering. The stem of the coil was then placed inside a watermelon buried half way in the ground for an added attraction to the new technology.
••• In 1898, Stubblefield was issued U.S. Patent 600457 for this RF WiFi 187 aerial system he called the "Electric battery," which consisted of an electrolytic coil of iron and insulated copper wire that could be mixed in with various Magnetic properties. The Magnetic energy mixes were buried within dampened clumps of earth pads surrounded by pitchblende, granulated loadstones, and other of. rare- earth-based misfit layered materials, that would create and store electro magnetic potentials the would induce the (EMF) needed to transmit RF signals. • CLICK FOR MORE STORY MOVIE TREATMENT - the Wireless Telephone®™© BUSINESS?
••• As MSU students have suggested. his aerial rods would serve as an independent induction based ground terminal to reacted as the WiFi carrier for his Wireless Telephone®™© unit. He collectively nicknamed, the clumps of earth topped off with aerial rods that networked his WiFi 187 system together, "Teléph-on-délgreen". His "Teléph-on-délgreen" industrial School is now, Murray State University. CLICK FOR YouTube MORE STORY Stubblefield Earth Cell Battery Demonstration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmNoLfjIEac

/Imagescustomers/CES2009Head108w.jpgCES 2009 WIFI 187 DEMOS TROY / Troy Examines Best of nbsWiTEL's at CES. TODAY, if you have access to Google, Smart90, LookRadio, YouTube, iPhone, a Magic Jack with a NBS WiTEL®™© phone number, and/or all other aspects of the Internet, feel lucky. With the exception of NBS WiTEL®™© -- they were not available in 1902, nor even in 1992.
Verizon Goes VoIP to route all calls over Web to its WiTEL TV customers within 7 years.
2009 International CES Las Vegas. TVInews' Josie Cory, Gary Sunkin attending - Jan 8-11.
••••Verizon's chief Marketing Officer, John Stratton announced during the show, that Verizon will start offering VoIP Internet calling to its FiOS Web and TV customers in the coming months. The service will begin in Maryland,
••••Verizon Communications Inc., the second-biggest U.S. telephone company, plans to do away with traditional phone lines within seven years as it moves to carry all calls over the Internet, utilizing its the Wireless Telephone®™© mobile medium - CLICK FOR MORE CES STORY
ImagesNBS100/WhatsWiTELinduction108w.jpg••• What's NBS WiTEL®™© RF Induction Radio? "Checking out the goods, products, and services related attached to my grandfather's WiTEL®™© inventions at the annual CES show in Las Vegas, has been my pet project since 1992," says Troy.
••• The PowerMat and Row22 were just two items I found the most interesting. The PowerMat was a take off on his "All Green Earth Battery" (a non - fossil fuel technology) patented in 1898.
••• The only thing missing was the iron rod RF aerial, that made the WiFi induction unit part his "Telephone-del-Green" system. The ®™© metal coil and mesh EMW conglomeration, not only emitted RF signals to help power his batteries, but its firewire effect, (FiWi) caused the EMF to modulated the amplitude of the signal to send voice through space, via his WiTEL WiFi WiMAX 187 network. CLICK FOR MORE - Ask Priscilla The Consumer Electronics Show / CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT "Teléph-on-délgreen" and MSU HughesNet High Speed Internet
••• The Consumer Electronics Assn. -- 2009, appears to have plugging organic LED displays, digital book readers, and the ePAD system that charge, Satellite Point to Point finders, Blu-ray disc players and lightweight laptops called netbooks.
••• In fact, the effects of the Wireless Telephone®™©, phone numbers, WiFi 187, etc. -- including the first "Green" Colleges, were just being introduced to the world in 1902, says entertainer/author Troy Cory-Stubblefield, the grandson of the founder and inventor of the Wireless Telephone®™©, N. B. Stubblefield. CLICK FOR MORE STORY

WiTEL Organizations Get Free RF- Spectrums.
••• In early November, the U.S. FCC approved the free Use of Airwaves to WiTEL high-tech firms such as Google and Microsoft. The empty TV spectrums that will be converted into RF spectrums for WiTEL Internet use. Users will be identified by phone numbers and/or IP addresses.
••• The RF-187 give-aways are transmitted by existing DVB-TV antennas, which are sometimes referred to as: 'White spectrums" or "Wi-Fi on steroids." CLICK FOR MORE WiTEL Organizations Get Free RF- Spectrums.
••• Google, who just entered the new generation of WiTEL organizations with their new G1 WiTEL on Sept 26th, ( Click more about Google's World of WiTEL) -- will use the 'white spaces' between channels to go online with their new Wireless Telephone®™© devices.

  FCC Approves the Sprint Deal, as it Buys Into The World of the Wireless Telephone®™ - The Clearwire Merger - What make WiMax and WiFi so important in the world of the Wireless Telephone®™ -- and how will Sprint MONETIZE their entry in the the WiMax 187 world of antennas?
• WiMax is similar to Wi-Fi service found in coffee shops, airports and many homes, but it is more powerful and able to cover whole cities, in some cases. CLICK FOR MORE SPRING WiMax187

 /Imagesbookcovers/610721883644046Ts.gifFCCSafetyAirwaves Public Safety Airwaves Up For Sale 2009
•••FCC -- Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin proposed putting a nationwide swath of public safety airwavwes up for sale again after cutting the minimum price by 42%. CLICK FOR MORE STORY


/Imagescustomers/DigitalHollywood108w.jpgFCC OKs the Verizon-Alltel, Sprint-Clearwire deals. • October 27-30 - During the Hollywood Digital event, the DigitalNews panels, attended by: Josie Cory, Gary Sunkin, Robert, Feist, Jamie Feist, Victor Cab, and Troy Cory, were intriguing. "The effects of the Verizon consolidation, and the "Wi-Fi steroid" effects that will be utilized by the NBS Wireless Telephone®™©, and Google is mind-boggling, " said Gary Sunkin.
••• The Santa Monica, California event discussed the events that were just taking place concerning the gray areas between NBS WiTEL, and several high-tech copyright infringers. CLICK FOR MORE FCC STORY= FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin said. CLICK FOR MORE FREE USE STORY. CLICK FOR MORE -Web User Guild Story 2007

• 04h Prior News tviMAGAZINE • Bylines
First Quarter01w - JAN • FEB • MARCH - 2009
Second Quarter14w - APRIL • MAYJUNE - 2009
Third Quarter27w - JULY • AUG • SEPTEMBER - 2009
Fourth Quarter40w - OCT • NOV • DECEMBER - 2009
• iv
/ImagesNBS100/uscat5witelogo108w.jpgIs the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights a dead law? If it is still alive and valid -- then the property seizure of the effects of NBS WiTel™®© -- by various world governments -- should now be paid for. CLICK FOR MORE STORY.

Feature Story / Settling the USC@5 $Billion WiTEL Controversy. The NBS100 Wireless Telephone®™ organization, like Google, Inc. -- let's people use the effects of it's goods, products, and services FREE. For decades, the WiTEL organization, like Google, pays itself back for the Freebies it gives out, by sharing the income derived from its name branded goods, and services within radio, movie and web content. CLICK FOR MORE STORY 

Copyrights: Walt Disney. Whose Mouse Is It? #Copyrights:WaltDisney
•••Today, title-card claims are no longer required. But when courts rule on historical copyright issues, they follow the laws in place at the time -- in this case, says Hedenkamp, the 1909 law requiring that the word copyright or its symbol be "accompanied by the name of the copyright proprietor" -- a rule scholars said means in the immediate proximity.
Disney legal advisors were not amused. General Counsel Louis Meisinger wrote back that it would be "inconceivable that any modern court would find any confusion about the identity of the proprietor of Mickey Mouse cartoons."
• He even threatened Hedenkamp with legal action
if the young scholar openly advanced such claims.
"With respect to your plans to otherwise promote these as being in the public domain," Meisinger added, "please be advised that slander of title remains actionable under California law for both compensatory and punitive damages."
Nonetheless, Hedenkamp let the genie out of the bottle, spelling out his arguments in the Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, a publication of the University of Virginia's law school. It attracted little attention off-campus.MORE STORY((See Article 109Copyright 5th Admendment)  

 ImagesNBS100/AfricaNBSWiTEL108w.jpgA South African Dynasty bids for rights to purchase and sell the NBS WiTEL™ WiFi and WiMax Wireless Telephone™©® effects throughout Africa.
The Kuumba Royal Dynasty group, which is bidding to purchase the 1908 RF300 WiTEL effects owned by NBS Wireless Telephone™©®, U.S. -- said Friday that they were on their first leg to look for suitors throughout Africa.
Daniel Amaonwu, spokesman for the NBS WiTEL organization, Africa, says, "thus far, the NBS Wireless Telephone™©® U.S. registered trademarks, copyrights and patent have been fully accepted, and will be honored throughout Africa." CLICK FOR MORE STORY


660-WallStreetCrash108w.jpgThe Crash of 2008 -- and the Bail Outs 2009
10a - One Satisfaction Rule Payoff Game - Q&A
• How much foreclosure relief will Borrowers get from bailout plan?
•••It all depends on the "IF" answere: WAS AN INSURANCE COMPANY INVOLVED. Was insurance $$ part of the Payoff. - CLICK FOR MORE BAIL-OUT GAMES

10b FICO The Credit Rating Agencies - Fraudulent FICO SCORES
•••In D.C., a few congressmen blame Benchmark firms for financial crisis
Congress had a big hand in oversight failures and deregulation, in part through a philosophy of reducing government's role. Rep. Waxman begins hearings today - MORE FICO STORY.

10c - Flipping Real Estate Is Illegal. ScamMers of Deeds of Trusts in California were involved high-end house flips on Wall Sreet usesing Deeds of Trust.
•••Lehman Bros. Bank, which last month spiraled into bankruptcy amid the nation's deepening financial crisis, and another lender, RBC Mortgage Co., lost about $42 million on the loans. - MORE FLIPPING STORY.

10d - BackDatingFraud. Former McAfee, Inc. lawyer is acquitted in stock options backdating trial
•••Kent Roberts, who served as the software maker's general counsel until he was fired in 2006, was accused of tampering with grants to increase his shares' value by $200,000. CLICK FOR MORE BACKDATING STORY.

2007b BofA settles privacy lawsuit. Who's next -- American Express? CLICK FOR MORE STORY

10e -Why Do You Believe
•••A new study out of Northwestern University, perhaps without really meaning to, gets at something much more interesting. It starts to provide data and insight that add to our ability to understand what Marx was getting at -- not if there is a God and not whether it makes sense that humans should believe, but simply why humans believe. CLICK FOR MORE 4308 STORY

%2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/Imagesbookcovers/660BofASpeedDollars46w.jpg 10a / 10b - Short Selling, The One Satisfaction Rule Payoff Game - on Wall Street. Short Selling, Insurance and credit swaps Elements of Fraud /Credit-default swaps, conceived by bondholders, allow investors to buy protection against a company defaulting. As the market expanded, speculators started using them to bet on a company's creditworthiness. The contracts pay the holder face value for the underlying securities or the cash equivalent should a company fail to repay its debt.
••• Though it grew a hundredfold in the last seven years, total outstanding contracts in credit-default swaps are dwarfed by other derivative markets, including those that bet on interest rates. Those markets had contracts linked to about $465 trillion as of June 30, the International Swaps and Derivatives Assn. said.
•• The joint probe announced Monday will also examine allegations of insider trading, market manipulation and other forms of fraud, according to a second person.
••• Cuomo and US probe credit-default swaps. The probe seeks to "determine whether any federal laws have ... an earlier inquiry by Cuomo's office, US Atty. ... Cuomo has been probing alleged manipulation of credit Business | October 21st, 2008

OscarsTop2009108w.jpg2009 81st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS - TVInews to share its news with ABC NEWS Results Coming - February 22, 2008
TVInews headed by Josie Cory, Pete Allman and Gary Sunkin, along with ABC News Radio will provide extensive coverage of the 81st Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 22nd. ABC News Radio's comprehensive coverage of the Annual Academy Awards will include a two-hour Oscar Special, "Red Hot Red Carpet Live."  The live broadcast will include celebrity arrivals and interviews along the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The program will be hosted by ABC News Radio Entertainment Correspondent and Movie Critic David Blaustein, ABC News Correspondent Radio Alex Stone and Entertainment Reporter Steve Mason. CLICK FOR MORE STORY


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Know the TidBits of History -- "Ask Priscilla - Did You Know?" is the page for the eyes of teens. CLICK FOR MORE TIDBITS

5800-05wdrmc120w.jpgNextwave Sells WiTEL Spectrums to T-Mobile For $98 Million
T-mobile, U.S.A.'s No. 4 U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile just picked up some more airwaves to use as it builds out its 3G wireless network across the States. The carrier just bought a chunk of spectrum from Nextwave Wireless for $98 million, RCR Wireless News reports. MORE T-Mobile Story

"Beijing - 20 Years Later - 1988 to 2008" "Knock, Knock, Who's There?" About China's Open Door Policy, and the 20 years it took to get the Olympics and recognition of its political place in History. Players: Troy Cory, Joey Adams, vp Al Gore, Josie Cory, Shanghai 1997. Troy Sings, Smooth Sailing. / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4003 (9 min seg.) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, D-diaries. Participants: WebPlay WebCast Rosemont Studios: Victor Caballero; A VRA TelePlay Preview; LookRadio Movies; RnB Plus, R&B plus Troy Cory Show with Ambros Seelos Orchestra. LookRadio Yes90 tviNews VRATelePlay WebPlay Smart90 nbs100 vratv xingtv CCTV DVB-T WiTel WiMax. For Full Production Participants:MORE LookRadio / YouTube / Beijing 20Years Later   WHO'S READY TO BE the "Real" WIRELESS TELEPHONE®™ Company - Since 1908 . . . How Does $30-Billion Sound? #NBSWitelMay2008 / MORE NBS LEGAL STORY

The Funding of Future FCC Bids - to repurchase the seized RF-300 assets once owned by NBS1908, is a major concern for both the FCC and USPTO. That's why the Wireless Telephone®™ organization through it's NBS Family Trust aims to sell four blocks of its effects linked to its WiFi-187 Legacy assets holdings, now valued at over $30-Billion. CLICK FOR MORE STROY

The Year 2008 - THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE Wireless Telephone®™ Click For More

What would Yahoo/Microsoft, Verizon or AT&T pay for the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™. (See Patent -Trademark-Copyright, and 1905 Patent Laws! - CLICK FOR MORE STORY

  "FINDING THE TRICK PONY" Some of these organizations have not only monetized their respective companies by issuing paper certificates represented by stocks, bonds, notes, deeds, and licenses, listed on various STOCK EXCHANGES, but have licensed others to use the Effects of their ® / ™ / © -- as a commodity. CLICK FOR More "Finding The Trick Pony" to Monetize the Certified USPTO Symbol ® / ™ / © / MORE NBS LEGAL STORY
What is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office . . . for? The PTO or USPTO is the acronym for the government agency assigned to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The USPTO acts not only as a fiduciary agent for Congress and other government agencies pertaining to patent trademarks, and copyrights, but for the inventor and individuals granted Marks. CLICK FOR MORE STORY

00SideBar00pJune46w.jpg• Celebrity Scene News - "The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest" - By Pete Allman.
•••The premise of the early-day Troy Cory Shows, (TCS) were to mix serious entertainment with a peaceful "Open Door Policy" mandate to meet and interact with those in the world of politics and TeleCom. This meant "taking the show to places where people wouldn't or couldn't enter, without governmental or cultural ties."
••• The shows were produced in China, Munich, Mississippi, Kentucky, Las Vegas, and Hollywood." SEE "The Transfer of Title to the Wireless Telephone™ - The NBS1908 "Legacy" 5800-02
••• The Center stage possibilities of rubbing elbows with influential political leaders, gave Troy and his fellow travelers, a palpable firsthand "Look'nListen storyline to profile a successful financial outcome. "Look what happened in China." MORE COMING NEXT WEEK CLICK FOR MORE CHINA STV STORY - MORE STORY TroyCoryShow.COM YouTube - A First! - The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest to Troy Cory
tviNews - 1973 - A WiFi187 Begins
• INTEROP - April 27-May 2, 2008. The Leading Business Technology Event Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. MORE INTEROP STORY

/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/00coverofpowNew46w.jpgTroy Cory Show The NBS1908 Wireless Telephone "Bequest to TCS" - 7 min - Apr 6, 2008 - Related videos

TODAY'S LookRadio
VRA TelePlay News Feature
The NBS1908 Legacy "The Transfer of Title to the Wireless Telephone™"
The NBS1908 Legacy "The Wireless Telephone™ Bequest - Uncle Bernie"

23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesCSnews/CSNTCSBetteOsMontg46w.jpgTroy Cory Show Sam Butera Sings: Up The Lazy River VRA5100

Can't decide what the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ Patent is worth? Here's the deal! The new crop of Wireless Telephones™ arising from the world of Teléph-on-délgreen, Kentucky, are dizzying. But more dizzying is why, when and who owns the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ patent, and copyrights?" CLICK FOR MORE STORY

/Imagespeople/FTCcommitmentLogo46w.jpgThe Bunny Box. CTIA WIRELESS 2008, April 1-3, 2008. Las Vegas Convention Center. Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin Group will deliver the opening show keynote address at 9 a.m. on April 1 in the Barron Room at the Las Vegas Hilton.
The "Bunny Box" and "Femtocell" routers
"As more and more people drop their telephone land lines, every home or office will need an antenna tower somewhere around the premises, say Troy Cory, of TVInews.
The Wireless Telephone™ industry is facing a great RF pick-up challenge: poor Wireless Telephone™. Troy says, "a Prison Cell has about the same cellular coverage as most residences do." --CLICK FOR MORE STORY

Know the TidBits of History -- "Did You Know?" is the page for the eyes of teens. CLICK FOR MORE TIDBITS

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Yes90 tviNews S90 Profiles4 Smart90.com home page. APRIL 2009 tviNews Second Quarter Editions 14 15 16 17 18 /smart90.com/tvimagazine/2009/april / Ivan Seidenberg CEO of Verizon, Inc. is TVI's Person of Month and NBS100 Winner. Photo: Ivan Seidenberg, Features photos of NBS1908 Wireless Telephone®™© Patent, WiTEL®™© Banking Sky's the Limit with Trillions. / FEATURE: smart90.com/tvimagazine/2009/april / Smart90, lookradio, nbs100, tvimagazine, DVB-T, WiFi-187, WiMax187, RF-300, WiMaxBunny, WiVATS, Patent887, vratv, xingtv, Ddiaries, Soulfind, nb stubblefield, nbstubblefield, Nathan Stubblefield, congming90, chinaexpo, vralogo, Look Radio, China Expo, Soul Find, s90tv, wifi90, dv90, nbs 100, Troy Cory, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory / Kudoads665, Photo Image665, Movies: Google Video / YouTube / LookRadio - Troy Cory Show duration:medium:free - VRA5500 PATENT 887 trademark887 - Television With No Borders

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DVB-T - WiTEL Broadcasting - Dr. Hoff

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