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ToDay's HeadLines|
Ken Burns'"Country Music"Premieres Sept. 15
Facebook to license content from major news publishers in exchange for fees
The future of aircraft interiors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Los Angeles
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At Sneak preview of Burn's "Country Music" film at the Autry Museum

101- Troy Cory, First American to perform
on Stage in China, PRC
101- Cory's Road to China






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TVI News stories
102- Facebook to license content from major news pblishers
in exhange for fees
Ken Burns'"Country Music" Premieres Sept. 15
115- The future of aircraft interiors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo
115-Bayreuth Festival 2019
101-"NIGHTSHIFT" Documentary to air on KCET just after Labor Day

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Third Quarter

115-Bayreuth Festival 2019
115- Wagner Thunders at Annual Festival, Germany July 25 - August 28
115- Coffee Fest at Western Food Service & Hospitality Expo
101-"NIGHTSHIFT" Documentary to air on KCET just after Labor Day
108-Gannet and GateHouse to form a Giant
108-Two Public relations firms merge in mega agency
115- SIGGRAPH, LA Convention Ctr., July 28 - Aug. 1
101- Ken Burns' "Country Music" documentary screens
at the Autry Museum
114- Remembering Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher
115- The Munich Film Fest, June 27 - July 7
115- Movie goers select their favorite film from the festival program
115- The Munich Film Fest CineMerit Award Goes to Ralph Fiennes and
Antonio Banderas
115- MUNICH FILM FEST to honor filmmaker Bong Joon Ho
102- Facebook to launch its own currency in 2020
101- Troy Cory, First American to perform on Stage in China, PRC
101- Cory's Road to China
102- The Man History Overheard
101-Vine Street Video Center

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<• > <•> <•> Third Quarter

115- The future of aircraft interiors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo
Aircraft Interiors Expo Los Angeles is where the innovators meet the decision-makers, with everything designed to give you a first class experience. The fall's global meeting place for the passenger experience industry
will take place at the Los Angeles convention Center, September 10 - 12.
•••• The Aircraft Interiors Expo Los Angeles is the fall event for airlines and the supply chain to network and source the latest innovations and it provide the perfect environment to target exactly who you need to meet through tailored matchmaking services and networking events.

101- Ken Burns' "Country Music"documentary film to premiere Sept. 15 on PBS-SoCal
KenBurns108w.jpg••••••••• COUNTRY MUSIC, a new 8-part, 16-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns, written by Dayton Duncan and produced by Duncan, Julie Dunfey and Burns, will premiere September 15, 2019 on PBS stations nationwide.

•••• The documentary will feature never-before-seen footage and photographs, plus interviews with more than 100 country music artists. Viewers will hear the remarkable stories of the people and places behind a true American art form as the documentary, chronicles country music's early days, from Southern Appalachia's songs of struggle, heartbreak and faith to the rollicking Western swing of Texas, California's honky-tonks and Nashville's "Grand Ole Opry." Much like the music itself, the film tells unforgettable stories of hardships and joys shared by everyday people. 

Photo r: /KBurnsJC-TC200w.jpgJosie Cory and Troy Cory-Stubblefield covered a sneak preview event of the film "COUNTRY MUSIC' at the Autry Mueum, July 27, 2019. for TVI (Television Int'l Magazine). After attending a roundtable interview with Ken Burns and producers, Troy Cory asked Burns during the reception if he is working already on any new projects and "yes" he replied, "future projects include Ernest Hemingway, Muhammad Ali, the Holocaust and the United States, Benjamin Franklin, Lyndon B. Johnson, the American Buffalo, Leonardo da Vinci, the American Revolution, the history of crime and punishment in America, the history of Reconstruction, and Winston Churchill, among others."
Click for More tviStory 101-s90- Ken Burns' "Country Music" Premieres in September on PBS nationwide.

102- Facebook to license content from major news pblishers in exhange for fees
•••• Facebook will use journalists to curate news, as Zuckerberg has given the green-light for development of a new feature that will deliver news stories handpicked by editors employed full time by Facebook. The News tab, which is slated for a public debut sometime this year, will highlight five to 10 stories a day, chosen by those editors to reflect that day's most important events. It also represents an opening for more bias.
•••• For Facebook to take ownership of news curation in this way is sure to uproar critics, including President Trump, who believe the company suppresses conservative viewpoints. But it may help placate those in the news industry and beyond who accuse the social media giant of decimating America's information ecosystem and replacing professional news with Churnalism.
••• Hiring journalists isn't in itself a departure for Facebook, or for Silicon Valley. Campbell Brown, Facebook's head of news partnerships, and a former CNN anchor, has been building her team over the last two years largely through hires of people who have backgrounds in journalism. Apple and LinkedIn both have sizable teams of professional reporters and editors overseeing their news operations.
Click for More tviStory 102- Facebook To Become a Media Company

101-"NIGHTSHIFT" documentary to air on KCET just after Labor Day
The Documentary Follows Five Angelenos Whose Workday Starts While the City Sleeps
Burbank, Calif. -- KCET, a producer of award-winning and diverse original content for public media, and Artifact Nonfiction, an award-winning documentary content studio, announced today a new hour-long documentary called NIGHTSHIFT that follows five Los Angeles residents in their routines as night shift workers. The filmmakers take viewers on an intimate and atmospheric journey to the world of people who work while the city sleeps to explain why jobs like these are growing.
Click for More tviStory 101- "NIGHTSHIFT" - The Documentary Follows Five Angelenos Whose Workday Starts While the City Sleeps

TVI Person of the Month
Donald J. Trump, Person of the Week - TVI Magazine - 2004

115- Bayreuther Festspiele, Bayreuth, Germany July 25 - August 28

WagnerBayreuthhaus300w.jpg•• The Bayreuth Festival: also a family history. The festival's management has been in the hands of a member of the Wagner family up to this day. A special feature that has increased the attractiveness of the four-week Wagner marathon worldwide. This family history, as in any other family, has not remained free of tension.
•••• The reworking of the political instrumentalisation, especially in the Nazi dictatorship, the "Neubayreuth" under Wieland and Wolfgang Wagner, the changes under Katharina Wagner &endash; they stand not only for continuity, but also for breaks in the reception which have one thing in common: profound respect for the unique work of Richard Wagner.
• History of Richard Wagner and Bayreuth
•••• Wagner originally planned that Munich would be the focal-point of his music. After being banished from immediate contact with Ludwig II at the end of 1865, however, he switched his attention from Munich to Nuremberg, which he saw as especially appropriate for the performance of The Mastersingers and his other operas.
•••• Nuremberg, however, was abandoned when Wagner heard from Hans Richter that there was an excellent operahouse in Bayreuth. Margrave Frederick (1735-63), who was married to the sister of Frederick the Great, Friederike Wilhelmine Sophie, had kept court in Bayreuth. The young Margravine was active in the arts, and like her famous brother was an enthusiastic composer (for example, the operas Amaltea and L'Elliogabalo), and the Margrave had an opera-house built in Bayreuth, completed in 1747. In its time it was one of the largest theatres in the world. The acoustics were exceptionally good.
•••• • The question of performance rights made Wagner favour Bayreuth. In 1864, when short of money, Wagner had sold the performance rights of his forthcoming operas to Ludwig II. As an enthusiastic Wagnerian, Ludwig had wished to hear Wagner's music as often as possible in Munich. On Ludwig's initiative, The Rhinegold was premiered in Munich on 22nd September 1869, although Wagner was against the idea.
• More • Click More tviStory- Bayreuth Festival
Click Direct- Bayreuther Festspiele

115- Coffee Fest at Western Food Service & Hospitality Expo - By Gary Sunkin
•••• Known as the largest food and beverage experience on the West Coast, it will take place August 25 - 27, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, bringing together the key players in restaurant, foodservice and retail establishments to participate in this largest gathering offering an expansive exhibit hall with 450+ exhibitors, culinary demonstration and competitions with celebrity chefs, hundreds of education sessions across the three events (Healthy Food Expo, Food Service & Hospitalitiy Expo, and Coffeee Fest).
Click for More tviStory 115- Coffee Fest at Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo
Direct - More-WesternFoodExpo

108-Gannet and GateHouse to form a Giant
•••• Two of the country's largest newspaper companies have agreed to combine, creating a new industry giant that hopes to steer through the crisis of print's decline through sheer size.
•••• The merged company would have more than 260 daily papers in the United States, along with more than 300 weeklies. It would be the largest U.S. newspaper company by far, with a print circulation of 8.7 million -- 7 million more than the new No. 2, McClatchy, according to media expert Ken Doctor.
••••• The combined company would take the Gannett name and keep its headquarters in Gannett's current home of McLean, Va.
Click for More tviStory 108- Gannet and GateHouse to form a Giant

101- Two Public relations firms merge in mega agency
••••Rogers & Cowan and PMK-BNC, Hollywood's two biggest public relations agencies -- are combining forces in the latest trend of consolidation to hit the entertainment industry.
•••• The combined companies, both have offices in Los Angeles and New York, and will boast a client roster of more than 500 actors, musicians, directors and other artists, as well as 30 major brands.
Click for More tviStory 101- Two Public relations firms merge in mega agency

115- An annual melting pot for global ideas at SIGGRAPH 2019. By Gary Sunkin
•••• The 46th SIGGRAPH conference is taking place 28 July-1 August at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with an impressive slate of world-renowned speakers across computer graphics industries.
•••• SIGGRAPH has always been an annual melting pot for sharing global ideas. And, as the makeup of our community continues to diversify, I am proud that this year's conference -- once again -- offers a showcase of CG industries that crosses international lines," noted Conference Chair Mikki Rose.
Click for More tviStory 115- An annual melting pot for global ideas at SIGGRAPH 2019

101- Ken Burns' "Country Music"sneak preview ••• Special Sneak Peek of Ken Burns' New Eight-Part PBS Documentary Series 'Country Music' Featured Q&A with Producers, Live Music, Food Trucks And Dog 'Western Wear' Contest + Doggie Step and Repeat
KenBurns108w.jpg••• On Sat., July 27 from 5:30-9:00 p.m., The Autry, Los Angeles Times and Southern California's PBS Flagship organizations KCET and PBS SoCal hosted a special sneak peek of the eagerly anticipated upcoming eight-part documentary series COUNTRY MUSIC produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns. Over 1,500 guests enjoyed music from DJ Chris Morris as well as a live performance from Austin McCutchen and the Western Stars, food trucks and a "Western Wear" contest for dogs prior to the screening.  Ken Burns himself greeted the fans and introduced a 45-minute clip reel from the film followed by a panel discussion with Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Randy Lewis, Producers Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey. The panel was moderated by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning Los Angeles Times columnist Patt Morrison and the program was presented as part of the Los Angeles Times' Ideas Exchange conversation series.
••••Guests included President and CEO of The Autry Rick West, President & CEO of Public Media Group of Southern California Andrew Russell, PBS Chief Programming Executive and General Manager, General Audience Programming Perry Simon, Chair of Corporation for Public Broadcasting's (CPB) Board of Directors Bruce Ramer and Los Angeles Times Chief Operating Officer Chris Argentieri.
Click Direct- The Autry
Click for More tviStory 101-s90- Ken Burns' "Country Music" sneak preview peek.

115- Antonio Banderas receives CineMerit Award at Munich Film Festival
•••Actor Antonio Banderas who recently won the Best Actor trophy at last month's Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the Pedro Almodovar-directed film will be honoured with the CineMerit award at the 37th edition of Munich International Film Festival.
••••CineMerit Award is handed to outstanding personalities in the international film community for extraordinary contributions to motion pictures as an art form.
Click for More tviStory 115-sAntonio Banderas receives CineMerit Award at Munich Film Festival ••••

Imagespeople/GALLAGHER%20RIP200w.jpg Remembering Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher
A Memorial Mass will be held at St. Charles Borromeo Church, on Friday, July 26, at 7:00 p.m.


North Hollywood, August 2, 2018
Rev. Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher, Nov. 21, 1946 - July 26, 2018

• A People Priest
By Josie Cory

Monsingor Gallagher loved being a people priest. He was truly beloved and loved his parishes and high school ministry. He was also loved by many Archdiocesan committes he led as well as the man boards he was member of.

He passed away after a long battle with cancer, on July 26, 2018, at his beloved St Charles parish.
Click for More tviStory 114-s90-MonsignorGallagerRemembered
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About FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, June 27 to July 7, 2019
The Munich International Film festival (German: Filmfest München) is the largest summer film festival in Germany and second only in size and importance to the Berlinale.
•••• It has been held annually since 1983 and takes place in late June to July. It presents feature films and feature-length documentaries. The festival is also proud of the role it plays in discovering talented and innovative young filmmakers. With the exception of retrospectives, tributes and homages, all of the films screened are German premieres and many are European and world premieres. There are a dozen competitions with prizes worth over ¤150,000, which are donated by the festival's major sponsors and partners.
• Click Direct "Filmfest München"

115- Movie goers select their favorite film from the festival program to receive the BAYERN 2 AND SZ AUDIENCE PRIZE
•••• With 118 German premieres and 48 world premieres, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2019 is packed with exciting films that offer something for all tastes. But which film is the best of them? People are free to disagree -- or, better: they can vote. As in previous years, festival-goers can choose their personal favorite from among all the films competing. A trip for two to Venice will be raffled off among everyone who participates.
•••• The audience Award was presented for the first time in 2004, and since 2016 it is presented in collaberation by BAYERN 2 and the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
•••• The BAYERN 2 and SZ AUDIENCE PRIZE will be presented during the Award Ceremony, on July 6, at the Carl-Orff-Saal, Gasteig.
Winner: Der BAYERN 2 und SZ Publikumspreis
Regie: Waad Al Kateab, Edward Watts

Regie: Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits
Click for More tviStory 115-s90- Movie goers select their favorite film from the festival

115- CineMerit Award for Ralph Fiennes
The British actor and director will be honored with FILMFEST MÜNCHEN's special award, the CineMerit Award. Fiennes will also participate in a Filmmakers Live! talk in the Gasteig's Black Box, at which fans and guests can pose questions of the Oscar-nominated performer.
•••••••Determined and gentle, rebellious and subtle: that's the tone of Ralph Fiennes' work as a director. His films, like his roles, point out life's contradictions.
Click for More tviStory 115-s90- CineMerit Award recipient Ralph Fiennes

115-Munich Filmfest to honour international filmmaker Bong Joon Ho
Bong Joon Ho is not only one of the most renowned international filmmakers of the moment but also the winner of this year's Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is honoring the 49-year-old South Korean director with a retro- spective in which the complete works of his nearly 20-year career will be presented.
Click for More tviStory 115-s90 Filmmaker Bong Joon Ho

102-Facebook to launch its own currency in 2020
•••• Scandal after scandal has chipped away at trust in Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg's public appearances communicated numerous times his willingness to take more responsibility for Facebook's power and to put users' privacy at the center of its products.
••••But when Facebook recently unveiled plans for a new "global currency" called Libra it did not convey modest ambitions.
Click for More tviStory 102-s90- -Facebook To launch its own currency

111th Anniversary of the N.B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent -
Nathan B. Stubblefield's Wireless Telephone Patent
Nathan B. Stubblefield
Click for more- Ground Battery
Click for More tviStory 102-s90- Nathan B. Stubblefield, the Man History Overheard

2006/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/01NBStubblefieldPOW108w.jpgWarnerNBSPromoLogo108w.jpg 102- Nathan B. Stubblefield, the Man History Overheard
By Harvey Geller
•••• In Life's current Bicentennial issue, radio checks in, at #86 on the hot "100 Events That Shaped America," 19 buttons behind Bell's telephone. Erroneously, Life lists Guglielmo Marcon's dots and dashes as the first wireless broadcast, a fable echoed by the World Almanac and Encyclopedia Britannica. It's a forgivable mumpsimus, since the evidence offered on the following pages has not, until now, appeared in any national publication.
•••• The birth of broadcasting is a bizarre soap opera saga, a lacrymal legend of mystery, machination, ephemeral enshrinement, decline, disillusionment and disaster. It's denouncement dissolves six miles north of Murray, Kentucky, in a two-room shanty constructed of pine and cornstalks, where radio's uncelebrated architect is discovered 48 hours after his death, his records scattered, his equipment destroyed, his brain partly eaten by rats. Even local radio fails to mention his demise. He is Nathan Beverly Stubblefield, the man history over-heard and then overlooked.
Click for Full Story Published in Warner Bros. Circular
Click for More tviStory 102-s90- Nathan B. Stubbblefield, the Man History Overheard

Who are the SMART Inventors of
Radio-WITEL 1890-2017 - ®™©
More about Nathan Stubblefield

1908 0512 - PATENT GRANTED: Stubblefield's U.S. Patent, Number 887,357, All Purpose Wireless Telephone, Filed April 5, 1907, Granted May 12, 1908. / Click MORE STORY TO GO DIRECTLY TO U.S. Patent Office - (Patent Expires May 12, 1925) CLICK ANY IMAGE TO VIEW PATENT
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101-Vine Street Video Center






 Troy Cory Show Ambros Seelos

Troy Cory Show-VINE ST.Troy Cory Show-CHINA 

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+101- Cory Meets JiangZemin, former President PRC
• • Back in the 80s, as a goodwill ambassador representing the U.S.A., Troy Cory and his back-up dancers and singers, "The Brooke Sisters," were the first entertainers from the United States to appear in a full staged program in the People's Republic of China during the Shanghai TV Festival, and televised on China's National Television (CCTV), viewed by over 300 million people.• •
• • It was there Cory met Jiang Zemin, then mayor of Shanghai, and who later became the 5th President of the People's Republic of China.
The '88 Shanghai Concert was the beginnings of Troy's concert tours in China for the next two decades. The concerts, just to name a few, included the following cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Anshan, Harbin, Fuzhou and and Tsingtao (Qingdao)

Pasadena Show Case House 1990- the Cory Estate

101- Troy Cory, First American to perform on Stage in China, PRC


101- Cory's Road to China;

•••Troy Cory was among the first international entertainers and the first American entertainer to perform in the People's Republic of China, beginning in 1988. In itself a notable culture-historical feat, in view of China's closed door policies of the late 70s and well into the 80s. The PRC's administrative climate in comparison is much less restrictive now and China's open door policy enables many entertainers to introduce themselves to the populace Chinese audiences.
Click for MoreChina •• More TroyCory •• TroyCoryShow

Shanghai TV Festival
Troy Cory & The Brook Sisters


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115- Automobility LA - Press & Trade Days, at the LA Convention Center, November 22 to December 1, 2019
- By Gary Sunkin





  • History: Founded in 1956 by ABC's Sam Donaldson and his partner Al Preiss and acquired by the Cory's in 1987.

    In April 1956 TVI debuted it's first edition with offices at 1580 Crossroad of the World, Hollywood, CA. In March, 1963, TVI hosted the first "Annual Festival of World TV Classics Award " at the Huntington Hartford Theater. Since 1956 TVI grew to command the print readership of television network executives in 142 countries on six continents, covering the industry of television, film, telecommunication and WiTEL. In the middle 90s TVI Magazine went online: tvimagazine.com

Publisher/Editor: JosieCory.com • iPublisher: TroyCory.com


. . . "People read what they want," says tviNews. "There is no master plan what people are interested in." The question is, how can we partner with people to have a symbiotic realationship?



^AlPreiss108w.jpg ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Images03/^SamDonaldson108w.jpg

Television Internatinal Magazine Founder, Al Preiss.
Born in Waseca, Minnesota, Preiss began his career in the newsroom at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis as a sportscaster. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he began teaching television courses at the University of Southern California.
••• It was there, in 1955 when Al Preiss had a vision -- a vision that materialized in 1956, when he and his colleague Sam Donaldson launched TELEvisionFilm Magazine.
••• Both Al and Sam had an honest conviction that, "the television film industry had reached a stage where it needed a national publication that would analyze and put into focus -- the news, issues and problems which particularly concern the production and distribution of film for television.
••• When Al Preiss died in August 1986, the television industry lost an untiring advocate and a giant of a good friend. The tall, wonderfully amiable publisher truly seemed to do it all -- attending nearly every press conference, speech, convention and reception, and was never seen without his trademark clear plastic briefcase. You turned around at these functions and there was Preiss, taking notes, talking animatedly, telling stories, doing his job. One that he not only loved, but felt was necessary and important. He did it all with the help of his charming wife of 25 years, Sylvia, who was editor of the magazine during the years of 1985 and 1986.
••• The controlling interest of the magazine, with all of its archival history was purchased in 1987 by the Cory's.

Contributing Journalists:
Josie Cory, Gary Sunkin, Byan Lukas, Donna Jeffries, Valerie Milano, Peter Allman, Don Butler, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Barry Seybert, Victor Caballero, Mike Lipman, Gordon Talbott, William Adrian, Ginger Adams, Larry Leverett, Bernard Schwartz, Bob Fisher, Dr. Frank Iezzi, Ph.D., Robin Strausberg, Mark Schaefer, Brad Ashton, Jim Baker, Anika Michalowska, Theo Pirard, Richard Mahler, Bill McCloskey, Bill Peterson, John Chittock, Tony Chiaveillo, Moira Burnett, John Sanders, Mark Trost, Gillian Davies, Jonathan Ames, Peter Knight, Anton van Casteren, Jim Hodgetts, Martin Jackson, Jack Loftus, Peter Warner, Christian Williams, Alex Ben Block, Bob Foster, Seth Goldstein, Bob Marisch, Jefferson Graham, Jack Anderson.


<•••>> tvi-Part-0375x15w.jpg
<><>Trade Shows


115- TradeShows - Festivals - Awards

tviNews Reports
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Trade Shows Quarter 2019 

• 115- The SAG Awards
• Click Direct- The SAG Awards

115- The Tournament of Roses Parade
JANUARY 1, 2019
Pasadena, CA
Click Direct- Rose Parade

Click Direct- Golden Globe

JANUARY 8 - 11
Las Vegas, NV,
Click Direct- 115- CES

Critics Choice Awards
Click Direct- 115-Critics Choice Awards ••

JANUARY 22 - 24
Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
Click Direct- NATPE, Miami Beach, FL

Park City, Uah
Click Direct- Sundance Fillm Festival

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles
Click Direct- • 115- Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jan. 27

Berlin, Germany
Click Direct- Berlinale


• Click Direct- Grammy Awards

• 115- Academy Awards
February 24
Click Direct- • 115- Academy Awards, Feb. 24  

• 115- Mobile World Congress 2019,Barcelona
FEBRUARY 25 - 28
Click Direct- • 115- Mobile World Congress

NAB Show, April 6-11, Las Vegas Convention Ctr.
Click Direct- 115- NAB Show 2019

115- MIP TV
The Global TV and Digital Content Market
APRIL 8 - 11
• Click Direct- Palais Des Festival, Cannes, France

• 115- LA Times Festival of Books, USC Campus
APRIL 13-14
• Click Direct- LA Times Festival of Books

115- Tribeca Film Festival
APRIL 24 - May 5
• Click Direct- Tribeca Film Festival

Click Direct- 101-The 55th Pasadena Showcase House
APRIL 21 - May 19

• Newport Beach Film Festival, April 25 - May 2
• Click Direct- 115- Newport Beach Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival in May 14 - 25
• Click direct- 115- Cannes Film Festival

LA Screenings Independents
InterContinental LA Century City, Beverly Hills
MAY 14th - 17th

Studios Screenings 18 - 24, 2019
• Click Direct- LA Screenings Independents

Digital Hollywood Spring, Skirball Center, LA,
MAY 21 - 23
• Click Direct- 115- Digital Hollywood

SPACE TECH EXPO, Pasadena, CA, May 21 - 22
• Click Direct- 115- Space Tech Expo

• 115- Southern California Journalism Awards
Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles
• Click Direct-

•115- 22nd Shanghai Int'l Film Festival
JUNE 15 - 24

• Click Direct- www.siff.com/

JUNE 27 - JULY 7
Click Direct- • 115- Munich Film Fest

•115• SIGGRAPH 2019, LA Convention Center
JULY 28 - AUG 1
Click Direct- SIGGRAPH, LA Convention Ctr.,

Newfilmmakers LA, 1139 S. Hill Street, LA

115- Bayreuther Festspiele, Bayreuth, Germany
Click Direct- Bayreuther Festspiele

115- Western Food Service & Hospitality Expo
AUGUST 25 - 27
Click Direct- Western Food Serv. & Hospitality Expo

• 115- Mobile World Congress 2019, Los Angeles
OCTOBER 22 to 24
Click Direct- • 115- Mobile World Congress











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