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• COMING! - "WiTEL®™© Rememberance Day - April 5th"
• "iPad - One of the Best of Four Comeback Stories of 2010"
• CTIA Wireless 2010 - MARCH 22-25 - Las Vegas Convention Center
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• LA Marathon - Sunday MARCH 21st - Los Angeles Marathon 2010/2011


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eleP%232/!%20-%20Smart90.comSun%23Best%2F22tc/Images/ballspinning.gif • CLICK FOR YouTube: Troy Cory - BEIJING - CHINA
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March 1st to 31th 2010
107- COMING - 82nd Annual OSCAR® Awards
Apple Sues - For iPhone Service Mark ®™© Infringement
• VRA To Release New WebPlay Licenses to DVD-CD Purchasers
- •
The Birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™© - NBS WiTEL®™©,
• VRA To Release New WebPlay DVDs
* 108- Johnson & Johnson Wins $1.73-billion, in ®™© Service Mark Claims
• -Your Ticket To Learn More About Stublets and Filter Codes

• 101- Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show / February 13-14
Facts About China's WiTEL®™© & How it Began!
108 - Google Co-founders To Sell Google Shares
108 - 100 Year Old Magazine -"Editor & Publisher" Revived
102 Sprint Pays Virgin Mobile $483-million for WiTEL®™© Deal

Getting Rid of the word "Telegraph" in AT&T - Ain't Easy
108 Las Vegas $8-Billion Jockey Club - City Center Opens
106 Bratz Dolls Wins Stay - Dec 10
115-Consumer Electronic Show / Reviews

201003MarCov108w.jpgCOVER - MARCH 2010 - Ivan Seidenberg

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March 1st to 31th 2010
107- COMING - 82nd Annual OSCAR® Awards
Apple Sues - For iPhone Service Mark ®™© Infringement
• VRA To Release New WebPlay Licenses to DVD-CD Purchasers
- •
The Birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™© - NBS WiTEL®™©,
• VRA To Release New WebPlay DVDs
* 108- Johnson & Johnson Wins $1.73-billion, in ®™© Service Mark Claims
• -Your Ticket To Learn More About Stublets and Filter Codes

February - 2009
• 101- Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show / February 13-14
Facts About China's WiTEL®™© & How it Began!
108 - Google Co-founders To Sell Google Shares
108 - 100 Year Old Magazine -"Editor & Publisher" Revived
102 Sprint Pays Virgin Mobile $483-million for WiTEL®™© Deal

Getting Rid of the word "Telegraph" in AT&T - Ain't Easy
108 Las Vegas $8-Billion Jockey Club - City Center Opens
106 Bratz Dolls Wins Stay - Dec 10

/ImagesNBS100/BarbieVsBratzDollsUpd46w.jpg106 Bratz Dolls Wins Stay - Dec 10
Sprint Pays Virgin Mobile $483-million for WiTEL®™© Deal
View on YouTube "Christmas Around the World"
•108 Las Vegas $8-Billion Jockey Club - City Center Opens Next Week
NO More Squatting on nbs WiTel's®™© Service Marks
Digital Hollywood WiTEL®™© Press Release
Sprint Pays Virgin Mobile $483-million for WiTEL®™© Deal
• LA AUTO SHOW - December 4th to 13th - Convention Center
View on YouTube "Christmas Around the World"
The Berlin Wall - "Starmaker" and SantaTales.107.09
Hollywood Christmas Parade on TV! Sunday - Nov 29th
• American Film Market-AFI-FEST Nov 4-11 - Santa Monica
Verizon Pays License Fee for "Droid" Name
Microsoft Windows 7 Launched
FCC WINS Victory - A Win For Internet "Neutrality" / Oct. 23, 2009
NBS WiTEL®™©, the intellectual property licensing boutique.
102.09iii - FCC Rules Internet Neutrality

/TroyBerlinWall46w.jpg• 107.09 The Berlin Wall - Road To "Starmaker" and SantaTales."
In 1968, before Troy Cory teamed up with famous German Orchestra leader, Ambros Seelos in 1970, Troy had already co-starred with Wendle Cory, Rolf Eden, and Barabra Valentine in the Berlin AFI, John Harris, movie production, "Starmaker."
The end of the 1970s found Troy Cory playing Santa Claus in the German/American production film "Merry Christmas: Just in the Nick of Time," starring Priscilla Cory, as "Little Miss Santa," and featuring the late German singer, Manuela. • CLICK FOR MORE STORY


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111g -
TCScloseUp-TakeTwo - Troy Cory's "Take2"
• 102g - Birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™©
• 101g -

• 107- Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show / February 13-14 / TVInews Journalist Attending: Gary Sunking, Josie Cory. / General Info: The annual Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show will be held Saturday & Sunday, February 13-14, 2010.
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Hours Public Hours &endash; 10am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday
Travel Trade Hours &endash; 8am to 10am, Saturday only:.
General Admission: $10
The box office on site will open at 9:30 A.M. each day. Or get $2 off by purchasing in advance online! Purchase tickets in advance.
Travel Agents and Children 16 and under free (children must be accompanied by an adult)
The Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the WEST HALL. CLICK FOR MORE LA TIMES INFO.

Feature Story / 102GoogleScanDealOrphanBooks Google vs Microsoft. Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon forms coalition to offset Google Orphan Book Settlement..•• August 22, 2009 / Three powerful technology companies have banded together to oppose Google Inc.'s proposed settlement with the Authors Guild and the Assn. of American Publishers over the Internet search giant's book scanning project. • CLICK FOR MORE 02GoogleScanDealOrphanBooks STORY

•  TODAY'S PUZZLE? •101-Ticket ToLearnMoreStublets
101-Your Ticket To Learn More About Stublets, and WiTEL's®™© Filter Codes Connections - The NBS100 White Papers 4 Parts - MORE STORY
Wireless Telephone™ (U.S. Patent No 887,357)
(Click here to get your free copy of Stubblefield's U.S. Wireless Telephone Patent directly from the US Patent -

Wireless Telephone™ - WiFi- 187 - "The Movie"
Wireless Telephone™ - The History Page - the WiFiMist - RFiD Organization - ( = 300Ghz or 300 Billion RF Spectrums). CLICK FOR MORE RF300 STORY)
<Today's Puzzle?> • Using Getty Service marks ®™© without owners OK! • NBSvsFCC$-Billion Claim
••• On March 5th, 2006), the NBS Stubblefield Family Trust filed its formal intake complaint against the FCC for $30-billion. The complaint alleges they misused their power in a scheme to avoid the $30-billion payment to the heirs of Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor and patent owner of Wireless Telephone.
••• Charles Portz, of Houston, the attorney for both claimants, NBS100 Family Trust and, stated the government never paid the Wireless Telephone inventor a dime for his property that was seized, sold and is still being sold since 1913, for various reasons that includes, war time national security and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. CLICK FOR MORE STORY.

<Today's Puzzle?> • Using Getty Service marks ®™© without owners OK! Theft of Services" -- on the Web?
 Fines for the misuse of a copyrighted photo are too high, critics say. Though agencies deserve a fair fee, negotiating with users is preferable to big penalties.
 Oscar Michelen, a New York attorney who focuses on damages claims by Getty and Corbis, called four-figure fines "a legalized form of extortion."
•• "The damages they're requesting aren't equal to the copyright infringement," he said, adding that "there's no law that says definitively what images are worth in the digital age."
•• Getty, the owner, doesn't see it that way. • >CLICK FOR MORE GETTY STORY

Google, Baidu and Yahoo wins Neutrality FREEBIES over Telcos - AT&T, etc.
•• • •AT&T, the nation's largest land-line and wireless carrier, complained that changing government rules a year after wireless companies spent billions of dollars in an FCC auction to lease what they thought were unencumbered public airwaves "creates the impression of a 'bait and switch.' "
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has announced the rules and mandates that he says will keep online Internet traffic moving freely. The proposals would also cover wireless Internet service. Wireless carriers have given his proposal a thumbs down.
•• The Neutrality issue was first brought to light in 2004, when then-Chairman Michael Powell announced four crucial (4 Freebies) "Internet Freedoms": 1). and 2) - the ability of Internet users to access any legal content, software or services online, and 3). and 4) - the ability for the user to connect to the Net through any compatible device.
•• Genachowski laid out two more: 5). and 6) -- Broadband providers should not discriminate against particular websites or applications, nor conceal how they manage data. Genachowski also said that the commission should translate these principles into formal rules rather than leaving them in legal limbo.
'The Bait'n Switch WiTEL®™© Game started in 1913"
•• "We are concerned . . . that the FCC appears ready to extend the entire array of net neutrality requirements to what is perhaps the most competitive consumer market in America: wireless services," said Jim Cicconi, an AT&T senior executive vice president.
CLICK FOR MORE Google Wins Neutrality FREEBIES over Telcos - AT&T, etc.

<101g - stubtelephondelgreen108w.jpg
September, 2009 / 102g - The Birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™©, and its NBS Wireless Telephone®™© registered service marks.
••• The NBS Wireless Telephone®™© organization, founded in Murray, Kentucky, doesn't manufacture the present-day Wireless Telephone®™© . . . "BUT DOES MAKE the iPhone and CellPhones of today WORK," says Troy Cory-Stubblefield.
••• As chief executive of the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, Troy Cory-Stubblefield closely watches over the way the effects and elements of his NBS WiTEL®™© organization are used and paid for by Telco providers, and users.
••• Underlining each and every Wireless Telephone®™© sold today . . . is a NBS WiTEL®™© service mark utilized by iPhone, and Cellphone provider/users. Charging high-tech batteries by its NBS EMW induction system, or being assigned a WiTEL®™© phone number to connect each WiTEL®™© user together are just a couple of the elements. The NBS Wireless Telephone®™© was invented and developed at Teléph-on-délgreen Industrial School, Murray, Kentucky, commencing in 1892.
stubtelephondelgreen300w.jpg••• The once upon a time Kentucky industrial school . . . is once again star-crossed. But this time, with a happy ending. Murray, Kentucky touts itself as the birthplace of the Wireless Telephone®™©, and with ample reason. Taking a throwback to 1907, the Nathan B. Stubblefield Industrial School was renamed to Teléph-on-délgreen, and again several decades later to emerge at same location as Murray State University.
••• Still a humbling sense of history so deep-seated that residents often rattle off dates: 1892, 1898, 1902, then 1908. That year symbolizes the granting of all of the Service Marks needed for Murray's monopoly of the Wireless Telephone®™©. 1910, was the year NBS' Teléph-on-délgreen WiTel construction began in a big way. The years 1910 through 1914 also marks the time of great change in American RF WiTEL®™© industry. The managerial side of industry was growing and American corporations were reorganizing and becoming more efficient with the help of the U.S. government,.
••• 1914, the NBSWireless Telephone®™© manufacturing ends, and one-way listening devices Radios, begins. With the enachment of Government regulatory RF seizures. Teléph-on-délgreen's NBS WiTel®™© EMW etherwave pipeline is replaced with a new word -- "RF," and "RADIO." (see Mann-Elkins Act of 1910, and the 1913 "Kingsbury Commitment).
NBSPatent02AutoDraw108w.jpg••• The years 1907, 1929, and 2008 are all asscociated with the great depressions, followed by years of growth of the fabled Murray State University, NBS WiTEL®™©, AT&T, GE, and now -- the free for all Internet user.
••• No mater how you look at it, many obserers believe it's just a matter of time before lawmakers step in to decide once and for all who calls the shots for the "freebie" EMWs provided by the 1907 Wireless Telephone®™© service marks. Will the winner be the Telco operator, online users, or the rules of laws set forth in writting to protect service mark owners?

• 108s COMING NEXT WEEK - Q&A To and From the Editors about WiTEL®™©, and vContent:

tcstake2-logo108w.jpg< tcstake2-image | NewspaperNBS99Lochte
• 1946 - AT&T begins offering mobile telephone service. With a single antenna serving a region, no more than 12 to 20 simultaneous calls could be made in an entire metropolitan area.
• 1946 - Rainey T. Wells retired as general attorney for Woodmen of the World, Omaha, Nebr. He returned to Murray to make his permanent home in retirement.

111s-TCScloseUp-TakeTwo.htm. A year ago, I wrote a D-Diary memo identifying long-term barriers to permanent transformation of the Service Mark Collections.
••• Since that time I've written a lot of memos and direct story about the transparent fraudulent activities created by those certain rule makers over the years in preparation for the collection of moneies now all due and payable by Telco organizations. To prevent Lawsuits, and any misunderstanding between existing Telcos, the Library of Congress, the USPTO, FTC, and FCC, the new series of TVInew aticles, "CloseUps," and Take2, was prepared at the request of the WTQCA association. That's something that never would have happened before the Monetary
Crash of 2008.

TroyCoryChinaLogo108w.jpg<TroyCoryChinaLogo108w.jpg "You mention "The Troy Cory Show, China 88" and there's a glow. I can't tell you the evening when I saw the live show for the first time.
••• I still felt that same glow almost 20 years while viewing the 2008, Beijing Olympics. Troy Cory, and his Brooke Sister were incandescent . . . and there was a magic to all of excitment that came together with sound, music, and the rythem.
••• Why would Troy Cory be so indelible in my mind as the first U.S. signer/Perforner to ever appear on nation-wide CCTV? Why would Joey Lauren Adams one of the four Brooke Sisters be remembered by over 300 million TV-views? Easy, they the first to ever appear on a Communist stage, Troy, the lead TV-singer, performer, Joey, blonde movie star. The indelibility of those characters. It's a great, emotional piece of work put together by two nations for reason only known to them. The transition from seeing the imposible on a Shanghai TV-stage performance in 1988, to seeing the highlights of the show any time I feel like it on my Wireless Telephone®™© on "YouTube" -- so powerful. Liu Chen, Shanghai.

TroyTVInews100-108w.jpg<111- • < 100 - TroyTVInews100-108w.jpg
••• Back then, in the pre-Obama era, I and my many D-Diary memos would have been summarily shredded. But under Pres. Obama, not only is outside criticism invited, he assigned himself as the chief salesman to work through the issues. While the road to permanent transformation stretches a long way in front of us, there is a key reason that we are on it at all.
••• Pres. Obama has been an extraordinary leader who has recast the White House's approach to governing. In my opinion, and with a talented team, a determined federal judge and an unusually capable congress, Pres. Obama will accomplished a remarkable turnaround of a government that had defied all previous interventions to rein in its both Pro and Con Hot Topic behavior.
TroyCSnews111-108w.jpg<111- TroyCSnews111-108w.jpg
••• But no president could completely alter the DNA of the goodtime Charlie's of Wall Street. Permanent reform will take much longer, and it will happen only if the president can continue to drive the mandate down to the financial, foriegn trade, and health industries, where there are still holdouts itching to reverse course.
••• Pres. Obama will leave behind a blueprint, but in some ways the next president will have a more difficult job. He or she will need determination to make the changes stick, a deep knowledge of th U.S.A. culture, the ability to win the buy-in the middle class consumer and the courage to touch less on the problems created by Unions and there issues.
tcsCloseUp-logo108w.jpg• <102- tcsCloseUp-logo108w.jpg
• These must be the next chief's top priorities:
• Make Service Your First Priority, Not Success and Success Will Follow
• Your tviNew HotTopic list might look like this:
• 1. Family
• 2. Meaningful work
• 3. Health and well-being
• 4. Financial freedom
• 5. Travel and adventure
• Your list might look like this:

• Does your list indicate you're not spending you time doing what you say is most important to you?
• Are you spending time accomplishing other people's priorities, but not your own?
• Memorize your list of priorities, and use it as a guideline for every demand that is made on your time.
• Don't let anything come between you and what truly matters most to you!

• Focus on Innovation
• Maximize Vendor Partnerships
• Collaborate with Other Business Leaders
• Harness the value of TVInews Services

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101g - Google KnowledgeRush
• 101f - "
Beijing - 20 Years Later - 1988 to 2009"
• 101f -
• 101f -
620-01 - Troy Cory : Just A Lost Ball In High Weeds / Yearning (1957)

• 101f- TROY02: Specialty Records - (1958) History of "Rock" Art Rupe.
• 101f- Troy03 Troy Cory - Mercury Records:
• 101f- TCS Bequest The NBS1908 WiTel "Bequest to TCS" Movie
• 101f- NBS1908TCSLegacyMovie "The Transfer of Title to Troy Cory-Stubblefield"
• 101f- Pete AllmanTCSBequest - The NBS1908 WiTEL "Bequest" 5800-02
• 101f- Sam Butera Sings: Up The Lazy River VRA5100 Troy Cory Show
• 101f-

<101g - <101-AmbrosBand&TroyInput.jpg
101g- 101-
Ambros Seelos Band&Troy
/Imagespeople/AmbrosBand%26TroyInput108w.jpg< AmbrosBand&Troy 101s- Ambros Seelos Orchestra Tours the Globe
••• Ambros Seelos, and Troy Cory shown in photo, colaborated on a host of original songs recorded in Munich. The Ambros Seelos Orchestra featured Sylvester Levay, Grammy winner for "Fly Robin, Fly," who later had great success with his musical "Elisabeth," and was the co-writer with Troy, and Ambros on Troy's BBC recordings, "Hurricane," "Hey, Sweet Honey, Honey," and "Relax."
••• During the last two decades of Troy Cory's China concert tours, Ambros Seelos delivered the big-band background sound for many of Troy's TV-stage performances, "Jeepers Creepers" being a favorite amongst the Chinese audiences.
••• Back in 1972 Ambros was chosen as the official band for the Olympic Games in Munich. Having toured the whole world, he also performed together with giants of Jazz like Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald, Grammy-winning Hollywood film composer and musical writer Sylvester Levay ("Hot Shots," "Airwolf," "Elisabeth,") who also worked as a producer for the living music legends Elton John and Donna Summer.
CLICK FOR MORE Celebrity Scene's Ambros STORY

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/ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-102-46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section C-102f | Click for More tviNews Stories
102 - Internet-WiTEL: Wireless Telephone©™®
• Phone Numbers • Browsers • Software • Programs • Net Solutions
Voip Web World • Social Networks

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Imgagecustomers/WitEL-Virgin-Sprint108w.jpg<102s-WitEL-NBS-Virgin.jpg AT&T / Microsoft Infringment Updates:
Getting Rid of the word "Telegraph" in AT&T isn't Easy.
You probably don't need a long synopsis of the movie treatment for the NBS Wireless Telephone's epic, "Smart Daaf Boys," even if you haven't read, and seen the 1902 text and drawings of the original U.S. granted registered service marks in 1907 and 1908 respectfully. CLICK FOR nbsWITEL®™©.
•• • As most script writers have noted, the heros of the storyline are the characters with the initials, "AT&T," "NBS" - "TCS" and "JCS, " whom take the cliches of ol' Kentucky to the point you could cut and paste dialogue from "Birth of a Nation" or "Wall Street" into the "Smart Daaf Boys," without appreciably changing the storyline, especially in the case of the monopoly created by the American Telephone & Telegraph Company.
•• • Receently on Dec 22, 2009 - using the AT&McKool Smith announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a $290 million verdict and permanent injunction against Microsoft Corp. in a Texas patent infringement case won by Toronto-based technology provider i4i Inc. In its ruling, the Federal Circuit affirmed the May 20, 2009 jury verdict of $200 million for Microsoft's willful infringement of an i4i patent covering a document production system that implements what Microsoft has called Custom XML. Judge Leonard Davis in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, later ruled that Microsoft should pay i4i an additional $90 million in damages and prejudgment interest. The appeals court also affirmed the earlier permanent injunction. The court has ordered Microsoft to comply with the injunction by January 11, 2010. 
102s - Sprint PAYS Virgin Mobile, USA $483-million for WiTEL®™© Deal. A Mark Anderson / tviNews Sprint News Report.
Kansas City, MO / On Tuesday, November 8th, 2009, Sprint Nextel Corp. ascertained that it had completed its $483 million acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA.
Mark Anderson, of Pacific Sunrise, said the Virgin Mobile WiTEL®™© deal will not only transfer those certain NBS Wireless Telephone®™© / rights to Sprint, but also . . . the 100th anniversary validation of the NBS invention.
"The validation," says Anderson, "will immensely enhance the presence of the Sprint brand in the Wireless Telephone®™© market place for those customers who are assigned phone numbers for cell phone service month-to-month. CLICK FOR MORE VIRGIN STORY. CLICK FOR MORE SPRINT 2008 MERGERS Virgin Mobile shareholders, which include British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Group and South Korean carrier SK Telecom, will own about 3 percent of Sprint. • CLICK FOR MORE SPRINT 2008 MERGERS
• August 1, 2009 -- As Sprint Nextel Corp., the nation's third-largest wireless provider, made an offer to buy Virgin Moble, reported Troy Cory-Stubblefield, CEO of NBS WiTEL®™©.
••••• Virgin Mobile is the sixth-largest provider of prepaid cellphone services, with 5.2 million customers, and the second-largest "virtual network" provider -- meaning it uses another company's network to transmit its calls.
••••• British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Group owns 28.3% of Virgin Mobile. SK Telecom has a 15% stake that it received as part of the Helio deal.
••••• Sprint is the third-largest of the four major wireless carriers, which together control about 90% of the cellphone market. It trails AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless; T-Mobile USA is fourth.
••••• The Overland Park, Kan.-based company reported a loss of $384 million, or 13 cents per share, in the three months ended June 30. That's larger than its loss of $344 million, or 12 cents per share, a year ago.
••••• Sprint's revenue fell 10 percent to $8.14 billion from $9.06 billion a year ago.
••••• Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected a loss of 2 cents per share on lower revenue of $8.12 billion. Analysts typically exclude one-time items from their earnings estimates. The company didn't report an adjusted earnings figure that excludes one-time items.
••••• KANSAS CITY, Mo. The AP news agency reported on July 29th, 2009, that Sprint Nextel Corp. was buying Virgin Mobile USA Inc. for $483 million, further narrowing the range of consumer choices for prepaid cellphone service.
••••• Sprint said it would pay $5.50 for each Virgin Mobile share and assume up to $205 million in debt. Payment will be mostly in Sprint shares. The Overland Park, Kan., company already owns 13.1% of Virgin Mobile, which operates its cellphone service over Sprint's network.• 108is - CLICK FOR MORE VIRGIN Sir Branson STORY. • 108is - CLICK FOR MORE • 108s - Virgin Media NBS WiTEL Gallery STORY- • 108is - CLICK FOR MORE • 110s - SMART90 Virgin STORY-

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102f - Google KnowledgeRush

102ivf- Regulatory Missteps and WiTEL Property Seizure.
102f- Sprint Buys Virgin Mobile - Here's the $483-million Deal
• 102f- 2001 - Wikipedia officially launched itself on January 15th.
• 102f- ASK PRISCILLA - WiTEL®™© RF187 and Wi-MAX.
• 102f- Whats the BS WiTEL®™©" Business Model NBS WiTEL®™©\
• 102f- NBS WiTEL DEMANDS Payment from TelCos
• 102f- WiTEL Organizations Get Free RF- Spectrums.
• 102f- What are the NBS WiTEL Service Marks ®™© Worth?
• 110iiif-
Intel, Nokia Teams Up. Advances WiTEL Claims
• 110iiif- Designing Around Copy Right - Trick Ponies
• 102ivf-
ASK PRISCILLA anything you want about WiTEL®™© RF187 and Wi-MAX.
• 102ivf-
Who Owns The Wireless Telephone™ Patent, Trademark
• 102ivf- ValueofNBSWiTEL - What are the NBS WiTEL Service Marks ®™© Worth?
• 102ivf-
Regulatory WiTELSeizure
• 102ivf-
• 102f- Barbie Doll vs Bratz Doll case.

102f- Google KnowledgeRush
• 108f- Verizon - AT&T Deal - Ivan Sedenberg WiTEL®™© ' VoIP

• 110iiif- Intel, Nokia Teams Up. Advances WiTEL Claims
• 110iiif- Designing Around Copy Right - Trick Ponies

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• PEOPLE SECTION• 04h Editorials News tviMAGAZINE

2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section G-106f | Click for More tviNews Stories
106 - Gov-Legal: Legal • P&A • Court Rulings State-Federal
• FCC • Copyright • Patents
• Trade Marks • Service Marks

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Shanghai - 1988









fcclogowords.gif<106s- FCClogo102.09FCCworkout'netneutrality'rules / Oct23, 2009.
••• During the NBS WiTEL press conferance held at Hollywood Digital confab on October 23, 2009, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski won a victory on his first major policy issue at the agency. The Federal Communications Commission announced they would begin a data-gathering process. Commissioners may consider whether regulations should apply to not just Internet access providers but also those that feed content to the Web.
The LA Times reported that, with a unanimous vote to move forward on a rule-making process for how the government would police access to the Internet.
The chairman, picked by President Obama, said, "The heart of the problem is that, taken together, we face a dangerous combination of an uncertain legal framework with ongoing as well as emerging challenges to a free and open Internet." • CLICK FOR MORE STORY • 102.09FCCworkout'netneutrality'rules / Oct23, 2009.

CLICK - FCC InterNet WiTEL®™© Rulings - June 2009 to 2010
113.09ii - NetNeutralityRule
102.09iii - FCCRulesInternetNeutrality (210)
AT&Tiii - and Cable Telcos Rejects project

106 - Apple vs. Taiwan - Apple Sues Taiwan smart-phone maker for Service Mark infringement.
••• Everyone knows when the Wireless Telephone®™© Service Marks were first introduced to the world in 1902," says WiTEL©™© spokesman, Mark Anderson. "It was 'A First' for anything and everything that looks like a telephone using an antenna to transmit and receive EMW signals."
••• Just imagine the surprised look on the faces of onlookers during the public demonstrations in 1902. Two NBS WiTEL®™© phones were linked and connected together with two WT-phone numbers. A WiFi187 "hot spot" was created by his aerials grounded in the earth. "No matter if it's a 'Cell Phone', 'Mobile Phone', or 'iPhone', it's still a Wireless Telephone®™©," says Anderson.
••• When Apple first introduced its iPhone in 2007, not only did it prove up the original NBS WiTEL®™© designs by its inventor, N.B. Stubblefield, but according to the numbers from the Cupertino, Calif., company Apple has sold more than "40 million units.
••• Mark Anderson, of PSI WiTEL©™© said, "the accused copy-cat'r of the iPhone was HTC, a Taiwanian company that produces the Nexus One phone." *Take2). Apple alleges in their (January 5, 2010) action, -- that HTC Nexus, had designed and uses the Android operating system to deceive consumers. Google Inc. endorsed the HTC product and is now selling the WiTEL®™© Nexus-Android unit directly to consumers.
/ImagesNBS100/BarbieVsBratzDollsUpd46w.jpg••• The Bratz Doll $$$ payoff was big news in 2009. Troy Cory, CEO of the NBS WiTEL®™© Trust, and co-author of the books, 'Bank of America, The Tortfeasors' -- and 'Disappointments Are Great -- Follow The Money', loves the suit. He says, "it might end up like - the Barbie vs. Bratz Doll case. Mattel owning MGA Entertainment, and all of their Service Marks. As one can see, the copy-cat'tor, became a caper. CLICK FOR MORE BARBIE STORY.

•2010 - The WiTEL®™© Service Mark Lawsuit Explosion / This Year -- "It's An Mobile Patent Lawsuit Explosion," writes Nick Bilton in a New York Times headline. In today's world of "Stealing" the Service Marks ®™© owned by 100-year old organizations like NBS WiTEL®™© - 1898 and Edison, is a big legal Game. The best way to stop the "Stealing" of WiTEL®™©' intellectual property rights is to SUE, with a Capital "S."
••• "And that's exactly what Apple, along with a few other metaphors are doing for us right now," says Anderson. Play a simple melody, with lovable sexy legal words, then monetize it by giving the Suit a 'Look-Listen -- iPhone WiTEL®™© look."
••• "We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We've decided to do something about it," Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said in a statement. "We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours."
"The U.S. Government Created EMW - MONEY FACTORY."
••• The quotes from Steve Jobs were about the same words used by the U.S. attorney general in the Kinsbury Commitment of 1910. Just before World War I commenced, "the commitment became a "Money Factory for AT&T, GE, and governments."
••• Not only did the regulatory seizure take place in the U.S.A., but in Europe. The most important elements of wireless telephony, were taken from the author, and inventor of the Service Marks, by NBS Wireless Telephone®™©. After the regulatory seisure of both, the EMW portion of "Telephony" and "Telegraphy", they were reassigned to AT&T, and several other Telecom monopoly's" -- says Anderson.
••• According to the Apple recent filings, the Taiwan company violated patents include unlocking mechanisms, power conservation efforts, touch-screen scrolling, scaling and rotating capabilities. Apple is seeking monetary damages and an injunction that would prevent HTC from using, selling and marketing products breaching the patents in the U.S.

• Lawsuits - "As An Investment?"
••• "It should be pointed out," says Anderson, "that today's Service Mark plaintiffs are having a heyday. Their filings are based on the words, WiFi-187, WiMAX-187, and "seamlessly." Advancing a land line - online wired system to a wired-wireless antenna tower system is big business.
••• As a result companies that only buy and sell Service Marks, (include trademarks, patents, and copyrights) are taking the "seamlessly" WiTEL®™© efforts serious. They plan to win big bucks from established online systems.
••• "But, continues Anderson, "what most of those online firms, and Telecom switching to the wireless industry have foregotten, to become a real Wireless Telephone®™© operator, they too must apply, and receive for a WiTEL®™© license from NBS WiTEL®™©."
••• As for "patent trolls," Eric Von Hippel, a professor of technological innovation at M.I.T.'s Sloan School of Management, says, "if companies entered a litigious dispute "they would usually come to an agreement to simply share each other's patents." But he said a new genre of patent lawsuits, brought on by what he calls "patent trolls," had changed the nature of the disputes. These companies have no interest in using the patents, Mr. Von Hippel said, but instead hope to reap large sums of money from the lawsuits themselves.
••• Bilton in his NY Times article, reported that, "at first it looks as if we're in the middle of a patent lawsuit Super Bowl party." Nearly every large mobile phone player -- with the exception of Microsoft, Palm and, so far, Google -- has recently been involved in some sort of patent litigation regarding mobile technologies.
••• "Sampling any one of the many lawsuits now underway, is a great study," says Troy Cory. Within the last year, for example, Cybersitter sued both China, Taiwan, and Japan based on Berne Convention standards. Apple was sued by the Taiwanese company Elan Microelectronics over alleged infringement of touch-screen patents. Nokia went on a lawsuit spree, suing Apple, Samsung, LG and a variety of other mobile handset companies. Kodak sued several companies over patents related to its digital-imaging technology. 
••• Although Service Mark ®™© litigation is not new in todays hitech world - "the law-suits surrounding the WiTEL®™© wired-wireless mobile landscape are," says Texas attorney, Charles Portz.
••• Legal experts have not explained what the difference between the effects, elements, and number code system of a mobile WiTEL®™© Service Mark. For most, mobile technology is still in its infancy and these large Telecom companies are trying to stake their claim to the future of computing NBS WiTEL®™© phone numbers for NBS WiTEL®™© without telling them. CLICK FOR MORE PORTZ STORY.
••• In March 2010 -- Apple said it was suing smart-phone maker HTC Corp., alleging that the Taiwan company infringed on 20 Apple patents associated with the popular iPhone. (latimes)
••• The lawsuits were filed with both the U.S. International Trade Commission and the U.S. District Court in Delaware and accuse HTC of stealing the iPhone's user interface, underlying architecture and hardware, Apple said.
••• HTC considers it "too premature to comment," said spokeswoman Linda Mills.
••• "HTC values patent rights and their enforcement but is also committed to defending its own technology innovations," the company said in a statement. "Until we have had this opportunity, we are unable to comment on the validity of the claims being made against HTC."
*• A
• NBS turned that ol' saying -- "The world will beat a path to your door if you invent a better mousetrap that could talk." One day 110 years ago . . . they did.
• One day in 1987, a TV-monitor was added to the NBS
WiTEL®™© iHandi. Since that eime, NBS Pub, tviNews, and motto has been using - Television With No Borders - We Preserve The Moment.
CopyCat - CopyCator - Copy Cat'r - Copy Catort (evil doer)
•• • Definition: • someone who copies
••• • Synonyms: • ape, aper, mime • duplicate • Part of Speech: • noun
••• • Definition: • copy, reproduction••• • Synonyms: • Xerox, analogue, carbon, carbon copy, chip off the old block, clone, companion, coordinate, copycat, correlate, counterfeit, counterpart, counterscript, dead ringer, ditto*, double, dupe*, duplication, facsimile, fake, fellow, germination, imitation, knockoff, likeness, lookalike, match, mate, obverse, parallel, phony, photocopy, photostat, pirate, reciprocal, recurrence, repetition, replica, replication, repro, ringer, second, similarity, spitting image, stat, twin
••• • Notes: • duplication may be regarded as an activity because one duplicates (makes again) something, but replication is a process in which something is replicated (copied)
••• • Antonyms: • archetype, model, original, prototype • imitator
••• • Definition: • copyist
••• • Synonyms: • ape, aper, copy cat, echo, follower, impersonator, mime, mimic
• Caper:
• 1580s, probably from It. capriolare "jump in the air" (see cab). Meaning "prank" is from 1840s; that of "crime" is from 1926. To cut capers is c.1600. ca·per1? ?[key-per] Show IPA
••• • &endash;verb (used without object) • to leap or skip about in a sprightly manner; prance; frisk; gambol.
••• • &endash;noun: • a playful leap or skip. • a prank or trick; harebrained escapade. • a frivolous, carefree episode or activity. • Slang. a criminal or illegal act, as a burglary or robbery.
••• • &emdash;Idiom: • cut a caper. cut (def. 80a).
••• • Origin: • 1585&endash;95; fig. use of L caper he-goat (c. OE hæfer, ON hafr, OIr caera sheep < a West IE term *kap-(e)ro- for a domesticated smaller animal); for the meaning, cf. dog (v.)
••• • Related forms: • ca·per·er, noun • ca·per·ing·ly, adverb • un·ca·per·ing, adjective
••• • Synonyms: • 3. stunt, antic, shenanigans. 4. spree, frolic.

<106s- Copyrights
ews/USLibraryC-Seal108w.jpg 113.09iiNetNeutralityRule / September 21, 2009 / FCC Ensuring Net neutrality. Julius Genachowski, the new FCC chairman is right to want new rules that would keep service providers from limiting selected data traveling through their networks.
•• The FCC took a tentative stab at the issue in 2004, when then-Chairman Michael Powell announced four crucial (4 Freebies) "Internet Freedoms": the ability of Internet users to access any legal content, software or services online, and to connect to the Net through any compatible device. Genachowski laid out two more: Broadband providers should not discriminate against particular websites or applications, nor conceal how they manage data. He also said that the commission should translate these principles into formal rules rather than leaving them in legal limbo.
•• Lobbyists for phone and cable TV companies argue that there's little evidence of ISPs playing unfairly or violating Powell's four freedoms. Yet when the FCC moved to stop Comcast from surreptitiously interfering with a legal file-sharing application last year, Comcast sued, claiming the commission had no power to enforce the principles. It's paradoxical that the government should have to regulate the Internet to preserve its unregulated essence. But with so little competition in broadband service, the major phone and cable companies have the power and the incentive to stop worthy but disruptive innovations in the name of "managing congestion." The FCC should set clear rules that enable ISPs to keep data flowing from all legal services and applications, not just favored ones. CLICK FOR MORE STORY • 113.09iiNetNeutralityRule


< 106s 106 Bratz Dolls Wins Stay - Dec 10 MGA Entertainment Wins Reprieve on Bratz Dolls Recall (tviNewsUpdate: Mattel Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, 09-55673, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (San Francisco)
•• • Dec. 10, 2009 - Bloomberg reported that MGA Entertainment Inc. won a temporary halt to the court-ordered recall of its Bratz dolls that were found to infringe the copyrights of rival toymaker Mattel Inc. and the companies must try to reach a settlement.
•• • "The parties are ordered to attempt to settle the dispute through expedited participation in this court's mediation program," a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals said in an order yesterday.
•• • Former U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson had ordered a recall of MGA's dolls that was to go into effect next month. Larson's order followed a jury verdict last year that a Mattel designer created the Bratz name and characters and secretly took the idea to closely held MGA.
••• • "The court hasn't issued a decision in the appeal," Mattel said in an e-mailed statement. "It has issued an order staying the equitable relief, and also ordering expedited participation in the Circuit's mediation program.  Since the appeal process is still pending, we cannot comment further." CLICK FOR MORE Barbie vs Bratz


102.09iiiFCCRulesInternetNeutrality (210)

September 21, 2009 / MONDAY FREEBIES - Google, Yahoo WiTEL vs AT&T, etc. Internet 'net neutrality' is endorsed by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposes formalizing rules and adding mandates that he says would keep online traffic moving freely. The proposals would also cover wireless Internet service.
•• AT&T, the nation's largest land-line and wireless carrier, complained that changing government rules a year after wireless companies spent billions of dollars in an FCC auction to lease what they thought were unencumbered public airwaves "creates the impression of a 'bait and switch.' "
•• Genachowski tried to allay some of those concerns. He said the rules would be enforced case by case. When networks are congested, for example, telecommunications companies might be allowed to limit use by "very heavy users" so other customers would still have access to the Internet.
•• Obama was a strong supporter of network neutrality during the presidential campaign, helping to draw online support.
•• The FCC's four guiding Internet principles since 2005 assure that Internet users can access any legal content, application or service and allow them to attach any device to the Internet as long as it doesn't harm the network. CLICK FOR MORE STORY 102.09iiiFCCRulesInternetNeutrality

AT&T and Cable Telcos Rejects project
•• But the telecommunications and the cable companies that control both land-line and wireless access to the Internet argue that some customers who download large amounts of data, such as a continuous flow of movies, can jam their networks. Regulations that prevent the companies from restricting such bandwidth hogs, they contend, would hamper their networks, harm innovation and delay upgrades.
•• The debate centers on so-called network neutrality principles that the FCC has been using for four years to prevent telecom companies, such as AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc., from restricting access to websites and other online services.
•• Genachowski's proposal would turn those principles into permanent rules and expand them to prevent discrimination against the type of data flowing through the networks, such as free Internet phone services or file-sharing technology for movies.
•• The FCC's four guiding Internet principles since 2005 assure that Internet users can access any legal content, application or service and allow them to attach any device to the Internet as long as it doesn't harm the network. CLICK FOR MORE STORY AT&T and Cable Telcos Rejects project


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• 113.09ii - NetNeutralityRule
102.09iii&endash;FCCRulesInternetNeutrality (210)
106.09iii - AT&T and Cable Telcos Rejects project

• 106is - Library of Congres smart90com/copyrights
• 106is - The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

106f- Google KnowledgeRush

• 106f - FCC Approves the Sprint Deal, and WiTel®™ - The Clearwire Merger
• 106f - FCCSafetyAirwaves Public Safety Airwaves Up For Sale 2009
• 106f - WiTEL Organizations Get Free RF- Spectrums.
• 106f - FCC Approves the Sprint Deal, and the WiTel®™ -Clearwire
106f - US Constitution US-5 - Seizure of Personal Property
• 106f -
FCCSafetyAirwaves Public Safety Airwaves Up For Sale 2009
106f - Is the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights a dead law?
106f - Copyrights: Walt Disney. Whose Mouse Is It? #Copyrights:WaltDisney
106f - The Library of Congress - A research library of the US Congress
• 106f - New Fee Structure Scheduled to Begin August 1st
• 106f - Definition of "Berne Convention Works"
• 106f - Google Orphan Book Scan Settlement
• 106f - Debate stirs over Apple's role.
• 106f - June 12th 2009 - U.S.A. AnalogTV RF To Digital Seizure Completed
• 106f - Designing around Service Mark®™© is popular now days.
• 106f - Barbie vs Bratz • U.S. Matell wins SERVICE MARK CLAIMS
• 106f - Barbie wins: U.S. District Appelate Judge allows $-Millions
• 106f - WiTEL Organizations Get Free Use of Airwaves from FCC.

• 106if- P&A Copyrights: Walt Disney. Whose Mouse Is It?
• 106if-
FCC AUCTION $19-Billion Sales Chart - 2008
• 106if- Government / Courts / Service Marks • FCC • Library of Congress

• 106iiif - Google Orphan Book Scan Settlement /
106iiif - Library of Congress - OrphanBooks -
• 106iiig- AnalogTV To Digital - June 12th Regulatory RF Seizure Completed
106iiif "Should the Government, - extended patent laws like copyright laws?"
106iiif -
TVI Smart Clips - Today's Puzzle?
106cf -
Can Patents be Extended like Copyrights?

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/ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-107-46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section H-107f | Click for More tviNews Stories
107 - Arts-PEOPLE: NBS100 Achievement Awards
• ShowBiz • Celebrities • TV Programing


• ClickFor KudoAds-107spot / • vMusic-Sponsors107

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world's preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema. In addition to the annual Academy Awards &endash; in which the members vote to select the nominees and winners &endash; the Academy presents a diverse year-round slate of public programs, exhibitions and events; provides financial support to a wide range of other movie-related organizations and endeavors; acts as a neutral advocate in the advancement of motion picture technology; and, through its Margaret Herrick Library and Academy Film Archive, collects, preserves, restores and provides access to movies and items related to their history. Through these and other activities the Academy serves students, historians, the entertainment industry and people everywhere who love movies.CLICK FOR MORE ACADEMY /

. CLICK FOR TVInews 2010 Oscar Report
Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live by the ABC Television Network beginning at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 200 countries worldwide. CLICK FOR TVInews 2010 Oscar Report
107- VRA To Release New WebPlay vContent
/imagescdcory/cd2338Harbin1-Best108w.jpgå••• Universal City, CA -- March 2010 / Video Record Albums of America, (VRA TelePlay) announces the release of more than 100 new CD and DVD volumes of vContent for WebPlay sales, that include the license for RadioPlay.
••• Each CD and DVD features musical stylings from the Troy Cory Show, including Troy's vMusic Stage Concerts performed in the U.S., China, England, Germany - EU -- since 1968. His TV-shows went into syndication in 1972.
•• Mark Sovol, spokesman for VRA, stated that "included in the WebPlay package . . . is the Show's original "historical" concert footage, "that helped inch in" the open the door policy of China in the 80s. The acceptance of both the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© system, and music compositions utilizing a U.S. Service Mark -- is a product of the Shows.
••• VRA, founded in 1972, by the NBS WiTEL®™© organization, predicted the "then new" up and coming lazar disk phenomenon, (DVDs) -- that would revolutionize the distribution of the vContent business. By 1992, NBS WiTEL®™© had three major digital studios, and VRA TelePlay distribution points pumping out vContent for BBC RadioPlay, Cinema Prize, A&M, and Warner Bros. recording artists. Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart, Mel Carter, Jackson Browne, Randy Meisner, Tom Petty, Jeffery Osborne, and TCS-Ambros Seelos, . . are just a few of the Vocalist that created their popular MTVs at Troy's Vine Street Video Center - Hollywood.
••• By 2000, VRA predicted the growth of tviNews online, computer software, the SmartPhone and seamless applications for both the Wireless Telephone®™©, and OnLine streaming vContent business. CLICK FOR MORE Smart90 tviNews Magazine issue - 2000.
• "PriceWaterhouse Coopers"
••• As for financial growth facts, it was the "2007 - PriceWaterhouse Coopers Report," that ascertained VRA's 1992 predictions. The financial report was just the thing needed to justify our Troy Cory Show - VRA project," said Soval.
••• The new NBS WiTEL®™© Service-Marked VRA products were not only designed to fit right into the 100-year-old global standard guidelines, established by the Berne Convention, and its biggest supporter, "the then new" Federal ®™© Rules of 1905, but into today's world of the FCC, and NBS WiTEL®™© SmartPhone, (Apple's iPhone, and Google's Android).
• The Variety Report - June, 2007, By London Editor Adam Dawtrey**
••• Reprint: "Content, (Audio/Video/Film) distribution and technology companies, need to aggressively seek out new relationships to accommodate the shift toward convergence, " said Jim O'Shaugnessy, global chairman of PWC's entertainment media practice. "Companies will need to test new business models to address increased fragmentation and intellectual property in a digital era."
••• PWC's Global entertainment and Media Outlook 2007-11 predicts that Brazil, Russia, India and China will account for 24% of global growth in that period.
••• The U.S. will remain the single largest market for entertainment and media, but is growing at the slowest rate -- just 53% a year to reach $754 billion in 2010.
••• Europe, the Mideast and Africa, the second-largest market, will grow only slightly more quickly, at 5.5% a year to reach $617 billion. the fastest-growing region will be Asia Pacific, ramping up at 9.6% a year to reach $470 billion by 2011.
••• Filmed entertainment was predicted to rise globally by 4.9% a year to $103 billion. TV network revenue will grow by 5.8% a year to $228 billion, but TV distribution will power ahead by 9.3% a year to $251 billion.
••• Troy Cory- Stubblefield, CEO of the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© Organization, (WiTEL®™©) said, "Not only did our 1992, and 2000 NBS WiTEL®™© growth predictions become a financial reality, but our NBS WiTEL®™© Service Marks, and the effects of the assigment of coded wireless phone numbers to each mobile phone sold, became a money factory for NBS." "Our efforts helped create the new "land-line" rulings from the FCC in favor of the so-called wireless mobile industry." ( iPhones, Cellphones, Google Androids, and other in the wireless mobile industry, etc.).
••• Telco intermediary, Mark Anderson, of PSI said, "it is quite clear that NBS WiTEL®™© was, and still is being maintained by the same ethics practiced in 1902 by Nathan B. Stubblefield, the grandfather of Troy Cory, and founder of MSU. CLICK FOR NBS Tele-phone delgreen108w
••• "The proposed NBS WiTEL®™© license agreement by and between NBS WiTEL®™© and existing Telecoms, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint . . . will help account for almost 72% of the total growth in NBS WiTEL®™© phone numbers assigned the new vContent experiences the entertainment and media industry will produce during the next five years."
••• "The digitalization of NBS's WiTEL®™© analog vContent, was an experience for VRA," continued Anderson. By the June, 2009, the analog to digital TV broadcasting conversion dead-line "to convert or else . . . was set in motion by the FCC" . . . VRA was ready.
••• "We were not only ready with our digitized WiTEL®™© "streaming video" effect, and elements," said Troy Cory, "we were ready with the same 'Content' vEffects profit growth . . . predicted by the "PriceWaterhouse Coopers" organization. ("the global entertainment and media industry will grow 6.4% each year to reach $2 trillion by 2011."). CLICK FOR MORE "PWC"
* Service Marks Notes: © 2008-2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers. All rights reserved.
••• "PricewaterhouseCoopers" and "PwC" refer to the network of member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL).
••• •• Adam Dawtrey joined Daily Variety in 1991 as European news editor, based in London, and became European editor of Variety and Daily Variety in 1993. He has worked previously for the Hollywood Reporter, and the Financial Times newsletters Screen Finance and New Media Markets.

/Imagespeople/TroyBerlinWall108w.jpg • 107.09 The Berlin Wall - Road To Europe, and "Star Maker" and SantaTales."
In 1968, before Troy Cory teamed up with famous German Orchestra leader, Ambros Seelos in 1970, Troy had already co-starred with Wendle Cory, Rolf Eden, and Barabra Valentine in the Berlin AFI, John Harris, movie production, "Starmaker."
It was in 1970, that Troy, Ambros Seelos, music arranger, composer and songwriter, Sylvester Levay, (Lysy, Levy - "Fly, Robin, Fly," ), and lyricist and translator, Jossi Sigl produced the origianal recording sessions and the Cory/Seelos concert performances in Germany, Innsbruck, Austria, and Basel, Switzerland. CLICK FOR MORE People STORYCLICK FOR MORE The Star Maker, Wendle Corey - Troy Cory STORY IMDb • • CLICK FOR MORE Rolf Eden STORYMORE Vine Street.

SantaTroyCoryCastle108w.jpg The String section on the Munich Sound recordings was provided by "The Munich Philharmonics"; piano and arrangements by Sylvester Levay. Sevral years later it was Levay who garnered a Grammy Award for "Fly, Robin, Fly," and wrote the music scores for the film "Howard the Duck" and the Vienna musical "Elisabeth."
Troy Cory collaborated with Cinema Prize Records and Agil Musik and co-wrote the song material with the Seelos/Levay/Michalke/Sigl/ team, in producing the album, entitled, "Today's Puzzle."
The end of the 1970s found Troy Cory playing Santa Claus in the German/American production film "Merry Christmas: Just in the Nick of Time," starring Priscilla Cory, as "Little Miss Santa," and featuring the late German singer, Manuela. Produced by VRA TelePlay Pictures, Bohemia Film and Gábor Wagner, of ARD, the story was filmed in and around the city of Munich, Nymphenburg and Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany and in Oberndorf, Austria, the small village and church where the Christmas carol "Silent Night" was performed for the first time on December 25, 1818.

<107s- 107-MarybethPetersPeople
Marybeth Peters became the United States Register of Copyrights on August 7, 1994. From 1983 to 1994 she held the position of policy planning adviser to the register. She has also served as acting general counsel of the Copyright Office and as chief of both the Examining and Information and Reference divisions. Peters is a frequent speaker on copyright issues; she is the author of The General Guide to the Copyright Act of 1976. She delivered the 2004 Brace Memorial Lecture (at New York University School of Law) and the 1996 Horace S. Manages Lecture at Columbia University School of Law. She serves on the Intellectual Property Advisory Committees of several law schools. CLICK FOR MORE STORY - Marybeth Peters


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107if - Forbes list. 2009 Top Ten Winners: to make Forbes list.
107if - Did Anastasia Exist?
107iif - Bob Hope Celebrates 100th Birthday -
107iif - Happy 90th Birthday Bill Adrian - Born: May 2nd 1919
107iiif - 50th Year"the War of the Worlds"
107iiif - Marybeth Peters The Orphan Books Interview.
107ivf - What is Web Magic & and How does it operate?

107g- Google KnowledgeRush

107ig - Did Anastasia Exist?
107is - Did Anastasia, The Russian Princess Really Exist?


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ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-108-46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section I-108f | Click for More tviNews Stories
108 - Money: Business • Finance • Legal
• Wall Street • Economy • Hype • Scandals • Jockey Club
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108-Patent Suit Johnson & Johnson Wins Stint Claims
••• February 2, 2010 / • LITIGATION $1.73-billion settlement in stent suits. Johnson & Johnson said Boston Scientific Corp. would pay $1.73 billion to settle two suits related to patents for medical stents.
••• Natick, Mass.-based Boston Scientific faces additional court challenges to its Promus stent products, including a lawsuit by Cordis Corp
••• Stents are mesh-wire tubes used to hold arteries open after they are surgically cleared of blockages.

<108- /Imagescustomers/WiTELBankingSpeed$46w.jpg<108s-

• 108g - US vs Secret Swiss Bank Accounts
• 108g -
108g - TelecRejectStimulusMoney.htm

• 108brin&PageToSellGooglestock .
••• Google Inc. co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin plan to sell 5 million shares apiece of their company stock, worth $5.5 billion combined at current prices.
••• According to regulatory documents, Page and Brin will still own 47.7 million shares or 48% of the voting power, combined after their personal stock sales. Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt controls nearly 10% voting power. The trio will still continue to control the company.
••• The sales will occur periodically during the next five years and leave the two with 48% of the voting power among stockholders, down from roughly 59% now. A tviNews blog report - January 23, 2010.

•108Editor&PublisherRevived. / EDITOR & PUBLISHER MAGAZINE, The one hundred year old publishing company is back in business again.
••• EDITOR & PUBLISHER MAGAZINE, founded in 1901 and merged in 1907 with The Journalist, a weekly founded in 1884 is back in business again, "seamlessly" . . . says Josie Cory, publisher of tviNews. Long the bible of the U.S. newspaper industry, the publication has been revived" under a new publisher just two weeks after Nielsen Co. shut the venerable trade magazine down.
••• Duncan McIntosh Co., an Irvine, CA-based company that ironically publishes FishRap News, and titles such as Boating World, has acquired it for undisclosed terms.
••• Nielsen originally pulled the plug after selling much of its trade magazine division, including titles such as Adweek, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, to e5 Global Media.
••• We're going to continue to be the main information source, the main idea source for the newspaper industry," said Mark Fitzgerald, who was named Editor & Publisher 's editor Thursday. "We're all very excited around here about the news."
••• Editor & Publisher, a magazine which has chronicled the US newspaper industry for over a century, was sold, exactly two weeks after being shut down by its owner, the Nielsen Co.
••• Duncan McIntosh, whose company also produces the Newport Boat Show, stated that; "such a critical information source for a newspaper industry so desperately in need of help should not go away."
••• "I've been a reader of Editor & Publisher over the course of 30 years and know its incredible value to readers and advertisers," McIntosh said.
••• During the last several years, Newspapers have been transforming beyond the printed page to all forms of digital media. Imagine loosing the one place where the industry could have a conversation with itself and exchange ideas and best practices for navigating . . . (networking, hypertext) navigating - Finding your way around. Often used of the Internet, particularly the World-Wide Web. ••• Known as the "bible" of the news industry, Editor & Publisher has been closely following the struggles of a US newspaper industry grappling with declining circulation, falling print advertising revenue and the migration of readers to free news online.
••• Editor & Publisher 's new owner said there would be a February print issue of the magazine. E&P's website immediately resumed operations upon the completion of the sale.
••• Nielsen announced last month it was closing Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews, a book review publication which was founded in 1933, and selling several other brands including the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

108s - TelecRejectStimulusMoney.htm / U.S. wants to help the big FIVE WiTEL®™© Telcos expand their Internet VoIP WiFi and WiMAX broadband service, but they refuse to apply for $4.7-Billion offer.
••• Troy Cory, CEO of NBS WiTEL®™© said, "If you want to get the WiMax wired-wirless broadband out into your neighborhood, you have to do it with the organization who brought you to the dance in the first place. In this case, the man that organized the 1902 celebration was, Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor, creator, and founder of the Wireless Telephone that registered the NBS WiTEL®™© service marks in 1907.
The founder of the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© Organization," said Cory, has, and still maintains the the Service marks. "This is not a basket weaving contest mixing copper wire within RF spectrums. This is really complex and intensive technical stuff that takes a fair amount of area codes and numbering sophistication and scale to be able to do right and to continue to upgrade."
• THE PROS AND CONS. August 14th 2009 being the deadline to apply for $4.7 billion in broadband grants, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast won't be going for the stimulus money.
108s - CLICK FOR MORE TelecRejectStimulusMoney STORY

• 108g - GovToxic-IOUs-Flipping.htm
<108g - GovToxic-IOUs-Flipping.htm | Loophole in government program to buy toxic securities could cost taxpayers for the potential Wall Street IOU scam.
'Without safeguards, traders in the $40-billion program could use inside information to profit -- and any losses would be largely borne by taxpayers.
••• "It is a conflict by design," said Troy Cory, CEO of NBS WiTEL®™©. "I agree with Neal Barofsky, the special inspector general for the banking rescue program." It was Rarofsky who has been urging tighter controls on the nine trading firms selected to participate for several months. • 108s - CLICK FOR MORE 108g - GovToxic-IOUs-Flipping STORY


/ImagesNBS100/NBSdemandsPayment108w.jpg• 108g - USvsSecretSwissAccounts.htm
<108g -

• 108s - CLICK FOR MORE 108g - USvsSecretSwissAccounts Flipping STORY
••• U.S. and Swiss reach deal over secret UBS bank accounts. The agreement will end a legal case in which the U.S. sought names of Americans suspected of evading taxes.
••• U.S. and Swiss negotiators have initialed a settlement that averts a legal showdown over the U.S. government's landmark challenge to Swiss bank secrecy, a government lawyer said Wednesday.
••• The U.S. government had sought a federal court ruling compelling Switzerland's largest bank, UBS, to turn over the names of Americans suspected of dodging taxes through the use of 52,000 secret accounts.• 108s - CLICK FOR MORE 108g - US vs Secret Swiss Accounts Flipping STORY

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108f- Google KnowledgeRush

• 108if -The Virgin Mobile Sells WiTEL to Sprint (See 110i)
• 108if - Can't decide? what's the NBS1908 WiTel™ Service Marks worth?
• 108f - Nextwave Sells WiTEL Spectrums to T-Mobile For $98 Million
• 108f - WHO'S READY TO BE the "Real" WiTEL®™ Company
108f - The Funding of Future FCC Auctions
• 108f - 2008 - 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE Wireless Telephone®™
• 108f -
• 108f - The Crash of 2008 . . . and the Bail Outs 2009
• 108f - 10a - One Satisfaction Rule Payoff Game - Q&A
• 108f - How much foreclosure relief will Borrowers get from bailout plan?
• 108f - 10b FICO The Credit Rating Agencies - Fraudulent FICO SCORES
• 108f - 10c - Flipping Real Estate Is Illegal.
• 108f - 10d - BackDatingFraud. Former McAfee, Inc.
• 108f - MAY 6, 2009 • AT&T Forced To Buy Verizon WiTEL $2.3-Billion.
• 108f - JUNE-2009 Pres Obama Demands Credit Relief - SPEEDOLLARS
D%2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesCSnews/MGMJockeyProj09Update108w.jpg108JockeyClubCityCenterL5BillionOpens - The Forbidden Ciy Project.
•• • "The only names retained by the Chinese 'Forebidden City' project are the the words "City" and Mandarin Oriental," says Troy Cory, of the Jockey Club Alliance Group,
••• Thanks to MGM, Dubai World, the massive CityCenter walk, formerly knows as the the 1993 China Expo Las Vegas Jockey Club Forbidden City Boardwalk Project, opend its door on December 17, 1009.
••• TVI's Pete Allman, and the associated press reported Las Vegas "visitors by the thousands" streamed into the newest casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday.
••• Fireworks and fanfare greeted the official opening of the Aria Resort & Casino, the 4,000-room, 61-story centerpiece of the $8.5-billion CityCenter complex. Crowds began swarming through the doors around midnight.
MGM Mirage Chief Executive Jim Murren said that while many experts thought CityCenter would never open, its employees drove the company to make sure it carried through on its grand design.
••• "It was because of [the employees] that we got here, and the promise of 12,000 people that wanted to work hard to provide for their families," Murren said. "It was that promise -- that we didn't want to let them down -- that got us here."
•••• Aria's rooms, along with those at CityCenter's Mandarin Oriental and Vdara hotels, increase room capacity on the Las Vegas strip 8.5%, UBS Investment Research analyst Robin Farley said.
MGM Mirage owns the most casinos on the Strip, but Murren believes CityCenter will help, not hurt, the company's other resorts.
•••• Competitors worry that CityCenter will force them to lower rates to keep rooms filled. But Murren and other MGM Mirage officials predict CityCenter will help Las Vegas as a whole, spurring visitation and providing a catalyst for long-term prosperity.
/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesTVIPages90s/1997p00Cover108w.jpg••• "This is really 21st century Las Vegas," said architect Cesar Pelli, whose team designed Aria. "This is really setting up very high standards that will be very hard to match -- but I hope they will try." •• • December 11, 2009 / The LA TIMES REPORT ON THE -- massive CityCenter complex on the Las Vegas Strip, set to open officially next week, is a blast from the very recent past.
•• • Costing over $8.5 billion, designers including Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster, David Rockwell, Cesar Pelli and Rafael Vinoly and a staggering 18 million square feet of space inside six towers and a Strip-front shopping mall, the development is a fitting coda to the decade of celebrity architecture and overextended real-estate mania from which we've just emerged.
 • CityCenter's true theme is leverage. Ranking as the largest private development in American history, big enough to fill the tallest building in Los Angeles, the U.S. Bank Tower, roughly a dozen times over, the complex is a palace -- a series of connected palaces, actually -- for the age of towering debt and easy credit. They should have put Alan Greenspan's face on the poker chips.
• 108f - May 1, 2009 - Jockey Club-MGM CityCenter Deal Saved by Dubai World
• 108f - Jockey Club MGM Loan Default Mar 2009.
• 108f - Dubai sues MGM Mirage over Jockey Club City Center April 2009
• 108f - Jockey Club MGM, Deutshe Bank City Walk Project 2009
• 108f - MGM CEO, Terry Lanni, stepped aside in Nov 2008
• 108f - Flipping Houses
108iiif - The Trick Pony in the world of WiTEL®™©.

2006/Imagespeople/%23LasVegasmayorChina108w.jpg108f- Extras: RELATED ARTICLES
Jockey Club MGM Loan Default Mar 2009. - MGM Mirage Auditors on March 17th 2009 raise doubts about the casino operator ability to pay off JockeyClub MGM Loan Default, which had a $1.15-billion 2008 loss.

• NEW - UpDATE / May 1, 2009 / Las Vegas -- Jockey Club-MGM CityCenter Deal Saved By Bell. Jockey Club - MGM Mirage, Dubai World reach deal to finish City Center

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109 - Education: Schools • Universities
• Humanities • Social Engineering • Career Trends
• Studies • Seminars (See Calendar of Events)

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ImagesNBS100/WhatsWiTELinduction108w.jpg 109-EducationWhatsWiTEL.jpg •109g - WiTEL®™© RF Induction Radio?
"Checking out the goods, products, and services related attached to my grandfather's WiTEL®™© inventions at the 2008 annual CES show in Las Vegas, has been my pet project since 1992," says author, performer, Troy Cory, and founder of the Troy Cory Show.
••• When quized as to why men names a good, products or services after themselves, Troy cxplains the word, "eponymous." THE GREEK WORD eponymos, from epi- "upon" + onyma. "The word is used when a personal name is giving to personal services," -- (like Charlie Rose Show, The Troy Cory Show, and the initials NBS, the acronyms for the elements and effects of Nathan B. Stubblefield's WiTEL®™©).
••• The PowerMat and Row22 are eponymos. They are just two items named after existing products. I found them most interesting, becausehe PowerMat was a take off on Stubblefields, "All Green Earth Battery" (a non - fossil fuel technology) patented in 1898.
••• The only thing missing was the iron rod RF aerial, that made the WiFi induction unit part his "Telephone-del-Green" system. The ®™© metal coil and mesh EMW conglomeration, not only emitted RF signals to help power his batteries, but its firewire effect, (FiWi) caused the EMF to modulated the amplitude of the signal to send voice through space, via his WiTEL WiFi WiMAX 187 network. • 109s - CLICK FOR MORE - Ask Priscilla The Consumer Electronics Show | • 109s - CLICK FOR MORE Murray State - "Teléph-on-délgreen" and MSU
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• 109g - TVImagazine Photo Ops - 18w and interviews.

0919wPhotopCovAll108w.jpg• 109s - TVImagazine Photo Ops - 18w and interviews. The panel will explore the potential of the combination of the TV, the set-top, the broadband connection and digital video recorder and how every player in the entertainment and technology food chain &endash; from content owner to middleware and headend operator, to the subscriber service provider and finally to the CE manufacturer, all play an equally key role.

• 109s - CLICK FOR MORE wikipedia - Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia.


109f- Google KnowledgeRush
• 109f -
TVImagazine Photo Ops 09-19w Covers
• 109f - Digital Hollywood. TVInews Coverage
109f - TVImagazine Photo Ops - 09 19w and interviews.
• 109f - TVImagazine Photo Ops - 18w and interviews.
• 109f - Feature Speaker - Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
• 109f - FCC OKs the Verizon-Alltel, Sprint-Clearwire deals
• 109f - CES 2009 witel-cesrelatedproduts WIFI 187 DEMOS TROY
• 109f -
2009 International CES Las Vegas - Main.
• 109f - What's NBS WiTEL®™© RF Induction Radio?
• 109f - HughesNet High Speed Internet
• 109f - Verizon Goes VoIP to route all calls over WiTEL TV customers
• 109if - 109wug4WebUsersGuild - 4407
• 109if -
OMMA 2009 attended by TVInews journalists

• 109f - TVImagazine Photo Ops 09-19w Covers
• 109f - TVImagazine Photo Ops 09-19w Covers - 01w, 18w & 19w interviews.

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110 - HiTech: Computer • Hard-Software
• WITEL • Mobile • VoiP • New Media • HiTech Business
• Radio • TV • Broadband • Satellites

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110.09VerizonPaysFeeNameDroid / Nov. 1st, 2009 / Google's Wired-wireless Android WiTEL®™© system did the job of putting Verizon-Lucas & the "Droud on the map," says, author-performer, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, of NBS WiTEL®™©,
 The GPS system -- with Google Android in its corner, Verizon capitalizes on the search giant's navigation tools. The Droid, a rival to the iPhone, is not only a chance for Google and Verizon to shine, but also troubled Motorola, which is badly in need of a hit. (Verizon Wireless)
•• "No matter how successful the Droid is", says Troy Cory, there is already a winner that has earned money off of it. Or rather, just from the "Droid" name.
•• Motorola had to license the smart phone's name from a film company dominated by one of the most successful movie makers of all time."
•• Yes, Lucasfilm Ltd., of "Star Wars" fame, owns the trademark to Droid. When it comes to GPS car navigation, the new Droid phone from Verizon Wireless could change everything.
•• That's right -- from a Wireless Telephone®™© that first hit the marketplace in 1908.
•• Mounted to the windshield with an optional holder, it provides a voice-activated GPS system with so much potential that mainstream GPS companies may have to scramble to catch up. Someday.
•• It's not quite there, however, as a consumer-friendly navigator. But the possibilities for the Droid as a GPS guide as well as a smart phone are enticing.
•• The phone, which Verizon announced in late October 2009, will go on sale Nov. 6 for $199 (with a two-year contract). It's the first to be powered by Google Inc.'s updated mobile software, Android 2.0.
•• The navigation system, which is the software's most prominent new feature, is included in the base price.
•• With Google in its corner, the Droid can use the Web search giant's excellent mapping and navigation tools, including tracking down addresses, finding businesses by name, mapping routes and even displaying real-life photos of locales.
•• And of course it's a phone, too, with features obviously designed to challenge the king of telecommunications cool, Apple Inc.'s iPhone. FCC WINS Victory For "Neutrality" /

OCT 23, 2009 / 110-MicrosoftTimelineWindows 7 launched - STANDBY
••• Microsoft has taken two parallel routes in its operating systems. One route has been for the home user and the other has been for the professional IT user.
The dual routes have generally led to home versions having greater multimedia support and less functionality in networking and security, and professional versions having inferior multimedia support and better networking and security.[citation needed]
The first version of Microsoft Windows, version 1.0, released in November 1985, lacked a degree of functionality and achieved little popularity, and was to compete with Apple's own operating system.[citation needed] Windows 1.0 is not a complete operating system; rather, it extends MS-DOS.
Microsoft Windows version 2.0 was released in November, 1987 and was slightly more popular than its predecessor. Windows 2.03 (release date January 1988) had changed the OS from tiled windows to overlapping windows. The result of this change led to Apple Computer filing a suit against Microsoft alleging infringement on Apple's copyrights.

<110s- Nathan Stubblefield Author. / • NBS New Book Series to be Published. March 16, 2009 /
••••• 81 years after Nathan B. Stubblefield's death, (NBS) -- March 28, 1928, several hundred chapters, and sections of unpublished NBS writings, photos, and drawings will be published by TVI Publication's, on various Ask Priscilla WebQuotes.
••••• The new book is all about Nathan B. Stubblefield, Murray, Kentucky, his family, his business associates,"Teléph-on-délgreen," and NBS WiTEL®™©, the short title for the Nathan's Wireless Telephone®™© Organization.
• "Teléph-on-délgreen," the college . . . .
••••• Nathan founded in 1907, is now the 10,000 student campus of Murray State University, located 50 miles from the Mississippi River, and 192 miles from the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, 1809. Just 348 miles north, is Hannibal, the town where the Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn characters were created by Mark Twain, (b: 1835 d: 1920), when Nathan was just a boy. 200 miles west is Louisville, the city where Thomas Edison, (18471931) -- first became edicted into the world of elcctricy.
••••• • Affected by such literary works authored within what Nathan called . . ."the 400 mile radius of délgreen," it was an easy job for Nathan to put together his first original 10 volume NBS text book set, "Wireless Telephony," for the use by students at his NBS industrial college.. 102s MORE NBS "The Author STORY

| 102s - CLICK FOR MORE • 108s - Virgin Media NBS WiTEL Gallery STORY.102s MORE NBS "The Author STORY
• Part of the problem has been its partner, Sprint,
• CLICK Below FOR MORE - Related Stories
110f- Google KnowledgeRush

• 110f - Teleph-on-delgreenAerial / MSU - the NBS Industrial School?
• 110f -
Wireless Cemeteries Towers Needed - 3GS DRAINS BATTERYS
• 110f -
Intel, Nokia Teams Up. Advances - WiTEL Organization.
• 110f-
Nathan's New Book Series - 81 years Later (NBS)
• 110f -
Charles H. Portz When does a great THOUGHT become Patentable?
• 110f -
Nathan Stubblefield's FireWire | WiFi "Hot Spots:
• 110f -
Why FireWire and Watermelon Patches?
• 110if - What Are Phone Numbers Worth?
• 110if -
Virgin Media's Sir Richard Branson "well done Nathan".
110f- Google KnowledgeRush

102g- Sprint Buys Virgin Mobile - Here's the $483-million Deal
• 113s - / Stubblefield Stories - They Said It!
• 110ig -
What Are Phone Numbers Worth?

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111 - Opinion: tviNews Opinion • Editorials
• Blogs • Columnists • Book Reviews
• Ask Priscilla • Hollywood Beat • Celebrity Scene

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 <111g-Celebrity Scene News Logo.jpg
CSNTCSBetteOsMontg108w.jpg<111s-CSN | Legends of  Poker - More Then Vegas / By Pete Allman
••• The game of poker is truly a game of skill and in todays society, thanks to television coverage and all those celebrities indulging in the game, it is a household word.
••• Legend has it, that poker dates back to 900 BC in China when Mu-Tsung was said to have played a form of '' domino cards''.   It has also been said that poker evovled in the 1400's as a European game.  However, Poker in America started in Mississippi on riverboats and was a compliment to three card Monti , which was dealt with a 20 card deck that only contained aces, kings, queens, jacks and10's.
••• The big step in the evolution of poker was in Neveda where it was declared illegal in 1910.  In California the Attorney General declared it a game of skill, thus anti-gambling laws couldn't stop the masses from playing poker.  Then, in 1931 poker was declared a legal game in Nevada.
••• What's not to like with a chef from Italy, a diversed staff, and an all new State-of-the-Art Grand Poker Ballroom.  It's an impressive and exciting place to visit.  A place where younever know who's playing poker or for that matter Pai Chi.
••• I came across some actors I interviewed over the years, and one of them was Glen Thurman.  Glen  is not only a fine actor but he is an excelent poker palyer, who enjoys to play at The Bicycle Casino. This event celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Bicycle Casino and the opening of their Grand Poker Ballroom.

111f - Google Knowledge Rush

• 111f - Celebrity Scene. LAS VEGAS HILTON 40TH ANNIVERSARY / By Pete Allman
• 110f- Nathan's New Book Series - 81 years Later (NBS)
• 110f -
Charles H. Portz When does a great THOUGHT become Reality?
• 111s -
Celebrity Scene. LAS VEGAS HILTON

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112 - World: Politics • History Timelines • Current Affairs
• Int'l Trade Associations • Unions
• Royalty Fee Collection • WTQCA

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<112s-112g - China-USwinsMediaWar | China's limits on entertainment imports violate free trade practices, WTO rules


TroyCSnews111-108w.jpg<111-TroyCSnewslogo.jpg 112s - China-USwinsMediaWar | China's limits on entertainment imports violate free trade practices, WTO rules
The ruling is seen as a win for U.S. industries working to distribute films, music and books in China. Still, trade experts say not to expect big changes.
Workers make repairs to the display at a Beijing movie theater near a model of a character from the "Transformers" films. Wednesday's World Trade Organization ruling could help open the Chinese market to more U.S. movies. (Ng Han Guan / Associated Press)
The decision was seen as one of the toughest against China by the WTO since it joined the trade body in 2001 and agreed to give equal treatment for domestic and foreign companies. And it comes as the U.S. continues to face a massive trade deficit with China -- $103 billion through June of this year -- an issue that the Obama administration has yet to tackle head on but which looms large in the coming months.
TroyCoryChinaLogo108w.jpgAugust 13, 2009 / Washington. The LAtimes reported that . . . in deciding that China broke international trade rules by restricting imports of movies, music and books, the World Trade Organization handed the U.S. a victory in a contentious issue that has long rankled purveyors of copyrighted media products.
But it doesn't mean Hollywood or Silicon Valley will be cashing in any time soon.
The ruling, issued Wednesday by a WTO panel in Geneva, called on China to stop requiring foreign media suppliers to go through the costly process of distributing goods through Chinese state-owned entities. It also urged China to allow foreign companies to sell music over the Internet, a potentially huge opportunity for companies such as Apple Inc., with its iTunes. China has the largest number of Internet users, but piracy online and in the streets is rampant.
The decision was seen as one of the toughest against China by the WTO since it joined the trade body in 2001 and agreed to give equal treatment for domestic and foreign companies. And it comes as the U.S. continues to face a massive trade deficit with China -- $103 billion through June of this year -- an issue that the Obama administration has yet to tackle head on but which looms large in the coming months.
Although China has complied with past WTO rulings against it, analysts say Beijing could appeal the latest decision, which could drag out the case for many more months. The complaint was first brought by the U.S. in spring 2007. MORE COMING. 

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on CDs • DVDs • Videos • Q&A • Interviews

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SmartAdvantage - Revenue Sharing
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• 102s-
111g-Celebrity Scene News Logo.jpg

GoTo - WiTEL Quality Control Service
GoTo - LookRadio 720 YouTube Ups
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-/ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-103-108w.jpg <103s

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• 108f- Flipping Houses

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• 104f-
Are You A Computer Stonehead? . . . If you Dream in Color . . . You probably Are You - Go


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• 105if - 10e -Why Do You Believe in God?
• 105if -
Was James The Step Brother of Jesus? - Click For Answer
• 105if -
Was James The Step Brother of Jesus? Click For Answer
• 105if - BeliefGodWhy? 01-10e -Why Do You Believe
• 105if -
Q&A01b - Burial Box Bears Inscription of 'James ... Brother of Jesus'
• 105if - Q&A01c - Discovery Consistent With Bible
• 105if - Q&A01d IN THEORY - Biblical findings are a matter of faith?
• 105if - Q&A02a Priest Scandal Could Set History in Motion
• 105if - Q&A02b THE NATION Billy Graham Apologizes for '72 Remarks
• 105if - Q&A02c - 911 / Billy Graham / Nixon Recording: Subject: White House - Finally, The Truth on  National TV
• 105if - Q&A03a China's Next Challenge: Christians and the Microchip
• 105if - Q&A04b Do You Believe In God?
• 105if - Q&A01b - Burial Box Bears Inscription of 'James ... Brother of Jesus'
105if - Genesis 10 -- Map and Table of Nations
• 105if - SisterEarlene Religion: Today's Puzzle?
• 105if -
Who are the kurds01 - are The Kurds Non-Arab Muslims?


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/ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-114-46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section O-114f | Click for More tviNews Stories
• 114 - Obituary: Short Insight
• Achievements • Biography
The Life Styles of Personalities

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<armyarcherd108w.jpg / ARMY ARCHERD - A HOLLYWOOD LEGEND Dies Sept. 7th 2009 / • <114sarmyarcherd108w.jpg
Army Archerd interviewed everyone from Hollywood stars to heads of state in his illustrious 52 years as a Daily Variety columnist.
In 1947, Archerd was hired by the Herald-Express as assistant (i.e., "leg man") to drama-movie editor-columnist Harrison Carroll.
In addition to covering the studios, Archerd began reporting on the local nightclub scene, which included Sunset Strip sites like the Mocambo and Ciro's and music spots down La Cienega, La Brea and Ventura Boulevard.
After leaving Harrison Carroll, the Daily Variety editor Joe Schoenfeld hired Archerd in 1953 to replace columnist Sheilah Graham CLICK FOR MORE PEOPLE STORY. CLICK FOR MORE HARRISON CAROLLSTORY

<114sM. Jackson people/michaeljackson.htm
<114s-Sam Butera

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/%23%23JOSIESClassic250HD/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImageskudoSB300x665/500-kudoad-115-46w.jpg2010/ImagesTVITopClicks/at-arrowR.jpg Section P-115g | Click for More tviNews Stories

CLICK FOR Trade Show Events |
2009-2010 EVENT CALENDAR  

115 - SeasonalCalendar: Trade Events • Multimedia
• Awards • Festivals • Trade Shows
• Seminars
(See Chronological Event Calendar Webpage)

• ClickFor KudoAds-115spot / • vMusic-Sponsors115

115-Consumer Electronic Show / January -7th to 10th 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada The Association's Mission: To serve as the definitive source for information about the consumer electronics industry. EVENT COVERED BY TVI MAGAZINE JOURNALIST / Gary Sunkin / Josie Cory / Pete Allman. CLICK FOR MORE 2010 CES UPDATES / • CLICK FOR MORE 2010 CES

• When: 2009: November 4 - 11 /
• Where: Santa Monica, California

• AFI FEST - will celebrate its 23rd year
• When: 2009: October 30th and November 5th /
• Where: Hollywood, -
Mann's Chinese Theaters / In the spirit of "giving back" to our community and to promote philanthropy through film, AFI FEST will offer complimentary individual tickets to all screenings, including a limited number of seats to the galas.

••• The festival headquarters will be at the historic Mann's Chinese Theaters between October 30th and November 5th, and then move to the seaside for screening in Santa Monica presented in association with the American Film Market (AFM). The Hollywood Roosevelt returns as the festival's host hotel.
••• Each fall, AFI FEST presents a survey of the year's most significant films. Featuring international work from emerging filmmakers, global showcases of films from the great masters and red-carpet gala premieres, AFI FEST brings world cinema to the heart of Hollywood.

• CLICK FOR MORE - AmericanFilmMarket

• When: 2010: November
• Where: Santa Monica, California
The business of independent motion picture production and distribution - a truly collaborative process - reaches its peak every year at the American Film Market. Over 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, red carpet premieres, networking and parties. Participants come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world's press all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.
••• Founded in 1981, the American Film Market (AFM) has grown steadily to become the premiere global marketplace where Hollywood's decision-makers and trendsetters all gather under one roof. Unlike a film festival, the AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. In just eight days, more than $800 million in deals will be sealed &emdash; on both completed films and those that haven't started shooting yet &emdash; making AFM the must-attend industry event.
••• The AFM transforms Santa Monica. The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and the Le Merigot Beach Hotel are converted into a busy marketplace. All 23 screens on the Santa Monica Promenade and the surrounding community become AFM screening rooms for the entire eight-day event and eight digital and video screening rooms are added just for the AFM. Participants may view more than 900 screenings of approximately 500 films - 31 new films every two hours - the majority of them world or U.S. premieres.
••• Titles range from big budget blockbusters that will be released by the major studios in the U.S., to lower budget art and genre films recognized at international film festivals, all destined for theaters and television around the world.
••• With 8,000 attendees, 900 screenings, and seminars programmed by leading industry organizations, the American Film Market continues to be the pivotal destination for independent filmmakers and business people from all over the world. • CLICK FOR MORE - AmericanFilmMarket

MipComheadJosieCory108w.jpg115-MipComCannes108w.jpg> / Coming • OCTOBER - tviNews Events TVInews - 107 MIPCOM 2009 - October 5th - 11th -- The Simpsons Celebrate 20th Anniversary at MIPCOM 2009.
***October 5, 2010 -- THE SIMPSONS, the longest-running primetime TV series in history, is celebrating its 20th anniversary at MIPCOM 2009. In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution which handles international distribution for the show, MIPCOM is holding a series of events to mark THE SIMPSONS global success over the past two decades.
mipcom2009.htm / • MipCom2009.htm / • mipworld.htm /

106.09 - NO More Squatting on WiTel's®™©' Service Marks
Santa Monica, October 21, 2009 -- Infringing on NBS WiTEL®™© Service Marks
Join in at Digital Hollywood and tviNews! Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, October 19-22 2009. Attending: Josie Cory - Editor, Pub, tviNews Gary Sunkin - NewsRoomTroy Cory - eEditor, WiTEL®™©, tviNews Mark Anderson - tvinews WiTEL®™©

115.09Press Release DigHollywood - Troy Cory SAYS, "NO MORE Squatters!" on 1907 Wireless Telephone®™© Service Marks and VATs
••• • Santa Monica, October 19-22, 2009 -- NBS WiTEL®™©, the Service Mark holder of the inventions behind today's critical interactive land-line - WiMAX 187, and TVInews advertising technologies, has announced that it plans to meet with TELCOM and Internet industry leaders at this month's Digital Hollywood conference to resolve the fact that they may be in violation of INFRINGING ON NBS WiTEL®™© SERVICE MARKS in the company's broad-reaching portfolio. Qualifying companies attending the event in Santa Monica, were invited to become legitimate users, as others have of the registered Wireless Telephone®™© technologies developed, service marked, updated, and maintained by NBS WiTEL®™© since - 1907. CLICK FOR MORE WITEL / WTQCA OCT. PRESS RELEASE

/Imagescustomers/DigitalHollywood108w.jpgNBS WiTEL®™©, the intellectual property licensing boutique. / The Universal City-based Wireless Telephone®™© 1907 organization, manufacturer-turned intellectual property licensing boutique, is a privately held organization, (see or or
<101g - stubtelephondelgreen108w.jpg
••• The inventor and founder of NBS Wireless Telephone®™© was author/educator, Nathan B. Stubblefield. Not only did the inventor create and register the NBS WiTEL®™© service marks in 1898 and 1907 respectfully, but the distinct science of Wireless Telephone®™© was perfected at his "Teléph-on-délgreen" Industrial School, 1907. The effects, elements and phone number components have all been maintained and updated continuously by members of the "Teléph-on-délgreen" - WiTEL®™© Trust.
Author/TVperformer, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Nathan's grandson, now heads the NBS Family Trust that issues WiTEL®™© use licenses. "Teléph-on-délgreen" Industrial College, Murray, Kentucky, is now the campus of MSU. "In 1908," says Troy, "we started manufacturing the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© hardware; today we make the hardware work for others, no matter what application or format they use."
<110s- Nathan Stubblefield Author. / • NBS New Book Series to be Published. March 16, 2009 /
••• Most people think of the Wireless Telephone®™© Handi "as a slim piece of hardware the size of an iPhone or Blackberry, or Cellphone, and it is," said Anderson.
In fact, the effects and components of the NBS WiTEL®™© is also the primary interface that works with most seamless TV software that displays digital on any WiTEL®™© device that has a TV monitor. On Thursday, the NBS WiTEL®™© organization unveiled its licensing outline offer to all Internet / WiMAX, WiFi business persons attending the DH event.
The NBS WiTEL®™© application is compatible to all parts of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system launched at Thursday's event in New York. Expected to be released in November, the program will also run on most Mac systems, and Microsoft's earlier operating systems, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
• The free NBS WiTEL®™© applications are expected to be released in November. It will run on most VoIP and Wireless Telephone®™© system. CLICK FOR MORE WITEL / WTQCA OCT. PRESS RELEASE ***

<115-SHOWBIZ EXPO - Los Angeles Convention Center! - October 17th Only.
Josie Cory - Editor, Pub, tviNews
Gary Sunkin - NewsRoom
Troy Cory - eEditor, WiTEL®™©, tviNews -
Mark Anderson - tvinews WiTEL®™©
Victor Caballero - Editor, tviNews -
***Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo is a five-star event that brings everyone in Show Business together under one roof. Whether you are a Producer, Studio Executive, Director, Musician, Filmmaker, Performer, Designer, Writer, Stage Manager, or anyone else involved in Film, Stage and Show Business, this event is for you.
***This is the only place for your company to brand and build tremendous loyalty among the young, professional, and demographically-diverse entertainment industry. The Entertainment Industry plays a critical role in trend-setting that has a ripple effect throughout the world.  CLICK FOR MORE STORY -

/Imagescustomers/LaFilmFestTVItime108w.jpg<115s- /Imagescustomers/MunichFilmFestLogo08108w.jpg<115s-

%2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/Imagescustomers/laautoshowlogo108w.jpg• 115 - LA AUTO SHOW - December 4th to 13th - 2009 - GOES GREEN - Press: A TVInews Report: Gary Sunkin (see Photo); Josie Cory, Troy Cory-Stubblefield Dec 2nd.
Thank You America for the LA Auto Show say those attendees from Europe and Asia

•• With the economy collapsing, the ranks of the unemployed growing, and the bailout hearings underway to determine the fate of U.S. automakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler, the last thing we seem to need in a America is a autoshow displaying exotic cars and the newest designs from Germany, Japan, and Italy that came about after World War II.
Wrong! says Kurt Sigl of the Car-Cycle Sigl Events.
•• Even while automotive dealers and consumers around the country followed the news of bailout hearings and the fate of Detroit's 3, the atmosphere at the LA Auto Show was "electric," for those pin-pointing the cars from Bavaria, and Japan. FOR MORE Thank You America STORY / CLICK FOR MORE LA AutoShow STORY.
Authors Website - English: Information, Kurt Sigl
Authors Website - German: Information, Kurt Sigl
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